Facebook shareholders back proposal to remove Mark Zuckerberg as chairman
Why Theresa May isnt ruling out another year of Brexit transition | by @Peston
Some Indonesians think #nepotism is part of human nature. Heres why:
Cannabis legalization: The unforeseen consequences, illustrated @GlobeDebate
How Italys far-right champion grew an online army
Sidewalk Labs CEO says ‘vast majority’ of privacy questions have now been answered
If you want to get a job, stop doing these four things on your CV
North Carolina Ballot Initiative Would Enshrine Tax Cuts for the Rich
Former Siemens executive denies bribing state officials
MSF responds to denials of rape at Moria migrant camp
‘Rubicon’ Anarchists Occupy School of Philosophy Classroom Again
BlackRock Freezes €300 Million Mall Development Project in Athens
Those with more education are more likely to participate in protests in several countries
Raw Politics: Brexit food for thought
Every Fed policymaker supported September rate hike @GlobeBusiness
Starbucks is charging £9 for a coffee - so we taste tested it
These butterflies can hear with their wings
Would you want to live in an Alexa-powered home? @amazon #amazon #Alexa #architecture
Vast grid of filter towers proposed across Delhi to combat toxic smog
This is the single greatest warning ahead of the midterms. Dont miss it.
Four massive planets discovered orbiting toddler star:
Computer model offers more control over protein design
Review: Halloween is the killer reboot you’ve been waiting 40 years for @GlobeArts
An anniversary for, and salute to, the Okanagan Valley and B.C. wine
Amazon planning large new warehouse in central Mexico @GlobeBusiness
U.S. SEC considers seeking consultation on easing quarterly reporting rules @GlobeBusiness
Want to understand U.S. immigration? We’ve got an email course for you:
PREMIUM: World’s most expensive Tweet? Musk, Tesla to pay $40m: The Wall Street Journal
China: 1 Million Uyghurs Imprisoned Under Guise of “Job Training” #Xinjiang
Pompeo suggests US may lift Turkey sanctions linked to pastor
For years, geographic inequality was on the decline. Now, its growing again.
In Unusual Move, Republican Party Begins to Pull Money From Incumbent Races
Evidence of earliest life on Earth disputed
VERBATIM: Im not giving cover to Saudi Arabia
NASA study provides new clues in the search for life on other planets
Investment fund K2 accused of manipulative order ‘spoofing’ by OSC staff
Wind to introduce 5G network in Kalamata next year
More containers moving through Piraeus
Can this superfood company help stop extremism?
Autonomous Vehicles and Roads: An Emerging Relationship #mobility
The only way to get this video game achievement is to not play it for 5 years
The four common CV mistakes you need to stop making, according to recruiters
George R.R. Martin reveals the climate change lesson from Game of Thrones
Outbreak of mysterious polio-like disease plagues residents in 22 states: #HealthNews
B.C. Lions look to cement playoff spot with victory over Edmonton @Globe_Sports
Brazilian Companies Are Pressuring Workers to Vote for a Fascist Presidential Candidate:
Beauty industry-funded study suggests microplastics are not that harmful to the environment
Happy #SpreadsheetDay! To celebrate, revisit a fun interview with @DanB, creator of VisiCalc
Our relationship with #dickpics is complicated - heres why: #sexuality
19 dead in gun and bomb attack at Crimean college
U.S. asks Saudi to investigate itself on Khashoggi death, but Turkey could complicate things
Original Big Bird actor retiring from Sesame Street after 50 years.
Get to know @Nnedi, the writer of the new #Shuri comic: #BlackPanther #WakandaForever
Studio MK27 updates and expands Gama Issa house in São Paulo
The Growth Stage removes the middle men from private capital raising
Spanish Congress set to debate controversial euthanasia bill -
Bullying at Westminster: What you need to know
US EPA aims to adopt new fuel economy rule by March, E15 rule by May | @meghangordon story:
Shell agrees to sale of Danish #crudeoil, #natgas assets to Noreco for $1.9 billion |
Cyprus says Kotzias resignation a domestic issue
FYROM Main Opposition Leaves House Debate on Name Change
Drugs confiscated in crackdown in downtown Athens
Section of tram closed amid concerns over subsiding ground
Three fragments of ancient mosaic floors returned
Soccer fan sentenced for making firebombs in Thessaloniki
Athens metro workers call stoppage on Friday morning and night
Frictionless Data: Why Ease and Portability Are More Important Than Ever - Dataconomy
Court rejects charges tied to unsecured bank loans
Hahn calls for preservation of Prespes accord after Kotzias resignation
Cretes Mirabello Beach Village hotel to join Wyndham Grand chain
Tsipras is Hostage to Kammenos, Says Greek Opposition
Ancient Palaestra Discovered in Greece’s Eretria
USA Gymnastics doesn’t deserve any more chances
The things cities could do now to cut climate emissions—fast
Could ancient climate change have affected human evolution?
Something you and your kids will love!
From the AP archives: FEMA: Warns still not safe to return home
The new Republican midterm strategy is to copy Democratic ideas.
Trump says he doesnt want to abandon Riyadh in crisis over journalist
Stacey Abrams rallies voters forced off Black Voters Matters bus in Georgia
Bay Area NIMBYs have a new target: affordable teacher housing
Somalia: Pentagon Claims U.S. Drone Strike Kills 60 Al-Shabab Fighters
DPM Teo Chee Hean calls on Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
Tensions at Indian temple over female pilgrims
Trumps not just undermining democracy at home--hes Americas most dangerous export
Apparently its #NationalPastaDay in the United States. Got any burning questions? 🍝
Apparently its #NationalPastaDay in the United States! Got any burning questions? 🍝
Hats off to Bjerregaard -
Halifax student starts national campaign to raise awareness about sexual assault
World’s Largest Microgrid Moves One Step Closer In Palau
End of the ‘cannabis rainbow’? Day one of legal marijuana — and pot stocks are tumbling
From @philosgreek: The mistake countries keep making when dealing with the EU
Raw Politics: Euronews talks to The Suns Political Editor
Turkey: Saudi Arabia sends investigative team to consuls residence - reports
Never did. Never will. #longreads
Smugglers bring migrants into Greece in luxury cars
ND leader says Tsipras is hostage to coalition with Kammenos
Nikos Kotzias: The Architect of the Prespa Agreement Pushed Out from Tsipras’ Ship
German Tourist Returns Ancient Mosaics Taken from Greece in the 1960s
Launch Startup Rocket Lab Chooses an American Launch Site
Blind cavefish provide a surprise clue to our possible dark past:
What the Democratic Party needs to learn from Nevada casino workers
The Republican effort to repeal Californias gas tax may be running on fumes
Whats #Love got to do with #Cooperatives? Everything!
Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Are a Role Model for School Choice
Flint Legionnaires’ Disease Survivors Speak Out: “Every Day Is a Challenge”
Pro-Trump #WalkAway March has all the signs of a grifting operation
🤣 Our favorite finalists from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
The Mediterranean is rising. These sites are in the way
Beto ORourke finally took off the gloves last night—and it was thrilling
How a Soda Can Hack Could Undermine Voting Machine Security
Spain to have longest life expectancy in 2040: Study
Puppeteer who plays Big Bird on Sesame Street retiring @GlobeArts
How Anthony Powell chronicled the curiously languid world of the English middle class:
5 transformational policies for a prosperous and sustainable world @jrockstrom
Great slide modified greatly by @ChananBos for @cleantechnica #AEC2018 @AVERE_EU
Why I’m Sick and Tired of Hearing About Russiagate: via @jessicastites
Canadian Premier League partners with U Sports to share young soccer talent @Globe_Sports
His classmates called him the n-word. What this 12-year-old did next will melt your heart.
Rick Hanson: Resilient | Talks at Google
Washington Post runs mysterious, paid, full-page pro-Trump letter by anonymous person
Ecosystems Enable Urban Evolution #bvsiiblogseries
Ex-Tory councillor turned independence supporter founds new Edinburgh Common Weal group
BMW 3 Series Sedan: Ahead of the curve -
Some gubernatorial and Senate candidates are banking on split-ticket voters this November
The Latest: Missing Saudi writer stirs US opposition calls
#China propaganda chief warns #HongKong media over interference: Reports
Zika in #Africa: Rare birth defect on the rise in Angola @jdsteen1 @SEisenhammer
Democrats, Flush With Cash, Spare No Expense on Key Races via @WSJ
New Brunswick’s Liberal, Tory leaders hold rare meeting ahead of session
A baby dinosaur named Andrew reveals how sauropods grew so big eating just plants:
The Latest: More executives pulling out of Saudi conference
America’s worsening geographic inequality
Researchers accidentally discovered that this Antarctic ice shelf hums. Listen here:
Energy Transfer Partners’ Security Team Sinks Water Protectors’ Boats
Why Science Is Figuring Out New Ways to Scratch Your Car
Roads closed after bomb scare in Westminster
.@kmitsotakis calls @tsipras_eu a weak prime minister in a cynical coalition #Greece
A risky investment -
Heres what a victory for Trumps GOP would mean
Car2go Launching In Paris
Top Shot: Northern Harriers Airshow #YourShot
Greece: FM Kotzias resigns amid tensions over Macedonia accord
Pimp and pro-Trump politician Dennis Hof dead at 72
JUST IN: Trump says he is not giving cover to Saudi Arabia on missing journalist
Trump threatens to pull aid from Central American countries protected by TPS
Reports Link Jamal Khashoggi Disappearance to Saudi Crown Prince
Scientists want to punch holes in clouds with ultra-hot lasers from space
Can they park in the street? -
Trump Complains Saudi Crown Prince Is Deemed “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”
What the Democratic Party needs to learn from Nevada casino workers
Theres a fatal flaw in anti-terror infrastructure
Randomly shooting everyone: Witnesses on #Crimea college attack
Unified theory of childhood leukemia reveals a cause—and a likely prevention
Susan Sontag’s 54-year-old essay on “camp” is essential reading in 2018
Tsipras ‘Determined’ to Complete the Prespa Agreement
A new brain network lets three people to communicate using only their thoughts:
From the AP archives: Aerials show Michael devastation in 3 towns
Bakken fob Beaumont/Nederland now available. Download our price guide. #crudeoil #bakken
Norway apologizes to mistreated war-time German girls
Opinion: Under autocratic Trump, US democracy is more alive than ever
Facebook allegedly overestimated how much people watch video ads
Turkish police search Saudi consul’s home in Khashoggi case
If Canada Post goes on strike Monday, how will you get pot in Ontario?
Why the U.S. cant approach climate adaptation like the Netherlands
This is sure to cause a lot of debate... #Halloween #Halloweencandy #TrickorTreat
How metacognition, thinking about thinking, can help your life
The 15 Corporations that make the most cars @Visualcap
The Latest: White House warns of penalty over Saudi writer
Democrats hopes to take Senate fading in homestretch
Why is Pluto no longer a planet?
New strategy: Democrats go all-in on health care in midterms
Jupiters icy moon Ganymede has tectonic faults just like Earth:
17 dead in gun and bomb attack at Crimean college
GCI objects to big cut in Rural Health Care payments for internet service Via @AlaskaJournal
Arctic ice sets speed limit for major ocean current
Valerio Olgiati uses sky blue marble for interiors of Céline store in Miami
Became the queen of queso!
Ancient titan structure found lurking in the early universe
Voters Say #Democrats Likely to Win #House, Not #Senate... #BreakingPoll
Caught In The Cross Hairs – Media Lens And The Mystery Of The Wikipedia Editor
Mine was the 1996
Netflix smashes user growth numbers
Full video: May and Corbyn clash over Brexit at PMQs
People line up in St. John’s, Canada, to legally purchase weed at the stroke of midnight
A guide to surviving the longest flight in the world
Never hear ‘I’m bored’ on a family beach vacation again @tgamtravel
The biggest takeaways from the final debate between Beto ORourke and Ted Cruz
UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura to step down in November
Cologne hostage drama likely a terrorist act: prosecutors
A disturbing 1995 prediction by Carl Sagan accurately describes America of today
Illustrator reimagines iconic artists as modern-day hipsters.
This is definitely the worst way to die
How AI Can Help Cities Conserve #Resources and Plan for the Future #technology
Polish ex-consul sentenced to life in prison for murder of Monaco heiress
HOH Architecten combines two 17th-century townhouses to create Institute for Advanced Study
COMMENTARY | A vote for Andrew Gillum in November is a vote against law enforcement
Beyond voting, political participation remains relatively low across 14 countries surveyed
Report: Ben Carson’s plan to solve NIMBYism won’t work
Mammals are going extinct so fast that it may take millions of years to recover:
Billionaire Shahid Khan pulls out of £600 million Wembley Stadium bid
Beto ORourke has finally taken off the gloves
Humans are cutting down the tree of life
Tensions at Indian temple over female pilgims
Why @StarreVartan will never have a lawn again and why you shouldnt either: #backyard #lawn
Elon Musk to buy $20-million worth of Tesla stock
Staged in a yurt, Noor rethinks the boundaries of theatre @GlobeArts
Smoke in the cabin forces Melania Trump’s plane back to military base
Malmö performance of Mahlers Fifth ends in brawl
Swedish word of the day: dags
The difference between asshole, asshat, and assclown
Technology Access Gap Leaves Millions of Students Struggling to Keep Up
Your diet might be causing anxiety and depression
Dutch firm Concrete completes tallest residential skyscraper in New Jersey
Terence Corcoran: Insurers pave their paradisaical parking lot
🇨🇳 Chung Yeung Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day at a cemetery in Hong Kong. 📸 @AntAFP #AFP
Older generations are more likely to vote than their younger compatriots across 10 countries
Cannabis stocks are sliding on day one of pot being legal in Canada
Big Tobacco is spending millions to defeat Obamacare at the ballot box
Angelika Amon wins 2019 @brkthroughprize in Life Sciences
A small tweak to Herbal Essences shampoo bottles is a big win for inclusive design
Snap, crackle, crash: What rice cereal can tell us about collapsing ice shelves:
Dennis Hof, star of adult reality series Cathouse, has died at age 72.
Tsipras: ‘I will not tolerate double talk and self-serving strategies’
Why is Italy resisting EU sanctions against Russia over cyberattacks?
Spring Torrents | Thessaloniki | To February 24
From the AP archives: Amnesty: US-led coalition campaign caused civilian casualties in Raqqa
Chronis Botsoglou | Athens | October 18 - November 10
Italian word of the day: Ninnananna
The sooner you expose a baby to a second language, the smarter they’ll be
Politics Briefing: Cannabis is now on sale @GlobePolitics
How to bridge the Trump gap in climate finance:
New York attorney general expands investigation into bogus net neutrality comments
No-deal Brexit: What Frances draft law means for Brits in France
On @Breakingviews a column by @edwardhadas : Beware of the curse of financial markets
Honestly, does anybody even eat American cheese anymore? #cheese #food
U.S. housing starts sinks 5.3 per cent in September @GlobeBusiness
Day one of legal marijuana — and pot stocks are tumbling
🇸🇾 Retaken but not rebuilt: Syrias Raqa a year since IS ouster. #AFP 📸 @Delilsouleman
Phan Thao Dang transforms sewage pipes into benches and stools
Check out #Trumps daily job approval numbers for today... #BreakingPoll
Greek PM accepts Kotzias resignation, takes over as foreign minister
U.S. Job Openings Topped 7 Million for the First Time via @WSJ
Media Alert: Caught In The Cross Hairs – Media Lens And The Mystery Of The Wikipedia Editor
18 dead in gun and bomb attack at Crimean college
Greek foreign minister quits after Cabinet spat over #Macedonia
Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias Resigns
Nearly six-in-ten Americans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases
This guy made a big red button to instantly sell cryptocurrency during a crash:
American forced to leave Sweden despite running successful brewery
Texas offers Hamilton his first shot at fifth #F1 title
What’s it like to be struck by lightning? | NBC Left Field
Video: Swiss soldiers ordered to throw stones and nuts at colleague
Building Towards Resiliency through Healthy Digital Ecosystems
Trump calls Fed his biggest threat
USA Gymnastics interim CEO quits after anti-Nike tweet
These cannabis stocks have already rallied 1,000% into Canada’s legal pot debut
Merkel says still a chance on Brexit deal
“The enabling authority”: What explains the Warrington boom? asks @JonnElledge
Russia blames student in #Crimea school attack that killed 18
Elon Musk to purchase $20-million of Tesla stock @GlobeBusiness
Why do digital health startups keep failing?
Climate change could double the price of beer
#GenericCongressionalBallot Tied Again This Week... #BreakingPoll
Fresh clashes in India-administered Kashmir after four killed in gunfight
Killing the Electoral College Would Alienate Half the Country
Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias submits resignation
US ‘disappointed’ by FYROM opposition party stance
Tsipras accepts resignation of foreign minister
Biological Male Wins World Championship Event in Women’s Cycling
At least 13 killed and dozens injured in explosion at school in Russian-annexed Crimea
Sky internet and phone goes down for some people
In hurricane-ravaged Georgia, organizers put election outreach on hold to distribute aid
Blooming early! Japans famed cherry blossoms make unexpected appearance
At least 13 killed and dozens injured in explosion in Russian-annexed Crimea
School in Russian-annexed Crimea hit by deadly blast
Your guide to buying legal pot in Canada
How Netflix drives culture, in one chart:
Legalization is here, but municipalities are still waiting for tools to handle it
When I First Realized America Is Exceptional
Three anti-fracking activists have prison sentences quashed on appeal
Mother Nature has the power to heal. #garlic #naturalmedicine #herbalmedicine
USA Gymnastics doesn’t deserve any more chances
Yellow weather warnings for the Costa del Sol and surrounding areas TOMORROW -
Recode Daily: The hot new thing among the megawealthy — avoiding taxes by doing good
Lilly Ledbetter is a law #WomenAndPower
This is how bad Indonesias #nepotism problem is | By @asmiatimalik for @ConversationEdu
Rural communities feel overlooked after Michael
.@SenDuckworth says damn straight she fights like a girl #WomenAndPower
Three anti-fracking activists released from prison over Cuadrilla demonstration
If you think your dog understands what youre saying, youre exactly right! #dogs
Geroulanos says will run for Athens mayor
NCH Capital can start work at Kassiopi, seven years after tender
Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias resigns
.@lenadunham didn’t see the pitchforks coming #WomenAndPower
At least 10 dead after deadly explosion at a college in Crimea
The most important election of our lives
As ‘news deserts’ widen across America, communities and civic engagement fray
These are the faces of the victims of the recent homophobic attacks in Paris
Wickenheiser, Pegula reflect NHL’s gradual journey toward diversity @Globe_Sports
Thirteen people killed in armed attack on Crimean college
Strike a profit: ASOS’ fast-fashion surge lacks high-end profit @aimeedonnellan
Netflix shares just keep climbing after subscriber growth smashes estimates
India minister M.J. Akbar quits to fight sexual harassment allegations amid #MeToo movement
Indian Coal Mining Companies Plan $1.6 Billion Solar Investment