The elusive, manipulative adopted child, from Tina Traster
RT @lonelyplanetUSA A food road trip through Panama: by @martinagili
Mortality statistics show the huge human cost of economic isolationism
How to pick an ant farm for grown-ups
From the AP archives: Car industry struggles amidst faltering nuclear deal
If you cross us, there will be hell to pay: US lashes out at Iran
Iraqi activist Soad al-Ali shot dead in Basra amid protests
Wisdom Marine orders ultramax pair at DACKS
PCL takes second MR of the year
Humanitarian media counter #Rohingya refugee rumours
Kotzias, Mitchell discuss East Med cooperation
UN literally laughs at Trump during speech
Mexico: Acapulco police placed under investigation over drug ties
Weather: Fine, dry and sunny in the south, cloudier in the north
MOL takes watch keeping into the future
Very few #oil traders are yet to reach advanced levels of digitization #PlattsAPPEC
Spotted at the Climate Summit: Republican mayors
Instagram co-founders falling out with Zuckerberg led to departures, sources say
The Malmö film-maker who spent 15-years following local rapper Leslie Tay
DCC Bulk Transport liquidated
.#Tsipras: Greece has turned the page; the bad days are over our shoulders
Opinion: Why gold is not glittering yet for investors
When gut bacteria hijack the brain, by David Kohn
Life on top of the world - Nenets people of the Yamal peninsula in pictures by Ilya Buyanovskiy
Digitization meant equities trading was completely disrupted in less than ten years #PlattsAPPEC
Generations are divided over children’s financial prospects in many countries
Aker Solutions to collaborate further with Equinor on subsea projects
Newlywed on Hawaiian honeymoon left paralyzed by monster wave.
#China to further boost US$3.8 trillion digital economy, create more #jobs
Lost at sea for 49 days
George Papadopoulos’ lawyer keeps appearing on cable news—without disclosing who she is
Since 2003 the cost of computing has reduced by a factor of 1,000 #PlattsAPPEC
IRC warns of mental health crisis on Lesvos as Greece moves asylum seekers
Danish appeals court to rule on submarine killers sentence
VERBATIM: World leaders chuckle at Trumps boasts
US considers limit on green cards for immigrants on benefits
Michael Kors buys Italian fashion house Versace in a deal worth more than $2 billion.
Danish appeals court to rule on submarine killers sentence
These are the dinosaurs that didnt die @NatGeoMag
Singapore: Grab, Uber and the fare-rising scandal
Singapore 380 CST #HSFO hit 46-month high on higher crude, tightening supply
U.S., Iran exchange warnings on world stage
UPDATED: Republicans to vote on Kavanaugh confirmation Friday
How the Next Generation of Mobility will Affect Cities #society
Foster + Partners breaks ground on Shanghai skyscraper
Why one free climber risks his life daily, by Nathaniel Rich
5 things that probably arent killing honeybees – and 1 thing that definitely is
The best spots to enjoy Stockholms panoramic views
Deadly ‘Samina’ Sinking Haunts Greece 18 Years Later
Trumps tariffs wont restore U.S. furniture jobs
Man faces up to 40 years in prison for transporting legal marijuana
LEADING OFF: Happ gets playoff prep; Snell seeks 21st win
PREMIUM: Cannabis share bubble brewing in North America
Check out the worlds 50 coolest neighbourhoods in 2018
Psychics who hear voices could be on to something, writes Joseph Frankel
The FDA just issued a warning for flea and tick medication that might cause seizures
DME Oman #crude settles higher than ICE Brent for first time in over a year
Foraged materials form artists home and studio in Washington woodland
#China senior diplomat Wang Yi says Beijing, Washington must avoid Cold War mentality
After Maria, an Earthship rises in Puerto Rico
#China rejects US warships visit to #HongKong as tensions rise
Was there a civilization on Earth before humans? Adam Frank looks at the available evidence:
Perspective, yo
Jersey and Africa: an increasingly diverse partnership
Thabo Mbeki Foundation lashes ANC’s stance on land expropriation
Barbican residents offer a look inside their homes
From inside the ABC staff meeting in Sydney today:
Malaysia enters race to become first in Asia to legalise medical marijuana
Selena Gomez announces shes taking another break from social media.
10 of the best hotels in Bangkok
There are now more $100 bills than $1 bills in the world
Kavanaugh’s ‘virgin’ defense is totally ridiculous
Scientists gave octopuses ecstasy, and there was a lot of cuddling
#ICYMI ‘Why cannabis isn’t like the dotcom boom’
Eight of the best places to see the autumn colours
Predictive Maintenance Can Bolster IoT for Smart Cities #society
Being fired does not mean you are a lousy human being @Globe_Careers
PREMIUM: Harvard says Big Tech model is broken – The Wall Street Journal
How PrEP helps prevent HIV
Your daily horoscope: September 26
Palestinian talks: Egypt seeks to regain regional power
How one woman brought the mothers curse to Canada, by Sarah Zhang
A British mathematician thinks he’s cracked a secret worth a million bucks
Gig economy workers are making half of what they did 5 years ago
Versace to be sold to Michael Kors, US company announces
Jasper Offshore sells 45-year-old drillship for scrap
UK drivers face record fuel prices at the pump as oil surges past $82
What to know about the new flu vaccine recommendations as flu season approaches.
Mormon women call on Mormon senators to delay Kavanaugh vote
“Infrastructure projects will boost commodities demand” #PlattsAPPEC #China
Instagram founders Insta-gone from Facebook as Zuck takes control
#Energy accounts for a staggering 51.2% of #China’s investment by sector. #PlattsAPPEC
U.S. imposes new sanctions on Venezuelan officials, Trump slams Maduro
Opinion: To rise above #tradewar, #China must let go of its ‘century of humiliation’
TESS, NASAs next-gen planet hunter, is already delivering: @AstronomyMag
1 killed, 11 injured in #Thailand after old pagoda collapses at temple under renovation
Chinas Railway Push Relies on Local Government Funding #FitchWire
What do Labour’s education reforms mean for schools?
#Crudeoil futures inch down amid mild profit taking, awaits #EIA data
The moment when the Republican Party lost its mind and embraced judicial nihilism
These electric-blue night clouds are expanding around the globe, says NASA
International Seaways to install scrubbers on up to 10 VLCCs
Cosco Shipping sets up Sarajevo office
HM accused of failing to ensure fair wages for global factory workers
US-China trade war dims Asias 2019 growth outlook: ADB #TradeWar
Bregman’s homer lifts Astros over Blue Jays; Osuna booed by Toronto fans @Globe_Sports
The top 5 places to find real Irish food in #Dublin #travel
Argentinas central bank chief Luis Caputo resigns amid IMF bailout talks
The economy in the Gaza Strip is collapsing, says World Bank
How to make River Cottages heritage tomato and Portland crab salad
Mars could have hosted life underground for millions of years:
Ray Kurzweil: 3 reasons to reverse engineer the brain
Maas Architecten has merged a thatched cottage with a glass greenhouse
A stock exchange for second-hand goods and skills has opened in Glasgow
Asia to continue driving global #oildemand in the medium, long term
Australia’s True Colours Are Red, White, And Racist. No-One Should Stand For It.
Bigger Batteries Will Not Solve the Urban Electric Vehicle Challenge #mobility
Michelle Obama helps couple exchange vows during wedding ceremony
This Korean café makes visitors feel like they’ve stepped into a cartoon! 💭
OpenTable employee charged with wire fraud after booking 1,200 bogus seats.
Neanderthal brains were bigger than ours. Does that mean they were better, too?
Elon Asked For More Love In The World, Tesla Owners Obliged
Remember this... #fakenews #falseflag #WakeUpAmerica
Justin Milne has to go, says former ABC chairman and managing director David Hill
How scientists are cracking the DNA code to fight rare developmental disorders
This gross creature could create the superfood of the future
Russian-Canadian Pussy Riot member conscious after suspected poisoning
UN literally laughs at Trump during speech
The Fate of Rod Rosenstein Will Impact Every Branch of Government
Hundreds pay tribute to #Vietnam president at state funeral
#Japan PM Shinzo Abe open to summit with North Koreas Kim Jong Un
Rescued Spanish dog bolts from her new home — and spends 7 months on her own STORY:
They were mostly all dirty: House GOP report alleges sexual harassment, coverups at TSA.
Researchers have finally found human skeletal stem cells:
China defends ban on Hong Kong pro-independence party, hits back at criticism
US seeks to curtail green cards for immigrants on public aid
RT @LPtravelnews How to spot a hidden camera in your Airbnb rental
Someone Stuffed Their #Puppy in a Purse and Dumped Him in a Charity Shop! #Dog #Petition
What Americas public lands are really worth:
Outrage at corruption, rights abuses tipped Maldives election
Jeff Sessions couldn’t get state AGs to back his campaign against tech
Be prepared for anything with these 8 emergency essentials
Giving an underrepresented community and city a place in literature
13 natural solutions for killing and deterring ants
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 25, 2018 | NBC Nightly News
Facebook investors deeply concerned after Instagram founders abruptly quit company.
George Papadopoulos’ lawyer keeps appearing on cable news—without disclosing who she is
SEIA CEO Abigail Hopper On The Future Of Solar — #CleanTechnica Interview
Justin Milne has said he wouldn’t be running commentary on day-to-day issues
10 best computer mice
Dozens Arrested as Survivors Flood Capitol Hill to Oppose Kavanaugh
In Yemen, more than 10,000 people have been killed in fighting since 2014
A federal judge restored endangered species protection for grizzlies in Yellowstone
Opinion: China, US and the threat of misjudgment in the South China Sea
Whats going on around this strange neutron star? @AstronomyMag
House Republicans push for Rosenstein testimony, subpoena for McCabe memos.
5 reasons you should be less empathetic
ABC chairman told Michelle Guthrie to sack Emma Alberici to appease Coalition
From the AP archives: Oregon Senators call for Kavanaugh investigation
US Marines pause in the fight for control of Okinawa to give their mascot, a baby goat, some water. April 1945
The reckonings of Kavanaugh and Rosenstein could decide the fate of President Trump
Can we create a new kind of car insurance for a world where we share cars?
Inside Gwyneth Paltrow’s first international pop-up Goop store in London
Several Vancouver mayoral candidates pledge to disclose names of donors @GlobeBC
TESS, NASAs next-gen planet hunter, is already delivering:
US approves $330m military sale to Taiwan
UN warns of Ebola perfect storm in DR Congo
50 percent off camping gear and other deals happening today
Yellowstones grizzly bears reinstated as endangered species, rules judge
Renault Will Transition French Island To Renewable Energy
12 animals with the longest gestation period MORE:
Bolton warns of terrible consequences for those doing business with #Iran
UK will be unequivocally pro-business after Brexit, May tells American investors
Mixed feelings as Roberto Osuna signs peace bond @Globe_Sports
Londons best budget hotels
Man faces up to 40 years in prison for transporting legal marijuana
How inequality destroys the future by focusing on the past
B.C. cancer patient’s case exposes gaps in care for homeless people, advocates say @GlobeBC
Eileen Grays modernist E-1027 villa revealed in photographs by Manuel Bougot
Mars could have had life underground for millions of years:
Jennifer Keesmaat, John Tory spar over housing, gun violence in Toronto mayoral debate
Kavanaugh allegations put GOP candidates in bind as midterms approach. #18for18
Sentimental billionaires keep answering the journalistic SOS
#Malaysia man who gives 67% of his liver to former teacher once hated her
Surge by left-wing Québec solidaire means election probably will end in minority government
The UKs favourite cake has been revealed
How to make rose water
Opinion: To rise above trade war, China must let go of its ‘century of humiliation’
JUST IN US arrests Chinese national on spying charge
Needles found in Australian strawberries prompt questions about food safety #strawberry
Author Emma Hooper on the books that moved and shaped her @GlobeArts
SIAs KrisFlyer miles among stolen frequent flier points sold on the Dark Web
How femininity has changed over the past 50 years, according to a new study
Our family took a ‘time out’ to travel the world
Veterans Affairs drops health benefits for jailed family members @GlobePolitics
Ending decades of doubt, biggest bird dispute put to nest
Neanderthal brains were bigger than ours. Does that mean they were smarter?
A 17-year-old has become Michigans leading right to repair advocate
All the updates from todays UN General Assembly
Hip cafes and hot design – exploring the new #Dublin
US entertainer Bill Cosby sentenced to 3-10 years, deemed sexually violent predator
As another NAFTA deadline looms, read John B. Judis on what Trump gets right on trade:
Costa Rican public-sector strike enters third week - World Socialist Web Site
The FDA just issued a warning for flea and tick medication that might cause seizures
Pret A Manger sued for ‘deceptive’ marketing of natural foods
Why the worst part about climate change isnt rising temperatures
Spinning Wheels And Numbers To See No Poverty, Hear No Poverty
VERBATIM: Bolton warns Iran of hell to pay
.@realDonaldTrump Talks Patriotism Over Globalism in UN Speech:
Driving Change to Unwind Intractable Inequality
As Authoritarians Band Together, We Need a Global Opposition Movement
Nightly Business Report - September 25, 2018
Ralph Fiennes interview: The film world is too horrendous
A British mathematician thinks he’s cracked a secret worth a million bucks
Review calls for Ontario to reduce services, sell off assets
Roger Stone offered to assist his alleged WikiLeaks source with legal expenses
The Department of Homeland Security did, in fact, sign off on a family separation policy.
In 1973, an MIT computer predicted the end of civilization. So far, its on target.
Russian military deploys coastal defense missile systems in the Arctic
Labour pledges to end cancer commute with new travel scheme for under 25s
VERBATIM: Cosbys accusers speak out
The business of fashion: A look at Michael Kors purchase of Versace @GlobeBusiness
Mormon women call on Mormon senators to delay Kavanaugh vote
UPDATED: Republicans to vote on Kavanaugh confirmation Friday
Alberta NDP asks ethics commissioner to review Jason Kenney’s trip to India
Hotel Workers Register Anger With Marriott in Decisive Strike Vote
Black holes are actually giant fuzzballs of string, claims new research
Researchers have finally found elusive human skeletal stem cells:
Rising seas could cause a mass migration of Americans seeking higher ground
UN: Credible reports of Afghan civilians killed in air strike
These scones are yummmmmy!
Hanwha Q-CELLS Continues Push To Consolidate
Alien life could have lived under the surface of Mars, study finds
VERBATIM: World leaders chuckle at Trumps boasts
From the AP archives: Gillibrand: Republicans are bullying a woman
IMO 2020: Who will get the bill?
Globe editorial: The strange outcry over Canada’s drug deal with Donald Trump @GlobeDebate
The most painful places to get a tattoo, according to experts
Canadian heir killed father as he slept and pretended it was suicide, inheriting millions
Labour is moving towards a Final Say – but is Corbyn travelling with them? | Andrew Grice
Underwater art installation in the Maldives demolished for being anti-Islamic
Canadian news coverage on civic affairs drops in difficult decade for newspapers: report
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Five vacation homes at Californias modernist marvel The Sea Ranch
To curb #climatechange, we need to protect and expand U.S. forest
Why Michael Kors scored with its Versace acquisition @GlobeBusiness
Concordia Summit: Tsipras Confident Greece has Turned Page (video)
Weight Watchers has rebranded to distance itself from weight loss
‘Southern Charm’ star Thomas Ravenel arrested and charged with assault
She just cycled 184 mph, twice as fast as a cheetahs top speed
Are Today’s White Kids Less Racist Than Their Grandparents?
If youre outraged about the German president mourning war dead, you dont know history
From tragedy to farce: How world leaders learned to laugh at Trump @GlobeDebate
Airstream launches ultra-luxury camper van that fits into a parking space. 🚐
The top 10 reasons single guys think theyre single
Criminals stole £500m from UK consumers through financial scams in just six months
Manchester Airport baggage staff give luggage the kid-glove treatment
Female attorney to handle Kavanaugh hearing
Whats going on around this strange neutron star?
Why Corsica is the perfect place for a walking holiday
The easy way to travel as a single-parent family
Solo-parent family travel trend is fast catching up with resorts, tour operators @tgamtravel
Safer Smith Wesson guns? Investors call for report
Pharma giant Novartis to cut hundreds of UK jobs
From the AP archives: Gillibrand: Republicans are bullying a woman
Why experts are walking out on a top medical research unit
‘We’re in a street fight:’ Why ALDO’s CEO thinks a climate strategy will help him win
Trump, Irans Rouhani exchange threats and insults on U.N.s world stage
From Homer to the BBCs Bodyguard: How accounts of PTSD have changed over the centuries
A new Trump rule could make immigrants afraid to use public benefits
7-year-old singing national anthem at LA Galaxy game goes viral
Newspaper apologises for cartoon ‘mocking’ woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault
This bike helmet can fold down to the size of a water bottle:
Dates and Deliverables from Blockchain #economy
Moose Blood go on hiatus after being removed from Good Charlotte tour
Gary Numan cancels show after tour bus hits and kills elderly man
On health care, Maxime Bernier deserves to be heard @GlobeDebate
All of your embarrassing Ryder Cup 2018 questions answered
Tired Toronto home gets a modern makeover
Toronto must build transit faster to avoid conflict and delays, Board of Trade says
Family of Indigenous man shot by Saskatchewan RCMP wants answers from coroner’s inquest
Instagrams founders are resigning
UK intelligence agencies illegally spied on privacy organisation
Secrets of Jekyll Island... by @nomaditis #travel #USA
UN literally laughs at Trump during speech
Words have soul. On the Romantic theory of language origin:
Volkswagen ID Electric Sedan — 3 Battery Sizes, Starting At Less Than $30,000
Campaign calls on Hawaii island tourists to be respectful
The coolest things we saw at World Maker Faire
Alternative medicine use may put 1.3 million older people at risk, study suggests
This is how we can change universities
#PriceIntervention in the #EU #ETS: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?
The best new camera and photography gear from #photokina2018 📷
The Air Force Will Replace Its Long-Serving UH-60 Huey Helicopters With a European Import
U.S., Iran exchange warnings on world stage
Tinder gives women in India more control over conversations
Pope confirms he will have last word on naming China bishops
20 best new cookbooks of 2018
Apple TV pulls sex, violence and politics from its shows
Uzbekistan insists school uniforms be neither too modest nor too flashy
New York countryside barns inform Silvernails house by Amalgam Studio
How many squares are in this picture? #IQ #fun
Why aging boomers need walkable cities more than convenient parking READ:
The moment when the Republican Party lost its mind and embraced judicial nihilism
The Kavanaugh allegations have brought Yale Law School to a standstill