Abrams campaign wins court rulings as push for a runoff election continues
The future of health care after midterms
Overwatch esports pro says probably 20 players use Adderall in the official league:
Tilray revenue up 86%, but growth expenses substantially deepen loss
Greece working on plans to help banks tackle bad debt mountain: sources
How devil winds are making devastating California fires even worse
Maryland goes to court to challenge Trumps attorney general pick
Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell declines to sign franchise tender, out for 2018 @Globe_Sports
Glossier Flagship in New York includes soft-pink plasterwork and a Boy Brow Room:
Maine candidate files lawsuit over ranked voting
Juul Labs to pull popular e-cigarette flavours to curb youth use
Republican sues to stop vote count, citing a made-up provision of the Constitution
Hate crimes are up 31% since Donald Trump announced his presidential run (via @kdrum)
Stan Lee’s New York City
Juul pulls sweet e-cig flavors from stores
U.S. recession unlikely before 2020, and then wok shaped
Who will challenge Trump for the GOP nomination? @GlobeDebate
Florida judge rejects Rick Scott’s evidence-free allegations of ‘voter fraud’
Director Matthew Heineman’s private war against propaganda @GlobeArts
How tiny dust grains can help shape the universe
From the AP archives: Gruesome find leaves Venezuelan veterinary students devastated
Boeing shares dip on Lion Air crash concerns
Ocasio-Cortez storms her own bosss office for climate change protest
In Stan Lees New York, neighborhoods needed their own heroes
El Chapo defence claim the Sinaloa Cartel bribed Mexico presidents - follow live
Starbucks to lay off 350 global corporate employees: memo @GlobeBusiness
Newfoundland woman searching for family missing in Northern California
Cabana and pool by CDM cut into rocky slope on Mexicos coast:
Amazon picks New York City, Washington DC area for new HQs
New business taxes creating ‘a whole new group of losers’
Morning Joe Gives Gillibrand Platform to Bash Trump
WeWork secures additional $3-billion in funding from SoftBank @GlobeBusiness
#DYK? Heatwaves can wipe out male insect fertility #climatechange
Juul announced today that its shutting down its own Facebook and Instagram accounts
One of Trumps top EPA officials was just indicted
#Crudeoil prices crater on oversupply concerns, stronger #dollar | #Brent #WTI |
The $185 million quest to make people love the ocean enough to protect it:
Associate of Trump ally expects Mueller contact soon on plea deal
NBCs Post-Kelly Ratings Spell Trouble for Former Host
Opening statements begin in the Joaquín El Chapo Guzman trial - follow live
U.S. shale oil output to hit record high 7.9 million barrels per day in December: EIA
Einstein letter fearing German anti-Semitism sells for US$32,000
As Trump mulls Nielsen’s dismissal, immigrant detention hits record high
RT @lpkids: Is travel the best teacher? We certainly think so, and heres why:
This Kind of Wealth Really Can Solve Our Problems
U.S. lays barbed wire at border as migrant caravan draws closer
A dark matter hurricane is storming past Earth.
People cannot get over this doll meant to look like Idris Elba
Linear swimming pool runs parallel to slate-clad Pavilion House by Pitsou Kedem:
Artist transforms real life strangers into Pixar-like cartoon characters.
Opinion: How mass shootings make even Alaskans victims of terrorism
Switzerland faces hotter, drier summers and snow-scarce winters: study
Legendary Comic Book Creator Stan Lee Dies at 95
One of Trumps top EPA officials was just indicted on state ethics charges
Solar Advocates Target Nevada Mines
Trump to replace Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen
Why Houston’s Menil Collection is an unlikely must-see for art lovers @tgamtravel
E. coli outbreak in B.C. cheese makes five people sick, prompts warning @GlobeBC
How does the brain process speech? We now know the answer, and it’s fascinating
Badger culling only has modest effect in stopping spread of bovine TB
Palestinian groups to respect Gaza truce as long as Israel does
Amazon alone captures nearly $1 of every $2 that Americans spend online.
Amazon HQ2 Split Has Muted Upside for New York Virginia #Fitchwire
New York City reported 292 murders last year, down from 2,245 in 1990.
These Watches Are Made of Recycled Home Wrap
Travel trends for 2019: dark sky tourism by @megoizzy #BestinTravel
Virginia could ratify Equal Rights Amendment
In EV era, Brookfield and Caisse place $13-billion bet on conventional car battery maker
Malaysian ex-PMs wife faces a fresh round of charges
To what extent has Melania Trump ousted the deputy national security advisor?
India court to review lifting of temple ban on women of menstruating age
There was a lot of turnover in the House in the 2018 cycle. Via @FiveThirtyEight:
How your company can wind up on the hook for your support obligations
The pile of unread New Yorkers in your room need company. Subscribe to our magazine.
ELAS orders probe into attack on police officers at Athens court
PBO warning over possible fiscal ripples
Benefits make small dent in poverty
Fund bids for Piraeus’s stake in Attiki Odos
Erdogan reiterates that Turkey will persist with search for gas
Germany will accept delay to pension cuts
Opposition to tentative deal on Church and state grows
30% off home massagers and other early #BlackFriday deals happening today
Learning from the Past: Lessons from Historical #Communities via @iCdotOrg
Split photos show eye-opening differences between Western world and war-torn Middle East.
Human Rights Commission blasts Brazil for weak protection of land and gender rights:
EU proposes visa-free travel for Britons after Brexit
Russias top opposition leader Alexei Navalny barred from leaving country
Steven Pinker on conflict resolution
The Narrowness of Mainstream Economics Is About to Unravel
Ancient Greek Musical Instruments Shown at Ancient Nikopolis Museum
Most people don’t know the prices of everyday items. Prove us wrong by taking this quiz:
Media Claims Viewpoint Discrimination as CNN, Acosta Sue to Get Credentials Back
Top Shot: The (Avian) Scream #YourShot
Trump posts Twitter rant mocking France for being invaded during World War II
Socialists in the House: A 100-Year History from Victor Berger to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
How can brands meet the demands of high net-worth individuals? Download the new white paper:
6 Striking Photos That Show How The California Wildfires Became Deadly
Have you seen #Trumps daily job approval numbers for today?
Former senior Ontario PC staffer hires lawyer after ousting
Telling the Truth as a Means of Healing
Danske money laundering scandal is tip of iceberg, whistleblowers lawyer says
Canons long-awaited EOS-R camera: our #review and exclusive photos
A Conversation with Gyani Maiya Sen, one of the last speakers of a dying Nepali language
Trump weighs removing chief of staff, DHS boss: reports
Opposition leaders pen letter to Theresa May calling for meaningful Brexit vote guarantees
The Royal Air Force Has Just Rolled Out Another Tornado GR4 In Special Color Scheme
Derek Pyne and the future of academic freedom @GlobeDebate
Botched Gaza raid triggers deadly fighting as Egypt steps in to broker ceasefire
ATHEX: Credit sector stocks buoy up benchmark
BoG plan for deferred tax assets to ease NPEs
Arizona’s U.S. Senate Seat Flips Blue as Sinema Declares Victory
Governments days are numbered if Brexit deal is as reported - Iain Duncan Smith
The Blonde vs. Brunette map of Europe
Czech PM faces calls to step down after fraud scandal allegations
Ohio State board to hear from ex-students alleging sex abuse
CNN sues White House over revoked credentials of correspondent
Student #Housing #Coops and the Inter-Cooperative Council via @iCdotOrg
Can Facebooks fact-checking process be trusted?
Study opens route to ultra-low-power microchips
What looks like a muppet battle is actually an experiment in action.
Scottish Wind Delivers Equivalent Of 98% Of Country’s October Electricity Demand
Tommy Robinson denied visa to speak to U.S. lawmakers
I love it!!
Opinion: The US did not ‘rebuild’ #China. Here are four reasons why
Our calculator will tell you how much of Congress looks like you
Jair Bolsonaro won the presidency in Brazil on a promise to bring back military rule.
All the Archaeological Sites You Absolutely Must See in Greece
OMAs prefabricated concrete tower has echoes of brutalist architecture:
Will This Climate Change Dystopia Have a Sequel?
As the vote count continues in Florida, the GOP is undermining faith in the system.
The Pentagon spent millions to prevent suicides. But the suicide rate went up instead.
Warren Buffett to expand his real estate empire to Milan, Dubai
This teen activist dropped out of high school to focus on fighting #climatechange
Wildfires can hurt you from miles away
Maryland files challenge over Trump acting attorney general pick
Ceremony marks signing of historic Lubicon Cree land deal
‘End the occupation’: SNP MP and surgeon denied entry to Gaza by Israel speaks out
The Left Is Already Winning the 2020 Presidential Race:
U.S. in China trade talks again, demands change of posture
Tokyos Inua restaurant blends Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics:
Shanghai hotel submerged in abandoned quarry opens to the public.
Divers find 18th-century Danish warship
Oil’s unprecedented slide accelerates in ‘capitulation’ to darkening outlook
Scientists slam Trump’s Twitter rant about California wildfires
The 19th-century Antarctic air molecules that could change climate models
Trump may oust national security deputy over feud with Melania, say sources
Opponents of Keystone XL Pipeline Praise Judicial Order Blocking Construction
Q3 2018 marked the 16th consecutive quarter of declining tablet shipments via @IDC
Single-use is the 2018 word of the year
How to make love like a caveman
After upset win, Kathy Hoffman will be Arizona’s first Democratic superintendent in decades
Newfoundland and Labrador introduces law protecting ‘revenge porn’ victims
Home Depot signals U.S. housing demand slowing
Japanese believe trade is good for their country but doubt its benefits for average people
Sorry, hipsters. CBD will not solve all your problems.
From an evolutionary perspective, does it make any sense to be nice? #WorldKindnessDay
As Rome camp eviction makes refugees homeless, Salvini celebrates
2 Problems Democrats Face After Election Wins
8 Cool Things About the Can-Am Ryker Three-Wheeler
U.S. top court to review Virginia voting districts in race case
UK, EU draft Brexit deal
The most common types of winter squash (and how they taste)
Roughriders coach Chris Jones won’t detail team’s quarterback plans @Globe_Sports
Tadao Ando designs Wrightwood 659 exhibition space in Chicago.
U.S. pigs out on bacon, ribs as trade wars cut chicken demand
Canada Post suspends delivery-time guarantees as more rotating strikes strand packages
We have to treat wildfires like actual fires @GlobeDebate
Afghan government denies reports that U.S. is seeking to delay its elections
US must reassess Turkey policy, analyst says
FYROM to seek arrest in Hungary of former prime minister
Canada Post rotating strike in Vancouver to cause significant service disruptions out West
Texas Political Reporter Made Up Man-on-the-Street Republicans For His Stories
Spanish Insurers Growth Prospects Better than Peers #Fitchwire
Workaholics have a surprising amount of psychiatric disorders
Opinion: Why the latest US-China security dialogue was a failure
Roger Stone Associate Jerome Corsi Expects to Be Indicted by Mueller
Energy Storage Is A $1.2 Trillion Global Investment Opportunity Is Soaring In The UK
A new lawsuit takes aim at partisan gerrymandering in North Carolina.
Hypersonic attacks by Russia, China threaten US, says official
Good to know our president is taking the sage advice of one Alex Jones.
CNN sues White House over revoked press pass
felt cute might delete later
Americans Dont See a Better #Future for #Children... #BreakingPoll
U.S. court orders Georgia to continue review of governors race
Howard Levitt: Legalized cannabis in the workplace — just another day at the office
Days after visit, Trump blasts Frances Macron as relations sour
Senior Researcher in Complex Systems @LakesideLabs
Why is HBO’s Game of Thrones so popular? - World Socialist Web Site #ForTheThrone
Scenes from a jungle
The name deal and Kammenos’s endgame
Amazon Selects Queens, NY and D.C. Suburb for Headquarters Expansion
After falling short in 2018, is there anywhere else for Beto O’Rourke to go?
Brazilian court takes issue with Bolsonaros campaign accounts
Stan Lee (1922-2018).
Israel Targets TV Station and Homes in Deadly Gaza Airstrikes
Germany’s Merkel joins France’s Macron in call for EU military
Though tech-focused, it’s their face-to-face contact that builds culture
Right-wing conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi expects to be indicted in Russia investigation
Where big tech is expanding (hint: not just New York and D.C.)
What does a martian sunrise sound like? Now you can find out!
Trump could soon fire Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen: Washington Post
EU Agency for Network and Info Security To Remain in Greece
Trump says North Korean missile sites are nothing new
Congrats to our online director @acsbaum for being named to @Forbes #30Under30 for 2019 🎉
GE seeks to raise $4 billion with sale of Baker Hughes stake
Czech PM Andrej Babis faces calls to step down after allegations of fraud
Latest updates in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi
Trial of Mexican drug lord ‘El Chapo’ begins in New York
PM @tsipras_eu : We need to support @UN initiatives for peace and stability in Libya #Greece
A.I. turns 57 million crop fields into stunning abstract art:
The Supreme Court will hear a subtle but terrifying threat to Obamacare
Pilots Report Very Bright UFO Sighting Over Ireland
Theresa Mays #Brexit agreement is utterly unacceptable, says #BorisJohnson
UKs May prepares to reveal her draft Brexit deal
Amazons HQ2 $2bln cost to tax payers
Greek Cypriots protest 1974 invasion
Samos mayor calls for migrant transfers
ELAS orders probe into attack on police officers
Corrugated metal bar runs through Juice cafe-cum-barbershop in Toronto:
Suez war was indisputably a fiasco, an act of imperial madness. So is Brexit — #AJOpinion
Trump Falsely Claims Voter Fraud in FL, Says Races Should Go to Republicans
California’s electric utilities under investigation again for starting deadly wildfires
Fossil Fuel Companies Spend Next To Nothing On Renewable Energy
German Minister for Environment pushing for end of glyphosate via @tagesspiegel
When millennials battle boomers over housing
California Wildfires Hit Grim Record Amid Trump’s Clueless Tweets
Brexit in dates: From Leave vote to draft deal
Tourists injured in minibus crash in Spain - driver tests positive for drugs -
Brexit draft deal struck after Irish roadblock cleared
Walmart, Home Depot adopt health insurer tactic in drug copay battle
Bombardier CEO ends silence, defends move to lay off 5,000 employees
Beza Projekt creates aquamarine co-working space in Warsaw:
21 vintage photos from space 3
US judge delays certification of Georgia election results
Trumps steel tariffs create big profits but few new jobs
Do you find playing Lego relaxing? I do: 40% I do not: 22% I’ve never played with Lego: 23%
Are we all multiple personalities of universal consciousness?
Prime Minister calls in key Cabinet ministers for Brexit deal meeting
Amazon will rake in nearly $3 billion for the new “headquarters” and an operation center.
Brexit divorce deal text agreed by EU and UK, Mays ministers to meet
CNN sues Trump for suspending White House reporter
The first Americans leap-frogged continents to settle the Americas.
#Brexit divorce deal text agreed by EU and Britain, Mays ministers to meet on Wednesday
DRC: Ebola Outbreak Worst in Country’s History, Kills Almost 200
Florida judge rejects Rick Scott’s evidence-free allegations of ‘voter fraud’
Possible pressures on the public debt
Want Better Sex? Try Socialism.
Qorvo joins other Apple suppliers in cutting forecast
USA: Druglord Joaquin El Chapo Guzmans trial begins in NYC
TransCanada ‘open minded’ about joint venture partner for $10-billion Keystone XL pipeline
EUs no-deal Brexit plan spells out bad news for British travellers
Religion isnt going anywhere, but the demographics are shifting dramatically
Should Your Birthday Determine Whether You Are Sentenced to Die in Prison?
This tool helps you make sure your 401(k) is supporting gender equality:
EUs no-deal Brexit plan spells out bad news for British travellers
More heatwaves, fewer babies? Climate change may zap male fertility, scientists find
The Pentagon spent millions to prevent suicides. But the suicide rate went up instead.
Impact of U.S. court ruling on Keystone XL timing unclear: TransCanada
Were officially in the lawsuit phase of the Florida recount—and its getting heated
Want to understand U.S. immigration? We’ve got an email course for you:
Baha Mar’s Rosewood brings a new taste of luxury to the Bahamas @tgamtravel
Ina Garten wants to help you cook like a pro @GlobeArts
GE eases blow with Baker Hughes share sale @TheRealLSL
Federal Policy Adjustments Will Be Key for Brazil States #Fitchwire
A little bit of kindness goes a long way. #WorldKindnessDay
My journey to thank all the people responsible for my morning coffee: @ajjacobs
Rahm Emanuel Reportedly Shopping His Services to CNN, MSNBC
California’s Record-Breaking Wildfires Kill At Least 44 Across State #CampFire #WoolseyFire
Sen. Tom Cotton has no idea how asylum works
Sunnova Launches Solar-Plus-Battery Storage Service In Texas
Giacomo Leopardi saw life as a series of illusions. Read his work for a reality check
5 tips for winter birding
‘This boat belongs in Canada’: Yacht nerds fret over sale of historic B.C. vessel
Fifty suspects nabbed in crime-fighting operation around AUT
Hellenic Petroleum bid deadline pushed back
Notable rise in visits to museums, archaeological sites
Top court prosecutor says would-be bombers move in the dark
From the AP archives: Rosenstein heads to work post Sessions firing
Perfectly shaped ice floe on river Ushaika in the centre of Tomsk, all pictures via TV2 news agency
As Fires Devastate California, @350 Calls for Transition to 100% Renewable Energy Economy
EU proposes visa-free travel for Britons after Brexit
Cindy Hyde-Smith refuses to apologize for public hanging comment
Everything is a target: Gaza residents decry Israeli strikes
Hate crimes in U.S. jump 17 per cent in 2018: FBI report
In Iowa, Pioneering Undergrad Workers Union Keeps Growing
Scientists to Re-examine Bones Found in Vergina Royal Tombs
India court to review lifting of temple ban on women of menstruating age
In Stan Lees New York, neighborhoods needed their own heroes
Trump considering new Homeland Security chief and chief of staff: ABC News
Positive reviews for Japan in many countries except South Korea
Hong Kong cannot waste time over Lantau land reclamation plan, says Chief Exec. Carrie Lam
What Bitcoin and Amazon Are Doing to the Middle Class
Telecom Italia ousts CEO in boardroom tussle
As Trump mulls Nielsen’s dismissal, immigrant detention hits record high
Another Zuptoid favourite falls; Malusi Gigaba resigns from cabinet
Rebuilding the U.S. Military Just Became That Much Harder
How long to learn that language? Here’s a map for that
Mother jailed in Spain for selling indecent photos of her 15-year-old daughter -
Boeings October 737 deliveries up on strong demand
From the AP archives: Saudi-led coalition pound Houthi positions in Hodeida
I feel no hate: Kim Walls mother in new book
EUs no-deal Brexit plan spells out bad news for British travellers
Why the West is now pushing for peace in Yemen