• 47 seconds ago

WTF?!! Ban travel from Kent!? https://t.co/bExooDJjUQ

  • 2 minutes ago

⚡️ “The birth control stat that has eyes rolling” https://t.co/O3xrUx6auQ

  • 5 minutes ago

Positivity on Europe (from two weeks ago) https://t.co/TbNYuisOik

  • 8 minutes ago

Massive Cuts Coming for UNICEF and UN Peacekeeping? https://t.co/5i7XtrTMds

  • 9 minutes ago

"There are no photos of Enya in pants" https://t.co/XJOiLBcAPu

  • 15 minutes ago

London is indefatigable and some crazy loser is not going to change that EVER cc @HCNicHailey @BorisJohnsonhttps://t.co/Ethoj5Ul32

  • 20 minutes ago

Russian economic situation remains weak. https://t.co/ZLPju4wxaz https://t.co/MhJRarziCu

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