Angular brick volumes form nArchitects Equal Rights Heritage Center in New York:
Courtesy of @TPKF_Org
Everybody needs their mom sometimes. #SeabirdSaturday
Trump Supporters Welcome Shutdown, National Emergency for Wall...
Tourism Min @ElenaKountoura declared honorary member of Mediterranean Tourism Foundation
This UN Tobacco Policy Is Backfiring Around the World
Heres Why Cars Use Both Port and Direct Injection
From the AP archives: Returning US Servicemen From Vietnam
Following national emergency announcement, Trump goes golfing
🇳🇬 Last-minute Nigeria election delay leaves voters disappointed #AFP 📸 @YasuyoshiChiba
Downfall star, Bruno Ganz, dies aged 77
Mueller tells court that Manafort should stay in prison for decades.
Cypruss first private power station to reduce electricity prices
Why dads are happier than moms
Cities Need Forecasted Data to Make Impactful Emissions Reductions #resources
Climate-fueled nuisance flooding cost this town up to $172,000 in lost revenue
Former Renault boss Ghosn loses millions in compensation
🇮🇳 Delhi policeman holds up mirror to motorbike law-breakers #AFP 📸 @PrakashAFPLive
What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls... #BreakingPoll
Adventurous architecture often gets thrown out the window:
Spring is here in southern Sweden (probably anyway)
Nigerias presidential elections — a test for democracy in Africa
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From the AP archives: First Crush: Jennifer Connelly
From the AP archives: First Crush: Robert Rodriguez
From the AP archives: First Crush: Rosa Salazar
Merkel, Pence clash on Iran deal at Munich conference
Here’s what Trump’s national emergency declaration means for the military
🇨🇳 Former Mao Zedong secretary and party critic dies at 101 #AFP 📸 GOH Chai Hin
Hawaii wants to make it illegal to kill sharks
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Estonia: Study shows cruise tourists spend over EUR 50 mln in Tallinn in 2018
McCarrick expelled from Catholic priesthood
Lithuania marks 101st Independence Day
Fed up with this never-ending winter? Book a sunny family getaway now @tgamtravel
#ICYMI Jack Mintz: A guaranteed basic income sounds great — until you see the details
Federal authorities seize a massive amount of cocaine at the Southern California port.
Richards and Spence creates resort-like atmosphere for The Calile Hotel in Brisbane:
From the AP archives: China-US deputy-level trade talks begin in Beijing
Iran warns Pakistan to crack down on Jaish al-Adl armed group
US/Mexico Trump challenges Congress and declares a national emergency
Next months SpaceX launch could help end Americas reliance on Russian rockets
Trump admits border ’emergency’ declaration was inspired by conservative media
Travel the world without ever leaving Maine
Protesting #farmers leave from #Nikea blockade
Spanish priest killed by jihadis in Burkina Faso
How Lyon is Testing the Self Data Concept to Empower Citizens #society
Turkey should back a UN fact-finding mission to Xinjiang amid Chinas repression of Uyghurs
Senior leader of Bangladeshs Jamaat Abdur Razzaq resigns
Constant negative news stories are instilling learned helplessness in Americans
🇫🇷 French to mark three months of yellow vest protests #AFP 📸 Eric Feferberg
Shifting Causes of Death Here is how causes changed over the years, across sex and age group
Actor who played Adolf Hitler in Downfall dies aged 77
Three French ski racers killed in Alps car crash
Merkel congratulates Tsipras, Zaev on settling name dispute
Paris loosens pooch prohibitions at city parks
Syria: Civilians face familiar threats in rebel-held areas
Flu seasons been pretty quiet this year—heres why
Fox refuses to air national ad for Oscar-nominated documentary about 1939 Nazi rally in NYC
The pros and cons of decision-making @Globe_Careers
France details yellow vest protests impact on economy
California Storage Rule Change Requires New Certification
🇳🇬 Nigerias Buhari calls for calm after election delay #AFP A picture by @luistatophoto
Swiss actor who played Hitler in Downfall dies
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Colombia: Puerto Rican aid unloaded at Venezuela border
North Korea: Kim Jong-un commemorates 77th anniv. of Kim Jong-ils birth
A quick-moving storm brought chaos to Missouri roads.
Prefabricated house in rural Spain took just five hours to assemble:
FBI has launched an investigation into Ryan Adams’ alleged sexual contact with a minor
Are people with more self-discipline happier?
Peirce Quincuncial projection map - Learn more about map projections here:
Man appears in court charged with murdering three pensioners in Exeter
Trump-Kim summit: North Koreans pessimistic about gimmick talks
London Fashion Week faces Brexit reality
5 Steps to Launch a Civic Crowdfunding Program in Your City #governance
“Venezuela should honor its debts obligations”, Russia reminds Maduro
Digital cameras are more exciting right now than they have been in years
🇧🇯 Travelling classroom bridges digital divide in Benin 📷 @yanickfolly #AFP
A US citizen detained in Egypt for over 5 years is dying, desperate for release.
Singapore artists help #STB woo Indian millennial tourists #India
Texas landowners file lawsuit against Trumps national emergency
#Falklands makes public AAIB investigation into Islander VP-FBM incident:
Dozens feared dead in Zimbabwe gold mine flood
Moments after declaring national emergency, Trump admits there’s no emergency
Pope defrocks US priest over child abuse scandal
Donald Trumps wall could take money from military housing, base repairs.
What is a doula?
Margrethe Odgaard designs curtains for Kvadrat that take cues from wainscoting:
One Worshipper Is Not Superior to Another
European films out of picture for Berlins Golden Bear
From the AP archives: Thai court orders release of player al-Araibi
Despite the tired narratives, chiropractic is backed by evidence @GlobeDebate
Iran threatens retaliation over a car bombing that killed 27 people.
Democrats to launch new voter database with Dean at the helm
Google vs. DuckDuckGo vs. Bing—is it time to switch your search engine?
Six dead, seven injured in mass shooting near Chicago
AirAsia opening restaurant based on its in-flight menu, says CEO Tony Fernandes
China: No evidence Huawei a national security threat
This week, Junya Ishigami was named as designer of Serpentine Pavilion 2019:
The universe may be conscious, prominent scientists aver
Originally Edgar Allan Poe envisioned a parrot, not a raven
5 things I’m telling my kids to prepare them for the future:
Power Struggle for Aggressive Urban Renewable Energy Goals #resources
This prophetic 1997 Jeff Bezos interview explains the genius behind Amazon
POLE POSITION: Property market expanding in #Marbella #Lead #Property
We want revenge: #India mourns soldiers killed in #Kashmir attack blamed on #Pakistan
#Vatican defrocks former US cardinal Theodore McCarrick over teen sex abuse claims
The road to the Oscars is a bumpy one as another controversy casts shadow on show.
A Month On The Electric Bulls Cross E8 Wave
German halt in Saudi arms sales causing serious problems: #Airbus
Texas landowners file lawsuit against Trumps national emergency
Nigeria presidential election postponed by a week
The Cat’s Whiskers: Is Sierra de Gata #Spain’s most delightful little village? #Lead #Travel
A Rogue Drone Sighting Shut Down a Major Airport For The Fourth Time Since December
What we know about diet sodas connection to heart disease, stroke, and early death
Following national emergency announcement, Trump goes golfing
Richard Branson announces he will hold a fundraising concert for Venezuela relief.
What Energy Deprivation Really Means In Refugee Camps
Future Mars missions will need ‘class clown’ in their crew to succeed
Philippine tax court denies Duterte critic #MariaRessas plea to drop case
#Iran asks #Pakistan to move against militants who killed 27 Revolutionary Guards
Greece, Albania discussing EEZ, not land border
A medical emergency sparks panic of shooter at Hamilton show in San Francisco.
Spain gives Franco family 15 days to decide reburial
NFL reaches deal with players on national anthem protest fallout
Outrage as Nigeria election halted at last-minute - after many voters had relocated
Singaporean tourists to Malaysia down 14% last year; non-Asean tourists increase 20%
Federal authorities seize a massive amount of cocaine at the Southern California port.
Hilariously Polite Protest Signs
Observations Predictions for Cities Based on Three Revolutions #mobility
The TV shows you need to watch this week
Next months SpaceX launch could help end Americas reliance on Russian rockets
USA ranked 27th in the world in education and healthcare—down from 6th in 1990
Opinion: After today, the damage Trump has done to the US is permanent
Eight architect-designed holiday homes available to rent in Europe:
Saudi Crown Prince MBS to visit Pakistan for investment deals
Macron invites Italian president to Paris
Brexit has cost you £1,500 so far, heres how
S​moking weed linked with higher sperm counts, Harvard researchers say
Emiliano Salas home town preparing to say goodbye
Li Rui, a Mao Zedong confidant who turned #China Communist Party critic, dies at 101
Wines of the week: Eight reds for February
How a no-deal #Brexit is shaping up, from banks to food supplies
Grandmaster Flash, Mutter win 2019 Polar Music Prize
How to spin weld at home
From the AP archives: Warren: Mueller report must be made public
Your guide to what’s hot and what’s not this week
Decaying decadence of Italian palaces is captured on large format photos.
Employee kills five co-workers in the US state of Illinois
Consider Anthropology in Your Next Urban Design Project #infrastructure
Trudeaus evolving story on the PMO/SNC-Lavalin scandal
Leonardo da Vinci could visually flip between dimensions, neuroscientist claims
The neuston is a floating ocean ecosystem, and our plastic cleanup push could threaten it
Wines of the week: Eight reds for February
Pivoting louvres conceal windows set into brick facade of mews house by Belsize Architects:
#Saudi crown prince postpones visits to #Indonesia, #Malaysia
Zhang Yimous One Second dropped from Berlin film festival
Exploring Hoi An’s arts and crafts scene @trvlwrtr 
Heres why ultra-processed foods are so bad for your health
High school students draft a bill to uncover decades-old civil rights cold case records.
What @GwynethPaltrow and Great Expectations Taught Me about the Male Gaze: @slouisepetersen
How to keep Valentines Day flowers alive
Eytyss London store pays homage to Swedish brutalism:
Standardized tests: Finland’s education system vs. the U.S.
Autonomous Delivery and Freight in Cities – What’s Next #infrastructure
Woman brutally beaten up by man in #Malaysia MRT lift robbery captured on video
A few interesting facts about flying squirrels
Extradition to Taiwan: why is Hong Kong ignoring an obvious solution?
Your daily horoscope: February 16
North Koreans pay tribute to #KimJongUns father in freezing cold
#Australia to plant 1 billion trees to help meet #ClimateChange targets
US adviser John Bolton promises #India support after #Kashmir attack
Google vs. DuckDuckGo vs. Bing—is it time to switch your search engine?
Colombia: Truck carrying aid arrives at Venzuela border
Why can people be sexually aroused by cartoons? Evolution.
Trump admits border ’emergency’ declaration was inspired by conservative media
Studio 10 designs illusory Escher-inspired interiors for guesthouse in China:
DNA analysis may have finally revealed what killed 15 million Aztecs
#China bans teachers from using messaging apps to assign school homework
How Bill Weld could shake up the 2020 Republican primary.
FBI has launched an investigation into Ryan Adams’ alleged sexual contact with a minor
Plant life will take your breath away in these 13 winning images
Justin Trudeau, the justice minister and the making of a political scandal.
Breitbart Is After Tesla Again — Why The Far Right Drools Over Tesla Conspiracy Theories
Opinion: US-China trade war: Beijing must tackle structural issues
Gunman in Illinois warehouse kills five people
Locals find monarch colony in Mexico after yearslong search.
China-U.S. trade talks ‘making a final sprint,’ state media reports
Remembering Oppy: NASA engineers and scientists reflect on what the craft meant to them
What we know about diet sodas connection to heart disease, stroke, and early death
Scheidegger beats Einarson in wild-card game at Scotties Tournament of Hearts @Globe_Sports
Mexican president visits drug lord #ElChapos home turf seeking reconciliation
Seven buildings wrapped in cork:
Is an Outdoor Gear Subscription Worth It?
Here’s what Trump’s national emergency declaration means for the military
How poor scheduling costs hourly workers sleep and happiness:
How hockey unites us in a time of division @Globe_Sports
5 Reasons for Cities to Value their Downtowns #economy
9 folks who were way ahead of their time
Read stories about couples that found love in the gig economy:
Niederreiter’s two goals lead Hurricanes past Oilers, 3-1 @Globe_Sports
11 ways to give yourself a boost when youre sleepy
Sun Flyer 2 Successfully Accomplishes First Test Flight With Siemens Electric Motor
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - February 15, 2019 | NBC Nightly News
Blue Jays GM Ross Atkins’s backyard is a classic winter hockey paradise @Globe_Sports
Hockey will never be completely fighting-free @Globe_Sports
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Four-cornered fight for #Semenyih by-election #Malaysia
Chimp gestures and human language are underpinned by same mathematical principles
Thai Raksa Chart hopefuls among 2,810 candidates to qualify for March 24 #ThailandElection
Next months SpaceX launch could help end Americas reliance on Russian rockets
You wont believe these marvelous creatures are actually piñatas
Moments after declaring national emergency, Trump admits there’s no emergency
U.S. should be stronger on Canadians detained in China, Senator Graham says
Growing field of presidential hopefuls vie for Democratic nod
Firms yet to compensate for #Indonesia forest fires
#MikePence arrives at #MunichSecurityConference with allies questioning US leadership
Pakatan faces Malay vote test in #Semenyih polls #Malaysia
More EV Fast Chargers Coming To Canada
New Toy Story 4 clip unveiled starring Woody and Bo Peep
5 killed as gunman opens fire at #Illinois warehouse
Hong Kongs teahouses, or cha chaan teng : Will they be toast soon?
Want to challenge Trumps #BorderWall emergency? Get in line
Fox refuses to air national ad for Oscar-nominated documentary about 1939 Nazi rally in NYC
US House panel announces #emergencydeclaration probe in letter to Trump
#Technology Implementation Guides for Smarter Cities #governance
Golden blood: Only 43 people have it worldwide.
No need to make martyrs out of stoners: Let 4-20 proceed @GlobeBC
Australia to reopen island detention camp after refugee bill
Man in ‘critical condition’ after being hit by own car as it was stolen
Researchers use AI to discover evidence of unknown human ancestor in our DNA
Goodbye to the A380, the biggest passenger plane there ever was
Without Amazon #HQ2, what happens to housing in Queens?
Disinfectants: A guide to killing germs the right way
Nigerias presidential election, due on Saturday, now postponed to February 23 - Electoral Commission chairman
Following national emergency announcement, Trump goes golfing
Harvard-Yale study reveals new portrait of psychopaths
11 best hairbrushes
Measles ‘outbreak’ reported in Vancouver with eight cases; most linked to French school
Uber Elevate: Future Of Air Taxis = 3 Hours of Flight, 150 MPH, 4 Passengers
Hyundai unveils walking concept car Elevate:
Trump declares national emergency in bid to fund border wall
Is the world really what it appears?
15 houseplants for improving indoor air quality
The 20-year-old playbook that explains Republicans’ attacks on the Green New Deal
Kaepernick settles grievance case with NFL
Facebooks sexist search function suggests photos of female friends in bikinis
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Heres why ultra-processed foods are so bad for your health
TuSimple gets heavy-duty funding for #autonomousfleet
Come to the Darkside, we have doughnuts
How China is transforming Africa into the next factory of the world
Nearly every country wants universal healthcare (except for one)
JAZZ.FM91 board overthrown by dissident member group @GlobeArts
Kuchar apologizes, pledges $50,000 to Mayakoba caddie @Globe_Sports
🇳🇬 A woman with white powder on her face poses before cooking on a street in Port Harcourt 📷 @YasuyoshiChiba #AFP
Oscars reverse plan to present four awards during commerical breaks
Mayan legend informs Di Frenna Arquitectos Casa Nicté-Ha in rural Mexico
Nightly Business Report – February 15, 2019
Your desk job is harder than it looks—and that’s why a robot couldn’t do it:
Moving the Needle: Sustainable Travel Behavior Change Strategies #governance
Men who watch porn could ‘trigger’ eating disorders in female partners
Recycling an older Vancouver house is fine, but few think to move it – all of it
Opinion: The US under Trump is sliding into a kakistocracy – rule by the worst
Despite majority support, Amazon canceled its plan to build HQ2 in NYC. Heres why.
UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia are causing ‘significant’ civilian deaths
The Umbrella Academy’s Ellen Page, superhero on and off the screen @GlobeArts
Activision to lay off 800 workers as video game sales drop
Germany still has a problematic approach towards Nazi-era art restitution @GlobeDebate
Reuters Attacks Prisons For Pricing on Goods Prisoners Receive Free
This hand-drawn Super Mario Bros. animation is cute as hell
Warm up your heart with this story!
Google vs. DuckDuckGo vs. Bing—is it time to switch your search engine?
Social media is turning us into thoughtless political extremists
Gunman kills one, wounds four police officers in Chicago industrial park
Hyundai Fleet Looks Into Own Electric Carsharing Service
#Texas set to become leader in #renewables with upcoming #solar growth | @KassiaMicek story:
Argentina: Emiliano Salas body arrives for funeral
Article from 1912 warns the world of todays climate change
59 endearing names for baby animals
Man charged with murdering three Exeter pensioners in their 80s
Scientists create genetically-modified houseplant that removes carcinogens from air
Trump admits border ’emergency’ declaration was inspired by conservative media
HBO boss reveals what he thought of the finale of Game of Thrones
Nigeria election is a tight two-way race as disinformation escalates
What do CEOs do all day? New Harvard study finds out. 
#Serbia: New #1od5miliona protests map: 60 places via @milos_agathon #Balkans
What the critics are saying about Isnt it Romantic, Rebel Wilsons new rom-com
The Globe’s stars and dogs for the week @GlobeInvestor
Scaling Smart Cities Through Consistent Performance Measurement #governance
Sellers get four offers on Mount Pleasant townhouse
What we know about diet sodas connection to heart disease, stroke, and early death
Smoking weed linked with higher sperm counts, says Harvard
Smollett says he redacted phone files to protect privacy
One dead and police officers wounded in US industrial park shooting
More than 1,200 children in the US were killed by guns in the last year
Media Concludes Trump is Biggest Loser When It Comes to the Wall
Artists retreat in West Virginia sits above a limestone quarry:
Globe editorial: SNC-Lavalin, and the perils of concentrating power in the PMO @GlobeDebate

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