Czechs rally against PM Babis on Velvet Revolution anniversary
Take A Chance To Win $10,000 By Naming GM’s Upcoming Folding E-Bike
In the Pacific Northwest, the First Paraeducator-Led Strike of the Teacher Uprising
British mum-of-two dies while on holiday in Spain without insurance -
#BlackFriday is all about scoring great deals. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to save $$ on this day?
Rain storms could bring more misery for California fire evacuees
#RemoveALetterSpoilABook: 🌚🗝 THE DAVINCI COD 🕵️‍♂️👀
Athens #metro stations reopen, trains running as normal
Pool house by Ro Rockett Design offers views of California wine country:
Clashes break out after Greeks march to mark 1973 student revolt
Trump revives shutdown threats over border wall funding
One year on, Mosuls residents are left to rebuild their destroyed homes — in pictures
Pfizer ends deal to placate Trump, announces plan to raise prices on 41 prescription drugs
🌍 Energy’s Changing Role in Relief Aid YaleGlobal Online:
Advocates of new Brexit deal not living in real world - Irish minister
Racist Christmas character Black Pete sparks clashes in Netherlands
Cubas most famous transgender drag queen has a message for Trump: Lift the embargo
2 Problems Democrats Face After Election Wins
Locals hooting mad over phallic owl statue
Tadao Ando designs Wrightwood 659 exhibition space in Chicago.
Stop complaining about your rent and move to Tulsa, suggests Tulsa
Thousands protest in Norway against restricting abortion
Betsy DeVos Faces Another Lawsuit Over For-Profit College Loans
Going to Europe after Brexit? Shouting in English may not ease your travels
Everything you need to know about mashed potatoes just in time for Thanksgiving
Our friend Gary Peltz caught this sunrise today, from Seattle.
Athens: Violent Clashes Followed the March for Polytechnic Uprising Anniversary (video)
Syriza ministers jeered, jostled during Polytechnic march
Retro-cool Montreal bungalow gets full-price offer
Laura Ingraham attacks SPLC over New York billboard condemning anti-gay group
Sides spar over water permit for refinery near national park
Argentine sub found a year after disappearing
Thousands protest in Norway against restricting abortion
Scientists are exploring how tiny dust grains can help shape the universe
15 practical gifts for your photographer friends
Why the Enlightenment was not the age of reason. Editors’ pick:
Commentary: A terrorist network inside the German Army - World Socialist Web Site #Nazis
From the AP archives: Broward County elections office in Florida starts vote recount
90% of Black Friday deals are cheaper at other times
.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump said regarding the migrant caravan heading to the US.
Canada’s defence spending questioned at NATO parliamentary meeting
Eighth Grade, Beale Street land Indie Spirit nominations
Incinerated town believed itself ready for fires
Irish PM says no plans to call election before Christmas
Seb Gorka is hosting a new Sinclair propaganda special about the rise of socialism
Trump says not considering extraditing Erdogan foe
Clashes between police, anarchists in central Athens
As New Green Deal Democrats cement their hold, climate change emerges as a top priority
.@Glossier Flagship in New York includes soft-pink plasterwork and a Boy Brow Room:
Canada defeats Germany 29-10, moves step closer to 2019 Rugby Union World Cup @Globe_Sports
London bridges blocked by environment protest, 70 arrested
Golf: Italys Molinari stays on track to win Race to Dubai
How Leadsom wants the PM to change the Brexit backstop | @Peston
Industry Studies Show Evidence of Bias and Misleading Conclusions on Widely Used Insecticide
This is the best snack to sneak into the movie theater
Zverev stuns Federer to reach ATP Finals title match
Jutanugarn looks to close out huge 2018 with CME Globe
Volkswagen to devote 3 German plants to electric car push
VERBATIM: Waiting for CIA update on Khashoggi killing
From the AP archives: Hundreds of migrants leave Mexico City headed for US border
From the AP archives: Argentina chefs bake their way to new Guinness record of pizzas
London bridges blocked by environment protest, 70 arrested
Russian-backed Orthodox church faces pressure from Kiev, splits within
Trumps tweet this week about Californias wildfires wasnt just wrong. It was heartless.
How Nik Sharma turned his career as a scientist into a successful chef
Oscar Aguad: we dont have the means to resurface the ARA San Juan submarine
Trump calls report that hes questioning Mike Pences loyalty phony
Chinas Xi intends to visit North Korea next year, South Korea says
Clashes with rioters outside police headquarters on Alexandras Avenue - #Greece #November17
Green New Deal? Bring It! But Don’t Forget Your Union Card.
Shrinking Swiss glacier gets a climate-change postcard
Trump Is Undermining the Freedom of the Press. That’s an Impeachable Offense. @FSFP
Players let rip in flatulence row at Grand Slam of Darts
Israels #BenjaminNetanyahu says early election must be avoided
From the AP archives: Florida Democrats say Republicans trying to undermine vote recount
From the AP archives: Agoura Hills, among 6 major California fires
Brassard practices, could rejoin Penguins versus Senators
An Aerial View Of The California Fire Destruction Pollution In The Air
See the first photos from the historic landing of Japanese rovers on an asteroid. ☄
Federal prosecutors confirm Kentucky grocery store victims were killed for being black.
One dead and dozens injured in protests across France over fuel prices
Bad weather hampers oil spill containment off the coast of Newfoundland
#Technology Implementation Guides for Smarter Cities #governance
Maldives new president warns state coffers looted after China-led boom
Poverty has increased more sharply in the U.S. suburbs than in urban or rural counties.
AP Top 25 Podcast: UCF forces its way to national prominence
US officials report a record number of tick diseases
The Bitter Truth: Love of Caffeine is Wired in Your DNA
Houston skyscrapers may have worsened Hurricane Harvey rain
USA: Helicopter combats Camp Fire in Butte County
From the AP archives: Fla. Dems: GOP trying to undermine vote recount
Defend #JulianAssange against US charges! - World Socialist Web Site
Fire shuts unit at Moscow oil refinery: officials
Trump says troops to remain at #Mexico border as long as necessary
Introducing “Scrooge McDuck a la Russe” and his legendary bathtub full of coins
US students to Greece on the rise, report shows
Hard Brexit would be disastrous says German industry
Maison du Parc in Montreal features stark interiors with mysterious depth:
Historic Wave of Women Candidates Sweep to Power on Guam
New analysis of solar and wind should put the natural gas industry on notice
Merkel protégé eyes female quota for lawmakers, takes aim at dual citizenship
Players let rip in flatulence row at Grand Slam of Darts
From the AP archives: Recount underway in Broward County, Florida
From the AP archives: Bulk of migrant caravan departs Mexico City
Rebuilding the U.S. Military Just Became That Much Harder
HKFP Lens: Marcel Heijnen takes a ruff look at Hong Kongs garage dogs
Two Scouts receive McCain Prize on behalf of Lesvos
Some of the most praiseworthy accomplishments occur outside popular attention.
Penicillin - a dangerous medical breakthrough? | DW Documentary (Penicillin documentary)
Teams search for 1,000 missing in Californias deadliest wildfire
The Exodus Decoded (Biblical Documentary) | Timeline
When megafire blocked escape plan, California town had to think fast
Browns interim coach Williams will get shot at full-time gig
When It Rains in the Atacama Desert, Its Microbes Die
Trump says he is not considering extraditing Erdogan critic #FethullahGulen to Turkey
Netizen Report: Tanzania’s crackdown on free speech targets media advocates from CPJ
Macedonia ex-leader requests asylum in Hungary
How to eat healthy when the munchies strike
EU Risks Dangerous Blowback by Undermining Iran Sanctions
Postal Services red ink for 12th year as letter mail drops
Voters See Better Chance for #Trump #Reelection...
Protesters paralyze French roads over fuel hikes
‘Toxic’ takes word-of-the-year crown
Junior partner says to stay in Bulgarian coalition after resignation
Former PM Samaras vows to take ‘schemers’ to court
March marking Polytechnic anniversary underway in central Athens
Smoke blankets San Francisco as residents forced to don masks to breathe.
Winter sneaking up on Sweden after mild autumn
Woman blows herself up near police station in Chechen capital Grozny: RIA
Fostering Innovation Learning with the Teaching City #economy
New photos give insight into the devastation in California.
Argentine Navy submarine found a year after disappearing with 44 aboard
A woman blew herself up near a police station checkpoint in the Chechen capital Grozny
A woman blew herself up on near a police station checkpoint in the Chechen capital Grozny
Rain storms could bring more misery for California fire evacuees
Activists board ship off Spain in #PalmOil protest: Greenpeace
How To Tell A Good Community Solar Program From A Bad One
These Incoming Members of Congress Want Medicare for All
A neglected Art Deco gem in Puerto Rico becomes a community staple
Chinas Xi Jinping intends to visit North Korea next year, South Korea says
California Wildfires: Where Is the Climate Change Outrage?
Russian Soyuz blasts off for ISS in first launch since accident
China ups cash rewards to US$86,000 for citizens who report porn
Premier Oil confident in reducing debt; begins drilling in Mexico:
Woman blows herself near police station checkpoint in Chechen capital Grozny
Rhodes suffers power blackout
Vessel sinks off coast of Crete
Local authority workers to strike Monday
Turks hack Varoufakiss Twitter account
Housing Rights Activists March in NYC To Demand Universal Rent Control
Swiss prosecutor cleared in FIFA corruption probe, then quits
How to Pick the Best Deep Fryer and Fry Any Food You Can Dream of
Trump to discuss Khashoggi case with CIA, secretary of state
Amazon scammed America’s hurting cities.
Irish PM says no plans to call election before Christmas
Grozny, Checnhya: woman blown up herself at the police checkpoint via @rianru #Caucasus
#Trump to discuss #Khashoggi murder with Secretary of State Pompeo, CIA
INSIGHT: Glacier gets climate change postcard
Rouhani sees Iran, Iraq expanding trade despite U.S. sanctions
Most Mediterranean migrants this decade have come from the Middle East and North Africa
Italy nationalists mull refusing Da Vincis to Louvre
Italy nationalists mull refusing Da Vincis to Louvre
German transport minister wants to welcome Uber, others by 2021
Solidarity Abolishes Borders
Bad #weather throughout #Greece brings first snow, problems in eastern Crete
Tornado Strikes Crete, Causes Extensive Damage
November 17 Anniversary: Thousands March to Commemorate the Polytechnic Uprising
Tsipras Vows To Bring Draft Bill on State-Church Relations, Ieronymos Agrees
Snowfall Continues in Northern and Central Greece
Iraq to establish free-trade zone along border with Iran
Where is big tech expanding to? These maps shed light on the complex, evolving geography.
Trumps White House will impose “decorum” rules for reporters at press briefings:
French protesters block roads over higher fuel taxes, one dead in accident
California wildfire now among the deadliest recent U.S. disasters
From the AP archives: Merkel says Germany has a way to go on gender equality
Volkswagen to spend 44 billion euros on electric offensive
Sen. Lindsey Graham Poised to Head Senate Judiciary Committee
Barcas Rakitic set for time out with hamstring strain
Opinion: Not really a superhero: the dark side of Stan Lee
Harlem Gospel Choir | Athens | December 20
Six Degrees of Acquisition: How to Improve Public Procurement #economy
It’s easier than ever to get the recommended amount of exercise.
Trump says not considering extraditing Erdogan foe
WTF is happening with Brexit?
Democrats overperformed in the governors races…mostly. Via @FiveThirtyEight:
LIVE: @ksabeelrahman on CSPAN @cspanwj with a post election discussion. Tune in now.
Aerosmiths Perry tweets doing well after hospitalization
Poland: Cinematographer charged in first responders assault
The Latest: Group says strikes damaged dozens of Gaza homes
Researchers uncover why these ants collect decapitated heads
5 Holiday Parlor Games to Make Your Gatherings More Fun
Dry cleaning is dirtier than you think. Meet the neurotoxin hiding in your winter coat.
Couple who ran ROM site to pay Nintendo a settlement of $12 million
Arizona’s SRP To Add 1,000 Megawatts Of Solar — Plus Tesla Storage — By 2025
Macys charges into the holiday shopping season like a boss
US panel warns against government purchase of Chinese tech
From the AP archives: My First Performance: Bjorn Ulvaeus
At least 123 women are headed to Congress. Just 19 are Republicans. Via @FiveThirtyEight:
As New Green Deal Democrats cement their hold, climate change emerges as a top priority.
#Spain’s solar energy market could receive HUGE €70 billion cash injection by 2030
Seattle Tests the Limits of Last-Minute Historic Preservation
U.S. joins Australian plan to develop new Pacific naval base
More Swedish men choosing vasectomy as contraception method
As China-U.S. friction rises, their armies hold joint disaster drills
Trump leaves for California wildfire scene as death toll rises to 71
Move sugary snacks away from checkouts and shop entrances, obesity campaigners say
Maryland Journalists Move to Unionize
Hundreds block bridges across London in rebellion against climate change policy
Venezuelan rape-survivor-turned-lawyer finally gets justice
Opinion: British colonial officials fought for Hong Kong, so why can’t Carrie Lam?
High winds halt ferry services to Zakynthos, Cephalonia
Merkel protégé eyes female quota for lawmakers, takes aim at dual citizenship
A theatre company without a venue? Yeah, Why Not @GlobeArts
Courageous leadership is sorely needed to combat mosque misconduct @GlobeDebate
Europe is fed up with Brexit, but its door is still open to Britain @GlobeDebate
Escape the cold this winter, or embrace it, with these five getaways @tgamtravel
Given a stay of execution, three lab monkeys face a new experiment: Normal life
Big Tech Companies Are Driving Demand For Renewable Energy
Oceans are losing a football field of seagrass every 30 minutes
Why vampire deer have fangs:
Italy faces higher borrowing costs, sanctions on budget
Defend #JulianAssange against US charges! - World Socialist Web Site
Guess where the Chinese are buying up real estate?
AGi Architects Rock House in Kuwait wrapped with origami-like stone facades:
Events at Athens #Polytechnic end, gates close - #Greece
A crucial moment: Yemens warring sides to attend peace talks
The Transportation Equity Conundrum: Improving Mobility Without Displacement
I didn’t get why people hate Thanksgiving turkey until I ate goose
Foundations demand accountability from everyone—except themselves:
Hard Brexit would be disastrous says German industry
Flying over the Thanksgiving holiday? You could help set a record.
Jailed photographer Shahidul Alam granted bail after 102 days
Neo-Confederates have failed for the past 150 years. Now, they have a new ally.
From the AP archives: Trudeau: Canadian intelligence has heard Khashoggi tapes
From the AP archives: Central American migrants in Mexico City march to UN offices
Why Frances high-vis drivers rebellion is about more than just petrol prices
Trump’s EPA Surprises Critics by Toughening Rules on Big-Rig Truck Pollution
Nigerian millennials fuel domestic tourism
Chinas Xi intends to visit North Korea next year: South Korea
Leaders need not heed gender stereotypes @Globe_Careers
Blaze extinguished at Moscow refinery, one unit offline: ministry
Ethics committee investigation finds Rep. Kihuen harassed women in violation of House rules
Energy Web Foundation In Its Own Words: 7 Questions (Blockchain Report Excerpt)
Theres a giant crater the size of a city hiding under Greenland
Cleveland Cavaliers owner selling Detroit casino in $1B deal
Woman killed as French drivers block roads in protest at rising fuel taxes
FDA Announces Restrictions on Vaping Products
TODAY: Don’t miss @ksabeelrahman on @cspanwj talking all things #Election2018 and the road to 2020.
Ogier in driving seat as Neuvilles Australia woes continue
More remains found after relentless California wildfire
Argentine Navy submarine found a year after disappearing with 44 aboard
Appearance of ARA San Juan: Royal Navy crew paid their respects:
Ben Shapiro: ‘Left-wing anti-Semitism’ is more dangerous than violent white supremacists
Junior partner says to stay in Bulgarian coalition after resignation
Facebook removed 1.6 billion fake accounts from April to September of 2018
Rouhani sees Iran-Iraq trade rising to $20 billion/year from $12 billion - TV
3 Myths About Climate Adaptation Work #environment
Why You Should Ditch the Motorboat To Try Kayak Fishing
School lockdown prompts 12-year-old boy to write goodbye letter to his parents.
Syrian refugees guide their way to integration in Oxford museum
Ex-Trump strategist Bannon says to work with Hungary PM Orban: media
Nov. 17: Pipeline paralysis. Plus other letters to the editor @GlobeDebate
How are dinosaurs named?
Ohio lawmakers approve 6-week ‘heartbeat’ abortion ban, poised to challenge Roe v. Wade
Wreckage of Argentine navy submarine found, after one year, in the Atlantic Ocean
Sakha police officers have No Twerk but got so much game (and gyration)
Woman dies during French yellow vest fuel protests
#Yellow vest protests against Macron snarl traffic across #France
Monopoly is targeting millennials—and actual millennials are sounding off.
NHL roundup: Dickinson, Stars drop Bruins in OT
Spanish train building company hires 1,000 Brits after opening factory in UK
Clearing cloud will lead to a bright, sunny day for most on Saturday 🌤️☀️
Iraq central government and Kurdish authorities strike deal to resume Kirkuk oil exports
Bob’s Select bar decorated with liquor lettering:
NBA roundup: Irving nets 43, leads Celtics past Raptors in OT
Explore al-Aqsa:
Sweden to host UN Yemen talks
Pfizer ends deal to placate Trump, announces plan to raise prices on 41 prescription drugs
Chinas Xi says world growth overshadowed by protectionism
Opinion: Why a good teacher is a great leader and cheerleader by @joetsai1999
Racist Kentucky Gunman Charged with Hate Crimes
German transport minister wants to welcome Uber, others by 2021
In Pictures: Frances yellow vests fuel protests
Become a creative genius with this Adobe CC training
Protester killed in accident during French road blockades
Drop Your Oil!
Energy agency: Global oil supply jumps, sending prices lower
China and US clash on trade at heated APEC summit
May warns Tory opponents away from alternate Brexit plan as she bolsters Cabinet
Rouhani sees Iran-Iraq trade rising to $20 billion/year from $12 billion: TV
Being single in your 30s isn’t bad luck, it’s a global phenomenon
Mid-Sized Cities are the Future of Cities, Here are Three Reasons Why #economy
U.S. joins Australian plan to develop new Pacific naval base
Mother who hid baby in filthy car boot jailed in France
WTF is happening with Brexit?
Mexicos Lopez Obrador to hold new public consultation on policy platform
Donald Trump answers written questions from special counsel Robert Mueller ‘very easily’
How much does a #kilogram weigh? Depends on the Planck constant
Cabinet members plot ultimatum to #TheresaMay on #Brexit backstop
Swiss scholar Tariq Ramadan released from French jail

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