17 women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct. Its time to revisit those stories.
Impact banking: Putting the impact back into Islamic finance
Outlook darkens for the Gulf’s competing powers
Canadian marijuana imports OKd by US for California study
The evangelical church’s sex shaming meets a fiery reckoning in this new memoir
Ottawa orders NEB to reconsider Trans Mountain expansion project @GlobeBusiness
The Peasants Revolt Of 1381
ExxonMobil exec says happy to be in Cyprus for gas drilling
#CorporateResponsibility: For #banks to change, everyone must change | Euromoney | CSR |
The Death Of The Gasmobile: EV Charging As A Service (CT Exclusive Interview)
One million Uighur Muslim children held by Chinese government
A Glance around France: Tremors in Brittany and anger in Dordogne
X Factor star Chico rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke, aged 47
EANA elects new leadership at annual conference in Warsaw
Trump questions Kavanaugh’s accuser, says opponents want to ‘destroy’ nominee
China is holding one million Uighur Muslim children at re-education camps, AP reports
British PM Theresa May hits back at EU for flatly rejecting her #Brexit plans
Do voters care if their candidates are in debt?
Caterpillar leans on old playbook to cope with Trump tariffs
ND on alleged transfer of Greek monuments to HCAP privatisations superfund
FS Objects designs minimal metal bar tools
Kyiv police detained a man with arsenal of weapons via @PoliceKyiv #Ukraine
Anti-transgender bigots sink to new low with latest ad
What’s at stake in Washington’s heated battle over tipped workers
Man explains how he went from never entering a gym to fitness pro in 12 weeks
FEMA stopped paying for hotels for displaced Puerto Ricans. Now some are homeless.
Iceland shows how nations can prosper outside the EU
Pope accepts resignation of two more Chilean bishops following abuse scandal
To save endangered plants, one Texas naturalist takes conservation into his own hands:
Here are todays Daily #Trump Approval Numbers... @POTUS @realDonaldTrump... #BreakingPoll
Bill Cosbys sentencing hearing is next week. Heres what you need to know.
Into the pot you go: Maine restaurant sedates lobsters with marijuana smoke
Tsipras, Erdogan to discuss bilateral issues in New York next week
Anastasiades: Investment fund registrations up 18 percent in Cyprus
Plotting against poverty, not Ramaphosa, the way to go
Schizophrenic ANC issues totally contrasting statements on SARB
Why dangerous river flooding mostly happens after the hurricane
U.S. sanctions China for buying Russian fighter jets, missiles
At U.N. podium, Trump to tout protecting U.S. sovereignty
UK and EU at an impasse in Brexit negotiations, says Theresa May
Weekend heatwave to usher in cooler weather across Italy
Binge-watching tv together is good for your relationship, say studies
When the Singer Sewing Machine Company Built the Best .45 Pistol Ever Made
This real estate company figured out a simple way to offer the homeless a house and a job:
The Edmonton Swastikas, a Canadian girls hockey team. c. 1916
4 Ways Civic Organizations Can Use Media to Build Trust #governance
PREMIUM: World spotlight on Iqbal Survé for censoring anti-China news
Neighbourhood stroll: Where to eat, stay and shop in St. John’s @tgamtravel
Scientists have identified major ivory trafficking cartels using genetic data:
U.S. hedge fund Paulson Co. launches group aimed at shaking up gold sector @GlobeBusiness
RT if you think this weeks cartoon by Lorna Miller bluntly sums up the UKs #Brexit deal for Scotland.
Most Catholics in Central and Eastern Europe have a favorable opinion of Pope Francis
Interest rates held Here are the reactions: #InterestRates #BoE
Cambodia pardons Australian filmmaker James Ricketson jailed for espionage
New dates being added for Bob Segers final concert tour
Offerman to narrate literary audiobook Twains Feast
Scientists used Zika to kill aggressive brain cancer cells in mice
The urge to share news of our lives is neither new nor narcissistic @LeeHumphreys
Easy and yummy!
Danske Bank money laundering giga scandal spreads to Britain
Cambodia pardons Australian filmmaker jailed for espionage
From the AP archives: NC shelter residents break into song during dinner
Theresa May makes a statement on Brexit negotiations
Why iPhone fans are willing to pay £1,000 for the latest handsets
Recode Daily: Amazon’s Alexa avalanche
#AskSpace: Will this planet become as hot as hell?
‘Behind the Science’: an exclusive visit at CERN of Geneva (Ep 1)
Most Dont Think Their Fellow Citizens Are #Informed #Voters... #BreakingPoll
Philippine villages at risk of landslides forcibly evacuated
Pope accepts resignation of two more Chilean bishops following abuse scandal
Passengers Injured After Flight Crew Forgets to Pressurize Cabin
Latin American rig count dips slightly in August
More than 100 dead after Tanzania ferry sinks on Lake Victoria
10 point guide to buying property in Northern Spain
Why I swapped London life for a tiny village in northern Spain
Dissent is a slow brew on the streets at this year’s UN General Assembly
Some big questions that arise when thinking about data privacy regulation.  @lesliekjohn
At least 136 dead in Tanzania ferry sinking
Yemeni families surviving in the rubble — in pictures
Kenya lifts ban on Rafiki, making it eligible for Oscars @GlobeArts
Trump touts Kavanaugh as accuser negotiates with Senate
U.S. sanctions China for buying Russian fighter jets, missiles
Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen boasts of aiding Mueller investigation
KINAL leader @FofiGennimata visiting Lesvos and #Moria migrant camp on Friday
If Kavanaugh himself is even remotely involved in this, he’s toast.
Americas economy is a rural-urban continuum
Whats your biggest dream? #dream #success #fun
The depths of one of Europe’s largest money laundering scandals have been exposed
Hey there grumpy gills—let the ocean worry about being blue! 🐠💙 Its #FishyFriday, after all! 🌊
Russias Lavrov says U.S. is threat to Syrias territorial integrity: Interfax
Europe briefing: 4 things to know about today
Prosecutors in central Russia investigate suspension of a student for her dyed pink hair
Who stole Cathay Pacifics F?
A disturbing 1995 prediction by Carl Sagan accurately describes America of today
ITV Signed News: Watch a round-up of the weeks main stories in British Sign Language
Ramarecovery: Cyril’s R50bn stimulus package for SA – in his own words
ANC irked by anti-constitutional amendment submissions to EWC panel
Young woman dies after early morning third-floor balcony plunge in Spain -
British media declare PM May’s Brexit plan dead after ‘humiliation’ by EU @GlobeBusiness
Oil up on supply concerns before OPEC and other producers meet
#Teknofestİstanbul #Aerospace and #Technology Festival held in #Istanbul #Turkey #AA #Photography
We’re 75,000 workers speaking up in support of Teck’s new oilsands project
What I learned on a moss walk READ:
Police arrest suspect in rape of young woman in western Athens
Carjackers who doused former boxer Michael Watson with ammonia jailed
China urges U.S. to withdraw sanctions on Chinese military
More than 100,000 pounds of ground beef recalled due to possible E.coli contamination.
Baby on board: Woman gives birth at Gare du Nord station in Paris
Russia blames Israel for plane shot down by Syrian missile
Cybersecurity firm: More Iran hacks as US sanctions loomed
Why would I ever need a car? I had the subway @GlobeDebate
Saudi womans case against father stirs guardianship debate
Another rebel yell: Billy Idol returning for Vegas residency
Steve McQueen to create portrait of London schoolchildren
UK government attempt to gag teachers as cuts deepen - World Socialist Web Site
From pets to paint, the housing crisis has infected the British economy
ICE is arresting the sponsors of undocumented children
Today’s voters owe a lot of money. Do they care if their candidates do too?
There’s a planet exactly where Star Trek said Vulcan should be
The Maldives: The rise and fall of a Muslim democracy — #AJOpinion, by @aazimzahir
Researchers find hints of Israeli spyware around globe
Report urges UK to lift cap on skilled migrants after Brexit
Turkey, U.S. to start joint patrols in Syrias Manbij soon
From the AP archives: EGX 30 falls by more than 3 percent
From the AP archives: DFM falls 1.27 percent
Wells Fargo to cut headcount by 5-10 percent in next three years
Couple needs to slash spending, downsize to escape retirement debt disaster @FPpersonal_fin
The podcast is coming.
Is America’s Religious Right turning its back on Russia?
Pence tells Zaev name deal will lead to greater security in region
Vietnams president dies after viral illness
QUIZ: How well do you know your Italian geography?
Pope accepts resignations of two more Chilean bishops: Vatican
Fostering Trust by Reimagining our Shared Public Spaces #governance
Everything you need to know about taking the train in France
Kengo Kumas VA Dundee photographed at sunrise and sundown by Ste Murray
Iran has never requested a meeting with Trump: foreign ministry spokesman
Medical age tests on asylum seekers likely to have misclassified minors: study
Archaeologists find medieval seal on Swedish island
Feds to comb social media for Canadians’ pot-related attitudes, behaviour
The floppy did me in. Rebecca J. Rosen explains why:
Republicans test whether ‘lying to the voter’ is a pre-existing condition
Trouble at home, trouble at work, trouble in love in our TROUBLESHOOTER column #人生案内
World in Pictures
Moroccos crack down on thousands of Spain-bound migrants -
UK warns there will be no Brexit deal unless EU softens on Irish border
Canopy Rivers doubles valuation to $1.6 billion in trading debut
Browns beat Jets for first victory since 2016 @Globe_Sports
Global Economic Outlook: World Growth Forecast Cut on US-China Trade Battle
FYROM opposition will respect constitutional changes if referendum is approved
Indian-Greek venture to start work on new Crete airport next year, says source
Steps to remove moderate opposition from Syrias Idlib unacceptable, Turkey says
Scotland Yard admitted knowing about undercover officer’s relationship
Oil prices up on supply concerns before OPEC, other producers meet @GlobeBusiness
FOCUS: Moroccan migrants risk it all to reach Europe
South African court says marijuana use in private is legal
Everything you need to know about Bill Cosbys sentencing next week:
What does school look and sound like when you and your classmates are deaf? Aeon Video:
The senseless legal precedent that enables wrongful convictions:
Trump’s lawyer pushes insane lie about Trump’s Lester Holt interview
No way!
Amazon really wants you to put Alexa stuff all over your house—and car
All aboard! The USAs most scenic train routes
German growth slows in September as factories shift into lower gear: PMI
Renault-Nissan to use Android system in its dashboards
pLeAsE sUbScRiBe tO oUr pOdCaST
India launches first sex offenders register amid spate of rapes
Indonesian city threatens firing top staff who do not pray
Discontent brews in India over Modi rule ahead of 2019 elections
#Indonesia President #Jokowi launches re-election campaign ahead of April polls
U.K. investigating British companies links to Danske money laundering case @GlobeBusiness
A call to the boss: Indonesia contends with aggressive Chinese online lenders
#Philippines halts quarry operations after deadly landslide that killed at least 29
European broadcasters’ alliance criticises Denmark over DR budget slashes
Florida GOP horrified to learn women curse
William Watson: How NAFTA could end up as paralyzed as a pipeline
How #MeToo and other movements have shaken up Hollywoods top 100:
Plans to rebuild Berlin Wall for art project blocked
Vietnams president dies after viral illness
#PopeFrancis accepts resignation of two more #Chilean bishops following abuse scandal
The one place to visit in France this weekend: Les Andelys
France launches the beginning of the end of the traditional TGV
Caterpillar leans on old playbook to cope with Trump tariffs
Top bureaucrat at Japans scandal-mired education ministry quits amid more bribery scandals
Apple embraces China with a unique iPhone XS
Frank Lampard and Loose Women TV star Christine welcome baby girl
Three Malaysians among 10 arrested in suspected alcohol poisoning case in Selangor
Vietnams president dies after viral illness
Uber’s profitability recipe starts with Deliveroo - full view ready soon by @LiamWardProud :
Italy: Winter Universiade-2019 flame starts its journey to Krasnoyarsk
Smiths wobble fortifies case for more surgery - full view ready soon by @Unmack1 :
FREE UNTIL COB TUESDAY: Calling the top for #RealEstate? | Euromoney | #capitalMarkets |
Why ‘exponential’ is the most important word for growth
Investment returns put brakes on Lloyds of London recovery
More than 100 dead in Tanzania ferry sinking
#Google defends #Gmail data sharing, gives few details on violations
Trump admits Fox News hosts influenced his decision to declassify key Russia documents
A new report explains who is to blame for this summer’s rail meltdown, writes @JonnElledge
German woman sues airport security for missing flight to Mallorca
State officials could see a budget increase of up to $10 billion for “financial motivation”
The Mysterious Benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) #technology
Want a plastic straw in California? Youll have to specifically ask for one
Aeolus: Forecast is good for first ever wind-measuring satellite
Read any good books lately? We’ve found plenty that are “Bound to Please.” #BookReview #書評
Feds Powell between a rock and hard place: Ignore the yield curve or tight job market?
Death toll reaches 100 in #Tanzania ferry disaster, hundreds feared missing
Family of killed American tourist hope witnesses will be able to testify
Turkey: We Will Protect Our Rights by Any Means Necessary
40 Years of Greek Popular Music at Margaritis’ Concert
First 100 Migrants Removed from Overcrowded Lesvos Camp (video)
Ashura Festival in Athens Climaxes with Bloody Self-Flagellation
China urges US to withdraw sanctions or face consequences
Theres only one country in the world that bans divorce. Ana P. Santos explains:
30 years after Bruges, Margaret Thatcher is still right about Europe
The Citizen-Led Movement That Divested Berlin
Master CAD and 3D printing with this huge eBook bundle
Not The Onion: Roy Moore urges Republicans to ignore Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegation
eSwatini goes to polls as political parties remain banned
Members QA: The Locals guide to Swedish parental leave
U.S. sanctions China for buying Russian fighter jets, missiles
Fishermen discover massive skull and antlers from ancient Irish elk
Vietnams president dies after viral illness
Nearly 100 people feared drowned in Tanzania ferry disaster
German supermarket chain Rewe agrees to buy produce with beauty errors
Five things you should know before starting your work day on Sept. 22
#India launches first sex-offender register amid wave of assaults
Why these Puerto Ricans are building an Earthship
Woman in Spain dies after pressure cooker explodes -
Prespes Agreement in Greeces best interests, Rigas tells ANA radio
Former chief statistician awarded for pursuing integrity in Greek data
New Poll Confirms Greece’s Opposition Lead
Trial on Bakari Henderson’s Murder Starts in Greece
Trump wants another big beautiful wall — through the Sahara desert
Democrats enthusiasm to blunt Trump soars for congressional election: Reuters/Ipsos poll
Brit discovered with dead turtle in vagina after partying in Tenerife.
Spanish Word of the Day: Otoño
What is behind Sudans cabinet reshuffle? — #AJOpinion, by @ahmedadam4sudan
QUIZ: How well do you know your Swiss cities and towns?
Platforms in the spotlight @InvestmenTrends #IFA #FinancialPlanning #FinancialAdviser
Interview: India and Sweden are very different in size, but similar in principles
Trains and ferries cancelled as storm approaches western Sweden
CodePink’s Medea Benjamin to Iran Envoy: “You Are Making a Case for War with Iran”
Documenting climate change - with a drone
Blindness-causing eye infection sparks contact lens warning
Satellite captures space junk in worlds first
British links to Danske money laundering under investigation
Why did China’s mass ethnic roundup go unnoticed for so long? @GlobeDebate
China hits back at U.S. for military sanctions
PM, opposition leader discuss employment of skilled foreign workers at conference
The Latest: Kremlin stops short of blaming Israel for plane
Russia says Syrian missiles shot down its aircraft
The Latest: Syria welcomes Russia-Turkey agreement on Idlib
Russia blames Israel for shooting down of plane off Syria
What bothers me is that he has time, LeBron James says of Pres. Trump criticizing him.
Right-wing AfD second most popular party in Germany, poll finds
Finding the Force: exploring Star Wars film sets in southern Tunisia by @paulclammer
Review: Netflix’s Maniac is humane, surreal and highly recommended @GlobeArts
What no longer plucking my brows taught me about self-restraint
Playing with fire is stupid and can become dangerous, Russia says on new U.S. sanctions
British people feel locked out of London
Anti-transgender bigots sink to new low with latest ad
The PlayStation Classic is the latest in a wave of retro video game consoles
ICE Car Death Watch Trolls the Trolls
North Sea storm forces flight cancellations at Amsterdams Schiphol
‘Notwithstanding’ and the transition word epidemic @GlobeDebate
Former chairman of Xinjiang region swept up in Chinas anti-corruption drive
Uljanik mulls spin off of 3. Maj Shipyard
Trafigura takes first of 35 tankers
The 20 best film trilogies of all time, ranked
China redoubles efforts to boost domestic demand as trade war bites
Athens-Seoul direct air link a priority, #Kountoura says:
Bug in cake gives #Ikea #India fresh embarrassment
Process to relieve overcrowding at #Moria hotspot underway:
Top Toyota expert throws cold water on the driverless car hype
A call to the boss: #Indonesia contends with aggressive #Chinese online lenders
Facebook to scale back campaign embeds
U.S. sanctions China for buying Russian fighter jets, missiles
Organizational Development for Public Agencies #governance
#Malaysia cannot accept same-sex marriage, says #Mahathir
U.S. bond market recession signal not far away, say strategists: Reuters poll
When minority students attend elite private schools, by Judith Ohikuare
Ancient Greek-styled erotic art arouses debate in Spain -
Theresa May rattled in Salzburg
Can 5G really add billions to the Australian economy?
One hundred asylum seekers transferred from Lesvos to the mainland
Investors voice concerns over banks, growth
Mays Brexit plan goes pop after humiliation by EU, British media says
Express rail brings Chinese law to Hong Kong
Spain insists post-Brexit accord on Gibraltar must be reach by mid-October
Case made for biofuels as shipping’s transition fuel
Frances scorching summer heatwave claimed 1,500 lives
How to cheat your way around Harvard @MikeMacEacheran 
Forget wedding cakes. ADF now wants to keep transgender women out of homeless shelters.
NYRB Editor Leaves After Outcry over Essays by Men Accused of Sexual Assault
At Las Vegas rally, Trump backs Kavanaugh, treads carefully around accusations
Seven bungalows worthy retiring early for
Libya: ICRC warns of desperate situation as fighting continues
Champ golfer from Spain killed in Iowa; suspect charged
Slow Down – Subscribe to One Green Planets Newsletter! #Vegan #AnimalRights #Eco
Glad company: Trailer for Disneys Mary Poppins Returns
Prime Minister Alexis #Tsipras contacts in New York:
Venezuela’s crisis
The depths of one of Europe’s largest money laundering scandals have been exposed

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