Revitalize the City, Invigorate the Region #governance
August 18: Your daily horoscope
.@trulia is building the Netflix for neighborhoods
A zombie gene in elephants could protect them from cancer:
Everybody should have a good pocketknife. Here are the best ones you can buy.
#NorthKorea presses demand for end of Korean War amid talk of Pompeo visit #TrumpKimSummit
Was Chinas one-child policy too effective?
Why did Roger Stone’s super PAC pay the Manhattan Madam’s mother during the 2016 campaign?
Trump’s desire for a big military parade could cost taxpayers $92 million.
The FBI is reportedly warning banks that hackers are planning a global run on ATMs
How to turn anxiety into excitement, from @TheAtlVideo
Vacationing biologists free tangled whale shark STORY:
Heart attack and dementia research celebrated in 2018 science image prize
1,400 Google Workers Protest Plans for Censored Chinese Search Engine #China
Stanton powers Yankees past Blue Jays, 7-5 @Globe_Sports
Crazy Rich Asians cant be everything—but its still a win
Batting for ballots: #ImranKhan and other sports stars turned politicians
Cricket hero #ImranKhan set to be sworn in as #Pakistan PM
Read key findings about American life in urban, suburban and rural areas:
China’s patriotism drive risks ostracising its intellectuals, writes Wang Xiangwei
The Drama Teacher is an intriguing take on the domestic noir genre
Why the trade war won’t prompt Beijing to dump its US Treasuries
Georgia election board plots Jim Crow-like assault on black voting
All the ways you’re making bad data viz choices
As Beijing squeezes Taiwan, Trump gives Tsai a warm embrace
A Brazilian animation about drag queens is singled out, criticized on moral grounds
Actor Liev Schreiber denies hitting photographer
#China complains about #Pentagon report, says it is pure guesswork
Somali-American nears new historic mark with primary win
The highest-rated broadband company in the US is a community-run ISP
Proof that giving makes you much happier:
People evacuated from rooftops as Kerala floods kill hundreds
The mystery of the Neolithic bottleneck may be over, thanks to one plucky undergrad
Watersports and eco-chic collide at this Zanzibar hotel
Pentagon worried that U.S. trade war with China could lead to actual war
Think before you donate. #fraud #health
Pittsburgh: From Steel to Sustainable #economy
#Trump fundraiser under probe for allegedly seeking US$75m from Jho Low over #1MDB case
Pentagon Delays Plans for Trump’s Military Parade
#Indonesia needs docs but cannot turn to #Asean
#Toyota ordered to pay US family $332 million for #Lexus seat defect
Ex-#CIA directors issue unprecedented condemnation of #DonaldTrump
6.0 magnitude quake rattles southern #CostaRica, #Panama; no damage reported
100 days under Pakatan: Mahathir, the strongman reformist? #Malaysia
Alaskan man gets life in prison for Florida airport fatal shooting that left five dead
The Trump campaign tried to spin Omarosa’s latest tape. It turned into a farce.
20 Survival Tips You Must Know
More than half of employees believe their boss is spying on them at work
Why you should consider a clinical trial READ:
People think differently around robots — especially when theyre jerks:
The are some extra steps in evolution.
Atlantis, aliens, and time warps: The enduring mystery of the Bermuda Triangle
RT @LPtravelnews: 10 things to do in the 10 days before Burning Man 2018
Housing Department’s Unwarranted Rollback on Fair Housing Misreads Study
Facets and curves form the exterior of this Hollywood Hills House
Fracking is destroying U.S. water supply, warns shocking new study
Sick of Facebook’s creepy ad targeting? Try this new tool
Penn State-bound athlete shot dead days before planned departure to start freshman year.
Watch Aretha Franklins iconic performance at Pres. Obamas 2009 inauguration:
Alex Jones accused of destroying evidence in the Sandy Hook lawsuits against him.
Hospital in high-poverty Chicago neighborhood throws baby shower for more than 100 moms.
Bitcoin scammers are using fake celebrity endorsements to tempt victims
Supermodels: 1914.
WHOA: We found video footage of Donald Trump being super racist
Damage and power outages after magnitude 6.0 quake hits Costa Rica
What it’s like to design for @SesameWorkshop
Urban Planning to Mitigate Urban Heat Island Effect #infrastructure
More cranes equals more development — and Toronto has the most in U.S. and Canada: report
Calgary’s pitch for a combined Alberta-B.C. Olympic bid seen as the only option
No seriously, Elon. You cant just nuke Mars (we asked).
This tiny galaxy is hiding a supermassive black hole:
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - August 17, 2018 | NBC Nightly News
Hundreds of researchers from top universities were published in fake academic journals
How safe are Italys roads and bridges?
My tattoos are for me. Japans cultural relationship with tattoos — in pictures
Distilleries draw on local ingredients to put personal twists on craft spirits
Mueller recommends sentence of up to six months for former Trump campaign aide
There’s no getting around the unsavory perception of ‘poor doors’ in Vancouver
ESPN still wont air anthem before MNF
Donald Trump Thinks He Can Save GOP in the Midterms: That Could Be a Historic Mistake
8 things to never put in your garbage disposal STORY:
Judge lifts publication ban on court documents in the Fredericton, N.B. shooting
Virginia Durr
China: Typhoon Rumbia Makes Landfall in Shanghai
Aretha Franklin remembered for giving voice to civil rights, feminism @GlobeArts
Sheriff’s deputy fired after social media posts reveal ties to far-right Proud Boys
Canada’s Barrett pours in 35 points in Duke’s preseason win over U of T @Globe_Sports
The amount of toxic wastewater produced by fracking is unbelievable
Cleveland’s Trevor Bauer out 4 to 6 weeks with leg fracture @Globe_Sports
Opinion: Why #HongKong should have scored higher in ‘liveability’ surveys
Trump administration plans to let states regulate carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants
Your jeans are sexist
This survival tool set can tackle any situation
Theo James Stars in ‘How It Ends’ on Netflix
Amy Sedaris: Does my Emmy Nomination Include a Cash Prize?
Greek Island of ‘Kalokairi’ Returns With Mamma Mia Sequel
Kelly Clarkson to Headline 2018 US Open Ceremony
Tom Hanks Joins Michelle Obama in Voter Registration Campaign
Celebrities on the Side of Athens Fires Victims
Marina Sirtis to Guest Star in FOX’s ‘The Orville’
Dave Bautista Publicly Slams Disney for Firing Director James Gunn
Tina Fey Joins Petition for WGA Union Contract
Orianthi and Richie Sambora Are Splitting…For Now
New Veterans Affairs Hospital Cost Almost $2 Billion | NBC Nightly News
JUST IN: The FDA has approved the first generic version of the EpiPen. More:
Young white supremacists learn the hard way their public racism comes with big consequences
The U.S. Air Force Bombing Forest Fires Is So Crazy It Just Might Work
Tesla forms committee to assess proposal to go private
Relief nowhere in sight as B.C. towns feel effects of wildfires raging nearby @GlobeBC
Astronomers find a new way to supersize baby black holes:
How an astonishing flow of arms from the US has exacerbated crime and conflict in Mexico
4 things that currently break the speed of light barrier -- Michio Kaku
Montreal’s Sir John A. Macdonald statue vandalized with a vengeance
Steinhoff brings in the big gun; but is it a dead cat bounce move
Mars rover Opportunity stuck in a deep sleep
HMS Queen Elizabeth leaves Portsmouth for historic US trip
Nightly Business Report - August 17, 2018
Ikea debuts its least Ikea-like collection yet
Crazy Rich Asians cant be everything—but its still a win
And well all float on okay... #JellyFishyFriday
Science museum on its own space-time conundrum @GlobePolitics
In Mexico there are enough weapons to distribute to one in every three adult men.
Kevin Carmichael: Remember inflation? It’s back to haunt us
Boston Globe Reports Bomb Threat as President Trump Assails the Paper
Quebec and the strange politics of the Francophonie summit
Body found in New Mexico compound identified as missing Georgia boy, police say
Palestinian journalist Zeiad Abbas on @scheercast: God is not a real estate agent
Air Canada asks for finance ministry approval to form insurance company @GlobeBusiness
The more you exercise, the better you shiver, new research suggests:
Look for the label: the SFI logo is a sign of sustainable forestry STORY:
Silicon Valley is increasingly playing a role in America’s forever war.
Israeli forces shut down Al-Aqsa Mosque compound
Chinese scientists used CRISPR to create a new species with one giant chromosome
The Merry Wives of Windsor has never felt so strongly feminist
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Curving shades arch over terraces of Chongqing housing development by Safdie Architects
Casa em Cotia in São Paulo features a snaking pond and a rooftop garden
Eight collections from Antwerps 2018 fashion masters
Danny Cipriani and Ben Stokes are the worst sorts of man-children
Morgana King: Jazz singer who gained famed playing Marlon Brando’s wife in ‘The Godfather’
Women are zapping their vaginas with a new laser technology. Heres what you need to know.
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones accused of destroying evidence in school massacre lawsuit
Trains: more chaos. But this time it’s planned
Adding salted peanuts to Coke is a southern US tradition - so we tried it
7 best camcorders
How to use Victorian-style animal prints in your interiors
BMW, Kia, Porsche Shine, Tesla Sinks — Germany Electric Car Sales July 2018
House of Fraser cancels online orders and stops accepting gift cards
Top diplomat Martin Collacott served in dangerous posts
Check out this cool event from @WomenCleantech:
EY considered selling House of Fraser for £1
U.S. judge approves plan to reunite hundreds more separated immigrant parents and children
63,000 scientists speak up about the Trump administrations effect on science:
Fury clouds funeral plans for Italy bridge victims
Why body neutrality might be better than body positivity
Georgia election board plots Jim Crow-like assault on black voting
’Disjointed’ system hinders British Columbia First Nations in wildfire fight @GlobeBC
Collins and Turners Barangaroo House is surrounded by curving timber-clad balconies
Lost contact lens removed from womans eye after 28 years
Body found in search for missing teenager on Isle of Lewis
Turkey wont release American pastor
A thoroughly enjoyable action thriller that never takes itself too seriously
NYU School of Medicine: Free tuition for all students!
As BAME communities, we stand united against attempts to suppress our voices
#Texas city reaches 100% #renewables, but some question validity of claim |
Turkish lira recovery at risk after Donald Trump threatens sanctions
The first graphene jacket is here, and it’s magical
Getting Ahead of AI for Smarter Cities
Where do songbirds go when the musics over? READ:
There is a wide gender gap among younger voters in midterm voting intentions
#Manitoba: the Neverland of nature... #travel
A massive, murky void in space has surprisingly few galaxies
It’s time for a fresh look at Energy East @GlobeBusiness
Why has Gen Z fallen for the Mediterranean diet myth?
Review: Stratford Festival meets the supernatural in Julius Caesar @GlobeArts
Why misery is being weaponized in war @GlobeDebate
Federal regulators accuse Facebook of enabling housing discrimination in new complaint
What a mathematical formula can teach us about complexity and coincidence:
As some look West, a new generation of African artists are making music in Senegal
Trump’s bid to roll back environmental protections suffers 3 court losses in a row
Do viral political ads actually work?
No Mans Sky orbital skydiving was discovered by accident, and its cool as hell
Japanese ghost stories dwell in the spirit of their times. Last week’s most read:
Takeaways from #Automatica2018 -
EXCLUSIVE: U.S. DOJ vs Facebook over wiretaps
Heavy metal singer Jill Janus dies aged 43
Can Elon Musks 3.6-Mile dugout loop save Dodger fans?
Miss America accuses pageant leadership of bullying, manipulating, silencing her
Former Red Bull Felipe has ‘nothing to prove’ as Whitecaps face his old team @Globe_Sports
Louisiana: Shreveport Mayoral Candidate Threatened with Lynching
Robert Mueller reveals he has over 1,000 pieces of evidence for next Paul Manafort trial
US oil #rigcount flat as operators weigh output growth vs. #capex |
Worst flood in a century in Indias Kerala kills scores
Sophie Turner reveals why she was crying in photograph taken with Joe Jonas
These are the seven different types of break-up - and how to survive each one
Crude futures settle higher on possible threats to supply | #brent #wti |
Whats your take on this? #BigPharma #health #vaccines
Montreal statue of Sir John A. Macdonald spray-painted red by activists @GlobeBC
Enjoy your stay at Soulpepper’s Bed and Breakfast @GlobeArts
Pentagon worried that U.S. trade war with China could lead to actual war
Hailstorms cost Americans billions per year. Its likely going to get worse:
Samsungs next big phone could heal itself if you break it
From Harlem to the Moon: What Aretha Franklin meant to America:
Henry Golding and Jon M. Chu: Crazy Rich Asians | Talks at Google
House in Yangsan looks like a cluster of small houses
The most comprehensive map of butterfly evolution ever
Opinion: Why #HongKong should score higher in ‘liveability’ surveys
Save Oppy! We Might Be Able to Contact NASAs #Opportunity Rover Soon
GDP per square kilometer, 1990-2025
This fitness blogger is re-educating people on what calories look like
Lena Dunham posts naked selfie to mark nine months since hysterectomy
Add another strange property to the list of silvers bizarre traits READ:
Trump asks SEC to consider abolishing quarterly earnings reports:
Construction workers for new Hong Kong border crossing protest over unpaid wages
Germany reaches deal with Greece to return asylum seekers
World-class wandering through #Winnipeg: by @nomaditis
New study raises red flags on tax havens role in environmental destruction.
Hackers can edit police body cam footage without anyone noticing
Facebook censors Telesur and Venezuela Analysis - World Socialist Web Site
The Trump campaign tried to spin Omarosa’s latest tape. It turned into a farce.
Warren Buffetts firm adds to Apple, Teva investments
Trump finds new target in Russia probe
This is how many carbs vegetarians and meat eaters should really be eating
We’re experiencing the biggest revolution in movie-ticket prices in decades
#ICYMI: Here are todays Daily #Trump Approval Numbers... @POTUS @realDonaldTrump...
US government is seeking Facebooks help to wiretap its #Messenger app, say sources
Six released on bail after four teenagers stabbed in London fight
MLB hitters struggle to take the heat, and it’s got officials sweating @Globe_Sports
10 smartest books you can read this summer
Rating agencies send #Turkey deeper into JUNK.
George Aldrich uses his sensitive sense of smell to keep astronauts safe. #NASA
Why should cities bear the cost of Trump’s rallies?
Britains most sought after bachelor reveals his biggest turn off
The Evolution to a Smart Sustainable City #governance
Pennsylvania Catholic bishop expresses ‘profound remorse’ after sex abuse report
Body found in search for teenager who went missing after first day back at school
One dead after building collapse in Nigerian capital
From the AP archives: Organizer of Unite the Right Rally Heading To DC
A first look at San Francisco’s sensational new elevated park
Behold San Franciscos $2 billion bus station
The current definition of broadband is too slow, and FCC chair Ajit Pai wont change it
Facebook has a plan to protect the U.S. midterms. Is it enough?
Here’s what you need to know about Florida’s red, toxic nightmare
Busy worker ants reveal there is efficiency in idleness:
The reasons people cheat in relationships, according to science
What is K2, and why did it cause more than 70 people to overdose at once?
So, any weekend plans for the weekend of September 9? #AskingForAFriend
Sheriff’s deputy fired for affiliation with far-right Proud Boys group
Liddicoat Goldhill squeezes asymmetric Makers House onto narrow plot in Hackney
Philippines: Wave of Garbage Floods Manila After Heavy Rains
Quebec announces taxi driver compensation in wake of Uber’s rise @GlobeBusiness
With Criminal Justice Bills Pending, Sen. Warren Wrongly Calls System ‘Racist’
Tomorrows @independent front page #tomorrowspaperstoday To subscribe to the Daily Edition
14-year-old girl allegedly stabbed by fellow student at high school assembly in Oklahoma.
SCOOP: New court records show Robert Mueller is intensifying his focus on Roger Stone
Toronto FC continues busy stretch with key road game against Earthquakes @Globe_Sports
IKEA’s first Indian store is its largest to date—and it includes a 1,000-seat restaurant
Here are races to watch in Anchorage-area primary elections for House and Senate on Tuesday
Buyer power maximized with mature Scarborough condo
Do women really need their own weed? @GlobeDebate
The Black Hoof was the right restaurant for the right time @GlobeDebate
Jordanian immigrant gets death for Houston honor killings
Children give in to peer pressure — from robots:
Israeli PM Benjamin #Netanyahu questioned again over alleged graft
Swimming pool flows between courtyard walls of Mexicos Casa Xólotl
Securing the Border Is the Most Humane Policy
10 of the strangest exoplanets in the universe
Clashes continue in Gaza
Tourist ferry evacuated after fire under Norways Pulpit Rock
The newest victim of tax havens: the environment
Germany reaches deal with Greece to return asylum seekers
8 board games so beautiful, they’re works of art
US suspends financing for #Syria stabilisation projects
Rapper @youngthug arrested on weapons charge at LA album event
WHO expects more DRC Ebola cases as violence hampers aid efforts
A farm in wildfire country offers ideas for doing things differently
Meet the ‘climate kids’ suing the US government over global warming
The internet is crowdfunding the release of 4,358 secret CIA mind control documents
Fracking is destroying U.S. water supply, warns shocking new study
Millions of tiny seashells are affecting how clouds form above the ocean:
Pentagon cancels Trumps military parade
Hedge fund boss Odey says Tesla feels like it’s entering final stage of life @GlobeInvestor
Trump is thinking about handing over Afghanistan to mercenaries.
Pine martens return to England, 90 years after they were driven to extinction STORY:
If Horton only had a @mrfishcartoons
A modern train station fit for a queen
Auto Polo, Circa 1910.
Spotlight on Legacy Cities, Large and Small #economy
Sidewalks are a last shred of safe public space. No wonder we’re fighting over them.
NY Times Spins ‘Explainer’ on Brett Kavanaugh’s Wife as Service to Readers
What lessons can be learned from the Genoa bridge collapse? @GlobeDebate
A Canada-U.S. border journey: Notes from a return to the False Forty-Fifth @GlobeDebate
Meyer probe costs $500K but still about what Ohio St wants
2-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso leaving at end of season
Europe is collectively stronger as Greece bailout ends, says Moscovici
Hunt for Snake from Essex who kept crocodile in his bedroom
The Color Factory brings spectrum of camera-ready artworks to NYC
Pennsylvania press uncovers sexual misconduct allegation against House candidate
Qatar is the worlds biggest state sponsor of terrorism
.@nick_clegg wants a #FinalSay on Brexit - do you?
A brief history of plastic, design’s favorite material
Greek bailout ends, but Europes debt problems grind on
NEW STUDY: One in 15 Americans detect phantom smells
Swift foxes making a comeback in Canada READ:

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