New unsealed records show Russia is attacking the midterm elections to this day”
New Justice Department case shows Russia is now attacking the midterm elections
New unsealed records show Russia is attacking the midterm elections right now
The secret intellectual history of mathematics. Last week’s most read:
Home of the Week: Tudor revival house blends contemporary and traditional
Trump escalates his attacks on Fed: My biggest threat
Honduran migrant caravan advances despite fortified borders and continued threats from Trump
When it’s 6 PM on Friday and the boss hasn’t left yet
How to Make Your New Apple EarPods Fit Perfectly
Cow Methane Emissions Reduced By Swiss Company Agolin
Our Modern World’s Inability to Understand Fairy Tales
Russian indicted for 2018 election meddling
Habitas Tulum boutique hotel offers beachfront and hidden jungle rooms
Opinion: What the return of mad cow disease tells us about modern meat
FYROM parliament approves countrys name change
Russian woman charged with conspiring to interfere in U.S. congressional elections
Janet Street-Porter: I was appalled to hear how France wants to treat us after Brexit
New 550 Megawatt Solar Tender Issued By Indian State
Gigi Hadid defends her decision to publish paparazzi snap on Instagram
Next summit for Trump, North Koreas Kim unlikely this year, says senior US official
To Mercury for science! Heres how to follow BepiColombos launch:
The latest iPhone just went on sale
Chinas ex-internet tsar Lu Wei pleads guilty to accepting US$4.6m in bribes
The Democratic frontrunner foolishly plays right into Trump’s hands, again @GlobeDebate
Pretty much how Big Pharma plays it. #health #BigPharma #healthfreedom
Evening Update: Khashoggi, a migrant caravan and White Hemlets
Owner of Major League Baseball team among funders of racist super PAC
NASA should take its search for extraterrestrial life underground: @AstronomyMag
Migrant caravan in Guatemala breaks through border fence into Mexico
Steven Chilton Architects designs Wuxi Show Theatre with white columns and golden canopy
Trump adviser John Bolton headed to Russia amid reports US is quitting nuclear deal
Britney Spears Las Vegas residency was the best thing she ever did for her career
Louisiana university gives Smithsonian crustacean collection.
Rep. Duncan Hunter once said its in the Middle Eastern culture to lie
Tesla introduces new Model 3, cuts price to $45,000:
Why the prizes for lotteries—including eye-popping jackpots—have jumped recently.
Name Deal Passes in FYROM Parliament by Narrow Margin
Washington Post: Democratic ‘War Rooms’ Good; GOP ‘War Rooms’ Bad
Have you seen #Trumps daily job approval numbers for today?
Russian charged with attempting to interfere in midterm elections
Family Physicians Association Breaks Ranks, No Longer Opposes Assisted Suicide
Netflixs 3Q subscriber growth gets rave reviews on Wall St.
Trump criticizes Fed for raising interest rates too quickly
Britney Spears is returning to Las Vegas with a brand new residency
Endorsements in municipal elections a double-edged sword, observers say
A pro-Obamacare ballot measure has a big lead in Utah
Macedonian parliament votes to approve name change
US says Russia, China, Iran seeking to disrupt elections
TNAs dream holiday home is an upside-down concrete pyramid
Israeli Court Overturns U.S. Student’s Deportation #LaraAlqasem
Company extracting metals from asbestos waste gets $12-million from Ottawa
Assange sues Ecuador for being left in the dark
The Justice Department says Russia is still interfering in American elections.
Tom Morello: The Atlas Underground | Talks at Google
Controversy and challenge mark London #MeToo aid conference. Our roundup: #AidToo
This very, very detailed chart shows how all the energy in the U.S. is used: (from 2016)
3 Things You Can Do to Help Avoid Climate Disaster by: @sfeldstein
Review: Akram Khan’s Xenos is eternal repetition of the shell-shocked mind @GlobeArts
Mega Millions reaches biggest ever jackpot - and it might go even higher
Greens score a century, Reds almost concede it
Trump says Congress will be involved in US response to #JamalKhashoggi case
Trump tweets laughable lie about GOP support of coverage for pre-existing conditions
Science fiction fantasy readers, take heart! Y’all are great at romance.
Half of all new guitar players are women, a study has found
#MidtermElections are getting closer... what states would you like to see polled?
Fake Iranian tweets targeted Americans with the weird and the wild
Dozens killed as speeding train hits a crowd watching fireworks in India
NYT: Trump Won’t Accept ‘Seemingly Agreed-Upon Facts’ on Climate Change
DOJ charges Russian with conspiring to disrupt 2018 elections
Outgoing U.N. Amb. Nikki Haley introduced as next president of the U.S. at charity dinner.
IAAF delays testosterone rules until Semenya case verdict
Watch: Robots try to replace humans
Tsipras seeks to draw line under Kotzias affair
Vote in FYROM Parlt delayed amid tensions over name deal
Govt strives to keep lid on tension in Mediterranean
Workers’ walkout halts Athens metro services
The early bird catches the worm but there are treats in store for night owls, too: #travel
Pindos Wild Orchids at Risk of Extinction from Illegal Harvesting
In Prince Edward County, a striking house that sinks into the shadows
The Drake equation: What are the odds that aliens exist? @AstronomyMag
Putin gloats about new weapons, says U.S. global dominance is ‘almost done’
The world has entered an age of online conflict with real world results @GlobeDebate
The techlash is coming @GlobeDebate
Property Rights Protections for South Africans Are Moving in the Wrong Direction
Manitoba man sentenced to eight years in ‘horrific’ death of his young daughter
Significant health concerns for British academic being held in UAE on spying charges
Judge sets sentencing date for Paul Manafort
In space, there really might be no place like home
Frank Gehrys Walt Disney Concert Hall illuminates with dream-like visuals
Trump Administration Begs Supreme Court To Derail Climate Change Law Suit
Jumbo owner warns of risks that lie ahead for businesses
Meager growth sees unemployment climbing again
Island power linkup delay has cost country dearly
Turkey questions employees of Saudi consulate on Jamal Khashoggis disappearance
Not good— Over 90% of salt in the world contains microplastics
Opinion: Is America out to undermine #China’s Communist Party?
EPA move to revoke California vehicle emissions waiver generates bipartisan outrage
Georgia’s midterm election will be a test of the power of voter suppression.
Greek Man Attempts Suicide in Electric Company Offices due to Inability to Afford Bill
Greek PM Tsipras Refuses to Publicize Kotzias Resignation Letter
Khashoggi’s Murder and Saudi War Crimes in Yemen Were Facilitated by US
Musk touts cheaper Model 3 thats $10K more than promised
Recreate the magical miso egg and the mouthwatering short ribs from Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
What drives Santa Ana winds
Taliban Claims Killing of Top Afghan General and U.S. Ally Gen. Raziq
This program wants to build a new tech workforce in West Virginia:
Russian charged with conspiring to interfere in US congressional elections
Trump Disputes AP Story
Eric Trump: Murdering journalists is awful but what are you going to do?
Barbie has a new career, thanks, in part, to MIT roboticist @cynthiabreazeal. via @ABC
How mantis shrimp punch hard enough to shatter aquariums:
Earths magnetic field lines whistle after solar outbursts.
System for close monitoring of tax rebates
Russian woman charged with US election interference amid fears of further disruption
Top Shot: Entering the Fire #YourShot
RT @gas2: Alta Motorcycles has Shut Down Operations
Anti-Kissinger protest at New York University - World Socialist Web Site #NYU
Google to charge for apps on Android phones in Europe
From the AP archives: Return to school increaes cases of measles
TNAs dream holiday home is an upside-down concrete pyramid
Taking the anxiety out of delegating work @Globe_Careers
With $4.1 billion at stake, Nutrien waits on Chilean court to rule on ‘Hail Mary’ lawsuit
The NFLs treatment of Colin Kaepernick is why were stuck with Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl
American women can now get abortion pills shipped to their homes
NEW: Chicago man charged with conspiring to support ISIS, DOJ says.
Iron Mountain Signs 145 Megawatt PPA, Reaches 75% Renewables In 2018
This years Petit Le Mans was possibly the best in a decade.
How I learned to stop snoring (reluctantly)
Key #Facilitation Skills: Developing Range
The fight to integrate New York City’s specialized schools is misguided, @KADilday argues
An Alliance of Plants and Fungus Could Be the Key to Farming in Space
NYPD arrests first far-right, pro-Trump protester in connection with recent New York brawl
Astronomers may have spotted another neutron star merger: @AstronomyMag
Why I dont want my kid in NYCs best schools
From the AP archives: Clashes erupt on Columbus Day march in Chile
Democrats Face Ire for Letting GOP Ram Through Six More Right-Wing Judges
There has been a modest shift in views of gun rights vs. gun control.
Why does Pompeo pretend US Intelligence hasnt told Trump what happened in Khashoggi case?
Ireland’s red line: How old loyalties have died hard in the madness of Brexit @GlobeDebate
Trailblazer Jalynn Bennett’s donation used for ‘bold’ campus projects @GlobeBusiness
Amplify: Swearing was once my armour. Now, I have more tools
You are literally sprinkling plastic on your food
Hotel workers wont be replaced by tech without a fight
The Jesuit who conceived of the Big Bang:
Widespread doubt globally that trade has any effects on prices
Ontario city boldly goes where first-past-the-post adherents fear to tread
Eerie singing heard coming from an Antarctic ice shelf: #Antarctica
Life and soil on planet Earth | DW Documentary (Environment documentary)
Why overlooked Dominica is a must for sun-seeking adventure lovers @tgamtravel
The CAQ wants to create two tiers of Quebeckers @GlobeDebate
How to tell if your data was stolen on Facebook?
Brian Kemps voter suppression efforts could elect him governor
Behemoth aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in New York
Colorado congressman says his opponent ‘funds socialism’ with her magazine subscription
Elle Magazine Tweets Fake Kanye News to Get People to Vote
Do You Live in a Chemical Disaster Danger Zone?
Search expands for US girl missing after parents found shot dead
Turkey investigates whether Khashoggi’s remains taken from consulate
Saskatchewan must wait until next year for court to hear challenge of carbon tax
Three #AI and tech tools trying to boost peoples mental health
Supermodel Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner, Jared Kushners younger brother, are married.
Britain ready to drop #Brexit demand on Irish border to ease deal
The Arhuacos’ last stand in the heights of the Sierra Nevada @IWGIA
Opinion: The sporting world has no idea how to handle marijuana, and it’s about to get worse
Trump Says He Believes Khashoggi Is Dead
India’s Largest Power Generator Issues 190 Megawatt Solar-Wind Hybrid Tender
How to innovate in Smart Cities with AI #society
Danish residency laws under scrutiny after child deportations
Astronomers may have spotted another neutron star merger:
EU green lights talks to settle row with US over beef
Wearable chemical weapons detection: #chemweap
Pompeo warns of crisis as caravan hits Mexico
Irish PM thanks firefighter for saving life of Mati blaze victim
Pompeo warns Panama against doing business with China
Police border guard convicted over forged school certificate
Federal deficit this year virtually unchanged, final report shows
Documents reveal new details about Qatar’s effort to win over politicians close to Trump
Join our Facebook Live on our Abandoned in America series right now!
Here is what you need to know about Afghanistans upcoming parliamentary elections:
American woman can now get abortion pills shipped to their homes
WATCH: High-flying base jumpers leap from top of tallest hotel in Spain and Europe -
At least 50 people die after train plows through crowd watching fireworks in India
Up close and personal with the art of the Pacific
Mega Millions jackpot now $868M, 2nd largest in US history
Doggy bag: Beagle intercepts roast pig at Atlanta airport
Poll: 71% of independents more likely to support candidate favoring climate action
Rasmussens Readers Knew #2016Election Was Always Close. Join Us Again For #2018Midterms...
Italian word of the day: Comunque
Italys budget battle with Brussels: What you need to know
When and how did dinosaurs go extinct?
Trump’s Attack on Medicare for All Has Industry Fingerprints All Over It
In a bid to avoid more criticism, Burmas president speaks out on case of jailed journalists
Tom Blachford expands Midnight Modern architecture photo series
Feeling low? Head to the gym.
Here is what you need to know about Afghanistans upcoming parliamentary elections:
IN PHOTOS: Enchanted garden discovered at #Pompeii. See more here:
San Francisco Giants owner among funders of racist super PAC
Republicans and Democrats are both optimistic about their party’s midterm prospects
A dip in the Seine? Five pools set to open in Paris river by 2025
Sunrun Ranked As Leading Residential Solar-Plus-Storage Vendor
Judge pushes back sentencing decision for Quebec City mosque shooter
Republican congressman mocked women who complained of sexual harassment.
Singapore, #EuropeanUnion sign landmark free trade, partnership agreements
With $4.1 billion at stake, Nutrien waits on Chilean court to rule on ‘Hail Mary’ lawsuit
Germany orders recall of 43,000 Opel diesel vehicles
Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Are a Role Model for School Choice
Opinion: Trade, whether its Saudi Arabia or China, requires trust
Insect collapse study ‘one of the most disturbing articles I have ever read,’ expert warns
Look up this weekend: The Orionid meteor shower will light up the sky:
Hungarys new Holocaust museum divides Jews
BEE WARNED: Exotic giant insect has arrived in Spain -
Chasing Clouds and Smoke Over the Southeast Atlantic – an #EarthExpedition blog post
How the Weird-Feeling, Perfect-Fitting Decibullz Ear Plugs Work
Trump praises congressman for body-slamming reporter
Salmon stakeholders split over Alaska ballot initiative Via @AlaskaJournal
Update: Owner of store selling racist anti-Obama card says its not actually racist
Federal deficit came in at $19 billion last year, final report on 2017-18 spending shows
What does the universe sound like? A musical tour: @astromattrusso
Singapore, EU sign landmark free trade, partnership agreements
New court ruling on mortgage tax suspended in Spain -
Banks expand efforts to reduce bad loans
OLP urges gov’t to speed up plan approval
Massachusetts voters could repeal a ban on discrimination against transgender people
Food manufacturers, services firms to gain from EU-Singapore free trade agreement
5 charts on global views of China
How the Next Generation of #Mobility will Affect Cities #society
America’s ongoing civil war @GlobeDebate
We must restore balance between the environment and the economy @GlobeDebate
China says camps for Muslims lead them to modern life
Elite film festivals have a huge role to play in equality — if they want to
5 charts on global views of China
NYT: Saudis May Blame Adviser to Crown Prince for Khashoggi Murder
Lady Gaga getting married? She thanks fiance during speech
Trump attacks porn actress Stormy Daniels as Horseface
[Webinar] Coffee in 2018: The New Age of Coffee Everywhere
.@FetchRobotics, @Intelligrated partnership to boost AMR adoption #AMRs #robotics
Yes, 311 nuisance calls are climbing in gentrifying neighborhoods
From the AP archives: IDP camp upgraded ahead of winter
🇸🇾 Outside Raqa, displaced Syrians brace for winter in tents #AFP 📸 @Delilsouleman
Barrick subsidiary seeks new strategy after latest criminal charges in Tanzania
These researchers want to create Smell-O-Vision for the internet
Massachusetts voters could repeal a ban on discrimination against transgender people
Albania: Cavusoglu denies giving Khashoggi case recordings to US officials
Dozens are feared dead after a train ran over a crowd in northern India
Why trucks trump cars for European investors
Want to see state polling on #Arizona for #Election2018? @TeamDucey @dg4az @SteveFarleyAZ
A New Bill Could Save Teslas $7,500 Tax Credit—For Now
Puget Sound Energy Launches Green Direct To Support 100% Renewable Goals
Italy: Heavy storms cause flooding in southeast of Sicily
Finally: Air France and unions seal deal to end months of strikes
Facebook found its new public face: Former U.K. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg
Duncan Hunter once said its in the Middle Eastern culture to lie
Even Fox News shows signs of Trump fatigue
Exclusive: OPEC is struggling to add oil to the market after pledging increase
Dog deaths in North Vancouver may be tied to suspected mushroom poisoning: RCMP
Study finds women’s brains are far more active than men’s
Six super reasons to visit Bern this weekend
Putin gloats about new weapons, says U.S. global dominance is almost done
GTA: Online hack let trolls kill gamers in single-player mode
The next time you need to get somewhere, you may be able to follow your nose.
Julian Assange taking legal action against Ecuador government
US Embassy reacts to Xiros’s request for conditional release
Israel planning to nationalize Greek Orthodox land in Jerusalem
Residential skyscrapers on the rise in Manhattans Financial District
Injured Bosa leaves Ohio State to prep for pro career
Chasms | Asali DeVan Ecclesiastes
Why the Trillion Planet Survey is looking for alien laser beams: @AstronomyMag
Literary group sues Trump, alleges free speech stifling
Obesity surgery may lower heart attack danger in diabetics
JW Anderson reimagines Converses Chuck 70 in felt
With defeat in his Senate race likely, Beto ORourke eyes 2020.
EU says Irish border issue could prevent a Brexit deal
Is Africa starting to choke on Chinas lending glut?
Using TRC amnesty lessons to accelerate corruption-busting
Shaking the private sector’s morality cage – Philile Ntombela
Why are strikes rare in Switzerland?
Water woes as drought leaves Germanys Rhine shallow
10 women of philosophy, and why you should know them
Humanity’s next mission to Mercury will test Einstein’s theory of relativity
Facebooks new PR chief? Britains ex-deputy PM
The American public might never see final Mueller report on Russian election interference.
Zaha Hadid Architects is building an enormous leisure and entertainment center in the UAE.
A2. The answer is Berlin to Tel Aviv! #lpopquiz
Scott Dozier still wants to be executed. And hes still waiting.
#FridayFeeling 🦎🦎
Trump administration’s plan to detain families indefinitely would cost up to $12.9 billion
Inuce completes pink pebbledash church hall in Fuzhou
Canada not sending anyone to Saudi Arabia business summit and never planned to: source
The Transportation Revolution Is Not Here … Yet #mobility
Some Trump allies decide to defend his Saudi policy by smearing Jamal Khashoggi.
‘Fox Friends’ segment features racist anti-Obama meme
On Beyond EVs: How GM Charts A 100% Renewable Energy Path (#CleanTechnica Interview)
More Human Than Human | Athens | October 21
Kammenos: Good bilateral relations also in Turkey’s interest
Weaker than expected economic data not seen delaying Bank of Canada rate hike
U.S. home sales fell in September to slowest pace in 3 years
Brexit impasse at European Union summit - World Socialist Web Site
New Seattle police union contract overturns key tenets of police accountability law
In a major feat, scientists create a Bose-Einstein condensate in space:
Check out #Trumps daily job approval numbers for today... #BreakingPoll
New England is under siege by squirrels as the varmints get ready for winter. #NewEngland
Corrupt Chris, Two-Faced Tammy: Candidates try their best Trump impressions
Spanish bank tax hit not as scary as it looks, says @CGAThompson -
Recode Daily: Uber is building tools to Uber-ize all kinds of work


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