Why do we want to squeeze cute things?
Nick Ayers will not become Trump’s chief of staff; Mnuchin, Meadows considered
Eidesvik CSV contracted to Ocean Installer
This weeks weather — in pictures
Is Renewable Energy Enough To Stop Global Warming? What About Animal Agriculture?
Ayers will not become Trumps chief of staff; Mnuchin, Meadows considered: sources
Analysis: What is Tuesday’s vote about and why is it so divisive?
Chile drives electric vehicle rollout in Latin America
Guardian front page, 10 December 2018: May in race to win over rebels amid clamour to call off vote
Do most people still want to leave the EU?
Time to celebrate corporate governance?
Reports: Hunt to begin counseling
The other options: What is the Norway model and is it really a decent fit for the UK?
US women to open 2019 at France, play Mexico in send-off
US fails to win UN condemnation of Hamas militants in Gaza
Will we have a general election and, if so, who will win?
#CopaLibertadoresFinal | Gooal of River Plate! River Plate 3 - Boca Juniors 1 River Plate CHAMPION!
Libya is shutting down El Sharara after field seized by tribesmen: engineers
Buzzcocks co-founder Pete Shelley dies at 63
What is #AI? Read this detailed explainer with a human point of view:
InSight Has Landed! Inside the Dramatic Touchdown:
What Silicon Valley CEO @alidiab learned from his mother’s career as a surgeon
Pink Floyd tribute band pulls out of Israel shows
From @philosgreek: Moral holiday shopping is harder than you think.
Lula tells BBC why he was jailed: To prevent him from winning the presidential election
A new theory unifies dark matter and dark energy as a dark fluid with negative mass
How could we end up with a second referendum?
Brexit has been a load of nonsense so far – and it’s about to get a whole lot worse
#CopaLibertadoresFinal | Gooal of River Plate! River Plate 2 - Boca Juniors 1
Irans Rouhani says OPEC decision to cut output was defeat for U.S. meddling
Winter storm hits Southeast
If Mays Brexit deal is voted down, this is what will happen next
U.S. winter storm knocks out power to 190,000 in North Carolina
Using #Mobility Pricing for Relocation of Carsharing Fleets #society
Top Democrats say Trump may face impeachment, jail over hush money
The Mac mini, aka The Mac you buy when you don’t want any of the others
Analysis: Will Theresa May have to quit if she loses the vote?
#CopaLibertadoresFinal | Full Time. River Plate 1 - Boca Juniors 1 We go for the extra time
Congress faces final deadline to undo Trumps net neutrality repeal
Remedies of the road: our travel tales of getting sick (and better) #travel #tales
Take a natural winter spa break
The hilarious way the Satanic Temple is fighting Christian nationalism by trolling
De-miners sound all-clear at marooned Jordan River baptism shrines
Rivals clash in TV Brexit debate ahead of Commons showdown #C4Brexit
Seven Southwestern states to meet at deadline on Colorado River drought plan.
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Analysis: What is Tuesday’s vote about and why is it so divisive?
French minister asks Trump not to meddle in French affairs
Time to Restore Respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Analysis: Can MPs really be given a vote on whether to enter the backstop?
Syrian news agency removes report of Damascus air attack
Twinning project for deadly Nova Scotia highway seeking environmental approval
Unfavorable climate in the EU
#VenezuelaDecides | President @NicolasMaduro exercised his right to vote in the local elections
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Palestinian opens fire on group of Israelis at bus stop, wounding six
School lunch rules OK refined grains, low-fat chocolate milk
Report: GM McKenzie to leave Raiders at seasons end
Six Israeli settlers wounded in drive-by shooting in West Bank
Humans step in to translate for little blue penguin at Christchurch beach
Everything you wanted to know about this seal with an eel in its nose
Bad tweets included in Mueller’s recent court filings
How textiles repeatedly revolutionised human technology. Archive pick:
Brazils #ItaúUnibanco to launch Argentina #brokerage | Euromoney #LatinAmerica |
#CopaLibertadoresFinal | Goool of River Plate! River Plate 1 - Boca Juniors 1
A Research Toolkit for Building the Ultimate Urban Forest
Unstoppable PAOK Extend Greek Super League Lead (video)
World Bank shifts focus to Egypts private sector with $1 billion loan
Appareil Architecture adds white dining annex to Waterloo Residence in Montreal:
Saudis rule out extraditing Khashoggi murder suspects to Turkey
PAOK is winter champion as Reds draw at Xanthi
No room for mistakes
Irans government cannot afford to ignore Khuzestan anymore — #AJOpinion
Kuwaits emir calls for end to media campaigns in Gulf region
Josep Lluis Nunez: Catalan business magnate who made FC Barcelona great
Tech startup Memeza wants to cut crime in SA’s worst areas by 50%
Questions raised over Republican’s campaign debt in North Carolina election scandal
Nobel Peace prize winners seek justice for war rape victims
Is this American football team losing on purpose?
Germanys new CDU chief to review liberal Merkel migration policies
#CopaLibertadores | Goool of Boca Juniors! River Plate 0 - Boca Juniors 1
Nova Scotia professor striving to create the perfect Christmas tree – in his lab
North Carolina’s Election Fiasco Is About Voter Suppression, Not Voter Fraud
Unplug Electric Vehicle Subsidies and Let Consumers Decide
Transformers prequel Bumblebee receives glowing response from critics
Vector Architects converts sugar mill into Alila Yangshuo hotel.
Belgian PM relaunches government as minority after ally quits
Qatar eager to grow business ties with Greece
Foreign firms niche in on Greek property
Americans who find meaning in these four areas have higher life satisfaction:
Canadian men’s team finishes 11th at Cape Town Rugby Sevens @Globe_Sports
France tells Trump to stop interfering in its politics
#Qatar rift overshadows Gulf Arab summit as emir stays away
Vantage Drilling jackup gets Cameroon work with Tower Resources
Heisman winner Murray apologizes for homophobic tweets
US and China Make Successful Start on New Trade Negotiations
Brexit has been a load of nonsense so far – and it’s about to get a whole lot worse
Premier alliances today will determine Trudeau’s tomorrow @GlobeDebate
Check out Hero Whoreship, the latest from @mrfishcartoons
🐙 Friendly reminder
Atlanta United caps off only its second-ever season with MLS cup victory @Globe_Sports
With new chief of staff, Trump tries again to reset White House
Crinkled tunnel forms Claus Portos New York boutique by Tacklebox
Florida school under fire for class assignment based on Parkland shooting -
Philadelphia Just Passed the Strongest Fair Scheduling Law in the Nation
Trump pardon of Manafort would be terrible mistake: Senator Rubio
15 things you didnt know about soil
Huaweis Meng arrest becoming a major diplomatic conflict
George H.W. Bush Has a Far-Reaching Supreme Court Legacy #Bush41
Yet another plan for debt repayment
IAPR demands transaction data for deposits over 150,000 euros
Republicans just got bad news about one of their worst gerrymanders
#CLS #payment netting service goes live with #GoldmanSachs and #MorganStanley | Euromoney |
Motion filed to impeach Somali president: statement
May presses on with Brexit vote as MPs demand better deal
Most Americans oppose the idea of strengthening the power of the executive branch
British Columbia trade trip to China cancelled over Meng detention @GlobePolitics
Red-hot U.S. jobs market drives some to seek cooler options
Hit The Road, Van Life Calling?
This suburban Ottawa house needed little back-and-forth to seal the deal
Yes, #IdentityPolitics is a huge threat to America—and we need to confront it.
How Hong Kongs Direct Subsidy Scheme fails the students it was set up to help @varsitycuhk
Motion filed to impeach Somali president: Statement
10 visually striking cafes to visit in cities all around the world:
Carbon Emissions Will Reach a Record High of 37 Billion Tons in 2018
From Gordon S. Wood: Recovering the profound divisions that led to the Civil War
Two more immigrants say they were employed by Trump while undocumented
Brexit redux? Lessons for the future from Mays deal
The Gospels of Paul don’t say what you think they say. From the archive:
Sears biggest holder bids $4.6B for rest of bankrupt chain
Egypt investigating couple pictured naked on top of Great Pyramid
Jason Momoa reprises Khal Drogo role for Game of Thrones-themed SNL sketch
Saudi foreign minister rules out extraditing suspects in Khashoggi case
Leader of Germany’s biggest party signals shift away from Merkel’s liberal migration policy
Yellow vest protests are a catastrophe for our economy says French finance minister
Nobel peace prize winners call for end to sexual violence
The Transportation Revolution Is Not Here … Yet #mobility
Rail passengers face ‘pockets of disruption’ as new timetables come in
Bolsonaro names evangelical pastor to head a new Women, Family ministry
China says U.S. should withdraw arrest warrant for Huawei executive
Brexit timeline: Whats next?
There are up to 25,000 bugs in the average Christmas tree
Plastic Straw Ban Crusades Are About Progressive Virtue Signaling, Not Practical Solutions
Saudis reject extraditions to Turkey over #Khashoggi murder
Milan to plant 3 million trees to fight climate change
Tommy Robinson hints he could run as Ukip MP in speech at Brexit betrayal march
Tsakalotos: scandal-mongering hurts the economy; no to snap polls
North Carolina Republicans say they are open to a new election, with one important caveat
Peruvians vote in referendum on fighting corruption
Svelte coffee shop by Boscardin Corsi slots between two stores in Brazil:
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Swept Up in France’s Yellow Vest Protests
DRCs President Joseph Kabila doesnt rule out running again in 2023
The Best Booze Since Whiskey Comes from Brazil
Brazil environment regulator denies license to drill near mouth of the Amazon
#ICYMI C-suite of the future will call for executives without borders
Homeless and selfless: Man gives jaw-dropping gift back to food bank that feeds him.
Few internationally have confidence in Putin
New citizens must take ‘French’ names, right-wing politician insists
Paris protests spread amid discontent with President Macrons economic policies.
Hopeful images from 2018, compiled by @kokogiak
Payments to Stormy Daniels, Playboy model could be ‘impeachable offence, top Democrat says
Conservatives and liberals agree Trump indictments seem likely -
Is this American football team losing on purpose?
A species of spider provides milk to its young:
Nobel Peace prize winners seek justice for war rape victims
Cant get enough!
How monopolies have flourished—and undermined democracy:
Online is Key for #Holiday Shoppers This Year...
Photographer Martin Parr on why his new exhibition is a tale of two Manchesters
Move Fast and Break Things. Just not when it comes to synthetic biology:
Yemens warring sides meet face-to-face at Sweden peace talks
What we can learn about longevity from Lonesome George
Yellow vest protest to have severe impact on economy: Le Maire
Qatar dispute overshadows Gulf Arab summit as emir stays away @GlobeBusiness
Greeks Rank as the 4th Most Religious People in Europe According to Survey
Afghanistan suspends football officials amid abuse allegations
Syrian girl born without legs walks on new prosthetics
In Another Blow to Keystone XL, Judge Rules TransCanada Can’t Conduct Pre-Construction Work
Slain girl’s father denied visa to attend her funeral
Egypt approves BP purchase of 25 percent of Nour gas concession
Qatar dispute overshadows Gulf summit as emir stays away
Macron to blame for French protests, Italys Salvini says
The GCC summit against a backdrop of regional crises
U.S. says March 1 is ‘hard deadline’ for trade deal with China @GlobeInvestor
#Greek pilot Kosmas Chalaris on becoming NATOs Best Warrior
Opportunity with Dignity: Lessons from Multiculturalism in Toronto #society
Peruvians head to polls in referendum on anti-corruption reforms
The world’s largest network of electric vehicle chargers just raised another $240 million:
GM fighting to retain electric-vehicle tax credit targeted by Donald Trump @GlobeBusiness
Kushner urges Saudi prince to weather the storm after Khashoggi killing.
Take the moon for a spin and see where Chinas #ChangE4 spacecraft will soon try to land
Israel calls for international response to Hezbollah tunnels
US says March 1 hard deadline for trade deal with #China
Landmark protections falling for air, land, and soon, water.
Study that took aim at Joy of Cooking is retracted
EKG, other heart health features come to Apple Watch
Where Millennials end and post-Millennials begin
A dating culture has been observed among fruit flies
Colorado police investigating alleged sexual assaults by Buddhist leaders
Shark Fishing Tournaments Devalue Ocean Wildlife and Harm Conservation
Wavelike roof imitates Andes mountains at cheese warehouse in Ecuador:
CleanTechnica Survey Respondents Love E-Bikes Have Money: Part 3
EUs Tusk says spoke with May ahead of crucial Brexit vote
🇸🇾 Syrian girl born without legs, walks again on prosthetics #AFP
#Trumps Full-Month Approval Slips From Yearly High In November...
If the Otto Bathursts latest Robin Hood flop doesn’t kill the legend, he’ll never die
What is #AI? Read this detailed explainer with a human point of view:
Now we know how much starlight the universe has ever created
Peruvians head to polls in referendum on anti-corruption reforms
Kelowna, B.C., taking steps to preserve 147-year-old log house
Northern Irish DUP tell UK PM May: Go back to the EU to renegotiate Brexit
French yellow vest protesters block border crossings with Spain -
Why are the yellow vests protesting in France? — #AJOpinion, by @RokhayaDiallo
Grammy-nominated violinist James Ehnes credits Manitoba hometown for musical rise @GlobeArts
UK PM May can stay on if parliament rejects Brexit deal: Brexit minister
Armenia: RPAs Sargsyan votes in snap polls
Britain investigates after labour rights expose at worlds top glove maker
Key May ally suggests Plan B to Brexit deal
Poll: 62% of Greeks Want Early Elections, 52% Hardly Get By
11% of Americans don’t use the internet. Who are they?
From the AP archives: Kudlow positive on future US-China trade talks
Nine white supremacists charged in Washington state hate crime attack -
#NewDemocracy aiming for absolute majority in parliament, @NikosDendias tells ANA #Greece
Sydney, N.S., rallies behind hundreds who lost their call-centre jobs ahead of holidays
Russia is seen as playing a more important role in world affairs compared to 10 years ago
Libyas NOC warns of catastrophic consequences if Sharara oilfield halted
Town hires debt collector to get families to pay for school lunches
The weeks weather — in pictures
Big Tobacco Won’t Take Menthol Ban Lying Down
Severed Skull (Mummy Mysteries Documentary) | Timeline
Jordan to rethink controversial cybercrimes law
China’s traveling theater, the Jinju | DW Documentary (Theater documentary)
’My nightmare began again: Bus carrying Humboldt crash survivor rear-ended by truck
Scientists say they kept a baboon alive with a pig’s heart for six months:
Potamis @St_Theodorakis : Future of #Greece to decide Potamis stance on #Prespes deal
#Banking: How long can #Iran hold? | Euromoney Middle East |
US average mortgage rates fall; 30-year loan at 4.75%
Nobel Peace Prize winners call for justice for war rape victims
Opposition to #GMBailouts Rises With News of #Layoffs...
Greek academics call for revision of Article 16
Brexit redux? Lessons for the future from Mays deal
Trump pardon of Manafort would be terrible mistake: Senator Marco Rubio
Progressive Activists Are Winning in Red States
Bigger Batteries Will Not Solve the Urban Electric Vehicle Challenge #mobility
Nissan seeks to block Ghosns access to apartment in Rio
Five most sustainable Nordic chairs named
🇫🇷 Nautic Paddle Race on the Seine river near the Eiffel tower in Paris #AFP
Pink Floyd tribute band pulls out of Israel shows
A massive newly discovered cave may be the biggest in Canada
The hilarious way the Satanic Temple is fighting Christian nationalism by trolling
Newspapers help fuel racism, says Man Citys Sterling
Small pot growers find roadblocks on path to microcultivation licences
UPDATE: #Beijing summons US ambassador over #Huawei arrest
Huaweis Meng arrest becoming a major diplomatic conflict
Rise of far right fueling anti-migrant attacks in Italy
Burdened with Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May is on the brink
Golf: Oosthuizen romps to maiden South African Open win
Mueller has probably seen your bad tweets
The best digital presents to e-give this holiday season
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Its now or never pedestrians: German town has Elvis lights
Band on the run: A Syrian guitar quartet, silenced by war, plays again in Canada @GlobeArts
#ICYMI: What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key #Polls...
Latino VC @chachovaladez explains why female investors are the ultimate business advantage
Fraher Architects added a simple glass-roofed extension to this terraced house in London:
German railworkers to strike on Monday in pay row: union sources
Lawlessness on the rise at Greek universities
Top swimmers challenge FINA with lawsuit
The left tears down Churchill—by ignoring his actual record on racism.
New controversy over VA secretary’s past praise for the Confederacy
Kuwaits emir calls for end to media campaigns in Gulf region
Salvini blames austerity for French unrest
Congos outgoing president Kabila doesnt rule out running again in 2023
Our Ignorance of Socialism Is Dangerous
Angry Bolivians demonstrate against Evos candidacy
Brexit betrayal march in central London
A Parking Solution for Smart Cities #economy
People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Horrifying Photo of a Giant Blood Clot
Watch 28 trombones gracefully cover Queens Bohemian Rhapsody
Protesters force shutdown at Libyan El Sharara oilfield: sources
Spain: Madrid ramps up security as Copa Libertadores final nears
Photographer dad captures daily moments of magic with his three daughters. 👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻
Questions raised over Republican’s campaign debt in North Carolina election scandal
Stephen Barclay says Brexit vote to go ahead in parliament
Armenia: Snap parliamentary elections get underway
Most Say #Trump #Reelection Likely in #2020...
A crowd pleaser!
Hong Kong, China bourses reach deal on dual-class shares
#British minister says #Brexit vote to go ahead in Parliament
Hindu monks, large crowds call on Modi to help build Ayodhya temple
NOA extends historic Alpine retreat with cluster of cosy wooden chalets
Bolsonaro names evangelical pastor to head a new Women, Family ministry
Turkey: Plundered Gypsy Girl mosaic fragments return after decades in US
U.S. wants to continue support for Saudi-led coalition in Yemen
Sudan government officials killed in helicopter crash
Obama and the Perpetual Presidency
Four investigated in FBI Russia probe - Comey
Huaweis Meng arrest becoming a major diplomatic conflict
Sully, George H.W. Bushs service dog, has a new mission
Israel market regulator proposes English language option for listed companies
Northern Irish DUP tell May - Go back to the EU to renegotiate Brexit
Severe violation of rights: China summons Canada envoy over detained Huawei exec - report

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