• 1 minute ago

suited up in my pepe shirt, #maga hat, and adult diapers, seated on the wreckage of my keurig machine and the ashes…

  • 8 minutes ago

SEC speaks up: Statement on Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings

  • 10 minutes ago

When are we gonna Logan Act Rodman?

  • 15 minutes ago

"So long as bitcoin remains above ($16,234), additional increases are likely," says @MarketCycles

  • 17 minutes ago

Connecting R to Keras and TensorFlow · R Views #ai #ml #dl

  • 18 minutes ago

Spicer on Hannity after a diatribe about photos and crowd sizes and truth.

  • 21 minutes ago

Solar can't get no respect from public equity markets @jim_efstathiou @brianreports

  • 24 minutes ago

very sad...for all of us

  • 26 minutes ago

Top Robotics articles from last 48 hrs

  • 26 minutes ago

AEMO relaxes constraints on #wind power in South Australia

  • 31 minutes ago

And Bitcoin futures launch yesterday

  • 31 minutes ago

Bitcoin contracts are still babies in the world of commodity futures

  • 32 minutes ago

Charles Barkley says Alabamians 'brainwashed' to support Roy Moore, will rally for Doug Jones

  • 33 minutes ago

There’s merit in giving states greater taxing powers

  • 36 minutes ago

Ron Paul: Government Should Leave Bakers Alone

  • 38 minutes ago

Ok, not just lately...

  • 42 minutes ago

Government scrambles to avoid defeat on EU Withdrawal bill

  • 48 minutes ago

They’re commin to get the bitcoins.

  • 48 minutes ago

Gilt yield -7.7 bps behaving more like an EM not once upon a time G3

  • 52 minutes ago

liar in chief has no credibility sorry - nobody should believe a word he says

  • 55 minutes ago

Hey Bannon, you only went to Harvard because you couldn't get into Alabama. #RollDamnTide

  • 55 minutes ago

@D_Blanchflower Even in post colonial Britain their sense of superiority, however unfounded, lingers.

  • 55 minutes ago

Bitcoin's uptime since inception: 99.99%

  • 55 minutes ago

Still? They've just had one trading day!!!

  • 56 minutes ago

How China's debt crackdown could start weighing on the economy

  • 58 minutes ago

ASX fails to launch again

  • 59 minutes ago

US economy faces a painful comedown from its' 'sugar high', says @LHSummers in @FinancialTimes

  • 1 hour ago

#NEWSFLASH | PNB launches Qualified Institutional Placement

  • 1 hour ago

Hospitals are merging to face off with insurers

  • 1 hour ago

And no Republican cares one bit.

  • 1 hour ago

China's Citic targets Brazil as the platform for its global agriculture strategy @tatifre

Ah, the horrors of remembering that place!..

many congrats mate you are my hero!

  • 1 hour ago

Honored to have Sir Charles join the Jones family before our Birmingham GOTV rally & help us share our campaign's m…

Experienced users point the way on implementing machine learning #ai #ml #dl

  • 1 hour ago

PBoC Gauges Demand For 7, 14, 28, 63 Day Reverse Repos

  • 1 hour ago

I love international IBs that will say anything to get into China

Australian Institute for Machine Learning #ai #ml #dl

  • 1 hour ago

GM could go back to Europe, just not selling mass-market cars

  • 2 hours ago

The toughest votes are yet to come for the Brexit bill

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