Hmm... how come cancer rates are steadily on the rise? #cancer #health
From the AP archives: Migrant caravan heads for Mexico border, in spite of threats
Habitech Architects imitates mountains with sewage works in Taiwan
#MarinerEast2 #NGL pipeline startup expected November 1: filing |
Telecoms win Calgary court fight with big implications for 5G rollout
Patient had assisted-death assessment on sidewalk outside Catholic hospital in Edmonton
Currencies Direct named Money Transfer Provider of the Year in national awards -
Grantee @jameswdelano shared his work documenting Duterte’s drug war in the Philippines today at @SAISHopkins.
First look at Michael Bublé and James Cordens special Carpool Karaoke episode
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Facebook overhauled Messenger, and it looks… zen?
US banks closed accounts tied to former Trump business partner Aras Agalarov
NASA Fixed Hubble the Same Way You Fix Your Computer
Trail-blazing Justice OConnor says she has dementia
16 of the worlds longest bridges
Richard Spencers wife files for divorce, alleging physical and emotional abuse
Knowhow Shops faceted white studio in LA is built like a piece of furniture
Killing the INF Treaty Could Spur New Generation of Missiles
The perfect dinner!
Republican congressman gives students the wrong date for absentee ballot deadline — again
Trump calls killing of Jamal Khashoggi the worst cover-up in the history of cover-ups
Judge rejects Bill Cosby’s bid for new trial or sentencing hearing
Trans Rights Protests Target Plans to Narrow Definition of Gender
The NRA is accused of engaging in an elaborate scheme to evade campaign finance law
WaPo: Whites Moving To Florida to Suppress Minority Vote
Have you seen #Trumps daily job approval numbers for today?
Titanic II is preparing to set sail
Yahoo agrees to pay £38 million for massive security breach
#HurricaneWilla’s explosive intensification is the latest twist in a record-breaking season
Making public transit more compelling is crucial.
Kashoggi uproar won’t stop Trump’s assault on the media @GlobeDebate
Russian soccer fans hurt in #Rome metro escalator accident
A Turkish Airlines Flight Flew An Extra 800 Miles And Still Managed to Landed on Time
Thirty Canadian military members, families living in Florida hotel after Hurricane Michael
Republicans’ war against Obamacare could cost them this Arkansas House seat
5 Reasons Your Midterm Vote Is Bigger Than Trump by: @TheChrisWinters
Police in Bristol have started to permit the safety testing of drugs in the city centre
Dodgers players and staff ignore striking hotel workers, cross picket line in Boston
From the AP archives: EU voices concerns over Italys budget deficit
INSIGHT: Saudi prince gets warm welcome at Riyadh summit
In just two minutes, classy Bayern dispatched AEK
Can rooftop gardens reduce the temperature inside and outside of houses?
E6 north of Malmö to open again this Thursday
Migrants trekking north defy tropical heat, Trump threats
For Calypso History Month in Trinidad and Tobago, six tunes for the #metoo era
Trump: Saudi handling of Khashoggi killing worst cover-up ever
Sandra Day O’Connor, first woman on U.S. Supreme Court, has dementia:
Vote “no” on the USW-US Steel concessions contract! - World Socialist Web Site #USSteel #USW
The close: TSX falls as decline in oil, geopolitical tension weigh @GlobeInvestor
Rapper dies after falling off aeroplane wing during music video
US Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement Hits Record Levels
Donald Trumps response to the migrant caravan is self-defeating
Ski resorts start to embrace the backcountry boom @tgamtravel
Scientists discover what they say is world’s oldest intact shipwreck
Theres a new, cheaper iPhone. And in some ways its the best ever
Horror footage captures moment a speeding escalator left at least 20 people injured in Rome
Young child found drowned in pool at apartment complex on south coast of Spain -
FBI investigating explosive device mailed to Soros
Forget bitcoin: stablecoins will change how money works #stablecoin #bitcoin
Sharp decline in numbers in latest China Rich List - World Socialist Web Site
NASA spots strange rectangular iceberg in Antarctica
FYROM rejects Russian claim of US rigging parliamentary vote
Greece will be ‘vulnerable’ in another crisis
Easing the impact of electricity bill hikes
Nicosia pleads with Athens over linkup
How Chinas Clever New Missile Could Cripple American Air Power
Central American Caravan Continues Toward U.S. Despite Trump Threats
Here’s how to make your old white Republican senator on the Judiciary Committee” name
New self-healing technology makes robots more human-like
Opinion: Forget the #tradewar, what the region needs is a US-China military treaty
Health Department removes ‘gender’ from its civil rights page
.@MrTCHarris on Theresa May’s Brexit by numbers
Media Accuses Trump of Fear-Mongering
Heres how Democrats should investigate Trump, from the guy who investigated Bush
Cities are making the rules on driverless vehicles
8 things you can do to help you avoid cancer
Stocks pare losses after dip buyers grab bargains in sell-off
Record lottery threatens Silicon Valley self-worth @rob_cyran
Share of US exports by states going to Canada - by @trevortombe
World’s ‘oldest intact shipwreck’ thought to be Greek
ATHEX: Index at new 20-month low
Former defense minister, wife await decision after testimony
Tax Cut Repeal Could Cost Americans $27K in Pay Over 10 Years, Study Says
Kingdom of Iberia and Caucasian Albania in 211AD, not where you’d expect them to be
Trump’s Proposed Rollback of Transgender Policy Is Good News for Many Who Are Suffering
Reality show idea: Make Flat Earthers search for the worlds edge
NASA has lost a lunar rover prototype and other priceless artifacts to sloppy management
France ban on face veil violates womens rights, says UN panel in a landmark ruling
Free trade in the age of Trump: Can Canada save the crumbling WTO?
Caterpillar Ventures Invests In Fisker’s Solid State Battery Tech
Bridging the gap between Indigenous education and financial literacy @GlobeBusiness
AIM National Editor Honored With Buckley Award
Ex-spy chief says Brexit leaves UK vulnerable to attack
Pence embarrasses himself defending Trump’s ridiculous lie about migrant caravan
Oldest intact shipwreck known to mankind found in Black Sea
Putin, Trump set to meet in Paris on Nov. 11
These Are The Systems that Protect Air Force One From Heat-Seeking Missiles
DC attorney general investigating whether Archdiocese of Washington covered up sexual abuse.
Inside Saudi Arabia, nationalism reaches a peak in aftermath of Khashoggi killing
Protein packed bread!
Boom. #QuirksofNature
💀 Cemeteries are the perfect spot to track our planet’s demise
Stanford #AICamera Offers Faster, More Efficient Image Classification
Join FP Live for coverage of the Bank of Canada rate decision Wednesday
A Man Allegedly Groped a Woman on a Plane. He Told Investigators That Trump Says It’s OK.
John Bolton tells Kremlin: Dont mess with US elections
Carbon tax vs. climate change will be an epic contest @GlobePolitics
Youre not burning fat. Heres what actually happens:
Dolphins Spotted In Thessaloniki’s Thermaic Gulf (video)
The Impressive Multi-Level Santorini Winery Built According to the Law of Gravity
Pavilion by Mexico City architects to become community centre in earthquake-hit town
FYROM rejects Russian claim of US vote-rigging
An ISP left corporate passwords, keys, and all its data exposed on the internet
Japanese journalist captured in Syria freed after three years of captivity
Oil is taking a beating today, shedding more than $3
Trumps Space Force to be built in stages by 2020
Eight sentenced over attack by Muslims at Swiss mosque
This Carbon-Negative Generator Makes Drinkable Water out of Thin Air
With a nudge from Girdwood, Chugiak-Eagle River residents explore options for a cemetery
Why you can still beat the street even if you’re investing from Portage and Main
Jamal Khashoggi’s killing casts a shadow over Saudi conference.
Mnuchin Meets Saudi Crown Prince as Trump Sends CIA Chief to Turkey
Geometric sculptures give the Boston Seaport a colorful makeover. 🌈
Supreme Court Rules That Commerce Secretary Won’t Have to Testify in Key Census Case
In response to Trump administration efforts, Oregon moves to ban offshore drilling
8 out of 8 people in pilot study have microplastic in their stools:
UN committee slams French burqa ban for violating rights
How to make apples last longer
Portugal’s Interior Minister Visits Refugee Center in Athens (video)
Leonadro Da Vinci Exhibition To Open in Athens
Greek Foreign Ministry: ‘Extension of Territorial Waters Our Inalienable Right’
Regling: ‘Not Enough Fiscal Space To Cancel Greece’s Pension Cuts’
Turkey: Police inspect garage where Saudi consular vehicle found during Khashoggi case
Anti-gay lawyers just showed up in the Supreme Court with a big ask for Brett Kavanaugh
UN special envoy #AngelinaJolie voices support for Venezuelan refugees
Europe’s border in Africa | DW Documentary
16 of the worlds longest bridges
Retrial to begin for US border agent who shot teen across the US-Mexico border six years ago
Ted Terry is young. Hes been on Queer Eye. And he wants to put Clarkston on the map.
Shell Joins Global Wind Energy Council
The myth that kids get cheaper after the daycare years @GlobeMoney
Turkish President Erdogan shares more intel on Saudi premeditated plot to kill Khashoggi
Things you don’t need to pack - but will make your trip a whole lot better @tgamtravel
Marvel universe a slice smaller with Luke Cage cancellation
This might be the best Red Sox World Series team yet.
Tap Smartphone App Helps Users Locate Water Bottle Refill Stations
Europe makes delayed criticism of Saudis over Khashoggi murder - World Socialist Web Site
Why it could (but shouldn’t) be the end of the arms control era
Watch a parkour expert perfectly recreate ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ victory animations
Facebook refuses to release fake Russian content to the public
Opinion: US inflation is set to rise — the Fed must act now
Saudi Aramco plans to allocate more crude oil production to petrochemicals @GlobeBusiness
INSIGHT: Peru unearths 800-year-old idols
The anti-trans Trump memo is already a reality for people like me
Second migrant caravan moves through Guatemala towards Mexico
Real talk
China opens worlds longest sea bridge, linking Hong Kong and Macau to the Chinese mainland:
Trumps frightening embrace of the term nationalist
Raw Politics: Should Europe ban arms exports to Saudi Arabia?
Ron DeSantis aide and dear friend was part of Florida Proud Boys rally
Probe ordered into reports director hit disabled staffer
Sandra Day O’Connor, first female justice on U.S. Supreme Court, reveals she has dementia
Kim Kardashian West on Kanyes support of Pres. Trump: I let him have his own views.
Yoki Treehouse by Will Beilharz spans cypress branches in central Texas
Traffickers are using Instagram and YouTube to sell live cheetahs
What @AbeShinzos Beijing visit means for China-Japan ties #XiJinping
Meet the Queen’s Six, the cheeky and charming entertainers of the Royal Family @GlobeArts
Turkish President: Khashoggi Murdered in Premeditated, Political Act #Khashoggi
How colleges fail their Trump-supporting students:
Caroline Wozniacki gets first win of this year’s WTA Finals @Globe_Sports
Donald Trump threatens to cut Central American aid over migrant caravan
Trump Appeals Court Nominee Is Working to End Affirmative Action at Harvard
Tremendously wet storms: bad for homeowners, great for mold
Verizon’s Oath is breaking its promises @jennifersaba
Marine helicopter rescues trio stranded on Hawaii sandbank
Putin meets Bolton days after Trump voiced plan to end major arms control treaty
The First Question People Ask About An Electric Car Is…
A controversial theory claims present, past, and future exist at the same time
Neuroscientists find that its easier to be a pessimist
Curling’s five-rock rule fully implemented this season @Globe_Sports
Wages in urban areas are higher, but thats not the whole story
Travel trends for 2019: dark sky tourism by @megoizzy #BestinTravel
British PM Theresa May to face her lawmakers after attacks over #Brexit plans
Germany has halted arms exports to Saudi Arabia following the murder to Jamal Khashoggi
Mega Millions $1.6B drawing Tuesday
Look heavenly!
Greek professors in Boston and the potential brain gain
Sotiria patients left on gurneys due to lack of space
ERT workers to hold 6-hr strikes Wednesday, Friday
Internet, social media use and device ownership in U.S. have plateaued after years of growth
From the AP archives: UK PM: remaining differences with EU are few but considerable
Here’s How Democrats Should Investigate Trump, From the Congressman Who Investigated Bush
9 reasons to eat an apple every day
Rogue landlord hides in toilet then gets into wrong car while escaping reporters
Fewer in Denmark reading books, despite publishing growth
Trump administration falsely blames Obama administration for transgender erasure proposal
Uber to make London its first all-electric city
Ontario government rolls back Liberals labour-friendly workplace rules @GlobeBusiness
Ottawa to run bigger-than-expected deficits over coming years: budget watchdog
What will Lisbon do about its stunning—but dangerous—sidewalks?
Dont count on Republicans to punish Saudi Arabia.
Why nuclear pasta is the strongest material in the universe
The Fallout 76 beta is here, which means hours of fun and a ton of bugs
This Newly Discovered 2,400-Year-Old Greek Ship Is the Oldest Shipwreck Ever Found Intact
China just opened the world’s longest sea crossing, from Hong Kong to the mainland
Theres plastic in your poop
The Dow, TSX are plunging again in punishing month for stocks
ND chief lays out education plan
From the AP archives: Egyptian mediators return to Gaza for truce talks
SA’s fiscal situation could be better than we think – Jammine
GOP congressman gives students the wrong date for absentee ballot deadline
Danske Bank value plummets in midst of money laundering scandal
Following sex, some men have unexpected feelings – study
When it comes to differentiating factual from opinion news statements, age matters.
Street Debater tool helps homeless people earn money without begging
Green Climate Fund Approves $1 Billion For Climate Action In Developing Countries
Many fund managers don’t trust big oil’s promises of discipline via @WSJ
Jamal Khashoggis possessions found during search of consulate vehicle: CNN Turk
Mexico readies for life-threatening Hurricane Willa
Match: Finally landing ‘the one that got away’
Stories for the sporting fanatic @GlobeArts
Soccer fields are sprouting up at Atlantas transit stations.
T. rexs tiny arms may have been useful after all
Heres where the Alaska governors race stands as of this morning
#EU could gain billions if power bidding zones are changed, according ACER | #electricpower
Meet a traveller: Hanli Prinsloo, freediving ocean activist by  @hanliprinsloo
Hot economy put onus on Bank of Canada amid Ottawa’s deficit spending
From the AP archives: Bohemian Rhapsody - interview with the cast - 21 October 2018
A Glance around France: Surfers almost shot by hunters and a ban on weddings in Marseille
DBRS views efforts to cut NPLs in Cyprus positively
Mytilineos buys out aluminum processing firm
NBG to seek more time to sell Ethniki, other assets
Debtors not interested in banks’ loan haircut offers
Taxing income from short lets
Perennial ills
Top Shot: Head in the Clouds #YourShot
New Brunswick village’s removal of straight-pride flag is discrimination, creator says
Vladimir #Putin says he wants to hold new talks with #DonaldTrump in Paris in November
Deadly tropical storm lashes Mexico
Nearly 2,000 migrants cleared from camp in northern France
Denmark to summon Saudi ambassador over Khashoggi death
Sweden not stopping Saudi weapons exports after horrible journalist death
Don’t buy bottled water. This app tells you the closest place you can fill up for free:
The right questions get others to convince themselves you’re right
UK Divided By Landscapes From 12 Ways To Divide The UK -
Long-time Tesla critic Citron Research reverses course, goes from ‘short’ to ‘long’ on stock
Gas prices have flatlined around the world
Journalist Jumpei Yasuda captured in Syria 3 years ago freed: Japanese govt
Putin receives Bolton amid nuclear treaty exit tensions
Unleash the investigations! What Dems could do if they win the house.
What you should know about the migrant caravan and the conspiracy theories surrounding it
Why Germany is one of Lonely Planet’s top destinations to visit next year
Explosion in Kreuzberg bar marks rising criminal gang activity in Berlin
Motorola becomes the first smartphone company to sell DIY repair kits to customers
Most families will get rebates from new carbon tax, Trudeau says @GlobePolitics
Cannabis stock rout could be the catalyst for pot industry’s next big deal, investor says
Canada Post says Toronto walkout will have significant impact on service @GlobeBusiness
Worlds oldest intact shipwreck discovered in the Black Sea
Brazils presidential front-runner may be exactly what the world doesnt need
Which countries have the best passports — and which have the worst
Monitoring electromagnetic signals in the brain with MRI
Works by Indian artists on display at Art Gallery of Alberta @GlobeArts
Europe a challenging environment for small reinsurers via @intelligentins
Caterpillar’s shares drop 9 per cent on disappointing profit outlook @GlobeBusiness
Healthy fudge!
This camera will take a 1,000-year-long exposure to document climate change
No speech as MBS makes brief spot at Riyadh forum
Health Department removes ‘gender’ from its civil rights page
Portuguese interior minister visits Athens refugee camp
Folli Follie to submit new application for protection
Cyprus worried over migrants cheating the system
Koreas to remove some guns, guards from DMZ
A warped mirror: @edmund__hyde on gentrification and deprivation on London’s Caledonian Road
Inside Saudi Arabia, media narratives of Khashoggi killing absolve kingdom of responsibility
Chinas Xi Jinping opens Hong Kong-mainland mega bridge
How Trump is warping the debate on trans rights:
Jamal Khashoggi killing a political murder: Erdogan
Neuroscience confirms your subconscious shapes your reality
Trudeau says it would be hard to scrap Saudi arms deal @GlobePolitics
When you see someone spend non-disposable income on Mega Millions tickets
Shopper violently sick on finding dead mouse in Lidl cooked rice packet
Meet the new Toronto Council, same as the old Toronto Council
European Commission rejects Italy’s draft budget @GlobeBusiness
Lynsey Addario risked her life to bring us these amazing photographs
EU to reject Italys budget and order a rethink
Italian word of the day: Ancora
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U.S. stocks extend losses, Dow Jones index down more than 500 points, or 2 percent
Scientists discover what they say is oldest intact shipweck
Tax checks on homesharing to widen
Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aimé on Labo’s educational potential
Go beyond @washingtonpost #Transformers and take action to support NASA at
Bomb components found in mailbox of liberal philanthropist George Soros
Should you buy, sell or hold cannabis stocks?
Early voting is underway, and its breaking records across the country
#Saudi signs deals worth S$69 billion at investment event despite boycott
Europe briefing: Six stories to know about today
Explosive device mailed to home of George Soros
Can Georgias hipster mayor help America embrace refugees again?
Immunotherapy scores a first win against some breast cancers
Novel design could help shed excess heat in next-generation fusion power plants.
Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman: #Greece has every legal right to extend territorial waters #Turkey @GreeceMFA
New Zealand military covered up killing of Afghan children - World Socialist Web Site
Markets are looking ugly this morning as world stocks sink to year low


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