Trump appeals court nominee yanked over racially insensitive writings
New Doctor Who trailer debuts at San Diego Comic-Con
Treasure ship claim raises eyebrows in South Korea
US intelligence chief Dan Coats: I dont know what happened at Trump-Putin meeting
Dr. Douglas Fields: Exploring New Frontiers in Neuroscience | Talks at Google
Spanish authorities drop arrest warrants for former Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont
Spotlight on the state of women in STEM: An interview with Dr. Ioana Cozmuta.
Which 7 countries hold half the world’s population?
Campaign to Repeal Trump Tax Cuts Backed by Soros-Allied Groups
Benefits of Nutritional Yeast for Your Blood Sugar
This new material changes shape, prompted only by light:
Democratic attorneys general file one of the stupidest lawsuits of the Trump era
Guardian front page, Friday 20 July 2018: Children used as spies in covert action against gangs and terror
Morrisons launches ‘Quieter Hour’ for customers with autism
Young people are registering to vote in huge numbers, new study finds
Matt Groening responds to growing backlash against The Simpsons character Apu
#FERC directs enhanced reporting of #cyberattacks on US #powergrid |
Yemen: Houthi Leader Offers to Hand Over Port to U.N. in Exchange for Truce
Sweden has called on European countries to help fight wildfires
Nitrates in jerky, hot dogs, and Slim Jims have been linked to manic episodes:
Why Millennials are more likely to fall for apartment rental scams
Microsoft quarterly results beat as cloud revenue soars
Donald Trump to invite Vladimir Putin to US for talks this autumn
Chief Whip Julian Smith cannot keep his job, Tory MPs have told @Peston
Why the world should look to Norway when it comes to plastic bottle recycling MORE:
Calgary woman convicted in son’s strep death granted day parole
Alaska legislative committee finds Wasilla lawmaker violated ethics law
Chance the Rapper announces purchase of local news website Chicagoist in new song
Weve got problems. Fortunately, weve also got answers:
Discover beautiful housing projects in California via our archive
Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) Teases The Model 3 Performance Edition
British Airways chaos at London Heathrow after cancelled flights affect 10,000 passengers
Pilgrims to WWII Concentration Camp Outraged by Parallels in Migrant Family Separations
Days after Helsinki summit, Russia shows off Putins super weapons
Red Sox, Yankees headed for compelling AL East finish @Globe_Sports
House from The Brady Bunch up for sale for nearly $1.9-million @GlobeArts
Even in Big Sky Country, you cant escape air pollution
Prison dramas dont come more bruising than new film A Prayer Before Dawn
#ICYMI: Here are todays Daily #Trump Approval Numbers... @POTUS @realDonaldTrump...
Cyclist falls through drawbridge in terrifying video
Waitress has the best response to customer who groped her bottom
Subscribers: So you want to buy a cottage? Better read this for a reality check first
#Eclipse 2018 map: Where will the longest Blood Moon of the century be visible? #July27
Weary Venezuelans rely on dog cart transports as buses succumb to crisis
Microsoft quarterly results beat expectations as cloud revenue soars @GlobeTechnology
Review: Icelandic drama Under the Tree is gloriously grim @GlobeArts
Is 32 right for you, or are you still on the hunt for that perfect home? (Source: @nytimes)
Clean Energy Revolution Is Market Driven
Harvey Weinstein is still a pig (via @kdrum)
Fossil fuel industry spent nearly $2 billion to kill U.S. climate action, new study finds
The new machine learning — robots that teach each other:
Want a jet suit? Well now you can
Wild bear cools off in Los Angeles swimming pool
The Smart City Starter Set #infrastructure
Artists’ and architects’ brains work differently (from 2017)
Desperate parents queue from 3am to get kids into school breakfast club
Cracked iPhone screens could become a thing of the past
Calls for Chief Whip Julian Smith and Tory chairman Brandon Lewis to quit over pairing row
A Trump judicial nominee was pulled for his college rants on race and sexual assault.
Firmer U.S. dollar boosts corporate interest in currency hedging
Mobile home owners find a lifeline against displacement
JB Straubel Clarifies Tesla Position On Solar Roof, Powerwall. Expect Big Things — Next Year
Trump ‘not thrilled’ about Fed decision to hike interest rates @GlobeBusiness
After blowback, WH rejects Putins proposal on U.S. officials
A lattice framework supports this undulating roof at swimming pool by Brochet Lajus Pueyo
Amnesty condemns blocking probe into missing 43 Mexican students
Republicans are finally talking about a carbon tax. Not in a good way.
Men are wearing broken watches for a very strange reason
The best laptops and chromebooks for students
Palestinians in Jerusalem demolish own homes rather than see Israelis move in
Oil Windfall to Test Durability of Gulf Exporter Reforms #Fitchwire
PPC union raises its level of opposition
Trump: Putin made incredible offer in Russian hacking case
Weekend walkout by country’s casino employees
FYROM Parliament backs NATO bid
Tax takes toll on vaping market
Anti-money laundering bill delay trouble for Greece
This is the most detailed image of a brain scientists have ever taken:
When is the Ryanair strike and why are pilots so unhappy?
House vote to denounce carbon taxes puts climate caucus’ futility on display
The Best Insect Repellents to Ward Off Nasty Bugs This Summer
Source: Uber facing probe into alleged gender discrimination
Oklahoma Could Execute Potentially Innocent Prisoners With Nitrogen Gas
The IRS spent $380m but took ‘limited or no action’ on offshore tax dodges:
Michael Jantzens imaginary Chapel For New Mexico is open to all religions
‘It’s an organic process’: Alberta posts proposed curriculum changes online
WaPo: Separated Immigrant Children Abused at Chicago Nonprofit
Tesla says Model 3 refunds not outpacing deposits
MacArthur genius @aijenpoo makes the economic case for listening #HowWellWin
Internal watchdog blasts EPAs response to Flint water crisis in blistering report
The Oldest Building in All 50 States. Whats the oldest in your home state?
Amazing winners of ‘Drone Awards 2018’ reveal the best aerial photos of the year.
Trump’s verbal agreements with Russia and North Korea are ‘unprecedented’ and ‘dangerous’
Why I dont understand the black affluent class — #AJOpinion, by @decollins1969
Review: The Equalizer 2 shoots em up, down and sideways @GlobeArts
Tomorrows @independent front page #tomorrowspaperstoday To subscribe to the Daily Edition
Trade’s Widening Battleground via @WSJGraphics w/ @iarynam and @elliot_bentley
McConnell cancels vote on Trump judicial nominee over concerns that the nominee is racist
Download the brochure to see what’s in store this year. #MethanolForum #ArgusMedia #Methanol
Flutes and Reeds tiles by GRT Architects evoke classical architecture
Left Candidates Have to Do Better on Palestine: via @CoreyRobin
Curiosity rover defeated by mysteriously hard rock
Palestinian killed in Israeli air raid in Gaza
Frances Macron under fire after one of his aides caught beating May Day protester:
Athens seeks to ease tensions with Moscow over diplomats
ATHEX: Stocks head lower on very thin trading
IMF slaps government’s wrist on labor issues
Scientists find something unprecedented in a block of amber: An ancient baby snake:
Samsung plans to unveil a bendable smartphone in 2019:
Sinclair did not fully disclose facts on Tribune merger - FCC
Rogers’ unrelenting wireless subscriber growth leads to its ‘best performance in years’
How to break your paper towel and plastic bag habits MORE:
Fox News spends most of the day harping on meaningless ICE resolution
WATCH LIVE: President Trump hosts the Pledge to Americas Workers event at The White House.
Mystery Egypt sarcophagus found not to house Alexander the Greats remains
Amplify: Want more diversity in newsrooms? It starts with student papers
Best burgers in Anchorage? Some from tried-and-true institutions -- and a few surprises
You are paying for the Trump brothers to travel the world on Trump Organization business
The nonprofit @RAICESTEXAS just refused a $250,000 donation from Salesforce—here’s why:
The Latest: deGrom wants to talk contract with Mets
Ford is not Trump. Ontario’s opposition would be wise to lower the outrage @GlobeDebate
Lebanon must investigate torture claims by actor, HRW says
Bike advocacys race problem
New York steam pipe blast raises asbestos contamination worry
Think Vegan Food Is Boring? These 15 Meaty Dishes Are 100% Plant-Based!
Top Shot: Shake it Off #YourShot
Republicans block effort to subpoena only U.S. witness of secret Trump-Putin meeting
As late as 1950, a mere 29 per cent of humanity lived in the cities
10 places to find back-to-school clothes on the cheap #backtoschool MORE:
Nearly 700,000 people in Thailand are stateless including 150,000 children
Middle East Alliances, Old and New: Confronting “That Part of the World”
EU steps up battle with Hungary over migration and asylum
Seven minutes with Nathan Fillion and Allan Ungar on their viral Uncharted fan film
Nicaragua to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the Sandinista revolution
Keep an eye on the Magnitsky Act
Novel narrates anti-Chinese violence during 1998 riots in Indonesia via @globalvoices
Putin warns NATO against closer ties with Ukraine and Georgia
Tesla’s exclusive battery maker suspends relations with Canadian supplier over Cuban cobalt
Jayna Hefford named as Canadian Women’s Hockey League’s interim commissioner @Globe_Sports
This house that’s been hit by six cars in nine years is a metaphor (from 2016)
Ford Wants To Make Central Michigan Station Thrive Again
Japan: 12 Dead, 10,000 Hospitalized Amid Intense Heat Wave
AMO arranges neon-lit Prada catwalk show on a strict grid
Trump slams EU over $5 billion fine on Google
Why was Russia 2018 the worst World Cup for Africa in 36 years?
What if there is no single origin of the human species?
Defending Undocumented Nannies, House Cleaners and Caregivers in Trumps US
A bill to help homeless kids has a surprising foe: homeless advocates
Blackstone posts 10 percent drop in second quarter distributable earnings
Weve been putting a potentially dangerous, drug-resistant yeast in our food for centuries:
This email from accused Russian spy Maria Butina did not age well
The polls make difficult reading for Theresa May
Swiss Experts Crack Code of 2,000-Year-Old Ancient Greek Papyrus
Spains newest submarine is too big for its port
Regulatory review reveals more problems with companies’ disclosure
Santorini to See Animal-Welfare Protests over Donkeys’ Treatment
The go-to fix for open offices is a nightmare, too
Concerned families in Nicaragua wait outside jails for news of their loved ones
Spiky Utah dinosaur had more than a face only a mother could love
The Immigration Scandal No One Is Talking About
Ontario school boards complain there’s no word from Tory government on sex ed curriculum
This new soft origami arm catches fragile sea creatures with utmost care:
Weak earnings, strong dollar hit large-caps; small-caps gain
New magnetic anomaly map helps unveil Antarctica @theAGU
PREMIUM: Emmerson Mnangagwa: His REAL role in 5 Brigade killings – FT
Coastal rock formations that will knock your socks off! by @EmilyMatchar
An island tour to be savoured slowly, like the Scotch it celebrates
Trump’s recent behavior is too ridiculous even for Russian state TV
Find Your Cause. Change the World. Sign Our Petitions! #Petition #TakeAction #Resist
Faces of Technology: Amber Favaregh
Mars Before and After Dust Storm
From the AP archives: GOP Lawmakers Say Ex-FBI Lawyer Credible
Which company do analysts actually think will actually reach a market value of $1 trillion?
Athens fire brought under control
Greeces Lambrinidis nominated to head EUs delegation to US
The city that starred in a televised nuclear defense drill
All of Americas folk heroes, in one map @voxdotcom
U.S. weekly jobless claims hit more than 48-and-a-half-year low
Oldest ever baby snake discovered in forest amber
Home comforts greet Wild Boars captain after Thai cave rescue
Eighteen Democrats Join GOP to Pass House Resolution Embracing ICE
Man-made meteor showers to light up night sky by 2020
Refugee Kids Get Scholarships for Athens College
Toronto to invest in more camera, gun shot detectors
Taking an Afternoon Odyssey in an Ancient Greek Warship (photos)
Athens to Host Funeral for Greek Tycoon’s Son
Dominic LeBlanc’s impossible task @GlobeDebate
Greek Authorities Search for Missing People on Evros River
Greece Looks to Expand ‘Golden Visa’ Scheme for Investors
#CarbonTax would accelerate shift to renewables, away from coal: studies |
Why the Trans Mountain pipeline may not get more Canadian oil to Asia after all
The Moral and Spiritual Bankruptcy of White Evangelicals...
Wells Fargo in process of refunding customers for add-on products: WSJ
This is an insane story about Donald Trump, Andrew Dice Clay, and... hookers
As new tariffs take hold, more see negative than positive impact for the U.S.
DHS Secretary Nielsen characterizes violent white supremacy as a nuanced issue
If it doesnt come from an animal, is it milk? MORE:
New restrictions for owners of holiday lets in Portugal
#Burberry burns millions in unsold products to protect brand
Getting Ahead of AI for Smarter Cities
Defending Undocumented Nannies, House Cleaners and Caregivers in Trumps US
No changes in Syria after Putin-Trump summit: U.S. general
US Corporate Trade Warnings Portend Softer Capex #Fitchwire
How climate change could break the internet
Brace for Brexit crash, EU warns, as Raab brings vigour and vim
Cosmote named fastest mobile network in Greece
EIB lends support to windfarms in Greece
WH slammed for considering Putin proposal on U.S. officials
Trump administration wants immigrants to pass a test before being admitted into the country
Court documents show how OxyContins sales team pushed hope in a bottle
Days after #Helsinki summit, Russia shows off Putins super weapons
Why you should consider opting out of your employer’s health benefits @GlobeMoney
Postmedia is hiring a digital producer. Click here for more information:
Injustice against Standing Rock protesters is egregious—and ongoing
Ask CityLab: Whats the deal with steam rising from the NYC streets? #citylabarchive
Federal Agencies Halt Reviews of Toxic Pesticides That Endanger Wildlife
Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan shuttle trade booms, but for how long?
Divide and conquer: How cell splitting let plants invade land:
These 2 psychologists are dismantling the myth of white intellectual superiority
Boeing wins air show overshadowed by incognito jet orders
Go Bananas For These 20 Ways to Make Plantains
Hidden Rhode Island: secrets of the Ocean State by
Macron aide caught beating protesters
US challenges China, EU and others at WTO over steel tariffs
After 2016 election, angry reactions overtook love reactions from the Facebook audience
From the AP archives: GOP Lawmakers Say Ex-FBI Lawyer Credible
From the AP archives: Hundreds of bikers mark centenary of Mandelas birth in South Africa
EU prepares for no deal Brexit
Exclusive: Britain pulls back on security endorsement of Chinas Huawei - sources
Trump claims Europe is taking advantage of Google by imposing $5 billion fine
Wife of Tsochatzopoulos walks free after denying link to bribery case
Canada’s rugby teams prepare for do-or-die Sevens World Cup format @Globe_Sports
Woman indicted for allegedly attacking babies
Frances #EmmanuelMacron under fire after aide caught beating May Day protester
There’s officially a Medicare for All caucus in Congress
Here is the years’ worth of evidence.
A four-week-old baby girl who was taken in a carjacking has been found safe and well
Ontario’s Doug Ford joins forces with Saskatchewan against carbon tax at premiers’ meeting
Mark Zuckerberg doesnt want to ban Holocaust deniers or Sandy Hook truthers
Judicial watchdogs are in court to make Brett Kavanaugh’s entire record public
Trump’s military parade will be “tremendously expensive,” by Trump’s standard.
Putin accuses U.S. forces of trying to ruin Trump summit outcome
Trumps FEMA to Americans: Dont count on us this hurricane season
Welcome to Tampa, where feral chickens are high on the pecking order
High court kicks Silicon Valley investor’s plan to split up California off ballot
Spontaneous combustion of tortilla chips causes factory fire
How Indonesia is gearing up for the 2018 Asian Games via @TravelWireAsia #AsianGamesKita
Key facts and figures on Pakistans upcoming election:
Cyprus: 19 Dead, 25 Missing Off Coast as Migrant Boat Capsizes
Tilray shares climb as much as 28 per cent in Nasdaq trading debut
Spain drops arrest warrants for former Catalan leader Puigdemont
Even 14,000 years ago, we loved bread MORE:
RT @business: Heres how Europe is bracing for a messy Brexit
Democratic attorneys general file one of the stupidest lawsuits of the Trump era
Drivers could soon take to skies as flying cars launch
Treasure ship claim raises eyebrows in South Korea
Last month tied for third-warmest June in 138 years, NASA says:
Fey facts and figures on Pakistans upcoming election:
Pakistan elections 2018:
Love and rockets: Inside Italys Vega launcher factory
10 double-height rooms that bring ample space and light into home interiors
Too early to say if U.S. will impose auto tariffs: Commerce secretary
Democrat Senator Worries His Party Is Going Too Far Left
Warren Buffett just added $4 billion to his fortune, even after giving $3.4 billion away
LIVE: Democrats introduce bill to counter Russian election interference
This Bill Would Ease ‘Recovered’ Species Off the Endangered List
A new study shows how the personalities of men and women are changed by marriage.
Trump, Putin lash out over summit fallout
Canada plays down Trump comments on NAFTA, sees trilateral deal
Firing a Bad Federal Employee May (Finally) Get a Little Easier
Scandal surrounds Macron aide
“Sluggish” Atlantic Circulation Could Cause Accelerated Global Warming
Hundreds forced to flee open-air film screening
Number of people infected with West Nile virus rises to 12
.@SenDougJones: Do you plan on making fair lending a priority if you are appointed? #ProtectConsumers
Everything is a lie, but especially that cheap apartment listing
How to save money if youre under 26 in Sweden
Lessons from One Left to the Next: Revolution in the Air Reissued
Britain pulls back on security endorsement of Chinas #Huawei Sources
Kazakhstans Olympic medalist skater Denis Ten stabbed to death
Day Hack: The Transition To 100% Rechargeable Batteries At Home
.@Breakingviews: Comcast’s second loss to Disney is a victory, says @jennifersaba
Review: The Third Murder is frustrating and forgettable @GlobeArts
How many millennials does it take to figure out the trash collection?
Cold pressing has moved from the juicing world into beauty products
The only way out of Nicaragua’s violent crisis rests in Ortega’s hands @GlobeDebate
At age 25, kids in the longest-running study of same-sex parenting are doing just fine
Astronomy editor David Eicher remembers Stephen Hawking.
Bloco Arquitetos gives abstract character to Cora House in Brasília
What the World Cup Ratings Revealed About American Soccer Fans
Deported by Trump, Migrants Press Mexican President-Elect for Support
Paul Ryan uses extremely dubious talking point to downplay Russia’s attack on U.S. democracy
Four out of five of the USs top searched questions on the #LosAngeles #Dodgers are about the #MannyMachado trade.
Italys Salvini doesnt exclude EU veto on Russia sanctions
5 of Switzerlands hut-to-hut hikes by @shira_rubin
Community-franchise bank branches could be on the horizon for rural Scotland
From the AP archives: GOP Lawmakers Say Ex-FBI Lawyer Credible
Decision in Dellen Millard murder trial expected in September: judge
You are paying for the Trump brothers to travel the world on Trump Organization business
Turning Trash into Cash: Bioproducts Make 2018 CleanTech Headlines
B.C. LNG terminal poised to boost struggling Canadian gas producers @GlobeInvestor
Now is the time for corporate Canada to be adventurous in the bond market @GlobeInvestor
A New Native-Led Strategy for Fighting Keystone XL:
The unexpected things cemeteries can teach you about Germany
Why Ikea won’t let you return a bashed-up sofa any more


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