Rising prices seen as a very big problem by 69% of Russians
If Ireland Can Get Out of Fossil Fuels, Your Town Can Too
.@ycombinator is funding a nonprofit that advocates for meat alternatives:
Greek American Sam Galeotos Runs for Wyoming Governor
Three beach deaths reported in two days
Scrapping night shift at Thessaloniki customs raises concern
Come back, support Greece
AHI hails US investment at Souda Bay naval base
Police launch crackdown on traffic violations
Ferry companies urge seamen to call off planned strike
US played ‘lead role’ in resolving Greece-FYROM name dispute, says Mitchell
$46 Anker dash cams and other good #deals happening today
Swiss government urges voters to reject more state help for farmers
Greek-Speaking US Diplomat Becomes New Consul in Thessaloniki
Greek Professor Named Among Most Influential People in Digital Government
Mitsotakis Says PM Stages “Fake Events”; Calls for Snap Elections
TrainOSE’s New High-Speed Train Makes Athens-Thessaloniki Trip Under 3.5 Hours
Greek Student Wins Gold Metal at the 2018 International Mathematics Competition
EgyptAir Plane Hijacker Extradited from Cyprus
Macron Tweets Praises for Greece’s ‘Courage and Dignity’ During the Bailout
UNC’s ‘Silent Sam’ torn down by student protesters
New, strange drug overdoses are mystifying hospitals:
Detained leftist opposition leader Udaltsov hospitalized after a week on hunger strike
Asia Argento denies sexual assault, says Bourdain made payment @GlobeArts
B.C. appeals court orders new trial for polygamous leader in child-bride case @GlobeBC
Indias Sidhu shrugs off attacks for hugging Pakistan army chief
Toronto Raptors sign guard Kay Felder to add backcourt depth @Globe_Sports
Tsipras declares day of liberation after Greece exits bailout
With less than 80 days to go, here are the best predictions for the 2018 Midterms
Rookie voter? Here’s how to find your polling place for todays Alaska primary election.
Russia to deliver S-400 missiles to Turkey in 2019
Local boatmen the heroes of flood rescues in Indias Kerala
Venezuelan streets quieter than usual after opposition strike call @GlobeBusiness
Trump keeps trying to kill the agency that investigates chemical plant disasters
Michael Cohen Could Plead Guilty To Tax Fraud And Bank Fraud Today
Can an LSD overdose kill you?
COMMENTARY | When is a fact check not a fact check? Bill Zeiser explains
Trump vows no concessions, Turkeys lira stays under pressure
World War II: Saving The Reality (WWII Documentary) | Timeline
An open letter to Pope Francis @GlobeDebate
Browns Josh Gordon humbly returns after health absence
Tribute to ‘loving, caring, beautiful boy’ Stanley Metcalf who died in pellet gun incident
Sometimes the Freedom of Information Act reveals more than you anticipated...
Last year, 94 percent of international pilgrims travelled to Mecca by plane #Hajj2018
Underwater photographer spends 20 years capturing photos of microscopic plankton. 🔬
Britain cant afford to close door to EU banks after Brexit
Voters Think #Reporters Side With Violent #Protesters... #media #antifa
Unraveling a malaria parasites evolutionary history could lead to new ways to fight it:
Official charged with manslaughter over deaths linked to Flint water crisis
At least 11 killed by flash flood in the region of Calabria, Italy
Keep those pores clear, naturally! #skincare is no joke.
Scientists Find Direct Evidence of Water Ice on the Lunar Surface
All the big questions about our world that can be answered at all can be answered by science
Enrico Krog Iversens Impact on the #Robotics Industry -
NY Times Nitpicks Trump Supreme Court Nominee, Overhypes Details
With time running out, #Brexit negotiations will now be carried out continuously
NHS privatisation? The numbers tell a different story ⬇️
Not everyone in advanced economies is using social media
.@ChukaUmunna supports our campaign for a #FinalSay on Brexit - join us today
How sanctions and tariffs became Donald Trumps weapons of choice
Beijing’s Bid for Global Power in the Age of Trump
15 ways to save money you havent thought of READ:
Former Trump lawyer Cohen discussing plea deal with US prosecutors: NBC News
Stratolaunch has a new spaceplane, and its designed with humans in mind
Why Britain backs the bombing of #Yemen and what it means for Scotland:
The growing list of hackings ahead of the 2018 midterms
Tim Hortons franchisee who led class-action settles suit, leaves company
Veteran Canadian punter Jon Ryan to sign contract with Buffalo Bills @Globe_Sports
Denmarks social healthcare sector sees increased number of minority ethnic workers
U.S. deports former Nazi camp guard, 95, to Germany
Bull run: The U.S. bull market is poised to become the longest in history -
Germany urges EU payment system without U.S. to save Iran deal
Facebook is rating its users trustworthiness, but it wont say how
Did Jesus use cannabis oil to perform miracles?
Ontario will move ahead with Toronto council cut despite city’s court challenge
New sanctions leave Russia debt holders less sure of Trumps help
Is Citizenship and Immigration Services Conspiring With ICE?
Discovering that strangers arent all that strange
Conor Lamb never mentions Trump. It’s working in his favor.
Trainose to unveil high-speed ‘Silver Arrow’ train at Thessaloniki fair
Who is pushing to axe Transnet CEO Siyabonga Gama? Not us, says Futuregrowth
ATHEX: Bourse slides to April 2017 levels
Market ructions to delay Greeces post-bailout bond sale
Prisoners are getting creative to pull off a massive strike this week
Drought and floods will become more common as global warming causes weather to stall
‘Financially ruined’: Cryptocurrency investors learn hard lessons after Bitcoin boom busts
Only real Cambridge kids will appreciate this #mapoli #MA7 #MrSpeaker
Designers at top companies don’t use trendy fonts. Here’s what they us
Taliban Fires Rockets at Afghan Presidential Palace
Punch to the face: Czechs mark half-century since Soviet invasion
Uber hires CFO after lengthy search, paving way for IPO @GlobeBusiness
Crock-Pot dispute leads to Michigan father being tased by police while holding baby.
Britain presses for more EU sanctions against Russia
High Desert Modern house in Oregon is designed to be cool, calm and collected
Sen. Elizabeth Warren announces ambitious plan to upend the lobbying industry
U.S. adds to growing list of sanctions on Russia
North Carolina Protesters Topple Confederate Statue Silent Sam
Norway wealth fund allowed to stay on as investor if Tesla goes private
4 Ways Civic Organizations Can Use Media to Build Trust #governance
LIVE: Colorado man accused of murdering family appears in court
Facebook moves to rate users on trustworthiness: report
Pakistan PM Imran Khan proposes dialogue with India
Booze ban set for all-inclusive holidays at tourist hotspots in #Spain
LIVE: Colorado man accused for murdering family appears in court
Summer in the Pacific Northwest is a smoky, hazy mess right now
A rare, equal mass binary asteroid has been discovered near Earth.
Science calls bullshit on Chinas AK-47 laser gun
B.C. Premier John Horgan to tour wildfire operations in the central Interior @GlobeBC
Review: Lucy Peacock’s Satan fights the power, persuasively, in Paradise Lost @GlobeArts
Biological engineers discover new antibiotic candidates
India Sovereign Credit Risk from Rupee Decline Is Limited #Fitchwire
Accused Colorado man alleges wife strangled kids
Rome refuses to let migrants rescued by its own coastguard onto Italian soil
Seventy-eight years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky - World Socialist Web Site
Does your chicken need a diaper? READ:
Highlights from the MTV Video Music Awards #VMAs:
The war in Syria is not over, but the talk in Lebanon is of refugee return
Firefighters tackle large blaze outside #AsianGames venue
How Congress Could Generate Enormous Savings Across the Government
Why its really important for your bra to fit (and how to finally make it happen)
As Greece exits bailout, EU demands further austerity - World Socialist Web Site
Twenty-two states ask U.S. appeals court to reinstate net neutrality rules
Top Shot: Waiting for a Drop
#Serbia may reintroduce compulsory military service: President
In Wake of Trump, Radicalism Soars on Campus
Factbox: Trump on Twitter (Aug 21) - Blue wave, Brennan
#US officials threaten more economic pain if #Russia does not change
These are the best beaches within easy reach of Rome
Dark Tequila Banking #Malware Uncovered After 5 Years of Activity
Search continues for Italian flood victims
At midday: Energy stocks help boost TSX; SP edges closer to record @GlobeInvestor
Ditching coal energy: ecological necessity or economic nightmare?
Heres what happens when an old steel town gets real about the environment
Canadian figure skater Kaetlyn Osmond taking year off from competition @Globe_Sports
Abe rival: millions of Japanese are falling behind under Abenomics via @WSJ
Kapsimalis Architects refurbishes Santorini cave house
Trump reveals how little he knows about his coal and nuclear bailout plan
From the AP archives: Lawyers Arrive for Manafort Jury Deliberations
A Marxist agenda risks hobbling Africas most sophisticated economy
Japan, China seek to restart FX swap line in sign of warming ties - Kyodo
This photo from Hubble shows 11 billion years of stellar evolution:
.@nick_clegg wants a #FinalSay on Brexit - sign our petition if you do too
Hillsborough families to seek independent review after police chief charges dropped
Israel to end licensing agreement with Microsoft
Cyprus to renegotiate offshore gas deposit contract
Canadian IndyCar driver Robert Wickens has rod and screws placed in his spine @Globe_Sports
Russia to start delivering S-400 defense system to Turkey in 2019, Interfax reports
Egypt says plane hijacker extradited from Cyprus
California makes waves as it legally declares surfing its official sport
Separated Korean families have second day of emotional reunions
Alpha Opportunities in Fixed Income #FixedIncome #IFA #Investments
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is creating controversy on a media campaign designed to quell it.
10 philosophy courses you can take online, for free
Scots landlord body backs opposition to Serco evictions as abhorrent
An interactive map of urban violence since 1990
Trump Calls For More Coal Emissions While Arctic Sea Ice Breaks Up For First Time In History
Local boatmen the heroes of flood rescues in Indias #Kerala
Rand Paul introduces amendment to cut Planned Parenthood funding
Why the wrong side of the tracks is usually the east side of cities: @stephendeberry
Bon appétit: The words you need to decode a French restaurant menu
The terrifying and growing list of hackings ahead of the 2018 midterms
Toronto area prepares to get soaked — again @GlobeToronto
Activist group defies Doug Ford by opening unsanctioned overdose-prevention site in Toronto
Pennsylvania’s GOP gubernatorial candidate won’t rule out banning same-sex marriage
Welcome to Barga, the Tuscan town where the local speciality is... Scottish fishnchips
Light from ancient quasars helps confirm quantum entanglement
How I Cope With The Long Wait For The Electric Vehicle Revolution: Recycled Cleantech
Slack valued near US$7.1-billion in latest funding round @GlobeTechnology
The case for a graduate tax
The share of Russians who have a lot of confidence in Putin has risen sharply since 2012
This is the most intense Rollercoaster Tycoon coaster you could possibly build
Japan pushing to end smartphone bundling, cut wireless fees: source
From the AP archives: Lawyers Arrive for Manafort Jury Deliberations
False alarm: Heres why people thought Opportunity phoned home last week
This state might finally repeal its archaic abortion ban
Complexity and Resilience in the Social and Ecological Sciences
Lebanese chafe as economic blues begin to bite
Read more about the radical power of becoming a funny girl here: #HowWellWin
“Nonpartisan” ALEC Will Celebrate 45th Gala With GOP Stars and Lobbyists at Trump Hotel
Opinion: It’s time Ontario education got back to basics @GlobeDebate
India: Death Toll Rises to 400 in Kerala’s Historic Flooding #KeralaFlood
Stournaras warns not to repeat mistakes of past in post-bailout era
Kammenos: Exit from bailout completes governments first aim
Vandals left oil stains all over Athens museum, probe shows
Step inside your favorite work of art! 🎨
Afghanistan: Rockets hit near Kabul presidential palace
Connected cars will cross new data frontiers – are you ready?
Montreal calls for national handgun ban
Why Canadian medical students should be offered free tuition @GlobeDebate
2018 Taiwan Solar Show Offers Up Zero Emission, Zero Waste Future To Attendees
Eyeing U.S., Iran unveils new fighter jet
This Dremel rotary tool is $45 off today only
Style from the MTV Video Music Awards #VMAs red carpet:
Lavrov accuses Britain of trying to impose its hostile Russia policy on the EU and the U.S.
10 relationship words that arent translatable into English
Trump tells Reuters he could “run” Mueller investigation if he wanted to.
Russia accuses UK of trying to foist its Russia policies on the EU and U.S.: RIA
The Onramp to the Internet is Broken, But Cities Can Fix It #infrastructure
Internet fire challenge leaves 12-year-old Detroit girl severely burned
Venezuelans fleeing home hit roadblocks abroad via @WSJ
Airbnb scandal: North African users snubbed by French landlords
OMERS buys pipeline stake for $1.4-billion @GlobeBusiness
#Tourist hospitalised after being #gored by bull with flaming horns at festival in #Spain
Stop flushing your contact lenses down the toilet
40% Think #OpioidCrisis Is Getting Worse...
There is widespread concern in Russia over NATO and Western sanctions
Quiz: Can you match the English city to its historic county?
$1.6M Awarded To Azuri Distributor In Zambia For Solar Home Lighting
A clean, decent and ordered prison environment is a prerequisite for everything else
From the AP archives: Palestinian Central Council members convene for 29th round
Lyft surpasses 5,000 self-driving rides with Aptiv fleet
47% of Russians say Western sanctions are having a major effect on the Russian economy
Home Capital shareholder Kingsferry urges company to buy back $60 million shares
Learn about unique modular architecture projects via our archive
14m bolivars for a chicken: Venezuela hyperinflation explained
El Salvador severs ties with Taiwan, as more allies switch recognition to Beijing
22 states urge court to reinstate net neutrality
Its easier to breathe in Beijing these days STORY:
A New Zealand politician biked to the hospital to give birth. So what?
Russian hacking of conservative groups sites thwarted: Microsoft by @newsobrien $MSFT
Jury in Manafort trial begins fourth day of deliberations
Indonesia says Lombok earthquakes that killed hundreds don’t meet national disaster status
Tuluksak gets another moose hunt along with a new generator after extended outages
A new study links Facebook use to racial violence.
Eyeing U.S., Iran says to boost military might, unveils new fighter jet
Malaysia seizes a record 50 rhino horns worth an estimated $12m at Kuala Lumpur airport
N.S. report calls for restrictions on clear-cutting, ‘ecological forestry’ @GlobeBusiness
Action Hero | Athens | August 22-26
Zorba | Athens | September 15
The end of ads
British woman ‘sang to stay awake’ after falling off cruise ship
Muslims at haj converge on Jamarat for ritual stoning of the devil
Trump says former intel official only being nice to keep his security clearance
BIG designs prototype tiny cabin in Upstate New York
Toronto Zoo celebrates birth of rare pygmy hippo
Price cut spurs multiple offers for Calgary house
Exclusive: Britain extends lead as king of currencies despite Brexit vote
NEW: Russians Say Their Government Did Not Try to Influence U.S. Presidential Election
The longest bull run in history comes with a jumbo-sized asterisk
Eat, sleep, and fall in love like a Kölner: 8 unique things to do in Cologne
Postnord to raise prices over Christmas period
More parents letting kids decide their gender
This mysterious group is doxing hackers working for Chinese intelligence
Indonesian Buddhist woman imprisoned for complaining mosque too loud
Canadian dollar edges near two-week high as oil climbs, greenback retreats @GlobeBusiness
Heartwarming portraits show different types of dads spending time with their kids. 👨‍👧‍👦
FINAL STRAW: #Spain consumes most #plastic straws in Europe as #Greenpeace calls for BAN
Jury in Manafort case enters fourth day of deliberations
Nikola Teslas surprising connection to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
Ex-Steinhoff CFO Ben la Grange could be subpoenaed by Parliament
Drake surprises 11-year-old heart surgery patient for her birthday:
.@WeTransfer wants to rule the business of creativity
Home Capital shareholder Kingsferry pushes for $60-million buyback @GlobeBusiness
Morgan Stanley stops research coverage of Tesla
Some Venezuelans, alarmed by Maduro’s measures, speed up plans to flee
Italian prosecutors investigate deaths of 10 hikers in gorge flood
Half of Polish companies cant find workers, many cut investment: report
The enduring power of a woman on a bike
Dezeen is on Line! Scan our QR code to receive daily updates #LINE #LINE公式アカウント #友達募集
U.S. to release 11 million barrels of oil as Iran sanctions kick in
First taste of autumn as cold front hits Germany at the weekend
How I found Yugoslavia again in a peaceful south German town
Straight from the grave: An iconic engine design makes a comeback
If every hydrant was a fountain, would you buy less water?
Women are rebuilding there Democratic Party from the ground up.
Ryanair renews calls for booze control measures at UK airports #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
Mich. health chief to stand trial
5 facts about the state of the news media in 2017
Mitsotakis: PMs performance caused sadness and anger
The modern automobile must die
Spanish government set for crunch talks over Franco exhumation #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
China central bank says will keep liquidity reasonably ample
How Private Investment is Revitalizing New York City #economy
Why I said goodbye to my Miata - a @lloydalter story. READ:
Foreign automakers oppose Trump’s NAFTA plan as U.S., Mexico talks resume
Canadian wholesale trade drops 0.8 per cent in June @GlobeBusiness
SoftBank invests in $300 million round for car-sharing startup Getaround — Quartz
10 of the most creative office interiors
The last known picture of Adolf Hitler, April 30, 1945
Protesters knock down Confederate statue on UNC campus:
How Young Black Radicals Put the World on Notice
Youll definitely spice it up at dinner with these recipes!
Futures gain ahead of planned U.S.-China trade talks
Why it’s only science that can answer all the big questions
How to take the best food photos @tgamtravel
Georgia candidates decry effort to shutter voting sites
How many days of your life do you have sex? Your lifetime by the numbers
Russia to sign military cooperation accord with Central Africa Republic: Ifax
Why is the process of buying sperm so terrible?
A Vancouver expat experiences Hong Kong rental shock
Morgan Stanley stops research coverage of Tesla @GlobeBusiness
How European countries are still shaping the lives of millions of Africans — #AJOpinion
82% View #ArethaFranklin, #QueenofSoul, Favorably...
Exclusive: Iraq to ask U.S. for exemptions on some Iran sanctions
Recode Daily: Silicon Valley’s campaign cash donors who matter
Future UCT generations to pay a maximum Price – Ed Herbst
Businessman Richard Cousins killed in Sydney helicopter crash ‘leaves £41 million’ to Oxfam
Chart: The slowdown in income growth since 2000 has affected all racial and ethnic groups
Indian military scales down flood rescue operations
Who doesnt love garlic? #garlic #health #nutrition
Irving Oil signs deal to acquire Top Oil, an Irish-based group of energy companies
El Salvador ditches Taiwan to establish ties with China

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