Has the summer drought left France heading for a spud shortage?
German word of the day: Der innere Schweinehund
Sweden steps up preparations for a no-deal Brexit
Questions Remain in Police Taser Death of Black Bay Area Man Chinedu Okobi #ChineduOkobi
Trump tweets laughable lie about GOP support of coverage for pre-existing conditions
In ageing #Japan, unclaimed burial urns pile up amid fraying social ties
Angular steel roof tops Princeton Transit Hall by Studio Rick Joy
Opinion: Tremors in global markets, but are they signs of a looming catastrophe?
Targeted Urban Economic Growth Will Improve the #Economy #governance
Bhutan voters chooses centre-left DNT in general election
Wife of #Interpol ex-chief fears for his life – and her own safety
We have 12 years to turn things around, warns global warming report
EU slams Italys unprecedented breaking of budget rules
Facebook requires UK political ad buyers to reveal identity
Fitch Publishes Zhaojin Minings First-Time BB Rating; Rates USD Notes
Publish my resignation letter, Kotzias challenges government
UN envoy for Cyprus to host meeting between Anastasiades, Akinci
Radical preacher Anjem Choudary released from prison
Whats with South Koreas dislike of refugees?
Dont mention the war: North Koreas negotiation tactics shifting to sanctions
Eastern Pacific bags punchy $26.75m for 2016-built ultra
New York countryside barns inform Silvernails house by Amalgam Studio
Even Fox News shows signs of Trump fatigue
Opinion: Trump’s treatment of Saudi Arabia, and China, shows trade is built on trust
Pope ponders landmark trip to North Korea after Kim invitation
Check Out the 6 Greek Restaurants that Made the Australia Good Food Guide 2019
Kuang-Yi Ku proposes creating hybrid animal organs for use in Chinese medicine
American student can enter Israel, nations top court rules.
Exclusive: Twitter pulls down bot network pushing pro-Saudi talking points
KNOT orders shuttle tanker quartet at Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry
Trump moves to ease sulphur cap implementation date
#GME | Asia-Europe Summit
Why the U.S. cant approach climate adaptation like the Netherlands
The Liberals Made Political Projections A Thing. Now They’re Paying For It
Eric Trump offers deceptive excuse for his family’s lucrative dealings with Saudi Arabia
Greek owners cast doubt about 2020 compliance
Sentinel Marine acquires 21-year-old PSV
Swedish oil executives face charges over complicity in war crimes
Twin towers in Kuwait City reference vernacular Arabic architecture
The American public might never see final Mueller report on Russian election interference.
China says interning Muslims brings them into modern world
Yemen conflict: Who controls what @AJEnglish
The five biggest questions we had after episode 5 of AHS: Apocalypse
CNN: Russia Building Up Military Installations in Baltic Sea
Mondly helps you learn new languages with advanced speech recognition
#GME | No breakthrough on a Brexit deal
R6.5bn renewables boost as construction starts at Biotherm plants
Suddenly toxic, #Saudi prince is shunned by investors he courted
Facebook builds war room ahead of upcoming elections
Firecrackers and reluctant authorities: #Indian capitals smog set to worsen
Houston police and firefighters save a pony trapped in a storm drain.
GOP congressman tells incarcerated woman he has it worse because of attack ads
How to get tickets for the Little Mix LM5 tour in 2019
5 Steps to Launch a Civic Crowdfunding Program in Your City #governance
Not on my watch, said @SallyQYates #WomenAndPower
#GME | Turkey broadens search for Khashoggi
Tumblr finds major security bug that could have leaked peoples most personal information
Where do fruit flies come from?
Richard Neutras Kaufmann House epitomises desert modernism in Palm Springs
Album reviews: Yoko Ono – Warzone and MØ – Forever Neverland
#China state paper accuses west of double standards on #Xinjiang
Dark days over: Gambia launches truth, reconciliation body
China says internment camps are free vocational training
#Afghanistan in shock after death of powerful police commander
Hong Kong tourist board releases creepiest advert ever
PREMIUM: Lesson for SA as Saudi “Davos in the desert” no shows pile up
Why is Pluto no longer a planet?
Burma president intervenes in case of three jailed journalists
Return of the Obra Dinn is a beautiful murder mystery by the creator of Papers, Please
#Trumps trade war threatens online bargains from Chinese sellers #TradeWars
Brexit uncertainty hampering British import and export businesses
Ethiopia: Women Make Up 50 Percent of New Cabinet
Heres Why the U.S. Doesn’t Want a No-Fly Zone Over the Korean Border
#Trump embarks on bilateral trade talks to pressure #China
#China, #Europe escalate WTO challenge to #Trump metals tariffs #TradeWars
The oldest fossils ever discovered might not actually be fossils after all:
Opinion: Why Hong Kong should welcome Chinese soldiers’ help
Zinke is latest Trump cabinet member to have abused travel privileges
What your blood type says about you
Vancouver mayoral candidates weigh in on drug decriminalization
PREMIUM: Investment banker by day, Uber driver by night – The Wall Street Journal
#ICYMI Canada drops tariff on U.S.-made aluminum cans amid beer can shortage
Barclay Crousse completes labyrinthine university building in Peru
Your daily horoscope: October 19
Astronomers discover Hyperion — an ancient supercluster of galaxies: @AstronomyMag
Opinion: Australia could risk a boomerang effect over Jerusalem
No, parents. The HPV vaccine wont encourage your daughter to have risky sex.
#Vancouvers best bookstores for a rainy day @johnleewriter
The last residents of Tunisias underground homes — in pictures
ICYMI: Beto O’Rourke shows Democrats how to talk about climate change.
A beginners guide to building your own PC
Opinion: Plenty of fault lines in global markets but no catastrophe... yet
A Chinese city wants to replace streetlights with an artificial moon
Migration control still trumps African partnership of equals
VS review: Fascinating rap battle film from first-time filmmaker
Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test hurts Native people
Sinotrans Shipping proposes delisting
National-populism: a new global model is born — #AJOpinion, by @l_marsili
The Washington Supreme Court just banned life-without-parole sentences for teens
US Secretary of State Pompeo listened to Khashoggi murder recording: report
PA Priest Pleads Guilty to Sexually Abusing Two Boys
How mantis shrimp punch so hard — a spring made of ceramic:
#China arrests two former senior officials for #graft
Live audience poll at Fitch on China forum in Hong Kong. @TheAssetMag
Trump’s Post-Midterm Plans: Cut Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid
Sesame Streets original Big Bird puppeteer Caroll Spinney to leave after nearly 50 years
New York countryside barns inform Silvernails house by Amalgam Studio
Opinion: How Sun Yat-sen, Singapore can help China avoid a housing bubble
#Trump praises Montana GOP congressman for body-slamming reporter
Interior says HUD Secretary Ben Carson sent false information about staffing change.
Snap, crackle, crash: What rice cereal can tell us about collapsing ice shelves:
Mega Millions prize up to $654M, 4th largest in US history
Donald Trumps latest tweet is a doozy of a lie
Trump is hoarding money while Romney sweats to help his party.
The worlds first THX-certified headphones are now just $150
Why CEOs love basic income
Beto ORourke says he would vote to impeach Donald Trump
#MeToo founder strongly disagrees with Hillary Clinton and her husbands abuse of power
Is Africa starting to choke on Chinas lending glut? #Africa #debt #Ethiopia #nigeria #Trade
Energy bills jump 21% in five months leaving millions facing fuel poverty this winter
Trump tweets laughable lie about GOP support of coverage for pre-existing conditions
Making It Work: Shared Green Infrastructure, Stormwater, and Urban Development
Thomas Phifer expands Glenstone Museum with minimalist galleries
The shape of your face may predict your sex drive
16 candidates vying to represent Toronto’s Beaches-East York ward
Did you know this about cannabis? #health #cannabis #medicalmarijuana
Welcome to Camping, the most misunderstood show on TV.
The astronomer-priest who conceived of the Big Bang:
Peter Thiel cut his largest check to the GOP since Trump’s 2016 win
ENN Energy orders LNG bunkering vessel at DSIC
What’s South Korea’s problem with refugees?
This app allows you to book easyJet flights based on Instagram pictures
Live audience poll at Fitch on China forum in Hong Kong.
UPDATE: #Malaysia ex-DPM #ZahidHamidi claims trial to 45 charges
Foraged materials form artists home and studio in Washington woodland
#NajibRazak in court again, this time to show support for former deputy PM #AhmadZahid
Trump Asks Federal Agencies to Slash 5 Percent from Budgets as Deficit Swells
Even Fox News shows signs of Trump fatigue
Fosen Yard takes over Nordseewerke Emden Shipyard
Team effort supplants individual heroics as Penguins trump Leafs @Globe_Sports
Majority of the worlds richest entities are corporations, not governments
In toothy prequel, piranha-like fish menaced Jurassic seas
Jupiters icy moon Ganymede has tectonic faults just like Earth:
#Facebook ‘delighted’ by war room response to #Brazil election
Deputies search for Wisconsin girl whose parents are dead
Why does Pompeo pretend US Intelligence hasnt told Trump what happened in Khashoggi case?
Deandre Ayton, Mo Bamba, Allonzo Trier shine in NBA debuts @Globe_Sports
What monkeys and dognition can teach us about the human brain:
Canadian rugby sevens women open crucial World Series season in Colorado @Globe_Sports
DMVA creates One Room Hotel inside 17th-century house in Antwerp
Ontario Speaker says no breach of privilege in alleged Andrea Horwath, MPP encounter
Conservatives mount a whisper campaign smearing missing journalist in defence of #Trump
Eric Trump offers deceptive excuse for his family’s lucrative dealings with Saudi Arabia
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 18, 2018 | NBC Nightly News
5 of the richest companies in history
Father-of-two who died after fight ‘regularly confronted drug dealers’
Two police officers may face charges over death of former Aston Villa star Dalian Atkinson
Federal government takes final steps toward asbestos ban @GlobePolitics
Long day? Check out the years funniest wildlife photos:
A blue wave in November could wipe out voter suppression, too.
Skier Chandra Crawford among Canadian athletes honoured at Sports Hall of Fame @Globe_Sports
John Adams fears about Americas future feel pretty damn relevant today
On average, humans can recognize around 5,000 faces, researchers find:
Vancouver’s independent candidates pool resources to buy joint ads
Netflix a Wall Street darling again as it confounds its own pessimistic forecasts
Air Force One with President Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump onboard arrives in Missoula, Montana, for a rally.
#French MP proposes #glottophobia law after southern accent mocked
Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular online platforms among teens
What is the #migrantcaravan and why does #Trump care?
#Venezuela expels #Ecuador diplomat in tit-for-tat move
GOP congressman tells incarcerated woman he has it worse because of attack ads
Banks to begin checking names on bank transfers to prevent fraud
#FBI leaker jailed for four years
#WhatsApp dirty tricks alleged in #Brazil presidential race
This tiny wearable sticks to your forehead to measure your sleep:
How to Design a Successful Open Data Program #governance
Ontario rape crisis centres still awaiting funding promised under former Liberal government
Astronomers may have spotted another neutron star merger: @AstronomyMag
Heres a Look Inside Banksys $1.4 Million Paper Shredder
Honduran activists welcome Trumps threats to cut US aid
Maryland: Woman Says Police Officer Raped Her After Learning She Was Undocumented
Trump says it looks like Saudi journalist is dead
NASA astronaut describes close call following failed launch
South Korean president shares invitation to North Korea with Pope Francis.
Key ward races go down to the wire in Toronto municipal election @GlobeToronto
Heres how a quiet seminar program changed American law (via @kdrum)
RT @LPtravelnews Solo travellers in their 30s and 40s love these destinations
RT @LPtravelnews How to book your next flight using an Instagram screenshot
The boy soldiers and girl brides of war-torn DRC — in pictures
So. Damn. Pretty.
Our November cover story: How political campaigns are messing with your mind
Fabricating Hate Crimes Is a Byproduct of Victimhood Ideology on College Campuses
Team of rookies takes office in Quebec
Ontario to allow marketing of vaping products
Lack of progress on road safety becomes a Toronto ballot-box issue @GlobeToronto
China state paper accuses west of double standards on Xinjiang
Beer prices could double or even triple as climate change worsens, new study says.
#Malaysia ex-DPM Zahid arrives in court to face 35 charges
Terrorism does not terrorise people more than other distressing events, research finds
Lethbridge Western Hockey League player back on skates after serious burns @Globe_Sports
As others go backward, Canada moves forward @GlobePolitics
John Kelly And John Bolton Have Explosive Shouting Match: Reports | NBC Nightly News
American woman can now get abortion pills shipped to their homes
Indonesia quakes a wake up call on buildings shaky foundations
Its high time to end Saudi impunity — #AJOpinion, by @hanaalkhamri
Why dandelion seeds are so good at flying:
UK house price growth slows again as number of sales plummets
Ban new petrol and diesel cars by 2032, MPs say
Saudi Arabia weighs blaming intelligence official for Khashoggi killing
Voters hope election cleanses Nanaimo of dysfunction
10 women of philosophy, and why you should know them
Stocks slide again as Saudi fears wrangle nerves
Fraher Architects added a simple glass-roofed extension to this terraced house in London
Trump threatens to close southern border
Hot! Tesla Model 3 Mid Range! Unexpected New Option Now Available
Why This Montana Farmer Grows Food Year-Round in Shipping Containers
Maas Architecten has merged a thatched cottage with a glass greenhouse
Jamal Khashoggi’s last column: What the Arab world needs most is free expression
Slow Down – Subscribe to One Green Planets Newsletter! #Vegan #AnimalRights #Eco
Seventh New York taxi industry driver commits suicide - World Socialist Web Site #uber
Suitable honour proposed for late Theodore Yach, CBD rejuvenator, champion swimmer
Chicago Releases Footage of Police Shooting of Unarmed Teen Ricardo Hayes #RicardoHayes
#US Justice Department probes #CatholicChurch sex abuse in #Pennsylvania
Opinion: Australia should tread lightly on Jerusalem, or risk a boomerang effect
People who earn more, have more sex, and vice versa
Which New York City blocks are seeing spikes in calls complaining about other residents?
The Internet of X
One smart cookie: Edmonton girl guide sells out of cookies near cannabis store
Nightly Business Report – October 18, 2018
These 12 optical illusions may have you second-guessing yourself.
‘Texas cage-match’ level of competition among Canadian cannabis companies
#SaudiArabia weighs blaming intelligence official for #JamalKhashoggi killing
Watch the live broadcast of Trump rally in Montana tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET, here:
Feds launch probe into PA clergy sex abuse
Globe editorial: Jim Watson, Twitter and the problem with blocking critics @GlobeDebate
Earthquake early-warning sensors installed off coast of British Columbia
RCMP raid two pot shops, seize product and issue tickets on Vancouver Island
90% of major European banks already sanctioned for money laundering via @LaTribune
Opinion: Disqualification of candidates must be able to stand legal test
Red Sox ace Sale out of hospital, will rejoin team at Game 3
S.D. Standard Drilling offloads three PSVs
Uber and Lyft blamed for San Franciscos congested streets
Beyond psilocybin: Mushrooms have lots of cool compounds scientists should study:
Stocks slide again as Saudi fears wrangle nerves
Scooters reveal urban Americas transportation crisis
Judge tosses Stormy Daniels defamation suit against Trump
The honeymoon’s over: our post-wedding trip mix-ups and mishaps
Ice cream cake is the way to go!
School children design and build green den with moving walls for Hull allotment
Celtics visit could be an early-season statement game @Globe_Sports
Justice Dept. launches probe into PA clergy sex abuse
Cigarette Electric Boat Uses Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Batteries Electric Motors
These stunning slot canyons will make you want to pack your hiking gear. #Travel #wanderlust
Opinion: ‘Silver market’ needs better safeguards
Bad news for fraudsters as bank account name checks finally come in
Fla. tweaks voting in counties hit by Michael
Toronto Wolfpack strengthen squad, add experience with six new signings @Globe_Sports
Microsoft and Amazon workers are questioning their firms morality
Canada Becomes 2nd Country to Legalize Recreational Marijuana
When the going gets tough, Trump turns to misdirection: Joe Chidley
Insect collapse study ‘one of the most disturbing articles I have ever read,’ expert warns
In a major feat, scientists create a Bose-Einstein condensate in space: @AstronomyMag
I voted Leave and now I want a Final Say on the Brexit deal
Tom Steyer donates $2 million to Andrew Gillum’s Florida governor campaign
What geneticists say is the real problem with Elizabeth Warrens DNA test.
Why counting @CentralParkNYCs squirrels isnt nuts
Pulitzer-winning journalist Linda Kay broke down barriers
How to plan a “computer turnoff” day.
Trump claims All Republicans support people with pre-existing conditions in blatant lie
In space, there really is no place like home.
Putin says the Islamic State have seized 700 hostages in Syria; executing some
Charlie Cox interview: ‘Maybe I’m not good enough to play Bond’
Mob Rule or the Rule of Law? @LindseyGrahamSC Says America’s Future Is at Stake
Dear Wentworth Voters: Here’s 123 Things Our Leaders Did To ‘Confront’ Climate Change
Turkish police search forest, coastal city for journalists remains: Sources
Strange singing heard coming from the Antarctic ice
Mega Millions jackpot soars to record $970 million.
Fighting disinformation with media literacy—in 1939 via @CJR @anyaSIPA
Leveraging A City Budget for Smart Urban Reform #economy
RTHK to air docudrama based on abducted booksellers return to Hong Kong
Third quarter American Express profits jump on increased consumer spending @GlobeBusiness
The smaller the city, the bigger the flu epidemic
A new spacecraft might be about to solve the biggest mystery about Mercury
The early bird catches the worm but there are treats in store for night owls, too: #travel
The Trump administration is ignoring one key factor in the Khashoggi case
Making a Murderer returns, the true-crime landscape bloodier than ever @GlobeArts
This juvenile dinosaur got eaten, bite marks on bones show:
How do I talk to my young daughter about my depression?
Todd Bol, founder of Little Free Library book sharing, dead at 62
Crimean city turns to mourning 20 victims of school attack
Cannabis may be legal in Canada – but this is why its still not safe to buy it online
CFL West Division playoff picture features 64 different permutations @Globe_Sports
Even Fox News shows signs of Trump fatigue
Is time a linear arrow or a looping repeating circle? @phalpern
Earths Largest Organism Lives in Utah, and Were Killing It
.@GM #cobot pioneer: lessons to learn from Rethink Robotics
Insurer Anthem will pay record $16M for massive data breach
Ebay is suing Amazon for illegally poaching sellers
Feds defend barring edible cannabis for a year as black market eyes gaps @GlobePolitics
Facebook shareholders file proposal to kick Mark Zuckerberg out as chairman
May and Tusk on the transition timescale
Green party demands change of B.C. government’s new speculation tax @GlobePolitics
Tomorrows @independent front page #tomorrowspaperstoday To subscribe to the Daily Edition
This founding fathers fears about Americas future feel pretty darn prescient today
Why does Pompeo pretend US Intelligence hasnt told Trump what happened in Khashoggi case?

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