Katsutoshi Sasakis minimalist home contrasts a dark exterior with a light interior
#Britain announces platform to track aid sector sex predators
Technology Access Gap Leaves Millions of Students Struggling to Keep Up
More evidence tide is changing against SA’s forces of darkness
Ford government disbands Liberals’ expert panel to end violence against women
Washington Post runs full-page ‘open-letter’ from anonymous pro-Trump author
Mega Millions jackpot soars to $900 million.
Scientists caught an Antarctic ice shelf singing a strange tune
Facebook is cracking down on dark ads
Trump Threatens to Sanction Honduras over Migrant Caravan
U.S. data drags oil lower; dollar up after Fed minutes @GlobeBusiness
The world can no longer stay silent about Saudi Arabia — #AJOpinion
Opinion: No longer welcome, the American dream is now out of reach for Chinese immigrants
Indonesians are underestimating the impact of #nepotism on the economy #corruption
Global #tradewars risk millions of jobs: #WTO chief
#Bhutan set to hold run-off vote to decide new government
Music industry loses $2.65 billion a year over improper licensing by small businesses
Commissioner Goodell plays down possibility of NFL anthem policy @Globe_Sports
U.S. Senator McConnell tells Trump administration tariffs hurt, urges trade progress
Ebola outbreak in Congolese war zone is proving hard to fight
The American public might never see final Mueller report on Russian election interference.
Canada is poised to inhale the global pot market. Thanks, Jeff Sessions.
Economy and environment go hand-in-hand, says natural resources minister @GlobeBusiness
Hundreds Speak Against Rollback Of Clean Car Standards At Public Hearings
Trump says climate change not a hoax, not sure of its source
Did ancient climate change affect human evolution?
All bets are off for Hainan, say #Chinese officials
Even Fox News is getting tired of Trump
Nightly Business Report - October 17, 2018
Head coach Nick Nurse reflects on first game at Toronto Raptors’ helm @Globe_Sports
How to make a to-do list that actually gets done #timemanagement
Sidewalk Labs CEO says company is listening and learning on smart city proposal
Many top burger chains fail over antibiotics use
You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. -- C.S. Lewis #WednesdayWisdom
Blind cavefish provides a surprise clue to our possible dark past:
Canadians whove used pot can be forever barred from entering the United States
#US spares #China from currency manipulator label amid trade war
U.N. Appoints Palestine as Chair of G77 Developing Nations
Opinion: Trump’s divisive politics has energised democracy, rather than eroded it
US fertility rate drops, maternal age goes up
Who makes what: A quick guide to some prominent recreational cannabis brands
How Anjem Choudary sparked rise of Tommy Robinson and the far-right
Writers vs Trump: Does the president violate the First Amendment?
With grisly leaks, Turkey keeps focus on Khashoggi case and pressure on Saudi-U.S. relations
Baby dinosaur named Andrew reveals how sauropods grew so big eating just plants:
Diana Shipping kamsarmax charter extended by Glencore
In his final book, Stephen Hawking makes it clear where he stands on God #StephenHawking
Trump tells cabinet to swing budget ax
From @pacificfoods soup to Parmigiano Reggiano, check out this weeks #DelishDeals:
White Supremacy Thrives, Even in Progressive Places, by @Sandra_Bass
#Earthquake magnitude 4.1 - 100.6 km from #Copiapó - #Chile
Youll love this healthy, fresh treat!
My week on Twitter 🎉: 16 New Followers. See yours with
Apple will now let you see every piece of information it has collected about you
New York attorney general expands investigation into bogus net neutrality comments
Senate hopes fading for Dems in home stretch
Fernanda Canales completes reflective pavilion for Design Week Mexico 2018
Residential density to rise in Vancouver, regardless of election’s outcome @GlobeBC
More Honduran migrants seek to join U.S.-bound group in Guatemala
Steve Coogan: If we really care about the will of the people we must support a Final Say
DeepOcean awarded Australian contract
The 5th Annual Women In Cleantech Sustainability Adds Pitch Competition
Red Dead Redemption 2 to start arriving on consoles this week
PC MPP alleges NDP Leader pushed her, Andrea Horwath denies it
The 10 best books on AI
Blood test can pinpoint your body clock — and use it for good #bodyclock
Tomorrows @independent front page #tomorrowspaperstoday To subscribe to the Daily Edition
China plans to ‘launch its own artificial moon’ by 2020
A brain network lets three people to communicate using only their thoughts:
Sky internet and phone goes down for some people
David Chipperfield designs metallic interiors for fashion label Ssenses Montreal store
From the AP archives: Mayors gather in Flint to talk about water safety
EBay files lawsuit against Amazon, alleges it tried to recruit sellers @GlobeTechnology
Test case challenges a politician’s right to block people from Twitter account
Remembering Ned Franks: He was both gracious and friendly
Russia is re-launching its Soyuz rocket again, just days after a catastrophic failure
Current estimates for climate migrants go as high as 1 billion people displaced by 2050.
New York City to Charge Members of Far-Right “Proud Boys” Group
Shopify helps ensure smooth rollout of online cannabis sales: ‘No outages’
Manitoba NDP calls for inquest after Indigenous man’s death on a bus
North Carolina Ballot Initiative Would Enshrine Tax Cuts for the Rich
Heated Workwear That Will Keep You Warm All Winter
The Moon has a magnificent encounter with a bright Mars tonight.
Caption this finalist for a Comedy Wildlife Photography Award
McConnell warns Republicans will try to repeal Obamacare again if midterms go well for GOP
How to cope when living with a vegetarian, according to an omnivore
Democrats’ Senate prospects worsen In Nevada and Arizona.
This personal server lets you keep your emails entirely in your control:
How Participatory Data Collection is Shaping China’s Mobility Climate Policy
I’m a middle-aged guy who’s just come out. Dating is a whole new world
U.S. Treasury employee charged in leak linked to Mueller’s probe
Got 12 bucks? Get a Mother Jones subscription.
FBI Director Christopher Wray: Terrorists Likely to Use Drones to Attack ‘Mass Gatherings’
The missing middle in Toronto’s housing debate @GlobeArts
We need you to be our eyes and ears.
EPA quietly puts controversial ‘secret science’ plan on hold — for now
Wearable tech helps an MIT scientist remember his whole life
Popular #Vegan Sushi Chain to Be Featured on Shark Tank! #PlantBased #VeganFood
What duelling can teach us about taking offence
#3Dprinted #roboticgrippers make #packaging machines efficient #3dprinting
From the AP archives: Panama City residents comb through wreckage
A mysterious polio-like illness in children has the CDC baffled
This guy made a big red button to instantly sell cryptocurrency during a crash:
Midterms Are Coming...
Paul Ryans super PAC spending shows a few House races are tightening
Barley shortage could threaten global beer supply
Will Zuckerberg stay on as Facebook chairman?
Woman, 48, charged with criminal negligence in northern Ontario fatal fire
In Unusual Move, Republican Party Begins to Pull Money From Incumbent Races
Giving poor people cash is a good idea. Giving entrepreneurs cash might be a great one
Home, Home On The Range: Homing In On Electric Vehicle Ranges
Beto O’Rourke shows Democrats how to talk about climate change.
Daily Beast Treats DNA Test as Vindication for Elizabeth Warren
Big Tobacco is spending millions to defeat Obamacare at the ballot box
The Robots Are Coming—To Clean Up Your Disgusting Room
Day 1 blooper: Ontario Cannabis Store mislabels genital spray as oral product
Interesting... #vaccines #antivax #health
Stacey Abrams rallies with Georgia voters forced off Black Voters Matter bus
Catch and release might be hurting fish more than thought:
A new discovery at Verona University could change the story of Dantes life
From the AP archives: Mayors gather in Flint to talk about water safety
From the AP archives: Panama City residents comb through wreckage
33% off refurbished iPads and other great #deals happening today:
Hints of the 4th dimension detected by physicists
Selkirk, Man., high school student faces weapons charges over shotgun: RCMP
Doug Aitken installs mirrored house in historic Detroit building
Stunning photos capture the fiery passion of people in the ocean.
As Canadians get high, cannabis stocks go low.
Indian minister quits to fight sexual harassment accusations
In Texas, young Latinos look set to become one of the most important voting blocs
Cuban Diplomats Protest U.S. Embargo at U.N.
Brexiteers accused of sniping at PMs Europe adviser
When will fall leaves be at their peak near me? #autumn #fall
Fishery council considers options for tracking halibut rental boats
The secret world of corporate tax avoidance @GlobeBusiness
Sober start as recreational marijuana becomes legal in #Canada
U.S. capital spending write-offs — not tax cuts — creating ‘unequal playing field’: Morneau
Kanye and Kim, taking it Yeezy in Uganda
How Paul Allen saved the search for extraterrestrial intelligence in America
Left, Media Bash College Sexual Assault Policies That Protect Rights of Accused
Arizona statewide candidate tweets pejorative term for Asian-Americans
Become a smarter negotiator by using prospect theory
UK fans flocked to TV to watch Princess Eugenies wedding
Check out a beautiful Greenland dust storm in this NASA satellite imagery: @yulsman
Americans are far more religious than adults in other wealthy nations
From the AP archives: Panama City residents comb through hurricane wreckage
A record number of families are crossing the border, and Trump is pissed
Quick and delish!
Pro-Trump #WalkAway March has all the signs of a grifting operation
Climate Change and Its Staggering Refugee Crisis, by @memomiller
#Farm to #Coop to Table: #FoodJustice in Urban #Agriculture
Kinder Morgan posts $1.35-billion third-quarter income on Trans Mountain sale @GlobeBusiness
Family Physicians Association Breaks Ranks, No Longer Opposes Assisted Suicide
Milutinov hands Olympiakos victory at Baskonia
Guardian front page, Thursday 18 October 2018: Brexit deadlock as May ‘offers no new ideas’ at EU summit
Moonmoon: the real(ish) term for a moon of a bigger moon
Man seized in Stockholm for Rosengård shooting
The ambivalent nuclear politics of Fallout video games:
Google #Pixel3 review: The best smartphone camera around
New Report Says Natural Capital Should Be Informing Financial Decision Making
Manitoba backbencher who made inappropriate comments not seeking re-election
The Army Wants Laser Weapons To Take Out Killer Drone Swarms
Media Offended in Lock-Step By Jokes Accusing Liberals of Thinking In Lock-Step
Singer #MichaelBuble says life changed after sons cancer diagnosis
The Complex and Frustrating Reality of Recycling Plastic
Pasta lovers rejoice! Finally, news that pasta is good for you! #NationalPastaDay
Senators, Canadiens and Canucks among league’s early surprises @Globe_Sports
Ultraconservative brewery chief William Coors incurred union’s wrath @GlobeBusiness
Winnipeg police issue ticket for consuming pot in car on first day of cannabis legalization
ScottishPower Ditches Remaining Gas Plants In Move To 100% Wind
Cheaters on dating apps exhibit more psychopathic personality traits, study finds
How a 17th Century City is Tackling 21st Century Problems #governance
Democrats in Congress are going after the GOP for trying to cut entitlements
Washington Post runs full-page ‘open-letter’ from anonymous pro-Trump author
Dwarf planet Ceres mantle and crust rotate at weirdly different speeds:
How NIMBYs in San Jose are mobilizing against affordable housing for teachers
Nova Scotia town’s sinkhole ‘still considered unsafe,’ officials say
With a little ingenuity, clean power can fill the needs of big industry @GlobeBusiness
New Apple tool helps users access iPhone data
Tiffani Thiessen Releases New Cookbook ‘Pull Up a Chair’
Jeremy Corbyn calls for Saudi arms sales suspension amid Jamal Khashoggi disappearance
Theresa May presses EU on #Brexit but offers no new plans
MEG formally rejects Husky Energy’s $3.3-billion hostile takeover bid
Health care CEO accused of cheating Medicare to sell opioids.
The Justice Department’s war on leaks strikes again.
The SEC is challenging NYSE and Nasdaqs business model @tombuerkle
BBC Ones Informer is as nonsensical as Bodyguard – episode one review
Antarctic Wind Creates a Dramatic Humming Noise That You Can Only Hear Underground
Israel Set to Raze Palestinian Village for Settlement Construction
How will Khashoggis suspected murder affect MBS?
Live: Trump awards Medal of Honor to Vietnam War veteran
Michio Kaku: 4 things that currently break the speed of light barrier
Celebrating the problems and pleasures of Ingmar Bergman, 100 years on @GlobeArts
The perils of green beauty
On day one of legalization, the cheapest bud is being sold in Newfoundland and Labrador
Toronto slumbers, but Hamilton housing market perks up
WATCH: Ryanair video exposes fake photo of cabin crew sleeping on airport floor in Spain -
Can black holes explain dark matter? A new study helps disprove the idea:
From the AP archives: Mayors gather in Flint to talk about water safety
Inspiring Students 1,500 Feet Above Antarctica An #EarthExpedition blog post
Lawmakers scores plummet on LGBTQ congressional scorecard
Property Rights Protections for South Africans Are Moving in the Wrong Direction
Dollar Tree has proved that money doesn’t grow on mergers @TheRealLSL
Kotzias, the search for solutions and his combative style
.@Netflix’s Stay Here is a cringe-worthy twist on home renovation shows
Trump turns attention to budget cutting after slashing taxes
Bill Nye: From Ebola to climate change, scientifically illiterate leaders endanger us all
McConnell: China has been eating our lunch
Climate Change Impacts Can Worsen Mental Health Conditions
Game of Thrones has a political message. Republicans probably won’t hear it.
In My Stories, My Time, Jean Chrétien traces his incredible path through history @GlobeArts
Shopify sees 100 pot orders per minute on Canadian websites for legalization day
This artist is bottling the scents of the people she loves
Technology Access Gap Leaves Millions of Students Struggling to Keep Up
Steve King endorsed a far-right mayoral candidate because he’s a white supremacist
Leprosy reborn: How a once-maligned disease might unlock the secrets of stem cells:
Perfectionists, it’s time to give yourself a break @GlobeBusiness
The midterm elections are in serious danger of being hacked, thanks to Trump
Seattle belonged to Paul Allen
Twitter releases motherlode of data on alleged Russian, Iranian influence operations.
Have you seen #Trumps daily job approval numbers for today?
One thing underscores all that Trump does: money @GlobeDebate
Exclusive: U.S. legal threat prompts change at OPEC
Van Dyke’s Guilty Verdict Was Made Possible By Decades of Activism Against Racist Policing
Used oyster shells are saving New York Citys harbor: @BillionOyster #oysters #nyc
Georgia mayor disparages Black Voters Matter from his racist, rant-filled Facebook page
DMVA creates One Room Hotel inside 17th-century house in Antwerp
Albanian FM thanks Kotzias for genuine cooperation
Will Imperial Beach, California, retreat from a rising sea?
Transfer of Trump political operative to Interior’s IG office angers oversight experts
Making Sense of Place through Data Visualization
Maddow Fails to Contextualize Voting in Georgia
Millennials have a chance to transform state legislatures this November
Suspended EPA Official: “Our Kids Will Continue to Be Poisoned” Under Trump
Oldest fossils ever discovered might not actually be fossils after all:
Finance makes Apple and Google forced friends @rob_cyran
Here’s what you need to know about the elusive Lady Alice 🍎: #FallFlavors #MakesMeWhole
Property is a moral issue
Twitter opens the floodgates on fake Russian and Iranian tweets
House in Yangsan looks like a cluster of small houses
The Army’s New Howitzer Barrel is Ridiculously Long. Heres Why.
10 MIT Alumnae named to @Incs female founders 100 via @mitsloan
COMMENTARY | The 2020 election could take place in the middle of an uncivil war
Ryan Zinke just fired the Department of the Interior’s acting inspector general
WEF report sees a government without direction
Fire probe continues
Canada to host G7 conference on artificial intelligence in Montreal in December
‘How much without a receipt?’
Untapped potential in Greece’s food and agricultural sector
White House Shuns Energy Secretary’s Coal Nuclear Bailout
Sebastian Maluskas pop-up tent can fit on the roof of any car
This robotic hand can catch a beer can and then crush it
Facebook shareholders back proposal to remove Mark Zuckerberg as chairman
Why Theresa May isnt ruling out another year of Brexit transition | by @Peston
Some Indonesians think #nepotism is part of human nature. Heres why:
Cannabis legalization: The unforeseen consequences, illustrated @GlobeDebate
How Italys far-right champion grew an online army
Sidewalk Labs CEO says ‘vast majority’ of privacy questions have now been answered
If you want to get a job, stop doing these four things on your CV
North Carolina Ballot Initiative Would Enshrine Tax Cuts for the Rich
Former Siemens executive denies bribing state officials
MSF responds to denials of rape at Moria migrant camp
‘Rubicon’ Anarchists Occupy School of Philosophy Classroom Again
BlackRock Freezes €300 Million Mall Development Project in Athens
Those with more education are more likely to participate in protests in several countries
Raw Politics: Brexit food for thought
Every Fed policymaker supported September rate hike @GlobeBusiness
Starbucks is charging £9 for a coffee - so we taste tested it
These butterflies can hear with their wings
Would you want to live in an Alexa-powered home? @amazon #amazon #Alexa #architecture
Vast grid of filter towers proposed across Delhi to combat toxic smog
This is the single greatest warning ahead of the midterms. Dont miss it.
Four massive planets discovered orbiting toddler star:
Computer model offers more control over protein design
Review: Halloween is the killer reboot you’ve been waiting 40 years for @GlobeArts
An anniversary for, and salute to, the Okanagan Valley and B.C. wine
Amazon planning large new warehouse in central Mexico @GlobeBusiness
U.S. SEC considers seeking consultation on easing quarterly reporting rules @GlobeBusiness
Want to understand U.S. immigration? We’ve got an email course for you:
PREMIUM: World’s most expensive Tweet? Musk, Tesla to pay $40m: The Wall Street Journal
China: 1 Million Uyghurs Imprisoned Under Guise of “Job Training” #Xinjiang
Pompeo suggests US may lift Turkey sanctions linked to pastor
For years, geographic inequality was on the decline. Now, its growing again.
In Unusual Move, Republican Party Begins to Pull Money From Incumbent Races
Evidence of earliest life on Earth disputed
VERBATIM: Im not giving cover to Saudi Arabia
NASA study provides new clues in the search for life on other planets
Investment fund K2 accused of manipulative order ‘spoofing’ by OSC staff
Wind to introduce 5G network in Kalamata next year
More containers moving through Piraeus
Can this superfood company help stop extremism?
Autonomous Vehicles and Roads: An Emerging Relationship #mobility
The only way to get this video game achievement is to not play it for 5 years
The four common CV mistakes you need to stop making, according to recruiters
George R.R. Martin reveals the climate change lesson from Game of Thrones
Outbreak of mysterious polio-like disease plagues residents in 22 states: #HealthNews
B.C. Lions look to cement playoff spot with victory over Edmonton @Globe_Sports
Brazilian Companies Are Pressuring Workers to Vote for a Fascist Presidential Candidate:
Beauty industry-funded study suggests microplastics are not that harmful to the environment
Happy #SpreadsheetDay! To celebrate, revisit a fun interview with @DanB, creator of VisiCalc
Our relationship with #dickpics is complicated - heres why: #sexuality
19 dead in gun and bomb attack at Crimean college
U.S. asks Saudi to investigate itself on Khashoggi death, but Turkey could complicate things
Original Big Bird actor retiring from Sesame Street after 50 years.