Mystical Patmos island cast in new light in attractive photo album
Across Western Europe trust in the public news media is higher than trust in private media.
Oktoberfest 2018: Photos from the opening weekend
Sex robot brothel in Texas sparks controversy and ethical questions:
China, US impose new tariffs
Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz dies aged 78
iPhone users are being horrified by its latest feature
These electric-blue night clouds are expanding around the globe, says NASA
Kavanaugh spreads unfounded conspiracy theory in letter to Senate
NY Times: Aides Will Again Have to Rein in Trump at UN
Russian opposition leader Navalny arrested upon release from jail
FBI arrests Oregon man over alleged YouTube threats
Views of Mueller’s investigation – and Trump’s handling of the probe – turn more partisan
The Air Force Wants Adjustable Bombs That Can Unleash a Lot of Hell—or Just a Little
Two federal judges rule insurance companies must cover transgender health procedures
Charles Trevelyan exhibits pebble-like benches and spindly tables in New York
Where Transportation and Energy Meet and How it is Changing Cities
Russian space chief: No 2nd-tier status with NASA outpost
Seasoning your cast iron pan isn’t enough
Why Energy Codes Matter, What Cities Can Do
Commentary: Echoes of Anita Hill in Kavanaugh hearings Via @LemieuxLGM
World’s ‘rarest and most valuable’ whisky to go up for auction
Barrick bets on Africa with $6-billion Randgold merger
Check out this colorful and tasty meal!
Whats the endgame in the US-China trade war? #AJCTC
A progressive is co-opting Trump’s messaging to unseat Chris Collins
A step back in time: #Budapest’s best #coffee houses by @JDWalkerWriter
Twitter finds software privacy bug affecting direct messages
Rare electric blue clouds captured on film by Nasa
49ers lose quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to season-ending knee injury @Globe_Sports
Victims’ families, survivor speak at Wettlaufer inquiry
Yemen’s close-up: A photojournalist’s award-winning look at a nation’s forgotten sorrow
Chuck Schumer On Credible Allegations Against Kavanaugh 9/24/18
From the AP archives: Downton Abbey hitting theaters in September 2019
From the AP archives: UK PM May comments ahead of EU summit dinner
Modric beats Ronaldo, Salah to FIFA best player award
Elvie launches wearable breast pump thats silent and wireless
Evening Update: Barrick’s big deal, N.B.s election day and Dellen Millard found guilty
Researchers gave octopuses MDMA in the name of science
Marshall Islands marches toward zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 #climateweek
Chas Hodges, of pop-rock duo Chas Dave, dies aged 74
Myanmar’s army chief warns against foreign interference as UN weighs Rohingya crisis
Paralyzed people are beginning to walk with a new kind of therapy
Palestinian shot dead by Israeli army near Gaza border
Texas voters prepare to pick their poison @TheRealLSL
Scientists sequence the genome of the Canadian lynx for conservation:
B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers Conduct Hot-Pit Refueling at Wake Island
Mayors May Hold the Keys to Climate Adaptation #governance
Oh, the Places We’ll Go: Tales From a Traveling Scientist, an #EarthExpedition blog
US launches effort to combat #NorthKorea petroleum trade: State | @BrianJScheid story:
Shed on wheels beats its own land speed record for the second time in two years
What Is An Insulation Company Doing At Climate Week NYC?  
Tampons Banned for Visitors to Virginia Prisons
Tomorrows @independent front page #tomorrowspaperstoday To subscribe to the Daily Edition
Mitch McConnell Has A Senate Floor Meltdown As Kavanaugh Nomination Plunges
Radio 1Xtra Live review: Chance the Rapper lifts the spirits
Jailed Saudi human rights activists awarded alternative Nobel prize
Here’s how Republicans are responding to the new allegations against Brett Kavanaugh
Neanderthal brains were bigger than ours. Does that mean they were better, too?
Ebola outreach work halted as DR Congo attack toll hits 21
Indonesian teenager rescued after 49 days adrift at sea
Hearings start for Teck Resources’ 267,000-bpd oilsands mine proposal
From the AP archives: Clear skies, yet water flows through NC town
Australia starts work on the first new major airport since the 1970s
10 best anti-ageing skincare products for men
House of Fraser stores in Edinburgh, Hull and Swindon face closure
BIG overhauls Copenhagen warehouse for Noma 2.0 restaurant
Argentina close to deal for additional IMF funding @GlobeBusiness
Readers tips: Heres what you told us about making friends in Switzerland
Nigeria vows to free sailors from Swiss pirate attack ship
Iran would ‘severely punish’ those behind attack on military parade, Khamenei says
Ebola outreach work halted after 21 killed in DR Congo attack
The close: TSX dips despite jump in energy sector, marijuana producers @GlobeInvestor
Olympiakos beats Panionios to go alone on top
Pessimism about the future of children is widespread in most economies
Michael Moore’s New Anti-Trump Movie Flops
Why charming reason Brazil speaks first at the UN General Assembly #UNGA
#DNA tests bring together French son of GI and US half-brother
Why building walls to save glaciers isnt such a crazy idea MORE:
Energy Taiwan Highlights A Growing Renewable Energy Economy In Taiwan
What is dark matter? Even the best theories are crumbling:
VERBATIM: Despicable Democrats aim to destroy Kavanaugh
The New Data-Centric Approach to Improving Urban Air Quality
Research group tags its first Atlantic white shark in Canadian waters
How much does NIMBYism cost?
From the AP archives: Merkel calls for a Brexit in a good atmosphere
From the AP archives: US Senators debate path ahead on Kavanaugh allegations
Can Russia curb Israels actions in Syria?
America can thank Black Twitter for all those new words
Opinion: The US and China must get wires uncrossed before conflict starts
Gorilla lovingly embraces man who rescued her from hunters #WorldGorillaDay
A booming black market for decorative cacti is putting many species in danger
Americas refinery news roundup: US Midwest starts planned work |
ATHEX: Stocks slide as expectations are dashed
Foreign investors concerned about growth rate, Greek stocks
Designer Olalekan Jeyifous imagines vertical shanty towns for central Lagos
Kavanaugh vows to fight sexual misconduct allegations as Trump and Republicans stand firm
Practically the whole world has low confidence in Donald Trump
Chorus of praise as financial advice firm in Spain wins major European award -
Anyone aiding pro-independence party could be prosecuted, says Hong Kong security chief
Palestinian shot dead by Israeli army near Gaza border
Trump says North Koreas Kim has been terrific
Mitch McConnell SLAMS Orchestrated Smear Campaign Against Kavanaugh 9/24/18
TESS, NASAs next-gen planet hunter, is already delivering: @AstronomyMag
Dont Be Fooled Again... …...
Why do international students choose to study in Chinese universities?
Trump lawyers seek to have Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit dismissed
Improving Debt Collection with Predictive Models
From the AP archives: Sens debate path ahead on Kavanaugh allegations
In a world that is becoming more hardline, U.N. unveils new refugee compact
How to use all the new features that just landed on your iPhone
Task force says base B.C. rent hikes on inflation @GlobeBC
Two more drowning deaths on beaches in Spain today -
Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court pick, fending off sex abuse accusations
Power outages during a hurricane can be deadly. Solar could fix that.
How Generations of US Presidents Have Paved the Way for Trump’s Wrongdoing
How can impact investors better serve communities? Simple, just ask them what they need:
New Yorker Publishes New Allegations Against Kavanaugh Without Confirming Any Witnesses
‘I just let myself go’: Bob Rae on using comedy as catharsis @GlobeArts
FYROM FM says referendum result not binding
Silver memo: Hire more women, improve workplace conditions
Against the claim of the nation-state…
Tackle your life like it’s a Rubik’s Cube
Nova Scotia Tidal Power Project Gets Financial Support From Canadian Government
AP sources: Rosenstein spoke of possible secret Trump taping
Ohio: America’s Innovation Corridor
What happens when GPS navigation apps cant keep up with road closures?
Women are aging alone more than ever (and figuring how to make it work)
Your brain and body remember trauma differently than other events
Have you seen #Trumps daily job approval numbers for today...
Bill Cosbys lawyers, psychologist spar in court over predator label
.@Tsipras_eu addresses Nelson Mandela Peace Summit @UN headquarters
Indian yachtsman rescued after days at sea
Is this finally the beginning of the end of the password?
A mathematician may have just solved a 160-year-old, $1 million problem
Unexplained image shows F-22 Raptor in Russian fighters sights
Ottawa, Gatineau picking up pieces after destructive tornadoes
Experience lunar pareidoilia tonight by seeking out the famous Man in the Moon.
German corvette crosses Corinth Canal
Philadelphia Flyers unveil Gritty, a bizarre, googly-eyed mascot @Globe_Sports
Greek police arrest 8 over attack on government lawmaker
A bigger, more extreme, conservative bloc in Congress could be good news for…Democrats
Brett Kavanaugh attacks allegations in new letter to Congress
Trump with Kavanaugh all the way after new allegation of sexual abuse
How do you value a cannabis company with no earnings or revenue? (Answer: Very carefully)
How does the UN get and spend its money?
Hundreds of migrants who crossed US border into Canada have been deported
The first Earthlings to fly around the moon were two Soviet tortoises:
Mapping a monster storm in real time
What to expect at the UN General Assembly
Bill Cosbys sentencing reveals generational divide over his legacy.
INSIGHT: Colorful lanterns flood Taiwans sky
‘Xenophon’: Fall’s First Strong Storm to Hit Greece
Greek Budget: Primary Surplus Higher Than Target for January – August Period
The Famous British Chef Who Was Amazed By Greek Kokoretsi
America Has a Colorful History of Populists. What Does It Mean for Trump in 2020?
The problem with Harvard Business School case studies
Thousands of Iranians attend mass funeral for Ahvaz attack victims
The complicated appeal of gamer girl porn:
UN: Nelson Mandela statue unveiled at UN
Ballet Mécanique apartment block has walls that unfold to form balconies and sunshades
Scientists gave octopuses ecstasy, and there was a lot of cuddling
What’s wrong with enjoying a night in with your ‘house poor’ friends?
Labor Conditions at Starbucks-Certified Plantation Deemed Analogous to Slavery
Here’s how a Texas militia planned to assault Islamic convention participants in Houston
Second suspect detained over LGBTQ activists death
Trans Canada to begin Keystone XL pipeline construction in 2019
Acme Solar Commissions India’s Cheapest Solar Power Plant
Freddy Krueger ready to scare the cast of The Goldbergs
On the way out? Rosenstein to meet with Trump Thursday
How the Notion of Smart Cities Has Changed
What we know about the ways stress affects our health:
BLOG: #Resilience and #Cybersecurity: Putting Theory into Practice, Part 2 #BuildingSystems
.@senorrinhatch: We should hear from Dr. Ford on Thursday as planned. Then we should vote.
Googles New Automatic #Chrome Login Is Bad For Your Online Privacy
From the AP archives: Mollie Tibbetts murder suspect pleads not guilty
These 10 minutes tell you everything you need to know about American politics in 2018
Will an Aspirin a day really keep the doctor away? @GlobeDebate
Fire department hands in 100 page probe on Mati fires
Greek Pension Cuts: Decision to Be Made by December, According to EU Official
‘Greeks Are Insecure, Suspicious and Introverted’ According to Survey
RUAF strategic bombers noted airborne via @galandecZP #Russia
Court allows overweight priests to sign up for the military
Rumor Update: Rosenstein Not Fired or Resigning After All
The toxic legacy of urban industry beneath us
Canadian firms lagging behind in artificial intelligence adoption @GlobeTechnology
Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Golf Courses and Baseball Fields. It’s Time to End That.
Colonizing Histories and Rebranding Pocahontas
President of Indias ruling party slammed for calling Bangladeshi migrants termites
Snapchat teams up with Amazon to offer image-based shopping
Will John McDonnell tame capital or exile it? #Lab2018 By @Peston
A leaked White House memo reveals Trump’s plan for going after Google and Facebook
FEMA stopped paying for hotels for displaced Puerto Ricans. Now some are homeless.
UPDATE: Virginia to ban all prison visitors from wearing tampons
Joint drill of Russian airborne troops and Belarus SOF started in Krasnodar region of Russia
A traffic-clogged Arctic? Thanks a lot #climatechange
Why affordable housing isnt more affordable
Neanderthal brains were bigger than ours. Does that mean they were smarter?
Decision on Greek pensions expected in December, says Eurozone official
No British cabinet minister challenged PM Theresa May over Brexit: Sun
These amazing photos show the first rover landing on an asteroid
We hope to keep Britain close after #Brexit: #AngelaMerkel
2nd Capital Link Invest in Cyprus Forum to Take Place on Sept. 28 in NYC
President of Indias ruling BJP party slammed for calling Bangladesh migrants termites
From the AP archives: Recycled bags create business for paper workshops
Just 8% of teachers voted Conservative in 2017
For Baby Boomer couples, synchronize or stagger is the new retirement dilemma
Ancient Theater of Eretria Reopens After 40 Years
EU takes Poland to highest court
Thousands of Iranians attend funeral for Ahvaz attack victims
42% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction...
Michael Kors to take control of Italys Versace
Cosby’s lawyers argue over Pennsylvania’s sex predator law at sentencing hearing
Maria Butinas lawyer didnt disclose his involvement with Muellers investigation
Maas Architecten has merged a thatched cottage with a glass greenhouse
Emissions from most diesel cars in Europe greatly exceed laboratory testing levels
This Is Huge! Marubeni Shifts From Coal To Renewables
We #BelieveSurviviors! @Demos_Org NY staff walk out in solidarity with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.
The Smart City Starter Set
Headed to a protest or march? Here’s what to know before you go:
Healthy #Chicago: finding feel-good eats in the Windy City by @CateHuguelet
What is dark matter? Even scientists best theories are crumbling:
Drones used to fight tax evasion on holiday island
Greece at risk of missing EU waste management targets
The new longest commercial flight is 19 hours and 10,000 miles
From the AP archives: Tibbetts Mexican murder suspect pleads not guilty in US
Fraher Architects added a simple glass-roofed extension to this terraced house in London
Hydrogen atoms may be capable of bonding with literal nothingness
The lonely, and costly, times for hedge funds that bet on collapse via @WSJ
How much did Tiger Woods win? and more top questions on #TigerWoods
Second accuser raises stakes in Kavanaugh standoff
A progressive is co-opting Trump’s messaging to unseat Chris Collins
A moms pot use may affect their childs own use
LIVE: Activists protests Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh
Apple, Salesforce team up to boost number of mobile business apps
Stock buybacks make profits appear better by boosting per-share earnings via @WSJ
Stranded Indian sailor Abhilash Tomy rescued after three days
Raw Politics: the sometimes awkward art of handshakes
Amber Guyger fired from Dallas Police Department after killing neighbor in his own home
Escape to California via our archive
Gazprom loses its top position in global ranking of 250 energy firms, now at 17th place
#MondayMotivation 💪 How to stretch for any type of workout
Virginia prison to ban visitors from wearing tampons
Some Are More Equal Than Others in Socialist Venezuela
Reports swirl Deputy AG Rosenstein will leave DOJ
Release of housing data opens door to innovation in real estate industry, realtors say
Barrick, Randgold strike gold with $18.3 billion all-share merger via @WSJ
Cauliflower is perfect for the keto diet—and how you cook it changes its nutrition profile:
Opinion: Charles Kao was a true inspiration for the city
Watch: Pie in the sky? Iceland embraces growing drone delivery service
2018 Concordia Summit Kicks Off in New York City
Think there arent any more residential schools? Think again.
Origami Design Boosts Efficiency Of Solar Water Purifier
Brazil’s interest rates: The power of the micro
Raw Politics: the lowdown on Brexit developments
BREAKING: Rosenstein has not resigned - source familiar with matter tells @Reuters
How Emergency Spending Has Exploded in Recent Years
Morandi Bridge must be rebuilt within 15 months, says Liguria governor
This automated indoor farm is growing so fast, it makes you think this thing might work:
Century-old oak supports treehouse guest room in northern France
TESS, NASAs next-gen planet hunter, is already delivering:
Google Chrome made a small UI tweak that is freaking people out
The first windstorm of the season is arriving in Anchorage but will taper off tonight
How Unions Can Solve the Housing Crisis:
The man who is next in line to supervise Robert Mueller has a potential ethics problem
Flights between France and the UK could be grounded in no-deal Brexit
Tutu urges regulated euthanasia after campaigners arrest
Groups say Medicare discounts threatened in opioids bill
Reverend Kirstin Boswell-Ford on religion, ethics, and the role of the chaplain at MIT
British, EU airlines could see flights grounded in no-deal #Brexit
Chef Simon Wiseman bringing quality cuisine to Ottawa children’s hospital
Whoops! Andy Murray drops a precious commemorative plate in China
Revitalize the City, Invigorate the Region
Dellen Millard found guilty in death of father
Donated organs can spread diseases like cancer, but these protocols make it extremely rare
Everybody is talking about $100 oil for the first time in four years #Opec
5 healthy, craving-stopping late-night snacks
Scientists just made human egg cells from human blood for the first time
Public warned not to approach horned beast goat-antelope following zoo escape
Canadian ETFs: August’s launches and terminations @GlobeInvestor
Kavanaugh vs. Ford: What we know so far about Thursday’s Senate hearing
From the AP archives: Brexit throws future of Portugals port into doubt
From the AP archives: Schools loosen dress codes that targeted girls
Forensic report on death of LGBTQ activist inconclusive
Pharmacists urge clarity over child vaccinations
Anarchist detained for questioning after church stunt
Mark Stuart Day: Bits to Bitcoin: How Our Digital Stuff Works | Talks at Google
American Fictionary—Observations by Dubravka Ugrešić
Hitler T-shirt causes uproar in bustling resort popular with Germans in Spain -
Looking for something to do this autumn?
SP hits session low on report Rosenstein resigns
Dell IPO talk sounds like bluff @richardbeales1
A Glance around France: Have wolves returned to Brittany and bullet proof vests in the Var
Keystone Pipeline gets green light from State Department
The parks where kids (and their parents) walk and read at the same time
Sears urged to sell $1.5 billion in real estate to stay afloat
Scientists have finally found human skeletal stem cells:
Climate change hits Germany, and winemakers couldn’t be happier
Iran warns U.S., Israel of revenge after parade attack
SAVED: Spain rescues more than 400 migrants from 15 boats at weekend -
From the AP archives: Schools loosen dress codes that targeted girls
German watchdog orders Deutsche Bank to do more to prevent money laundering @GlobeBusiness
OPECs Trump rebuff sets oil prices soaring
Appareil Architectures black metal cabin hides in a Quebec forest


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