Fears of growing far-right in Australia amid Deplorables tour
Chaos as Hungarian parliament passes slave law on overtime
After nearly 2 years, a lawmaker finally fact-checked President Trump to his face
#NicolasMaduro denounces the right-wing governments that continuously undermine and attack #Venezuelas democracy.
Five remarkable things you should know about the dazzling Geminid meteor shower
Current Climate Targets Put Us On Track For 3.0˚C Of Warming By 2100
British PM Theresa May survives leadership challenge but has authority damaged
Myanmar activists hold rally on anniversary of Reuters journalists’ arrest
Evening Update: Canadian arrested in China accused of violating Chinese national security
Google CEO denies plans to launch censored search engine in China
U.S. consumer prices flat; underlying inflation firm
PGE: Worker saw flames before Camp Fire began
Former Santiago Mayor’s Approach to Equity Through Urban Planning
Brazil: 2 Members of Landless Workers’ Movement Killed
8 fairy tale-like destinations you can see in real life
Real Madrid defeated by CSKA Moscow in worst European home loss @Globe_Sports
New York City’s self-induced transportation crisis
This bakery makes a point of hiring workers with a criminal record—here’s why:
8 Gift-Buying Alternatives to Amazon That Support Communities of Color by: @ayu_sutriasa
Failure to agree climate deal rules would be suicidal: U.N. chief
The U.S. keeps causing trouble at a crucial climate change summit #COP24
Theresa May makes a statement after winning confidence vote by a majority of 83
UKs #TheresaMay wins confidence vote but vows to quit after #Brexit
International tampon recall after products unravel inside women
Trump administration spent more than $13 million to hire 2 border agents
Reporter Gets a Little Too Close To A Landing Russian Tu-160 Blackjack Bomber in Venezuela:
Canada minister to speak about extradition as China dispute worsens
California Running Out of Money, Now Wants To Tax Text Messages
Republican leaders move to stall House from taking up Yemen bill until next year
The Dracula Ants Lightning Mandibles Make It the Fastest Animal in the World
Disappointed By the Democratic Party Platform? Follow the Money.
Barrick moves closer to resolving Acacia dispute
BREAKING: British Prime Minister May wins vote of confidence in her leadership
Intel plans stacked circuits in bid to regain its chipmaking lead
Theresa May has won confidence vote, Sir Graham Brady announces
Here’s what you can do to build a happiness habit @GlobeBusiness
Republicans say Cohens allegations about Trump are baseless because hes a liar
The close: Trade talks lead global stocks higher @GlobeInvestor
2 arrested in Butte after troopers discover stash of guns believed stolen
Brazil court grants Nissan ex-boss Ghosn access to Rio apartment
What do you think of the Theresa May no-confidence vote? | #TheCube
Britain’s Theresa May wins party confidence vote
Let’s remember Paul Ryan as he truly was, a loyal enabler of Donald Trump’s worst impulses
BREAKING: British PM Theresa May survives vote of confidence and remains UK leader
Ohio Senate passes ‘heartbeat bill,’ hoping abortion ban will be used to overturn Roe
FCC considers ending merger ban among broadcast networks
LA Film Critics name Roma best film of the year
Russias most modern robot revealed to be just a person in a suit
Musicians Have Now Used AI to Master Millions of Songs
BREAKING: British Prime Minister May wins vote of confidence in her leadership
‘That caviar is a garnish!’: How You’ve Got Mail changed the rom-com game forever @GlobeArts
Can I be a daughter and a doctor to my dying mom?
Ottawa must prioritize the well-being of off-reserve First Nations citizens @GlobeDebate
Focus turns to Richard Oland’s missing iPhone at trial in New Brunswick
Denmark, UK, Canada Lead In Using Technologies To Limit Climate Change
EU-Japan free trade deal cleared for early 2019 start
25 Last-Minute Gifts and Stocking Stuffers
Wall Street rises on U.S.-China trade optimism
EMBA students put own money on the line to change careers @Globe_Careers
Why women dominate the online learning space
Nancy Pelosi on Pres. Trump and border wall: It’s like a manhood thing for him.
Pence Breaks Tie After Flake Refuses To Confirm Judicial Pick
Cyprus president urges fairer sharing of refugees within EU
The I Have Not Yet Begun To Fight Shipwreck Was Just Rediscovered, 239 Years Later
Venice Beach informs Alexandra Hutchisons La Palma restaurant in Toronto
Orrin Hatch offered a great debunk of his dismissal of Trump allegations back in 1999
Trump Threatens Government Shutdown over Border Wall Funding
Dem Operative Removes Meme Because of Inaccuracies, Then Snopes Rates it True
Siemens Gamesa Signs Second Order With Enel In Russia
The American coalition resisting Trump at the climate talks in Poland
Ex-housing official Castro takes step to 2020 U.S. presidential bid
#ICYMI: Have you seen #Trumps daily job approval numbers for today? @POTUS
Market Fresh: Looking for gifts of food from Alaska? We have ideas.
Nobody likes cooking anymore
Japan Times backtracks on editorial policy redefining ‘comfort women’ and ‘forced labor’
Venezuela Migrants Raise Regional Fiscal and Political Pressures
U.S. wants U.N. to ban nuclear ballistic missile work by Iran
Raw Politics: MEPs moment of silence for Strasbourg victims turns political
#Citgos fate back in jeopardy after Canadian miner calls off settlement | #Venezuela |
Irish nationalist Sinn Fein steps up calls for post-Brexit united Ireland
Fostering Innovation Learning with the Teaching City #economy
Stephen Curry signals willingness to meet with @NASA over Moon landing doubts
Meet the journalists trying to give Yemenis the full picture
The U.S. Air Force Academy Built Its Own Stealth Drone
We Have To Make Sure the “Green New Deal” Doesn’t Become Green Capitalism:
Watch how smoke from the #CampFire filled the Bay Area:
15 practical gifts for your photographer friends
CNN’s Jake Tapper: ‘This Line Will Haunt Trump’
Opioid deaths in Canada still alarmingly high: report
So yum!
Reinforcement learning shows promise for #industrialrobotics
US-Russia tensions mount over warplanes in Venezuela - World Socialist Web Site
Average US price of gas drops 22 cents per gallon to $2.51
Pope removes two cardinals hit by sex scandals from group of close advisers
Drug trafficking circuit arrested in Thessaloniki to appear before Magistrate
From the AP archives: Corbyn: Expects Mays Brexit deal to be defeated
Theresa Mays no-confidence vote, explained.
PM May pledges to quit before next UK election as she fights leadership challenge
Insects are disappearing from science textbooks—and that should bug you
Tencent Music debut strikes a chord with investors
Elected Leaders Are Making the World Less Democratic
What is #AI? Read this detailed explainer with a human point of view:
Anastasiades Says Cyprus Issue Must be Solved
Fentanyl surpasses heroin as cause of U.S. overdose deaths while cocaine deaths surge
The difference between a snafu, a shitshow, and a clusterfuck
The other 29-year-old who Democrats just elected to Congress
The golden age of rich people not paying their taxes.
US Firms Settle with Activists, Creditors Re-Evaluate Risk
Germany seeks to assist potential bank merger: Bloomberg
Joe Arpaio files defamation lawsuit
Maduro accuses US of plotting to invade Venezuela, gives no evidence
Greek phlegm and British drama
No results
ATHEX: Local stocks break six-day losing streak
Extrajudicial mechanism to continue in 2019
Drawing can help you think and focus better — even if youre not good at it
Lettuce is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to food traceability @GlobeBusiness
Ethics watchdog chides capital commission CEO for violating rules 12 times @GlobePolitics
Thailand urged to stop footballers extradition to Bahrain
Worlds Biggest Data Breaches Hacks #dataviz
Opinion: If #Huawei’s CFO isn’t safe from the US, then neither is #HongKong trade
Maduro accuses U.S. official of plotting Venezuela invasion, gives no evidence
Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki wins confidence vote ahead of 2019 election
Germany: Land of Inequality (2/2) | DW Documentary
Fentanyl surpasses heroin as most deadly US drug
Luminous resin and wood rings offer a glimmering glimpse of the Northern Lights. 🌌
Fewer Canadians took out new mortgages in the second quarter: CMHC
U.K.: Prime Minister May Faces Leadership Challenge #TheresaMay
Tips for avoiding a holiday hangover
Amazon aims at office workers with compact cashier-less food store
GOP quest to shrink food stamps thwarted as ‘clean’ Farm Bill passes Senate
B.C. court upholds extradition of pair accused of ‘honour killing’ in India @GlobeBC
Mary Poppins Returns: Big success? Definitely. By @NinaNannarITV
Ralph tops box office again, Aquaman is a hit in China
Pope Francis demotes 2 cardinals named in sexual abuse cases:
NFL teams to play four games in London, one in Mexico City in 2019 @Globe_Sports
Researchers Discover a Tool and Butchery Site in Algeria Thats 2.4 Million Years Old
Artic #reindeer population has shrunk by 56% since the mid-1990s @NOAA #ArcticReportCard
Claude Shannon: the man who turned paper into pixels. Aeon Video archive pick:
Amazon touted as big win for NY, but math is more complex
British PM May tells her lawmakers she will not lead them into next election
With Trump frozen out, North and South Korea engage in historic cross border de-escalation
Washington sparks a space spat at the United Nations. Heres what the US said no to:
#Qatar national day celebrated at central Athens event #Greece
What were you doing in 1986?
Few Think They Have True #FreedomofSpeech Today... #BreakingPoll
A tale of three cities at the Cycladic Art Museum
Holy Synod committee to review deal
Former defense ministry official gets term reduced
Discussion of 2019 state budget begins at Parliament plenary; vote on Dec. 18 #Greece
United Airlines to add international routes from San Francisco
Improve your curb appeal with Amazons lawn care sale
Despite a low unemployment rate, all is not well in the United States. 
Oilers defender Oscar Klefbom out ‘weeks’ with hand injury @Globe_Sports
#WorldCup is the top trending search in 2018 #YearInSearch For more trends:
UKs May faces party confidence vote, says she will resign before next election
How Community-Funder Collaboratives Can Build Regional Power #governance
Detained Canadian in China probed for harming national security
Sidewalk Labs is already involved in a data collection experiment in Toronto
viva por siempre
The U.S., not China, is the real threat to international rule of law @GlobeDebate
Mapping the subprime car loan crisis
7 reasons why Arctic sea ice matters
The Venezuelan families seeking a better life abroad — in pictures
Movies that fail the Bechdel Test are leaving box office money on the table
To neighbors, suspect in French market killings seemed just a local boy
Tesla Wins In China But Loses In Connecticut, With Tesla Pickup Looming
North Carolina police officer under investigation after slamming teen sisters to ground.
From the AP archives: Mueller to release more on Cohen cooperation
From the AP archives: Lavrov rejects exchange for 24 Ukrainian seamen
Report finds ‘systemic racism’ at police force in Thunder Bay, Ont.
Greece sells 812.5 mln euros in T-bills
Turkey keeps the pressure in Eastern Med
Policemen charged in activists death released pending trial
We thought it was a joke: Strasbourg stunned by attack
UNs Guterres: No deal in Poland climate talks will be suicidal
Beijing eases back on Made in China 2025 amid trade talks with U.S.
Federal judge orders Stormy Daniels to pay Trump nearly $300,000 in legal fees.
Why your adblocker doesnt block the popups asking you to turn off your adblocker:
We Must Protect Journalists Shedding Light on Injustice, Not Attack Them via @TIME
Censoring this documentary only plays into AIPACs hands
Moving beyond Guptas: SA mining assets attract R3.05bn bid, Oakbay opposes
Event: Siu Wang-hang announced as the winner of the 2018 Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize
Bombardier dealt fresh blow as Via Rail picks Siemens for $989-million train order
More Americans are making no weekly purchases with cash
China makes first major U.S. soybean purchases since Trump-Xi meeting @GlobeBusiness
Why Miami built a playground under I-95
[SPONSORED] “How Digital Leaders Get the Right Work Done” from @Workfront :
Brazil: Gunman Kills 4 in Cathedral Shooting #Campinas
Ooooo la la!
How These Glowing Blue Thrusters Will Get BepiColombo to Mercury
Merkel: Theres still time for an orderly Brexit
Win tickets to see @eltonofficial live in concert as part of our #AIDSfree online auction
Im a graduate struggling to find employment. Is it my universitys fault?
#BostonTalks: Fit and Fresh
Tesla Model 3 Comes To Japan, Tesla Store Scheduled For South Africa Next Year
Dancing Robot at Russian Event Turns Out to Be a Man in a Costume
Israeli woman wounded in Palestinian attack loses baby
Drug bust in northern Greece nets big haul
Probe into prison beating to focus on guards’ failure to protect inmate
Dead man near Moria believed to be 22-year-old Afghan
Gaza boy, 4, dies from Israeli fire: Palestinian medics
Trudeau names four new senators, filling every seat in the Senate @GlobePolitics
ABB, Hitachi close in on power grids deal
Danish Rwandan extradited to Kigali over genocide
The glamorous, sexist history of the womens restroom lounge
Kavanaugh’s Court begins its inevitable power grab with Kisor v. Wilkie
WestJet says it’s co-operating with predatory pricing probe by competition watchdog
Year-end clean-up at Japans World Heritage bridge
A Convert Explains Why You Should Use a Sous Vide
BREAKING: Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen sentenced to three years in prison
Longtime Trump lawyer Michael Cohen sentenced to 36 months in federal prison
From the AP archives: Hadi government ready to make concessions
From the AP archives: Mueller to release more on Cohen cooperation
Opinion: The hot mess that is the US-China trade negotiations
Chaos as Hungarian parliament passes slave law on overtime
Quelle perspective pour les #giletsjaunes? - World Socialist Web Site #giletsjaunesParis
U.S. mortgage activity hits 2-month high as interest rates fall: MBA
ECB Likely to Shift Forward Guidance on Rates Soon
No secret at all -
Italian word of the day: Purtroppo
Chang’e-4 Successfully Enters Lunar Orbit Next stop: the Lunar Farside
Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen gets 3 years in prison
U.S. not swayed by WTO reform proposals
Rich homebuyers are now ‘test-driving’ multi-million dollar mansions before they buy
How the Town of West Union Built a Transformational Geothermal Project #smartcities
The sweeping effect of a $15-an-hour job guarantee
Whatever happened to civil discourse? -
Companies are vastly underestimating how badly they’ll be hurt by climate change:
Germany backs extending EU sanctions against Russia: Merkel
Brexit high stakes and fatigue
#BostonTalks: Fit and Fresh
Danish music festival to guarantee 50 percent female lineup
The earth has been on this path before. Last time, it led to the Great Dying.
Men: Step out of your bubble to champion gender diversity @Globe_Careers
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused China of hacking the Marriott.
#Fentanyl surpasses heroin as deadliest drug in US
Take the easy way out with this pasta dish
From the AP archives: Famous Damascene souk draws the crowds
Theresa May PMQs: ‘General election not in UKs interest’
US Nuclear Energy Policy Khashoggi Murder: Appeasement Or Threat?
Pompeo says CIA still investigating killing of Khashoggi
#Automation needs to strike a balancing act -
8 vampire animals that arent necessarily bloodsuckers
Mini Clubman City -
A diabolical liberty -
China’s Tencent Music jumps in U.S. debut @GlobeInvestor
Dreamy White Chocolate Christmas cheesecake -
Advanced Pilot Training in The T-38 Talon At Columbus Air Force Base
Harry Potter star Rupert Grint in legal battle for £1m tax refund
North, South Korea check work to ease tension in milestone step
NGOs decry continuous use of pushbacks in Greek-Turkish border
Stop by if nearby the NOAA #AGU2018 booth to hear what @NOAA_ESRL researchers are doing in the world of AI.
#Live | President @NicolasMaduro is giving a press conference. Follow it Live here:
An exploding star may have killed the colossal, prehistoric Megalodon shark with radiation
Parents are biased against even quality ‘urban’ schools
Why a ‘new’ British vegan milk has outraged #Spain #FoodDrink #Lead
France: Gunman on the Loose After Killing 3 at Christmas Market #StrasbourgShooting
Police hunt through eastern France for Strasbourg Christmas market attacker
Can they rent out their road? -
A Star Is Born, The Favourite lead SAG Awards nominees.
Three victims of Bertrand Charest sue Alpine Canada @Globe_Sports
Don Braid: Talk of Alberta exit is out in the open again
Strasbourg suspect: a violent criminal on terror watchlist
Swedish word of the day: vinterkräksjuka
Lyft has eaten into Uber’s U.S. market share, new data suggests
Jailed UAE academic Nasser bin Ghaith on hunger strike
When You Inevitably Win the Lottery, Buy the McLaren 570S Spider
Majorities in many countries think outmigration is a big problem
Pompeo says CIA still investigating Khashoggi killing
Italian journalist seriously hurt in Strasbourg Christmas market attack
From the AP archives: Weird and wonderful costumes dazzle at Brazils Comic-con
South Korea and Vietnam are the new favourites among APAC travellers
To support independent journalism, please consider donating:
Big Tech’s reckoning may be imminent after all.
Three Hong Kong passports of arrested Huawei exec. Meng Wanzhou revealed in Canadian court
Mykonos — London Flight Route the Most Disrupted in Europe
Trump’s Energy Adviser Runs Away When Questioned by Democracy Now! at U.N. Climate Talks
OPEC offsets Iran oil loss, sees lower 2019 demand
Could the high-speed rail link between Paris and CDG airport be about to hit the brakes?
Lately, Google’s troubles seem to be piling up:
Just for Laughs founder Gilbert Rozon charged with rape, assault
Empty chair at ceremony for Oleg Sentsov at European Parliament
Emergency central bank funding to Greek banks falls in November
Inflation climbs to 18 month high; all eyes turn to Jan rate decision
Luxembourg is making public transit free to all
Most parents in the U.S. – and many non-parents – don’t expect to have kids in the future
RuAF Il-62 86572 from Chkalovskiy to Dakar via @galandecZP #Russia
Intel plans stacked circuits in bid to regain its chipmaking lead
Ineffective safeguard contributed to explosion at Husky refinery in Wisconsin @GlobeBusiness
Report finds ‘systemic racism’ at police service in Thunder Bay, Ont.
UK: Contemptuous May slammed by MPs as no confidence vote looms
CBS News settles lawsuit over Rose allegations
A very uncivil war - Britains Conservatives on the brink over Brexit
Madrid temporarily bans oldest, most polluting vehicles in bid to clean air
Top House Dems raise prospect of impeachment, jail for Trump
From the AP archives: Ex-FBI chief Comey attends Capitol Hill hearing
Copenhagen Airport sees increase in intercontinental flights
A childs treasury of terrible municipal Christmas trees
New mother dies after collapsing while ‘lost’ in hospital
U.S. consumer prices flat; underlying inflation firm
Wall Street climbs 1 percent on trade optimism
Using Design to Promote Health: 4 Tips to get You Started #society

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