Energy Efficiency and Solar in the $8 Billion School Energy Market #infrastructure
Piers Morgan dad-shames Daniel Craig—and Twitter has come to set him straight.
How to prevent mold: 9 tips
Nows the time to get your kids the flu vaccine
Energy investments in Greece to reach 32 billion euros by 2030
Event focuses on the contribution of foreign archaeological schools
Pavlopoulos opposes referendums, elections of president by the people
#Zika in #Africa: Rare birth defect on the rise in #Angola
Mothers of babies afflicted by #Zika in Brazil fight poverty, despair
#US Secretary of State Pompeo arrives in Ankara for talks on missing journalist
#Malaysia ex-DPM Zahid Hamidi to face graft charges on Friday
ORourke attacks Cruz as dishonest in testy Texas senate debate.
Seaboard and BBC Chartering seek joint Americas coverage
Nearly half the world lives on less than S$7.55 a day: World Bank
Even Trump is beginning to realize that he can’t save coal
ICS study suggests positive future for seafarers despite autonomous shift
Welcome to the Land of Dragons, Lazovsky district in the Far East of Russia. Picture shared by Yuri Ufimtsev
U.S. Support to the Ecumenical Patriarchate After Orthodox Schism
US calls on Turkey to exercise restraint
U.S. Piles Pressure on FYROM’s Opposition Over Prespa Agreement
Crisis in Greek coalition intensifies
Native Americans Criticize Sen. Warren’s DNA Test as Trump Denies Donation Promise
Opinion: Afternoon tea is a phoney, anachronistic sham. It’s time to abolish it
Are you applying for Erasmus in Sweden? Here are ten crucial things to know
Sweden has EUs lowest proportion of people living in serious poverty
Major London station closed after damage to wires causes travel chaos
Formosa Plastics pushes ahead with fleet clearout
German Word of the Day: Das Fingerspitzengefühl
Heres whats devastating Puerto Ricos insect populations—and the animals that eat them
EU budget must support ambitious new Africa partnership, say former ministers
Recreational weed is now legal in Canada
Gulf Energy Maritime puts its handysize tankers up for sale
The American public might never see final Mueller report on Russian election interference.
Opinion: How China’s falling stock market mirrors its failing economic policy
Seafarer dies after falling from CSL bulker
October 17 Marks The First Nazi Atrocity in Northern Greece
How the Central African Republic is trying to get back on its feet after years of stability
Sub Saharan borrowers unfazed by Emerging Markets turbulence
Scalable Water Management Solutions for Developed Developing Cities #resources
#Guantanamo prison to stay open for at least 25 years: US admiral
12 human foods dogs can eat and 5 they shouldnt
#Brexit preppers’ stock up on supplies to prepare for EU exit
PREMIUM: Evolving tech world mourns Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder
Tesla’s “Impossible” Task #9: Paying Off Debt In 2018  2019
Honduran Caravan of 1,600 Migrants Makes Way to U.S. Border
Can algorithms create true art or do they only imitate?
First Man is astonishingly accurate—heres how NASA helped
Health care CEO accused of cheating Medicare to sell opioids.
American democracy is fracturing. Libraries say they know how to help
Carrick partners with Absa for capital protection and fixed returns
Right-wing group was camped on rooftop with weapons ahead of major rally
Luca Guadagnino to direct film inspired by Bob Dylans Blood on the Tracks
#British PM #TheresaMay to confront EU leaders amid #Brexit crisis
Democrats in Californias 10 hottest races just massively outraised their Republican rivals
Four massive planets discovered orbiting toddler star: @AstronomyMag
Opinion: If vaping is as bad as smoking, why hasn’t #HongKong banned tobacco?
#Canada legalises #marijuana for recreational use
Israeli fighter jets pound Gaza after rocket hits home
#Taiwan to hold #independence rally in challenge to Beijing
Disappearance of journalist #JamalKhashoggi: The man, the suspects and the scene
As #Saudis crown prince #MBS broods, officials search for a scapegoat
Nine #UN Security Council members ask to discuss #Myanmar inquiry
Cleveland Metroparks 100 Year Vision: Connecting People and Nature #environment
Charges dropped against woman who helped animals affected by Hurricane Florence
Your daily horoscope: October 17
PREMIUM: Uber IPO: Is Uber really worth $120bn? – The Wall Street Journal
Rohingya genocide briefing at UN Security Council requested
China defends alleged mass incarceration of Uighur Muslims amid global outcry
Why erectile dysfunction meds can have serious side effects
Jupiters icy moon Ganymede has tectonic faults just like Earth: @AstronomyMag
The number of deaths caused by AIDS has halved in Africa in ten years.
635 million year old sponges reveal clues about origin of animals
12 ways to get clean air in your home without chemicals:
#US sanctions key #Iranian paramilitary force
Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke spar in final Texas senatorial debate
The cafes trying to close the breastfeeding gap
The XXXX Problem With Australia’s Industrial Relation Laws
Experts cast doubt on Saudi excuse as horrific details of Jamal Khashoggi’s death surface
Nigeria: Boko Haram Kills 2nd Captive Aid Worker
#Earthquake magnitude 4.5 - 147.8 km from #Cusco - #Peru
Trump compared the case of Jamal Khashoggi to the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation
From the AP archives: Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchells powers of intuition
Pornography can destroy relationships — and save them
From the AP archives: Aerials show Michael devastation in 3 towns; Gov. Scott surveys damage
JUST IN: Winning numbers for tonight’s $667 million #MegaMillions jackpot.
A Georgia county is throwing out absentee ballots from minority voters
The boy soldiers and girl brides of DRCs war-torn North Kivu — in pictures
Fixing Salvaged Teslas, The Ingineer Way
Five science tricks to scare up a better Halloween costume
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 16, 2018 | NBC Nightly News
NYC has record number of homeless students
Jordan Petersons 5 most controversial ideas, explained
Winamp is relaunching, and it better have skins, thats all we gotta say
Police arrest B.C. man accused of swimming naked in Toronto shark tank @GlobeBC
Rocket fired into Israel from Gaza as Israeli army vows to defend civilians
#Earthquake magnitude 4.1 - 67.7 km from #PuertoMontt - #Chile
Astronaut Nick Hague Says There Was No Time To Panic | NBC Nightly News
Building Resilience with Microgrids and Smart Energy #infrastructure
Why skepticism is the right approach to the afterlife, immortality, and utopia
These are the top destinations for women who want to travel solo  #solotravel
Here are the 11 most anti-immigrant Republicans running this year
Why the left needs Nancy Pelosi:
Archaeologists discover the grave of a vampire child buried 1500 years ago
Humans are causing the sixth mass global extinction
Remember this. #wisdom #quotes
#Mattis to visit toxic Agent Orange site in #Vietnam
Burmese Military Led Social Media Hate Campaign Against Rohingya
Science gone horribly wrong: 9 inventors killed by their inventions
What can be cuter than watching a bee emerge from its bee-rito #bees #caughtoncamera
Twin towers in Kuwait City reference vernacular Arabic architecture
Snap, crackle, crash: What rice cereal can teach us about collapsing ice shelves:
Why mainstream conservatism is losing ground in Germany:
Brain-eating amoebas are spreading—and that’s just as bad as it sounds
4 things you can do to cheer up, according to neuroscience
Slack doesnt have end-to-end encryption because your boss doesnt want it to:
Will Trump’s Policies Wreak Havoc on the US and Global Economies?
Liberals introduce bill to end solitary confinement in federal prisons
#Japans Abe sends offering to controversial Tokyo war shrine
Gulf Marine Services secures liftboat contract
#BREAKING | #YouTube is down for the users worldwide. #YouTubeDOWN
Political correctness in comedy: Is it making comedians too afraid to be funny?
Bodies of #SouthKorean climbers killed in #Himalayas are returned home
Theres no slowing down the Sunshine State! Too good Queensland 🔥💯🌞 Via @climatecouncil. #Repower #solar
Slow start to #Indias bullet train project
JUST IN IMF chief Lagarde to skip Saudi investment conference
Suspects in #Saudi journalist case tied to top prince
Canada blanks Dominica 5-0 in men’s CONCACAF Nations League qualifying @Globe_Sports
In Yemen, more than 10,000 people have been killed in fighting since 2014
Beyond psilocybin: Mushrooms have lots of cool compounds scientists should study:
The real culprits of climate change | By @EmmaRichards85
Tensions high as Indian temple opens to women #Sabarimala
Sub-Saharan African publics largely see growing internet connectivity as a positive
Automation may take our jobs, but personal data will save our paychecks
Migrant caravan activists: Trump to blame for Honduras situation
Dogs, cats, other pets: would they eat you if you died?
The Smart City Starter Set #infrastructure
Toronto Raptors Nick Nurse may be a rookie NBA coach, but he’s no newbie @Globe_Sports
Aga Khan oversees official launch of Alberta garden
Oil prices extend gains on surprise drawdown in U.S. crude stockpiles @GlobeBusiness
Learn about unique modular architecture projects via our archive
The Jesuit astronomer who conceived of the Big Bang:
The 2018 National Geographic Photo Contest is now open for entries. Submit your best images!
Syrian Rebels Refuse to Surrender Idlib Buffer Zone
The security seals used to protect voting machines can be opened very easily
Check out these adorably cute (but toxic!) caterpillars! #animals
Genie Bouchard advances to Round of 16 at Luxembourg Open @Globe_Sports
The Tommie Smith-John Carlos Black Power salute: Once vilified, now praised
Lindsey Graham ends ‘Fox Friends’ interview with remarkably casual bigotry
Trump warns Honduras over migrant caravan
We’re witnessing SA democracy’s foundations being laid
More than 19,000 babies under one at risk of severe harm in their own homes, report finds
How to bridge the Trump gap in climate finance:
5 reasons why america will not collapse like the roman empire
Why a caravan of thousands of Hondurans is fleeing to US
Why a caravan of thousands of Hondurans are fleeing to US
From the AP archives: Tornado spawned by Michael strikes small Ga. town
Democrats in Californias 10 hottest races just massively outraised their Republican rivals
Stocks soar; Netflix smashes user growth numbers
Scandie Swaps
Trump says Saudi should be presumed innocent over disappearance of #JamalKhashoggi
Exchanging stories with family members is not an inconsequential pastime.
#Indonesians seek talismans of former lives in #quake rubble
Disappearance of journalist may disrupt #Trump administrations plans to squeeze #Iran
Right-wing group was camped on rooftop with weapons ahead of major rally
Major Flood Emergency Along Texas’ Llano River | NBC Nightly News
$90k worth of Singapore currency seized in #Indonesias latest corruption raid
Instrumentalist Richard Reed Parry’s act of rebellion @GlobeArts
Ford Layoffs Trump Tariffs: The Real Story
This morning, Trump called his alleged former lover Stormy Daniels “horseface”—on Twitter.
Opinion: Why Trump’s cold war to isolate #China is destined to fail
Trump just compared the case of Jamal Khashoggi to the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation
Sega is finally getting the retro console treatment it deserves
Stocks soar; Netflix smashes user growth numbers
Can connecting beehives to the cloud save pollinators?
BuzzFeed: UAE Used U.S. Mercenaries to Kill Yemeni Politicians
Where Transportation and Energy Meet and How it is Changing Cities #infrastructure
Heres why you should visit these 10 iconic streets that helped shape America
How Trump talks about women: ‘Horseface,’ ‘fat,’ ‘dog,’ ‘no Longer a 10’
Protecting nature the best way to keep the planet cool, alliance of 38 NGOs says
From the AP archives: Tornado spawned by Michael strikes small Ga. town
ICYMI: James Mattis refuses to take Trump’s bait and holds on tight to his job.
Come Thursday, the five brightest planets will align in the night sky:
Opinion: With friends like Trump, Xi doesn’t need enemies by @caryhuangscmp
Ulstein gets in on the Jones Act with Aeolus Energy SOV deal
One of Britains most prolific paedophiles has jail sentence cut by seven years
Stop snitching on people growing weed, Toronto police tell residents
Michel Barnier ‘open to extending Brexit transition period by a year’
U.S. seeks quick patch-up of Khashoggi affair amid widening Turkish investigation
Curious, dark black furniture dominates Design Week Mexico 2018
Heres whats devastating Puerto Ricos insect populations—and the animals that eat them
Sara Gilbert says it was emotional moving forward on The Conners without Roseanne Barr.
Trump says he won’t accept blame if Republicans lose House in midterm elections
The U.S. and Saudi Arabia Have Been Getting Away With Murder for Years:
Canadians who start using cannabis after legalization may find U.S. entry easier
A Georgia county is throwing out absentee ballots from minority voters
The human brain evolved to believe in gods:
The Power of Sharing Stories, by @LizBrazile
What are golden passport schemes and how do they enable tax dodging?
Trump Admits Climate Change Is Not A Hoax, Doesn’t Plan To Do Anything About It Anyway
acquires Norddeutsche Reederei H. Schuldt
Gonzalez Moix designs Biblioteca Sur community library in Lima
Anna Burns’s Milkman takes Man Booker Prize @GlobeArts
The new Huawei Mate 20 Pro is stuffed with genuine innovation
How Donald Trump’s trade war is driving #China nuts via @politico
Eight of the best Christmas markets in the UK
Lily Aulin was a matriarch, education advocate and avid traveller
StatCan vaults into the 21st century
Hurricane Michael death toll now at least 26, with 16 people killed in Florida alone
South Africa is in better shape than you think! Experts re-crunch numbers
If you’re suffering from #climate grief, you’re not alone
Convicted sex predator goes on trial again for murdering two nine-year-olds 32 years ago
Vampire skeletons found in Bulgaria
Universal credit could be the greatest administrative blunder by a British government yet
Who is behind Jamal Khashoggis disappearance?
Leprosy reborn: How a once-maligned disease could help unlock the secrets of stem cells:
For years, geographic inequality was on the decline. Now, its growing again.
Dennis Hof, US brothel owner, aspiring politician, dies
‘Hyper-alarming’ study reveals dramatic decline of insect population
Will Trump’s Policies Wreak Havoc on the US and Global Economies?
Brexit is so painful wed even give up the 1966 World Cup to stop it
Georgias Gwinnett County Rejects Nearly 1 in 10 Mail-In Ballots
Denver To Zion National Park In Tesla Model X
Survey reveals who and what people sexually fantasize about:
UBC ordered to pay author Steven Galloway for breaching confidentiality terms @GlobeBC
Letters: If Theresa May could change her mind on Brexit, so can we
Bank of Montreal promotes two U.S. investment bankers: memo @GlobeBusiness
Smart Regions: 5 Examples of Successful Digitalization Strategies #governance
Vector Architects converts sugar mill into Alila Yangshuo hotel
Is there value amid the uncertainty facing SNC-Lavalin?
Will Canadians accept a carbon tax? @GlobeBusiness
Globe editorial: With legal pot, Canada sets an example for other countries @GlobeDebate
Carl Sagan liked to smoke weed. His essay on why is fascinating:
Florida Republicans confronted with climate change as midterms loom
Wind Energy Tariffs Stable In India’s 1.2 Gigawatt Auction
5 things #robots do better than humans (and 3 things they don’t):
William Coors, former chair of Adolph Coors, dies at 102
Researchers studied how facial expressions during orgasm differ across cultures
Carbon Capture: What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Climate Change
How to Test Your Wi-Fi Speed
‘There is no God and no afterlife’ Hawking concludes in final book
Its time for the US Olympic Committee to decertify USA Gymnastics
Chile’s Guggenheim-inspired caracoles captured in photos by Cristobal Palma
Vast cosmic explosions could be flinging gold and platinum across the universe
Here But By The Grace Of Murdoch Go All Of Us
Why Theresa May cant agree to a 12-month extension of transition to Brexit. By @Peston
How Netflix drives culture, in one chart. @fromedome:
Californias latest push for cage-free eggs
Unsolicited Advice for an Undeclared Presidential Candidate: a Letter to Elizabeth Warren...
Federal government to eliminate disciplinary segregation in prisons
Will Trump really cut off aid to Honduras? Probably not.
800 hiring managers reveal their top job interview tips:
You either get bitter or you get better. #wisdom #quotes #motivation
US air strike kills 60 al-Shabab fighters in Somalia
Republican Senate candidate compared Michelle Obama to a monkey in Facebook post
From the AP archives: Kudlow: Market drop a long overdue correction
Pyongyang’s building boom has been years in the making
New York Federal Reserve using comics to teach children about finance @GlobeInvestor
Opinion: #MeToo in India — a true revolution must begin at home
This is the most expensive midterm election ever
Newborn boy found dead at Connecticut recycling center, police say.
Facebook hack affected 3 million Europeans, Irish official says
This Democrat just seriously out-raised her Republican opponent in a tight Georgia race
Wells Fargo plans to shift EU hub to Paris ahead of Brexit @GlobeBusiness
Netflix is online video’s Walmart, and its Tiffany @jennifersaba
US air strike kills 60 al-Shabab fighters in one of the deadliest in nearly a year
U.K. F-35s Will Use Strange Rolling Carrier Landings
Prince Harry has spoken about the royal baby for the first time
Microsoft co-founder helped spark the PC revolution
Lawyers for GTA: Online get court order to search homes of alleged cheat makers
Guards, inmates ally against state in radon-exposure cases
Vox: ‘Minority Rule’ by Republicans Threatening America’s Institutions
Polio-like illness spreads to 22 states
Northern Ireland’s Anna Burns wins Man Booker Prize @GlobeArts
Lyric Opera of Chicago: Musicians have ratified labor deal
Exciting over fair: Behind the scenes with Gord Downie’s doctor on the last tour
Tomorrows @independent front page #tomorrowspaperstoday Subscribe to the Daily Edition here
Striking macro photos reveal the incredible scale-like patterns of butterfly wings. 🦋
Seward flooding triggers school closures and an emergency declaration
The Jesuit astronomer who conceived of the Big Bang: @AstronomyMag
Oh wow!
Florida Evacuates 4,000 from Hurricane-Damaged Prisons #HurricaneMichael
5 Ways New Movement Leaders Are Effecting Change, by @silbatron
Industrial Engineering Intern Opens Up About Life At The Tesla Gigafactory
24 hidden Windows settings to help you compute better
Here are the 11 most anti-immigrant Republicans running this year
Intel: How #Khashoggi’s disappearance is upending the $50 million Gulf lobby
White House to protesters, ‘get off my lawn!’
In a Cosmic First, Scientists Discover Four Giant Planets Orbiting Newborn Star
Trump warns Honduras over migrant caravan
Jews Of Wentworth Don’t Share A Single Brain Stem, Morrison Discovers The Hard Way
Time: Nobody Has Triggered Sexual Assault Victims Like Kavanaugh
Interim CEO Mary Bono resigns from USA Gymnastics, U.S. Olympic committee says @Globe_Sports
Nunavut, N.W.T and Yukon to allow communities to block opening of cannabis stores
Fixing the Plane in Midair: Three Keys to Energy Transformation #smartcities
72% of Democrats have heard about social media bots, compared with 61% of Republicans
Mary Katrantzou Will Design Part of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
This is wild.
Trump criticizes Federal Reserve, says central bank is his ‘biggest threat’ @GlobeBusiness
A new ad boosts ICE and the border wall and demonizes the left. It’s from a Senate Democrat.
Strangely, bees completely stop buzzing during total solar eclipses
Nirvana unplugged: Why arent more Americans buying electric vehicles?
The UNs devastating climate report was too optimistic, say scientists
Chicago Teamsters Consider Peak Season Strike at UPS
Netflix subscriber growth beats estimates, shares surge @GlobeBusiness
Energy bigwigs are fiddling while the world burns @TheRealLSL


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