Tesla Model 3’s 5 Stars From NHTSA Beat Competing Mercedes BMW Models
How diplomacy saves American lives
Court documents reveal details about Danforth shooter
Kavanaugh’s Hearings Have an Unprecedented Level of Secrecy and Non-Transparency
Cyber Scams: A Multi Million Dollar Business
Jeff Sessions is poised to make it vastly harder for asylum-seekers to get out of detention
How AI is teaching gliders to soar for far longer:
Wells Fargo to cut headcount by 5-10 percent in next 3 years
First-time council candidates face uphill battle in Toronto’s 25-ward election @GlobeToronto
Canada may hold off until after Quebec election as U.S.-Mexico drafting two-way trade deal
Amazon adds Echo devices for home and car in bid to dominate voice gadgets
Walmart warns Trump tariffs may force price hikes: The Hill
The subtle way Neil Gorsuch stabbed Brett Kavanaugh in the back
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 20, 2018 | NBC Nightly News
Chinas control of #SouthChinaSea is a done deal, short of war with the US
Competitive workplaces breed trust, not discord, study shows:
Andy Warhol holding a Polaroid of Andy Warhol. By Bill Ray, 1980
Tech hiring spikes across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines - index @monster
Kavanaugh accuser willing to testify if terms are fair
Broadcasters commit to doubling number of disabled staff by 20202
Donald Trump is the biggest middle-class tax raiser of all time (via @kdrum)
Homelessness on the US West Coast — in pictures
Polygraph tests dont work as lie detectors and they never have
Rap mogul Marion Suge Knight pleads to manslaughter days before murder trial
Quebec party leaders face off in final debate before Oct. 1 election
Tesla VP of global supply management resigns: Bloomberg
Four General Electric power turbines shut down in U.S. due to blade issue
CARB Applauds Tesla Model 3 Sales Surge. Bob Lutz Predicts Tesla’s Demise Within Two Years
B.C. MP Todd Doherty receives award for saving man who collapsed on flight @GlobeBC
China shrugs off warnings that trade war with US could slash economic growth
Why you need a much more chill to-do list
Suge Knight to serve 28 years in prison for hit-and-run killing
Accuser of Trumps court nominee sets conditions for testifying
Global Ship Lease gets first Maersk charter
Pornography can destroy relationships — and save them
Russias military unintelligence — #AJOpinion, by @Dobrokhotov
United Airlines has a new boarding method designed to slash your time in line:
Brown dwarfs: Are they stars or planets? Or perhaps something different:
Denis Norden: Comedy writer who became a much-loved TV presenter
Kavanaugh Poses a Threat to Asian American and Pacific Islander Women
Accuser of Trumps court nominee sets conditions for testifying
How Phillys Frank Rizzo rode blue-collar conservatism to victory
Dow, SP brush off trade wars and hit new highs
Why Shopify thinks augmented reality is the future of online retail
Yes, Puerto Rico had power before Maria
#China races to get goods to the US before tariffs hit #TradeWar
China tightens embrace of #HongKong with bullet train, other mega projects
#Trump eases curbs on US #cyber weapons as election threat looms
Which Toni Preckwinkle Is Running for Chicago Mayor? via @ramsincanon
How Iraqi children are learning to live again, after years under the Isis regime
Anti-transgender bigots sink to new low with latest ad
Vicente Muñozs infrared photos highlight the battle between city and nature
Opinion: The US-China #tradewar will hasten the reckoning both countries need
Uber in talks to buy food delivery firm Deliveroo: Bloomberg
Fatal #escooter accident emerges just as California legalises riding without a helmet
New pictures books aim to teach kids how to be in this world @GlobeArts
Diversity is important to viewers—with or without an Emmy
Britains anti-EU party #UKIP launch populist manifesto, demand clean #Brexit
Man Charged In Murder Of D.C. Jogger | NBC Nightly News
Sewage leaking into ocean after Sai Kung treatment plant damaged by typhoon Mangkhut
Kavanaughs accuser ready to testify under certain conditions: New York Times
I’d left home 30 years ago, could I really go back?
Defending champ Damir Dzumhur into St. Petersburg quarter-final @Globe_Sports
With chips on their shoulders, Nichols and Manziel prepare for Friday showdown @Globe_Sports
Jane Fonda opens up about her mothers suicide in new documentary
Your Voice Matters – Sign Our Petitions! #Petition #TakeAction #Resist
You should check how much sugar your healthy yogurt really has
Dogs, cats, other pets: would they eat you if you died?
How #MeToo and other movements have shaken up Hollywoods top 100.
U.S. sanctions China for buying Russia war planes, missiles
The age of convenience is a fertile field for creative minds
NAFTA talks grind on, Canada quells talk of U.S. quota on autos
Eight eye-catching homes made from bamboo
NAFTA deal not yet in sight, Canada stands firm on auto tariffs
What bothers me is that he has time, LeBron James says of Pres. Trump criticizing him.
Better Urban Living Through Parking Solutions #mobility
Rap mogul Marion Suge Knight pleads no contest to manslaughter
Nightly Business Report - September 20, 2018
North South Korea Aim to Declare End of War this Year #KoreaSummit
White House pledges to step up cyber offense on hackers
Scientists have identified three major ivory trafficking cartels using genetic data:
9 inventors who were killed by their inventions
Italian photographers document post-war Soviet architecture in Georgia
NY court overturns $115 million patent judgment against Samsung
Thomaidis: Canada’s goal is to play in a medal game at World Cup in Spain @Globe_Sports
Kremlin dealt rare blow in ballot-stuffing scandal
NY cardinal orders review of church abuse policy
For the first time, a praying mantis has been caught catching fish:
Amazon adds Echo devices for home and car in bid to dominate voice gadgets
Recipe for the weekend!
US sanctions prevent Iranians from marking Ashoura in Iraq
Got a sweet tooth? Heres our guide to global confectionery: by @EmilyMatchar #travel
Amazon just released a microwave that connects to the internet
Kimbal Musk talks food, deflects his brothers bad press
Happiness levels of girls and young women drop drastically in a decade, new research reveals
U.S. sanctions China for buying Russia war planes, missiles
ICE is arresting the sponsors of undocumented children
Mer Arkkitehdit sets spruce-panelled villa into cliff face in Finnish seaside town
Does #MeToo Have the Power to Take Down a Supreme Court Nominee? by: @renegademama1
Win a Siment vase modelled on Indias brutalist architecture
Octopuses given ecstasy by scientists become more friendly and sociable, study finds
Everything we know about Tescos new discount store
Why museums are returning cultural treasures: drchipcolwell
McDonalds, Wetherspoons and TGI Friday workers to go on strike together over poverty pay
How to get the best out of London
Bryan Adams’s copyright concerns are charmingly retro @GlobeArts
Heres how Red Dead Redemption 2s online multiplayer actually works
Accuser of Trumps court nominee sets conditions for testifying
America can thank Black Twitter for all those new words
Ed Sheeran just announced a string of live shows
Nasa detects unusual infrared light from mysterious neutron star
Why rivers rise long after a hurricane is gone
Why drawing isn’t just an art
Everything you need to know about the new James Bond director
People across Puerto Rico mark one year since Hurricane Maria with song, sadness
Serial season 3 launch date is here
Republicans test whether ‘lying to the voter’ is a pre-existing condition
Cryptocurrency has hit bottom, bitcoin due for renaissance: Novogratz
Cathay Pacific spelt its own name wrong on a plane
As MLS season winds down, Toronto FC still trying to solve defensive woes @Globe_Sports
From the AP archives: Family helping family in Florence
Ten of the PlayStation Classics greatest games, from Spyro to Tomb Raider II
‘Pussy Juice’: Another Reason Why We Prefer Sparkke
Sky sale to be decided by auction between Comcast and Rupert Murdochs Fox
More Canadian banks measuring carbon risk as clients demand more analysis
Human Rights Group to Bail Out Over 500 from Rikers Island
Four General Electric power turbines shut down in U.S. due to blade issue
Why drawing isn’t (just) an art
LinkedIn denies claims that editing feature whitens user profile photos
Six more women accuse reality TV star surgeon and his girlfriend of rape
Scientists discover why many Alzheimer’s drugs fail and identify one that may work
Maniac has the most enticing TV pilot in quite some time
Record number of students through clearing as universities scramble to fill course places
Europe migration: EU eyes Egypt to help cut numbers
Speeding up Technology Use for Setting Equitable Speed Limits #governance
Large sinkhole in Nova Scotia is largely unchanged – for now, geologist says
COMMENTARY | F.H. Buckley explains why both sides can embrace nationalism
Chelsea too good for PAOK, Reds draw with Betis
Globe editorial: Putting New Brunswick on a new and better path @GlobeDebate
Democrats Vow To Investigate Brett Kavanaugh If They Win The Senate
XXXTentacion and Lil Peep collaboration track has just been released
Bodyguard writer Jed Mercurio says there is a grain of truth in conspiracy theories
The Color Factory brings spectrum of camera-ready artworks to NYC
11 best anti-ageing hair products
Toronto house hunters lament not buying in spring as market strengthens
Grizzlys rare aggressive attack kills 1, puzzles officials
Yemen has been torn apart by conflict since 2014
Escape the noise with #Patagonia’s best alternative experiences...
Trump’s lawyer pushes insane lie about Trump’s Lester Holt interview
Can randomised controlled trials test whether poverty relief works?
4 #robotics trends to watch from a machine vision expert:
Air Force: Space Force would cost $13 billion over 5 years
Kristen Bell praised for response to fans Instagram comment about beauty
Bitcoin could have completely collapsed as a result of this very scary bug
U.S. court rules for Colorado intersex veteran denied passport
Canada joins global alliance to help rid world’s oceans of abandoned fishing gear
Amazon just announced a huge range of products to make your house smart
BLOG: Two #Cities Pave the Way for New #OpenData Initiative: Part 2 #NYC #Boston
Venice tourists could be fined €500 for sitting down
Do we still need the United Nations?
Designer trainers with duct tape selling for £400 condemned for mocking poverty
British men are clueless about the reality of womens sex lives, new research shows
Dow, SP 500 hit record closing highs, led by tech stocks
Believe it or not, science deniers arent stupid
Storm Ali leaves two dead in Ireland
Watch: Saudi Arabia bars Palestinians in Jordan from Umrah and Hajj
14 Shanghai architecture studios photographed by Marc Goodwin
Theresa Mays Salzburg humiliation confirms that a full blown political crisis is coming
North Koreas Kim wants another Trump summit to speed denuclearization: Souths Moon
Wolf Alice win 2018 Mercury Music Prize
See 20+ funny finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018.
With fewer cooks in the kitchen, Toronto city council will be better off @GlobeDebate
Amazon just released an Echo that goes in your car
Ex-rap mogul Marion ‘Suge’ Knight pleads no contest to voluntary manslaughter
What would you do? #prepping #survival
Terminally ill teen marries childhood sweetheart three days before she dies
Violent ethnic clashes in the Caucasus over disputed 18th-century battle spark investigation
Dont bother trying to rent at this Danish apartment complex unless you own a dog. STORY:
Not The Onion: Roy Moore urges Republicans to ignore Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegation
U.S. sanctions China for buying Russia war planes, missiles
From the AP archives: Family helping family in Florence
From the AP archives: Parents to move in with daughter after Florence floods house
This campaign ad starring Bigfoot might be the best attack ad of 2018
ATT asks U.S. appeals court to uphold approval of Time Warner acquisition
Former Winnipeg Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec retires after 11 NHL seasons @Globe_Sports
Tiger Woods in tie for lead after first round of Tour Championship @Globe_Sports
Storm Ali leaves two dead in Ireland
Immigrants face a perfect storm of post-hurricane perils
Google defends Gmail data sharing, gives few details on violations
Can Canadians reach a consensus on pipelines?
Subhi: My Bollywood Jazz: The Beauty of Not Having a Plan | Talks at Google
Chicago police are rarely convicted of murder
Potential end of Russia anti-doping suspension sparks outcry
NY Times Issues Serious Retraction in Kavanaugh Assault Story
Canadiens Max Domi suspended for remainder of pre-season for punching Ekblad @Globe_Sports
Germany: Journalist Dies While Covering Hambach Forest Occupation #HambacherForst
Wells Fargo to cut headcount by 5-10 percent in next 3 years
New findings expose the depths of one of Europes largest money laundering scandals
The Latest: Emmy party hugs for Hader, congrats for couple
The 25 best films to watch on Netflix UK
Brown dwarfs: Are they stars or planets? Or perhaps something else entirely?
Trump is going easy on Kavanaugh’s accuser, but the GOP isnt.
Opinion: It’s time to stop funding #HongKong student unions
Trump admits Fox News hosts influenced his decision to declassify key Russia documents
Potatoes are magical!
Visiting #LosAngeles? Walk the length of #SunsetBoulevard with us... by @adamskolnick
From the AP archives: Aerial footage of flooding, damage in N.C.
Heightened Policing Keeps Farmworkers Vulnerable in the Wake of Florence
The 20 best film trilogies of all time, ranked
Homeless campers in B.C. park given one-day extension to stay @GlobeBC
Apple is quietly giving people Black Mirror style trust scores using their iPhone data
Japan hit by another cryptocurrency heist, $60 million stolen
Beer mats given to University of Sussex freshers condemned as ‘sexist’
Washington Post Rings the Trump-Is-Panicking Alarm Bells
Theresa May is trying to make us so bored with Brexit that we agree to anything
Canada quells talks of U.S. quota on autos as NAFTA talks grind on in Washington
Cambodian villagers slam Chinese mega-project
U.S. sanctions China for buying Russia war planes, missiles
Have you seen #Trumps daily job approval numbers for today?...
As natural disasters get worse, we are going to need more resilient hospitals:
How to Sue a Dictator by: @MichaelEWithey
How Smart City Policy Can Support Electric Vehicles #infrastructure
41% of teens say they spend too much time on social media
Tomorrows @independent front page #tomorrowspaperstoday To subscribe to the Daily Edition
The 20 best film trilogies of all time, ranked
Alaskana recipe: Salmon pot pie with Parmesan-thyme crust is not too traditional
What Chicago teaches us about gun violence @GlobeDebate
Opinion: Key role for Moon in bringing peace to Korean peninsula
The subtle way Neil Gorsuch stabbed Brett Kavanaugh in the back
Minneapolis prosecutors weighing evidence in CEO case
Coil + Drift and Cold Picnic style renovated Prospects Heights Townhouse
What baby stars and meteorites can tell us about our solar system’s past
Wells Fargo to cut headcount by 5-10 percent in next 3 years
Steps to create a psychologically safe workplace @GlobeBusiness
Four General Electric power turbines shut down in U.S. due to blade issue
A robocall infestation may demand a robot solution @rob_cyran
Neuroscience confirms your subconscious shapes your reality
Ottawa urged to save parts of promised Indigenous chapter in NAFTA deal @GlobeBusiness
At least 21 people killed and dozens of homes buried in new landslides in Philippines
New landslide kills 21, buries houses in the Philippines
South Korea: Moon hails Kim Jong-un summit as foundation for N.Korea-US dialogue
The toxic legacy of urban industry beneath us
Dow hits record high as trade fears wane
Out pattern: Browns trade receiver Josh Gordon to Patriots
Five homes that present a design-forward take on country living
US sanctions China for buying Russian war planes, missiles
MoviePass rival offers unlimited movie-going at theaters
The government just made it easier for oil companies to leak methane on public land
Gambling monkeys shed light on risky behavior:
#BrettKavanaugh accuser in talks to testify next week, report says
As Kavanaugh hearings remind observers of Anita Hill, history is repeating — and diverging
Assemble completes raw and robust art centre for Londons Goldsmiths
#Trump accuses Mideast producers of pushing #crudeoil price higher | #OPEC |
Saudi Arabia bars Palestinians in Jordan from Umrah and Hajj
Country risk: FYR Macedonia faces a fork in the road
#Copenhagen on a plate and new Nordic cuisine:
Conflict over FBI investigation puts #Kavanaugh hearing in doubt - World Socialist Web Site
From the AP archives: Aerial footage of flooding, damage in North Carolina
Swift rebates for dues up to 10,000 euros
Homesharing overtakes hotels in Attica
Thessaloniki airport to get new terminal
Japans Abe knows to make nice if you want Trump on side
Texas daycare owner drugged kids, tied them into car seats, authorities say.
Interview: @L__Macfarlane explains what we need to build a post-neoliberal economy
Americas oldest nuclear plant is shutting down
Senate Passes $674 Billion Military Spending Bill
Amazon adds new Echo devices in bid to dominate voice gadgets
Life in East New York’s sprawling transit hub
How the world of business has democratised with the democratisation of technology -
The newest anti-transgender bathroom ad includes gross moaning
With no ‘good’ NAFTA deal in sight, Canada should take the ‘good enough’ deal @fpcomment
How To Get Into the High-Powered World of Gaming PCs
Hungary upholds terrorism conviction against Syrian refugee
Seven of Robert Venturis best postmodern projects:
Report: Ticketmaster colluding with scalpers
Trump chips away at liberal U.S. appeals court majorities
Why these Puerto Ricans are building an Earthship
Russian population decreases in 2018 for the first time in almost a decade
How free is Indian #Media? Visit to find out.
The Evidence-Backed Sexual Abuse Complaint the Media Won’t Tell You About
Getting nothing but static? A 1957 TV ad promised perfect reception. #AfternoonAd
Opinion: Can trade war rivalry reset US-China relations for the better?
The first Earthlings to fly around the moon were two Soviet tortoises:
Chicago’s pension woes can’t be solved with Lone Star State tactics. @TheRealLSL
From the AP archives: Aerial footage of flooding, damage in N.C.
Trump releases first two names of US war dead handed over by #NorthKorea
BLOG: Residential #Solar #PV and #Energy Storage Platform Coming Together in #California
IMF insists on Greek pension cuts for clear signal to investors
Tension mounts between foreign minister, ANEL
ATHEX: Clouds gather over credit stocks again
More than 200 people feared dead after a ferry sinks in Tanzanias Lake Victoria
Great white sharks prefer to dine at secret cafe in the middle of nowhere
Accuser of Trumps high court nominee willing to testify: reports
Scientists find super-Earth in star system from Star Trek
10 extraordinary homes you can explore during Open House London
Dozens killed as ferry in Tanzania capsizes; rescue effort under way
Swiss-built space camera captures aftermath of huge dust storm on Mars
Electric Tractors Have Advantages Over Diesels
Paris police take down knock-off Eiffel Tower network
A People-Centered Model for Philanthropy in Cities
Ousted lawmaker Lau Siu-lai to run in Novembers Legislative Council by-election
Freeland brings optimism, resolve to table as NAFTA talks resume @GlobeBusiness
Salzburg stalemate: What next for Brexit?
Ohio States Meyer moves toward repairing scandal damage
Scientists have identified three major ivory trafficking cartels using genetic data:

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