Top 10 Payment Methods for Online Betting Software

Payment Methods for Online Betting Software

When you start an online gambling business, the important thing that needs to be done is to determine; payment methods for online betting software.

In the modern world, people close to online system. If it comes to the betting site, the main factor affect is payment methods. Why it happen? Because a lot of people who play online betting from many countris. So, not all countries able to receive the payment. These are top 10 payment methods for online betting software that you must know.

Nowadays, they are many payment options could apply on the website or app. Some of the existence payment has good credibility. Rest of the payment become worst because company find out the fraud within system.

When you face the payment methods, give attention to the quality and professional finance. Even your website using popular payment methods, it doesn’t mean automatically fit with some country jurisdiction. For example, one of the best payment methods in America using American Express.

Unfortunately, in Asia’s countries unable to access American Express except internet system connected with VPN. Top 10 payment methods for online betting software have growth since 2000’s era and still exist now.

Top 10 Payment Methods for Online Betting Software

Some players feeling complicated when it face to online betting software. Especially, if they bet amount of money to online betting software from other countries. In order to get more bettor, online betting company have to provide the trusted online betting payment.  

1. Card Payment

In the first, the huge payment for betting online by card payment. Either using debit card or credit card to some betting site. Using card payment is easiest way to fund betting account. This general methods seem very trusted and valid. Why card payment become popular if it comes to betting company.

The most obvious reason because all people in the word already have credit card or at least debit card. Several benefits show when applying card payment such as freely deposit, instant, able to get best offers, and withdraw money easily. A consequence when using card payment is player have to share the detail information about card.

2. E-Wallets

Second option from top payment methods for online betting softwareis e-wallet payment. Same as e-commerce website or application provide this methods now. The most e-wallets system are fit in online payment around the world like Paypal, Alipay, Apple Pay, and Googe Pay.

Actually, every betting company can make their own e-wallets brand. Main advantage if using e-wallets payments is all player funds collecting in one place. Online version of physical wallet more trusted than debit card purchase. E-wallets don’t need to share bank account details.

It is logically more secure than other payments system. Why many people like to using e-wallets? It is instant deposits, easy and fast withdraw funds within several days, and secure because no need to tell bank details. Lack of payment system in e-wallets is unable to sign up general offers.

3. Paypal

Paypal is product of e-wallet which popular used in many countries. Paypal company seen well respected in many e-commerces because secure option. Besides, it have been corporate with various private and government banks in some countries.

Paypal exhibit the practice financial payment, known as the most secure online software payment, and reliable e-wallet all the time. Paypal also have deficiency of deposits and withdraws because it takes more time.

4. Neteller

Neteller is the newest digital payment service that works like a wallet. This payment system innovate financial problem because everyone can save and spend money with Neteller account. Even online betting company admit that system tested well.

It works same as bank financial system within transfer service to bank or other Neteller account. Many people on United Kingdom like to using Neteller because of simplicity and fast deposits. Even more, Neteller account can be connected with some e-commerces in UK and betting sites.

If you using Neteller will get some advantage such as no need to show your bank details with bookmakers. It still have disadvantage, the betting site member or player have no eligible to sign up some offers.

Knowingly, Neteller is most used methods for withdrawing and deposits money in European Sites. Furthermore, Neteller able to established relationship with the bookies to allow the payment method and withdrawal request. It is different way to using by bank transfer or debit cards.

5. Skrill

Skrill online payment give similar service like Neteller. It provide online digital wallet for betting company and player. It trusted well and easy to apply in betting sites. In the beginning of Skrill setting account, the member can select what currency will deposit and withdraw.

Skrill Wallet existed from London United Kingdom since 2001. Why people like using Skrill because widely accepted by several bookies in Europe and American. Unfortunately, Skrill aren’t give the sign up offers.

These are 40 currencies payment which freely choose. Every scale company able to using Skrill on betting sites. It is only charging small fees for some transactions. Bettors said that using Skrill for deposits and withdraws is helpful and more saving. Principally, bettors no need exchange their currency and no extra charge.

For example when bettors want to deposit money into their Betfair account:

To the few companies recognize that Skrill have occupying the top rank in the global payment industry. They serve the highest secure on global payment transaction even though they are not bank institution.

It will be advantages for betting sites which proceed in heavily restricted gambling by country legislation around the world. The fact that some customer find out the obstacle while making transactions.

Recent alternatives payment system are not always trustworthy and associate into seedy activities. Skrill appearance is perfect mix, funds save more secure out of debit or credit card system by bank.

6. Apple Pay

Apple pay is the most popular modern payment methods which applied on online betting sites. Some bookies around the world implemented Apple Pay payment methods to their betting sites. In the past year, the bookies whom run the betting company from America choose Apple Pay. It is affect the payment system because the Apple Pay account exploded.

This payment methods similar like some e-wallets because of the simplicity given by betting site. Especially when the account owner using I-phone and installing the Apple Pay app on the mobile device. It makes great opportunity to deposits in fast time.

It is the one of the advantages why Apple Pay became popular payment method in America. Unfortunately, the biggest disadvantage from this payment method does not support withdrawals.

If you want to use Apple Pay for betting site, the main requirement is download by Apple device such as iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. Pay attention to your debit card, It must connected to Apple ID. Payments only approce by Face ID or Touch ID.

In this time Apple Pay is considered as modern e-wallet and similar like Skrill, Paypal, or Neteller. Apple Pay also bring security on payment methods because no need to share card information to the bookmaker. Apple Pay only serves as an intermediary.

7. Google Pay

Google Pay by Google was introduced in 2018. It is the combination of Android Pay and the old Google Wallet. Every people who using Android devices able to payment through Google Pay. It usually used to e-commerce and online gaming company including betting online.

Google Pay require the serial number of debit or credit card with some information. If the devices have fingerprint ID, It able to activated Google Pay easily. It is not affect payment because It still need passcode.

Many betting company said that Google Pay is the most easiest deposit methods for online site with android device. The payment methods equal like Apple Pay. Obviously, Google Pay minimalize their users to do contact payment in some store. It is enough to pay off the bill through out online payments by Google Pay.

Betting sites accept Google Pay as the latest payment method option for Android user whom bet on gambling sites. Why? It is simplicity to use and the fastest payment on Android financial app. The main advantage considered Google Pay as credit or debit card. Users only added card details to the Google Pay account in the once time.

So, the android card slot also work as payment with one finger click. Google Pay which released from Google company demonstrate the trusted payment. It is high security than Skrill, Paypal, or Neteller. No need to inform the card details.

Besides, the payment transaction is easier, only to click accept without log in to Google PlayStore account. Users can’t make withdrawals, because Google company doesn’t provide this methods. But, user still transferred by bank transactions.

8. Bank Transfers

Bank transfers also called as bank wires. It is provide simply a way of sending money from bank account to a betting company. Everyone in the world able to do transfer amount of money from the bank to make payment.  Besides check the money in bank account and send it.

Generally known, bank transfer is the worldwide payment methods. Everything payment with bank transfers is straightforward with secure option. Moreover, there are huge amount of deposits and withdrawals available. Processing time with fastest guarantee and without disadvantages.

Every countries make the process of bank transfers improved all the time. It is affected by third-party services such as e-Wallet or others payment methods. Banks in UK provide the payment fairly slow. However, the real bank transfers able to online betting account.

On the other hand, the primarily advantage on bank transfers are very secure. Probably, bank brings the most secure option available to countries in worldwide. Additional information for bettors who likes to gamble with huge amounts of money. The best options as cup of tea through bank transfered. 

9. Visa

Visa is the most familiar card payment system in whole countries. It origin from United State of America (USA) since 1958. The visa existence still recognized by many countries and company. Visa provided unlimited instant deposits in fastest time and limited withdrawals.

So far, more than a decade Visa is commonly accepted form of payment in the earth. As society know, Europe really depends on Visa if it comes to financial transaction. Include e-commerce, online gaming, online education, and online casino. Some of betting company preferred into Visa payment method.

Visa facilitate electronic funds in the globe while banks issued Visa-branded such as credit or debit cards for customers. Nowadays, this payment methods seen extremely popular inside online gamblers field. For example casino site, Titan Casino, 777Casino, offer great bonus  to Visa users.

The advantages that visa’s customer get is able to using everywhere with global scale. Obviously reputed company which establish more than half centuries and highest global reach. It is very secure funds system, the Visa’s party will take strict action if find fraudulent behavior. That’s why users feel safe to using Visa all the time.

Visa allows their users to deposit large amounts of money and send it to online casino accounts. In fact, also accepted by every single reputed casino in the Asia, Europe, America, Australia, and Africa.

Some disadvantages of Visa are limited withdrawals and upfront fee. Limited withdrawals seen from several Casino are not allow to withdrawals by fund method. Even more, users have to pay amount of upfront fee when depositing funds.

10. American Express

American Express is online payment methods which is origin from USA. It founded in 1850 and being oldest company fund industry.

The most well known in society with admired brands worldwide. The estimated valuation of American Express company reach to 14.97 billion USD. This name recognized as trusted fund industry which corporate to online gamblers company.

Uniqueness of American Express than other payment methods is considered to own an Amex card. Member rewards include several bonuses such as first class of lounge entry at international airports, top restaurant, or top hotel in the world. American Express still have disadvantages about spend time 3 till 5 days to successful transfer.


Here are some payment methods for online betting software options. Along with the development of technology, there may be several other alternatives.

Like the use of crypto currency, for example.

Several gambling sites in the world, such as situs judi slot terbaik dan terpercaya no 1 , have now implemented a payment system using a cryptocurrency exchange.

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