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"Aid in Reverse: How Poor Countries Develop Rich Countries"

  • 3 minutes ago

Consumer Delinquencies: Credit Card and Total ex-Credit Card

  • 3 minutes ago

For the gazillionth time, "X" and "government spending on X" are not the same.

  • 4 minutes ago

Learning from Experience: FDA’s Treatment of Machine Learning | MobiHealthNews #ai #ml #dl

  • 10 minutes ago

Delinquencies: Consumer, C&I, Agricultural

  • 11 minutes ago

There's a new Sherriff in town

  • 15 minutes ago

FFS, he doesn't *look* like him.

  • 37 minutes ago

Now You Can Be As Cool (& Short Credit) As Carl Icahn

  • 41 minutes ago

More Active Managers Are Beating Passive Funds

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#AdviceForBackToSchool Remember to respond in the same news cycle

  • 52 minutes ago

#SUGAR / $SGG “Other than deflation concerns, looks like Sugar has bottomed”. Details free at…

  • 54 minutes ago

How artificial intelligence can help with your finances | City A.M. #ai #ml #dl

  • 54 minutes ago

U.K. Home Office Threatened EU Citizens With Deportation - Bloomberg

  • 55 minutes ago

Britain retreats from its strong stance on EU laws, as the clock ticks on Brexit talks via @bpolitics

  • 55 minutes ago

John Lanchester in the #LRB : via @LRB Great essay...

  • 56 minutes ago

To Opt In or Not Opt In? That’s the Question for Dealers Studying the SI Rules Under MiFID II. View from IHS Markit

  • 1 hour ago

Libor vs Net Interest Income

  • 1 hour ago

Also, are you worried about a shutdown in any event? Or just bc it overlaps with debt ceiling?

Wait - somebody married MITCH MCCONNELL????!!

Artificial intelligence to help detect skin cancer #ai #ml #dl

  • 1 hour ago

Sunset over Friedrichshafen!

  • 1 hour ago

On the KLF panel tonight - to decide why KLF burned £1 million - there'll be a court sketcher...

me, trying to explain to my daughters why we won't have a cat... (via @newyorker )

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