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Even if China implemented 100% of the reforms the US wants, the US likely still wouldn't be able to effectively com…

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Can we start calling her “Aunt Nancy” like “Uncle Joe” Cannon?

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Google reveals most searched queries in the UAE, Saudi Arabia

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Hedge fund Jabre Capital to return capital to investors via @markets

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The Tell-Tale Heart — a darkly comic drama at the National Theatre (Dorfman), London

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Very good insight: "The Meaning of the Qatar-Opec Split" | #OOTT via @energyintel @Alex_Schindelar #OPEC #Qatar

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From HSA to 401(k) contribution limits, 11 numbers to know for 2019

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"Let's be clear .. China lowering the tariff on US autos to 15% from 40% just puts the rate to where it was before…

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Londoners troll New York Times with deluge of 'petty crimes'

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Highlight: Markets aren't "moving much here, although we are trading slightly higher," @seanansmith reports from th…

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Remarkable how different are the ways big tech companies go about their expansion plans

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Well that’s one way of putting it. I’ll try that at the Frog and Nightgown tonight.

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Group virtuosity from Helena Kay’s Kim Trio at the Vortex Jazz Club, London

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Draghi says one must be "alert and humble" when it comes to calling for stronger euro-area institutions (including…

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As @theresa_may looks for legal assurances and the rest of EU leaders said "no, no, no" the debate btw 27 leaders…

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Turkey’s central bank left interest rates unchanged but vowed to tighten policy further if required

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Fall about laughing to the liar in chief’s chief liar

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Robinhood had an outage yesterday that restricted trading for some users. I heard from some very angry people. here…

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Turning & turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer Things fall apart; the centre cannot hol…

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Theresa May has only one way out of the Brexit impasse. To go over the heads of MPs and call a second referendum. O…

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A 13-year-old invented a safer way to treat cancer

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If your institution hasn't divested from Big Oil, new @nytimes expose makes it clear that they were shareholders in…

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@NationsWealth @DiMartinoBooth @Schuldensuehner A lot of that going around. Unfortunately.

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EU leaders arrive for two-day summit dominated by Brexit via @Reuters

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TLTROs were mentioned by "some" members (versus "two" in October). Here we are.

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Does anyone care about year-ahead outlooks?

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Draghi says reinvestments done to bring them eventually in line with capital key

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Did Santa Get Our Correction Road Map?

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Draghi says slower growth lies ahead for eurozone

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ECB’s Draghi: Reinvestments Done To Bring Them Eventually In Line With Capital Key

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I remember beggggging my mom for Herbal Essences shampoo in the 90s.

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$GDXJ 11m shares traded during last minute 12/12; 7m shares entire rest of day

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On the eve of Brexit, U.S. banks are set to conquer Europe via @EddieRob235 @LananhTNguyen…

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Why women now make up 40pc of new partners in Australian law firms #ausbiz #legal

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S&P 500 Update: Consumer Staples Highlight Defensive December - article by @MarkNewtonCMT $SPY $QQQ $IYT $XLP $VIX

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Could a citizens’ assembly break the Brexit impasse? #citizensassembly #brexitassembly #demopart

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Show transparency over Party affiliation, reveal loans from Chinese state banks, and internationalize by allowing n…

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A Built-In #Ethereum Wallet Just Got Added to ⁦@opera⁩ Browser - via ⁦@coindesk⁩

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#ECB ’s Draghi says underlying strength of domestic demand underpins expansion

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ECB’s Draghi: Incoming Info Weaker Than Expected Reflecting Softer Demand -Underlying Strength Of Domestic Demand Underpins Expansion

For some reason, Mike Pence reminds me of Mama from Mama's Family.

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Both digital and traditional estate agents struggling.

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"does it make sense to upset a level European playing field in order to balance a global one?” Siemens-Alstom merge…

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No ‘immediate breakthrough’ expected in Brexit talks, Theresa May says