The Biggest Winner This Year: Democracy
Scientist Hans Gosta Peterson devised a way to clean contaminated water on native reserves
The new Texas House Speaker-apparent has a troubling history
U.S. Senates Flake takes a stand on protecting Mueller probe
From the AP archives: Florida officials still counting ballots
Ontario releases cannabis regulations for retail stores set to open April 1
U.S. Postal Service loss triples, even as package deliveries rise
JUST IN: White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ricardel to transition to new role - statement
Want Better Sex? Try Socialism.
Pelosi scrambles for votes to be House speaker
As hate crimes rise, a bill to combat the problem languishes in Congress
Man charged with murder of Southampton schoolgirl Lucy McHugh
Where is big tech expanding to? These maps shed light on the complex, evolving geography.
How to make kimchi in 5 easy steps
Rep. McCarthy chosen to lead House Republicans
Macron says France is U.S. ally, not a vassal state
Chasing Champions and the bittersweet science of prize fighting @GlobeArts
Why I refuse to have the internet in my home
Ora Ïto uses hundreds of wooden slats for snaking oak stair at LVMH offices:
Alberta ramps up pressure on Ottawa to offer more than bland assurances on resource bill
Excited to welcome @MichaelSctMoore to our offices today to discuss his new book. #MichaelScottMoore
#ICYMI: Here are #Trumps daily job approval numbers. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump...
Imagine if we didn’t fear the machines of our own making
China Plans to Build a Particle Collider Five Times More Powerful Than the LHC
Photo editing presets make big money for influencers, but youre better off making your own
How to live like a local in #Bengaluru @joe_planet
Suncor Energy CEO Steve Williams to retire next year, be replaced by COO @GlobeBusiness
California wildfire victims sue utility PGE alleging negligence
Barnier welcomes draft Brexit divorce deal
6 logical fallacies politicians often use — and how to guard yourself against them
Uber posts $1 billion loss in quarter as growth in bookings slows
Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific apologises over data breach but denies cover-up
Cities, from Information to Interaction
California Invests In “By Location” Distributed Energy Resources
Alberta ramps up pressure on Ottawa to offer more than ‘bland assurances’ on resource bill
Why the security of nuclear materials should be focus of US-Russia nuclear relations:
Communist Party branch meeting with Chinese judges held at City University of Hong Kong
New bill would ban landlords from discriminating against people who receive rental help
Georgia: Black Woman State Senator Arrested at Peaceful Voter Protest #NikemaWilliams
As relationship sours, Macron tells Trump France is not vassal of U.S.
Google takeover of NHS-linked health app is totally unacceptable for patient privacy
Post Again Attacks Trump With Only Anonymous Sources
Healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth. #health #healthysnacks
The case to expel white supremacist Steve King from Congress
Levi Strauss is planning to go public: CNBC
For the first time, mass loss from a dwarf galaxy has been observationally measured:
‘Nae Nazis’: Steven Bannon protest sees activist arrested
Should we be working less?
Senators push bill to protect Mueller probe
#ICYMI: Here are #Trumps daily job approval numbers. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump...
The F-35s Greatest Vulnerability? Being Hacked.
Mattis defends Mexico border deployment in first troop visit
Is civility a sham? @tmbejan
Tracking the California wildfires
Man arrested in Edinburgh after No Nazis protest outside Steve Bannon event
Report cites weak police documentation on missing and murdered Native women across U.S.
Marie Antoinette pendant sells for $50 million, shattering estimate
Why won’t Muslim countries defend China’s Muslims?
Short-seller Bass says China needs reset as Trump talks tariffs
Should I unplug my appliances and, if so, will I save money on my electric bill?
Caravan’s LGBTQ migrants, fleeing rampant gang violence, reach southern U.S. border
Stuff your face!
From the AP archives: Florida officials still counting ballots
From the AP archives: Thousands of migrants wait another day in Mexico City
Putting the Canna-BIZ in #Cannabis on a new #podcast episode of Behind the Data:
Airbus likely sold 10 A330neo jets to Delta: sources
How Beto O’Rourke shifted the map in Texas. Via @FiveThirtyEight:
Chinese police detain more labour activists, group says
Watch Marc Benioff try to explain what he’s going to do with Time magazine
What happens now Cabinet has backed the draft Brexit deal?
NY Times Accuses Trump of Forgetting About Migrant Caravan
New pipelines the answer to oil price problems, Sohi says @GlobeBusiness
One Ecuadorian City Is Converting Its Entire Bus Fleet To Electric By March 2019
LIVE: President Trump makes an announcement regarding the First Step Act WATCH HERE:
Infographic: This Is How Much Equality a $30 Trillion Inheritance Can Buy
More than 20,000 French students have pledged to not work for polluting companies: 🇫🇷
EPA looks to reduce heavy-duty truck pollution
As Congress taps leaders, Houses McCarthy fends off rival
Fox News Launches Twitter Boycott Over Handling of Tucker Carlson Video
Dolphin sanctuary gains steam thanks to The Cove director push
Stelco shares climb more than 10% as CEO downplays tariff impacts
Trump claims voter fraud is real because people can wear disguises
Commentary: Sterlings fate tied to global economy, not #Brexit Via @ReutersJamie
Here’s How You Teach Someone to Drive Stick in Five Minutes or Less
📷 15 practical gifts for your photographer friends
Learn about the #climate behind recent #weather events with our Event Tracker department.
U.N. Calls for Halt to Forced Repatriation of Rohingya Refugees #Bangladesh
Here’s why you aren’t hearing about the civilians the U.S. is killing in Yemen
Researchers put a bat in a wind tunnel to study its flight:
‘White-collar recession’ ripples through Dubai’s economy via @WSJ
Jutanugarn has her eye on the CME Globe to top off a big year @Globe_Sports
From the AP archives: Agoura Hills, among 6 major California fires
British business breathes sigh of relief at draft #Brexit deal
Let’s see if buying a house is the cure for sky-high rents @GlobeMoney
Jury clears Johnson Johnson of liability in California talc cancer case @GlobeBusiness
Uber posts $1.07-billion loss in third quarter as growth in bookings slows @GlobeTechnology
SP 500 falls for fifth day; financials a drag
How the world sees the U.S. and Trump in 9 charts
Academic research is publicly funded. Why arent the results publicly available? @EMS0930
NDP politicians in B.C. urge Trudeau to call by-election in Burnaby South
Beg, borrow, or steal a telescope tonight to seek out Cinet 64P/Swift-Gehrels.
A matter of volume: threat from ascendant Chinese phones hangs over Apple
An easy way to make more ambitious decisions
Acrimony mars debate on constitutional review
Jason Reitman has a few questions, thank you @GlobeArts
Canada’s carbon tax: A guide to who’s affected, who pays what and who opposes it
Crude settles higher, snapping longest-ever #WTI downturn | #crudeoil |
The Martian creator Andy Weir: I believe Mars has no life and never had life.
Theres no Cold War around to make chess interesting anymore. But there is Woody Harrelson.
Nikes rippled glass New York flagship aims to disrupt concrete canyon:
VERBATIM: Draft Brexit plan is UKs best option
National Hellenic Museum Celebrates World Philosophy Day with Dr. Thomas Noel
From turkeys to gravy to pumpkin bread, check out all of this weeks #DelishDeals:
California’s farmworkers are still working despite deadly wildfires
With Canada’s new privacy-breach laws comes the real risk of ‘oversharing’ @GlobeBusiness
From the AP archives: Thousands of migrants wait another day in Mexico City
Oceans are losing a football field of seagrass every 30 minutes
Only 11% have been turned down for #credit in the past six months, while 84% have not...
Former New Brunswick premier Brian Gallant to step down as Liberal leader
When millennials battle boomers over housing
The stage is growing nationwide for rising comedy star from Eagle River @playadn
CN Rail lays off some non-unionized workers in wake of record revenues @GlobeBusiness
How a new leader’s past experience can hinder team success @GlobeBusiness
TSSA warns of ‘Winter of Discontent’ as Holyrood votes against ScotRail nationalisation
Government, Opposition Clash in Parliament over Constitution Review
Hellenic Tourism Organization Awarded for World’s Best Travel Film (video)
Museum of Greek Refugees Project Presented
Cabinet backs PM Mays Brexit plan
Ford and Walmart team up to test a self-driving grocery delivery service.
Commentary: Why Mueller’s Russia findings won’t matter
Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz accused of assaulting jail guard, taking his stun gun
The Amazon #HQ2 incentives arent a done deal yet
Australia’s Commonwealth Bank Commits To 100% Renewable Electricity By 2030
Greek parties set Jan. 15 as deadline for constitutional revision report #Greece
Man, 24, charged with murder of schoolgirl Lucy McHugh, 13
Turnover down during this year’s midseason sales
Euro court fines Athens over funds to shipyard
Deadline for report by Constitutional Revision Committee set for Jan. 15
Utah municipalities can now experiment with ranked choice voting
Billionaires son held in Israeli diamond smuggling case
The first Americans “leap-frogged” continents to settle the Americas:
Deadly Air Force Training Jet Crash Was the Fifth in Just One Year
Republican congressman sues to stop vote count, cites made-up provision of the Constitution
Our fight for disability rights — and why were not done yet: @judithheumann
Pricey Precision Medicine Often Financially Toxic for Cancer Patients
BREXIT: Prime Minister Theresa May says cabinet supports draft agreement -
How to turn a negative thought into a positive one @GlobeBusiness
Police Arrest 51 Activists Demanding Climate Action from Pelosi #ClimateChange
COMMENTARY | Women of all backgrounds are winning in America thanks to Trump
Cities around Paris strike a rare agreement to ban diesel cars
Fox News backs CNN in lawsuit against Trump administration:
The media acknowledges that Trump duped the media with the migrant caravan.
After 25 Years, This New Plasma Weapon Just Might Work
LATEST: Draft #Brexit deal ends Britains easy access to EU financial markets
#ICYMI: Here are #Trumps daily job approval numbers. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump...
Media Scoffs at Republican Election Irregularity Claims
Landslide in PPC plant reveals prehistoric tusk
Political expediency
Which West do we belong to?
Civil servants walk out, seeking wage, pension hikes
ATHEX: Shake-up of indexes puts pressure on bank stocks
Exploring the evolution of spiderwebs:
Aerosmiths Perry hospitalized after jamming with Billy Joel
🤯 A frozen super-Earth is just six light years away
Super-Earth discovered orbiting Suns nearest star
How to live the yacht life – for less – in the British Virgin Islands @tgamtravel
EUs Michel Barnier set to speak on Brexit
An exhilarating glimpse behind the dark side of the lens. On big wave surf photography.
Alabama grand jury indicts Trump’s regional EPA administrator on ethics charges
5G Robotics Challenge launches in Boston - #robots #robotics
#WednesdayWisdom 🌴: Happiness comes in waves. 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 Photo by Emily Kaszton 📸💫
Humans of the future will be bigger and hungrier than ever
From the AP archives: Hundreds of migrants leave Mexico City headed for US border
Trump Couldn’t Deliver His “Great Victory,” So He’s Throwing Tantrums
Russian reporters discover 101 tortured orcas and belugas jammed in offshore pens:
Amid record turnout, some places counted more votes than in 2016 via @WSJ
Whats up with you? Just your typical Wednesday around the Ars office on this end #Fallout76
Justice Department says Trump has power to name Whitaker
EUs Michel Barnier set to speak on Brexit
31st Panorama of European Cinema opens Nov 22 #Greece
Ministers back UK Prime Minister Theresa May on #Brexit but she faces battle in parliament
Designing Climate Solutions — #CleanTechnica Book Review
Hearts can change: The fragile redemption of Axl Rose @GlobeDebate
U.S. farmers scramble to contain trade-war damage, find new markets
EUs Michel Barnier set to speak on Brexit
British Cabinet backs PM Theresa May’s #Brexit plan
The way scientists define the exact mass of a kilogram is about to change.
Canada found to produce most greenhouse gas emissions per person among G20 members
Visualizing Global Shipping Container Traffic (See full infographic: )
One week later, Democrats around the country continue to rack up good midterm results
Floridas machine recount is almost over. Here comes the really messy part.
PGE shares dive after utility flags impact from Camp wildfire
Former deputy minister says C4I probe a great opportunity to clear name
Cineplex shares plunge 20% on third-quarter earnings miss despite higher revenues
EU plan to enable non-dollar Iran trade, oil sales unraveling: diplomats
Russian reporters discover tortured orcas and belugas jammed in offshore pens
Brexit Negotiations: British PM @Theresa_may speaks after concluding cabinet meeting
The likely new Texas House Speaker has bipartisan support, but a history of bigotry
Chicago: Police Shoot and Kill a Black On-Duty Security Guard #JemelRoberson
Rome cracks down on pub crawls, centurions and slovenly eating
#Rohingya repatriation to #Myanmar will not begin on Thursday, say sources
Being single in your 30s isn’t bad luck, it’s a global phenomenon
High table – Ronda has mountains of top restaurants
Canada’s economic Achilles heel: A mountain of household debt
6 exercises for building muscle without equipment
U.S. Postal Service loss triples, even as package deliveries rise
More cash than sense? Flush tech companies are spending like it’s the 1990s again
Prehistoric tusk discovered in Florina mine #Greece
The entire community of Paradise is a toxic wasteland right now.
Giant corpse flower blooms at Indonesia farm
Learn about the unique partnership between plants and ants:
Alcohol Advent calendars: The boozy way to count down to the holidays
Delivering groceries with self-driving cars may be even trickier than transporting people
Michelle Obama on Improving STEM Education for Girls
A green ripple in Texas has major implications for national and local environmental efforts
Bitcoin extends losses, drops to lowest in more than a year
From the AP archives: Fla. County Works to Verify Election Day Ballots
US State Department urges restraint in Eastern Med
Sixteen Midterm Races Are Still Up for Grabs by Democrats
UPDATE: British PM Theresa May tries to sell #Brexit deal, but opposition mounts
Forecasting the price of oil goes from tough to pointless @gfhay
Giant gorilla statue weighing 160kg stolen from London hotel
Italy: Not a gesture for cameras - Salvini receives 51 migrants from Niger
Croatia: Modric confident of good match against tough Spain in Zagreb
Turkey calls for international investigation into Khashoggi murder
Yes, the 2018 midterms were a blue wave. Via @FiveThirtyEight:
Inside the #MeToo Revolt at Google
California wildfire victims sue utility PGE alleging negligence
The @UN has lifted its sanctions on Eritrea after nine years
Urban Densification Is The World War II That Will Drive The Electric Bike Boom
A gunman opened fire. This man acted quickly—and saved dozens of lives.
European gambling regulations dispel outdated myths and allow the industry to bloom -
Imperial gets set for life in logistics
Microbe reveals ‘major new branch’ of evolutionary tree, Halifax researchers say
Cuba to withdraw doctors from Brazil after Bolsonaro snub
Nobody is having more fun right now than these new House Democrats
Theres a hidden cost to our 16-year drone war in Yemen
How the Diderot Effect explains why you buy things you dont need
.@Glossier Flagship in New York includes soft-pink plasterwork and a Boy Brow Room:
UN lifts sanctions on Eritrea after nine years
Heres AIs Best Guess at a 3D Printed Lander for Saturn and Jupiters Moons
Police denies gun toting during protest rally
Police dog sniffs out hashish hidden in car
CD or not CD? -
Biofuel groups ask federal judge to freeze U.S. refinery waiver program
Walmart may see silver lining in India scandal
A woman sells dolls in Seville, Spain. More photos of the day: 📷 Marcelo del Pozo
Opinion: The #tradewar will usher in a long, drawn-out and painful bear market
Even Fox News joins in widespread media support for CNN lawsuit against Trump.
California Wildfires Kill At Least 50 Across State as Blazes Rage On #CampFire #WoolseyFire
Cases of polio-like illness continue to increase
Money can pay after all -
Boeing Didnt Provide Key Safety Info Ahead of Lion Air Crash, Pilots Say
As US #Congress picks leaders, McConnell keeps top Senate post
The acting attorney general helped an alleged scam company hawk bizarre products
British PM hails Brexit deal but must sell it to doubtful ministers
Breaking: Barnard’s star b is likely uninhabitable
Most Americans Know Their #CreditScore... #FICO
Red concrete meditation space sits under pyramidal roof in rural India.
Former first lady Michelle Obama kicks off her book tour in Chicago: | 📷 Kamil Krzaczynski
Exploit to bypassing disabled exec functions in #PHP via imap_open (Debian Ubuntu)
Zaha Hadid Architects selected to build new “Smart City” in Moscow.
Canopy Growth focusing on long game after $330M loss in second quarter: CEO
The creepiest, spying-est gifts to not buy this year
Breaking: Barnard’s star b is likely uninhabitable.
France says Trump should have shown decency on Paris attacks anniversary
Why should nonprofits think more like tech companies? @kkellyjanus explains.
Dr. Seuss The Grinch makes off with $66M at box office
Is the Freedom Caucus dead, or is it just the Republican Party now?
First group in migrant caravan arrives at U.S. border
David Chipperfield designs metallic interiors for fashion label Ssenses Montreal store:
Man who lost home in California wildfire rescues mule found in swimming pool.
Love it!
Collect a Watch for Christmas -
In the next few evenings, the moon is sweeping past Mars ... ❣️ Read more:
From the AP archives: Florida county works to verify election day ballots
Battlefield V review: A welcome respite from twitch-driven combat
Concerns grow over Israels loosening budget ahead of election year
Underwater drone spies incredible shark nursery off the coast of Ireland
Thousands flee as Taliban attack Afghanistans safe districts
UCS Slams Auto Manufacturers Response To Fuel Economy Rollback Scheme
Amazon’s HQ2 spectacle isn’t just shameful—it should be illegal, says @dkthomp.
Trumps to skip Kennedy Center Honors again rather than face very vocal critics
Jim Mattis defends #Mexico border deployment in first troop visit
A satellite view of the most destructive wildfire in California history:
Why millions of Americans didn’t vote during the midterms
Esther de Lange calls Nigel Farage a hypocrite
Supermarket retailer Ahold looking for U.S. acquisitions: newspaper
From the AP archives: Fla. County Works to Verify Election Day Ballots
INSIGHT: An unsavory surprise in your fish and chips
People with depression are more likely to say certain words
Bill Cosbys next sexual assault trial: It was 1974 and she was 15 years old
Can one owner impugn AGM? -
Lebanese Christian civil war foes shake hands, make up after 40 years
Police: 498 traffic accidents happened today in Kyiv as result of first snow #Ukraine
Its #NationalPickleDay and we are celebrating with the most searched pickle recipes today
UN alarmed by fighting in DR Congo ahead of December elections
IOBE: Property taxation harming the economy
The baksheesh syndrome -
Double Agents: A Handy Tax Trick Used By Agents and Players
The Trump campaign’s hoarding and self-dealing hurt the GOP in the midterms.
In Charts: How American Household Finances are Changing (See full infographic: )
Mortgage risks fading as Bank of Canada sees dramatic drop in highly indebted borrowers


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