No, parents. The HPV vaccine wont encourage your daughter to have risky sex.
Afghan voters brave attacks as chaotic, high-stakes election draws to close
Caravan of Central American migrants halted at Mexico border
The Eternal Quest for Aether, the Cosmic Stuff That Never Was
US #MegaMillions lottery hits world record US$1.6 billion after no winners on Friday
Who is Saud al-Qahtani, the fired Saudi royal court adviser?
Bay Area NIMBYs have a new target: affordable teacher housing
From the AP archives: US targets key transnational criminal groups
INSIGHT: Thousands demand second Brexit vote
More than half a million march on London demanding a final say on Brexit
WATCH: Benidorms X Factor hopeful Danny Tetley on song for TONIGHTS live show -
Canelo Alvarez inks 11-bout deal with streaming service DAZN
Did divers find Lake Eries oldest shipwreck?
Twitter airs election meddling data
Is Facebook a mirror to your soul?
Roseannes TV son: Filming The Conners without Barr odd
10 architectural photographers to follow on Instagram
Opinion: The thing about Jeremy Corbyn is that he really is a Eurosceptic
Outgoing FM’s final policy move: to extend waters
More and more Greek firms are moving abroad
Fringe groups spar over use of room at university faculty
Erdogan says Turkey will take necessary measures in east Med, if needed
Icelandair jet in Canada emergency landing as window shattered
Ivanka Trump exaggerated, outright lied about real estate values for years
Trump Accepts Saudi Arabia’s Latest Story About Journalist Dying in a “Fistfight”
Worrell Yeung updates apartment in former Manhattan hotel with classic materials
When will fall leaves be at their peak near me?
Starting an emergency fund from scratch? Here are 6 simple ways to get started! 🤑
30 of the best Brexit signs from the Peoples Vote March
Saudi Arabia claims Jamal Khashoggi died due to ‘fist fight’
New storm system Orestes to bring heavy rain from Monday, meteo warns
Dont Be Fooled Again...
Using tech to build a better world for tomorrow
Two seriously injured after tanker overturns in Spain -
How a disgraced Republican fundraiser is exposing Qatar’s shadowy lobbying offensive
Gorillas and nature in danger | DW Documentary (Environment documentary)
In Kansas Dodge City, immigrants are being forced to travel out of town to vote
Elections only way to ensure #Prespes Agreement is not ratified, NDs @kmitsotakis says
Tonight’s the night! How are you planning to #ObserveTheMoon? 🌔
Mississippi Democrat says hed be senator for everybody.
Cities Global Warming Have A Complex Relationship
Stocks head lower, giving back some of a big rally
Vancouver voters electing new mayor after campaign dominated by housing @GlobeBC
US regulators lift strict oversight of Prudential
Rogers beats expectations, raises guidance on strong wireless performance
Moonmoon: the real(ish) term for a moon of a bigger moon
30 of the best Brexit signs from the Peoples Vote March
American women can now get abortion pills shipped to their homes
Spains government approves new tax on large internet companies -
Relatively large earthquake hits Swedish city of Gävle
Pressure mounts on Lopetegui as Real Madrid beaten by Levante
Khashoggi died in consulate fight, says Saudi
The NFL’s treatment of Colin Kaepernick is why we’re stuck with Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl
A robot that can peel lettuce jumps a major hurdle to replacing farm labor
Ole Scheeren unveils huge art museum slotted in beside Beijings hutongs
Utah voters are poised to expand Medicaid this November.
From the AP archives: Return to school increaes cases of measles
Rasmussens Readers Knew #2016Election Was Always Close. Join Us Again For #2018Midterms...
Its time for the chemical industry to support the Chemical Weapons Convention:
The fight to integrate New York City’s specialized schools is misguided, @KADilday argues
NATO Chief, EC President Welcome FYROM’s Name Change Parliamentary Vote
Ukraine Gives Iconic Saint Andrew Church To Ecumenical Patriarchate (video)
A Tale of Greece’s Perseverance: The Corinth Canal (Video)
Casual-mannered Comment by Greece’s Former FM Kotzias Draws Criticism from Opposition
Why the Trillion Planet Survey is looking for alien laser beams:
A sad day for this nation: Saudis shocked by official admission on #JamalKhashoggi killing
NYT: Former NY Doctor May Have Sexually Abused Huge Number of Young Patients
The Donald Daters dating app for Trump fans exposed its users data
Putin gloats about new weapons, says U.S. global dominance is ‘almost done’
This could be the fiercest Pacific hurricane season ever
This woman is changing communities with a simple idea: Theres no such thing as waste.
Netflix shares jump 6 percent on strong subscriber growth
Why mainstream conservatism is losing ground in Germany:
Avatar passport controls at airports
From the AP archives: Remains of revered snake returned to its home
Creativity is a distinct mental state that you can train
Four officers probed for mistreating elderly migrant woman
🇬🇷 Spider swarm cloaks Greek lake in 1,000-metre web #AFP 📸 @SakisMitrolidis
Salvini dismisses Italys ratings downgrade, says outlook stable
Miami GOP chairman reportedly planned Pelosi protest with Proud Boys
How social media culture wars are reshaping the political landscape via @ReutersOpinion
Eric Trump downplays Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, says billions of dollars are on the line
Trump rubber stamps implausible Saudi explanation about Jamal Khashoggis death.
RESOLVED? Spain’s PM says Gibraltar no barrier to UK’s Brexit plans -
LeBron faces new challenges in purple and gold
#Greece ranks 2nd in Europe for #internet addiction rates, according to study
The BMW x4 is a lot of fun, but there are some noticeable compromises
ND says casual announcement on territorial waters shows lack of seriousness
Work begins on shoring up Ilisos River culvert
Contraband tobacco intercepted at Patra port
Drug operation leads to arrest of five suspects
Afghanistan election overshadowed by violence
White House to Push Pro-Growth ‘Tax Reform 2.0’ in Senate
Racism rampant in Swedish pharmacies: report
Fabricating Hate Crimes Is a Byproduct of Victimhood Ideology on College Campuses
EU Approves Greek Budget, No Pension Cuts, PM says
Chinese Premier and Greek PM Growing Efforts to Promote Trade and Investment
What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls
Alberta experiences cannabis retail boom as 100 more stores to roll-out by mid-November
Thousands turn out for Peoples Vote march in London
#Women in #agriculture the focus of new policy tools and programmes, ANA told - #Greece
Who is responsible for the rise of the fascistic #Bolsonaro in Brazil?
‘Fox Friends’ segment prominently displays anti-Obama card with racist message
Emails Show Trump Pushed for Keeping FBI HQ in Washington, D.C.
Baby on rollicking road trip to visit all 50 states
The GOPs pivot from economic rhetoric to overtly racist appeals was inevitable.
Drink this to strengthen your immunity, eyes, liver, kidney and digestive tract. #health #naturalhealth
Japan firm admits using faulty quake shock tech
Landmark House of Fraser store in Manchester known as to close
Mega Millions lottery jackpot reaches $1.6bn after no winners are announced
Mercury mission to explore origin of Solar System
Saudi turmoil is new twist on old C-suite dilemma, says @gfhay @rob1cox - read the view:
NDs @GKoumoutsakos: @NikosKotzias legacy will be nationally damaging #Prespes Agreement
How the Saudi narrative of Khashoggis killing changed in 20 days
Habitech Architects imitates mountains with sewage works in Taiwan
A timeline of Donald Trumps relationship with the music industry
2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Apparently Leaked on Instagram
The Enthusiast: How George Nelson taught me to really see things @GlobeArts
Driver opens fire on North Carolina trooper, killing him
Scientists are trying revive woolly mammoth DNA to fight climate change
Subscribe to Mother Jones for $12 a year! People like people who have print magazines.
Yes, 311 nuisance calls are climbing in gentrifying neighborhoods
Arrogant and high handed: Taiwan blames China over Interpol snub
Spain to have the longest life expectancy on the planet by 2040 -
Amber Rudd says she was misled on Windrush and would like to be Home Secretary again
British decedents of Nazi victims are seeking German passport as Brexit looms
Dont give Saudi Arabia licence to kill, Paris watchdog says after Khashoggi death
How to identify poison ivy, oak and sumac
Film Festival | Thessaloniki | November 1-11
Jamal Khashoggi case: Who is Ahmed al-Asiri, the sacked Saudi intelligence official?
Fake Iranian tweets targeted progressive Americans with the weird and the wild
House in Yangsan looks like a cluster of small houses
Philosophy is the new battleground in South Africa’s fight against colonialism
Mattis to meet Chinese counterpart amid US-China tensions
Saudi Arabia claims Jamal Khashoggi died due to ‘fist fight’
The worlds largest organism is being eaten alive by deer
Nacho heaven!
EWF’s Blockchain For Electricity Is Building Its Foundation
From the AP archives: Officials and analyst comments on Merkels allies losses in Bavaria
Water Protectors Arrested in TX for Disrupting Oil Co. Meeting #BayouBridge
Greece ‘Ready’ to Extend Sovereignty to 12 Miles in the Ionian Sea
American democracy is fracturing. Libraries say they know how to help
When animals are placed under stress in pastoral communities, the social fabric also suffers
More than 100,000 people expected to march through London to demand final say on Brexit
OSullivan praises the way EU-Singapore trade deal has been handled in comparison to Brexit negotiations #SGPconf18
Trump tweets laughable lie about GOP support of coverage for pre-existing conditions
10 visually striking cafes to visit in cities all around the world
WHO wants to hear the sound of silence
Grace OSullivan, Irish senator for Irish Green party Seanad Eireann, now addressing the conference #SGP18
A portrait of Othello as a black Muslim tragic hero
All of Londons parks -
Trump a reluctant critic of #SaudiArabia despite pressure to act in #JamalKhashoggi scandal
Lithuanian food watchdog receives four complaints over needles in food
Stop bullying Taiwan: Tens of thousands rally in Taipei for independence vote
Paraplanning in the spotlight #Paraplanning #IFA #FinancialAdviser
Estonia implementing 8 measures to boost development of NE region
Oct. 20: 2018, going on 1170. Plus other letters to the editor @GlobeDebate
Tesla secures land in Shanghai for first factory outside US
Barclay Crousse completes labyrinthine university building in Peru
#Indonesia to renegotiate fighter jet deal with #SouthKorea to ease FX burden
Tory MP Steve Baker tries to kill the EU’s Northern Ireland Brexit backstop | by @Peston
Singapore has a serious tech talent shortage @SmartNationSG #techjobs
Usackas doesnt see Russia as direct military threat to Baltic countries
Anti-Brexit protesters gather to demand second referendum
PM says EU approved Greek budget without pension cuts
Greece ready to extend western territorial waters, says former minister
Reindeers scattered by footsteps of Chukotka hills, picture credit Konstantin Lemeshev
Shonda Rhimes reveals shes TVs highest-paid showrunner, thanks to Netflix deal.
Could this be a cry for help? #ProtectAntarctic
Fireworks display cancelled to protect whale swimming in the London Thames
#Australia withdraws from #Saudi investment summit over #Khashoggi death
Man Pleads Guilty to Shooting 3 Black Men After Hurricane Katrina
To prevent loneliness, start in the classroom
The mountain shelter is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
Pusha T reveals who told him Drake had a son
This could be the fiercest Pacific hurricane season ever
Eric Trump downplays Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, says billions of dollars are on the line
Twitter releases motherlode of data on alleged Russian and Iranian influence operations.
Susan Sontag’s 54-year-old essay on “camp” is essential reading in 2018
Skopje lawmakers approve constitutional revision under Prespes Agreement signed with #Greece
World in Pictures
PM Alexis Tsipras sworn in as foreign minister
Body of 4th victim of #Penang landslide found; 3 others remain missing
Khashoggi died in consulate fight, says Saudi
Opinion: What’s the life of Saudi journalist #JamalKhashoggi to Trump? Nothing
Who was Jamal Khashoggi? Silence does not serve my country or those detained
Liberals Lose Wentworth
Owner of Major League Baseball team among funders of racist super PAC
Murdered police officer honoured in southern Spain -
Abducted #Tanzanian billionaire Mohammed Dewji returns home after #abduction ordeal
Your Gadgets Battery Life Could Be About to Get Much Better
Migrant caravan stopped on Mexico-Guatemala border
Well that was quick... Antony Green calls it for Kerry Phelps.
Casualties as multiple blasts rock #Kabul polling stations
Watch a leafcutter bee emerge from its bee-rito
Afghans go to the polls in parliamentary elections
#Australia government braces for defeat in crucial #by-election
Thousands rally for #Taiwan independence vote
#Indian officials exchange blame for train ploughing into festival crowd
Wentworth By-Election: First Booth Is In, Records Huge Swing Against The Liberals
‘Fox Friends’ segment prominently displays anti-Obama card with racist message
Modern birds might have dinosaur lungs to thank for their existence
Putin lives in a world without rules, writes @Bershidsky
Grassy roof blends Hamptons retreat in slope overlooking Peconic Bay
DOJ Opens Investigation into Child Sexual Abuse in PA Catholic Churches
Syrian architects are already working to rebuild their country
A socialist fairyland rises in North Korea
Beer prices could double or even triple as climate change worsens, new study says.
Posthumous Hallyday album sells 300,000 on first day
Opinion: Chinese have so much to learn from the Jews about soft power
BREAKING: Severe RED ALERT for torrential rain and flooding on COSTA DEL SOL and MALAGA -
Americans 🇺🇸 feel much colder toward Mexico 🇲🇽 than Canada 🇨🇦
Indian temple set to allow entry to females who menstruate
From the AP archives: Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim speaks after return to parliament
Wearable chemical weapons detection:
Yes, you really can work yourself to death
People hating on palm oil need to look closely at the alternatives
DMVA creates One Room Hotel inside 17th-century house in Antwerp
Yes, 311 nuisance calls are climbing in gentrifying neighborhoods
Stunning photos capture the fiery passion of people in the ocean.
The worlds newest commercial airport is an engineering marvel
Yakutian Laikas Bella and Khan, and their tiny friend Oslik (Little Donkey) pictured in Yakutia by Tatiana Gasich
FYROM Accuses Greece’s Defense Minister of ‘Spreading Fake News’
The Anniversary of the Battle of Navarino: A Major Victory in Greece’s War of Independence
U.S. Embassy: Release of N17 Terrorist Xiros would be ‘Disservice’ to Victims
Weather: Fog clearing in the morning, a dry and sunny day for many
Florida: Three Ex-Police Officers Plead Guilty to Framing Black Men
Automation may take our jobs, but personal data will save our paychecks
Democrats not-so-secret plan to fight midterm malaise
UBS warns staff over #China travel after banker held in Beijing
#Mercury mission to explore origin of Solar System
#Migrant caravan halted on #Mexico-#Guatemala border, pressure to turn back mounts
Greater #Jakarta Transportation Agency plans tram system to replace buses
#US weighs new warship passage through #Taiwan Strait
Sam Baron and Formafantasmas sketches brought to life in blown glass
Tesla Model S Still #1 Large Luxury Car In USA — By Far
Why are Arab leaders remaining deafeningly silent on the case of #JamalKhashoggi?
Opinion: #JamalKhashoggi killing could drive Saudi Arabia into China’s arms
.@Netflix’s Stay Here is a cringe-worthy twist on home renovation shows
Massachusetts voters could repeal a ban on discrimination against transgender people
Khashoggi killing: God have mercy on you my love Jamal, and may you rest in Paradise
For a joyful economy, spread the wealth:
Keep your homes temperature up and the heating bill down
Hollywood Promoting Electric Cars, Sustainability
Saudis confirm death of Jamal Khashoggi
Did psychedelic mushrooms and group sex play a role in human evolution?
This artist is bottling the scents of the people she loves
Urban-Think Tank develops low-cost housing for South African slum
Honduran Caravan Continues to U.S. as Trump Threatens Central American Leaders
Oh hooray. sarcasm
Afghan voters head to the polls despite security threats
Chinese have so much to learn from the Jews about soft power, writes Wang Xiangwei
AP source: Indians complain to MLB about Astros filming
New England is experiencing a squirrel boom
Your daily horoscope: October 20
The oldest survivor of olive oil soap production in Palestine — in pictures
Your Voice Matters – Sign Our Petitions! #Petition #TakeAction #Resist
This could be the fiercest Pacific hurricane season ever
YouTube goes down for more than an hour
Astronomers find the youngest known pulsar in our galaxy: @AstronomyMag
With public consultation over, CRTC inquiry on telecom sales practices starts Monday
Why the U.S. cant approach climate adaptation like the Netherlands
Herzog de Meuron unveils revised design for Museum of the 20th Century in Berlin
The shape of your face may predict your sex drive
National-populism: a new global model is born — #AJOpinion, by @l_marsili
New unsealed records show Russia is attacking the midterm elections right now
10 Super Useful Things You Can Do With an Oscillating Multitool
The silencing of Saudi critic #JamalKhashoggi: What you need to know about the investigation
How #Turkeys President pressured #Saudis to account for #Khashoggis death
8 people who changed the world as kids
How NIMBYs in San Jose are mobilizing against affordable housing for teachers
Report: Trump Family Lied About Real Estate Deals Around the World
Empress Ofs new album is a tale of love, heartbreak, and everything in between
All the terms you need to know to understand America’s political elections
EPA move to revoke California vehicle emissions waiver generates bipartisan outrage
Founder of K2 hedge fund slapped with nine month trading ban over ‘spoofing’
Redblacks on verge of East Division title with 35-31 win over Tiger-Cats @Globe_Sports
Giving poor people cash is a good idea. Giving entrepreneurs cash might be a great one
Aspartame is bad for you... #aspartame #health
Massachusetts voters could repeal a ban on discrimination against transgender people
The worlds newest commercial airport is an engineering marvel
Playful dioramas offer a peek into the colorful personalities under the sea. 🐋
Opinion: Khashoggi killing could drive Saudi Arabia into China’s arms
Bay Area NIMBYs have a new target: affordable teacher housing
Trump tweets laughable lie about GOP support of coverage for pre-existing conditions
Norway to free Russian spy suspect: intelligence agency
Frank Gehrys Walt Disney Concert Hall illuminates with dream-like visuals
Leprosy reborn: How a once-maligned disease could unlock the secrets of stem cells:
Zlatan trains with Thai cave survivors
How the worlds forests are under attack
The best free things to do in #Philadelphia @mikeviimusic 
This Chrome extension shows you what the internet would look like if you were colorblind
Trumps enemy of the people rhetoric is endangering journalists lives
Spain arrests fugitive Peruvian ex-judge accused of corruption
Spain backs new tax on internet giants in budget plan
Leonardo da Vinci may have had an eye disorder that helped him paint masterpieces
The NFL’s treatment of Colin Kaepernick is why we’re stuck with Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl
Plane, train or automobile: Which has the biggest footprint?
Russ Adams caught a red rainbow over Illinois this morning! Heres what makes em:
10 homes built on suprisingly small budgets
In just 10 minutes, a spacecraft is launching to Mercury. Are you watching?
Deeply troubled: World reacts to Saudi confirmation of Jamal Khashoggis killing
Scott Dozier still wants to be executed. And hes still waiting.
Brazil: Haddad Accuses Far-Right Bolsonaro of Paid Online Smear Campaign