• 2 minutes ago

It's amazing to me that both the right-wing and the mainstream media have tried so hard to make the Weinstein scand…

  • 5 minutes ago

Let's stop throwing money at land; it always ends up in the landlord's pocket.

  • 7 minutes ago

Here's what to expect from Xi Jinping as he becomes #China 's most powerful leader since Mao via @bpolitics

  • 7 minutes ago

BangML - Bangalore Machine Learning Meetup #ai #ml #dl

  • 12 minutes ago

What could possibly go wrong?

  • 17 minutes ago

New research underscores how much difference there can be between indexes that on the surface look the same

  • 24 minutes ago

The Positive Impact of Recent Regulatory Measures on the Global Cryptocurrency Markets – The Merkle via @oceancurve

  • 26 minutes ago

Manchin, McCaskill & Casey didn’t oppose bill “when it passed in the Senate last year by unanimous consent”…

  • 27 minutes ago

Today’s best headline.

  • 27 minutes ago | VP launches UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence #ai #ml #dl

  • 29 minutes ago

That’s not the sun, that’s the glare from Steve Brannon’s head exploding.

  • 31 minutes ago

A record number of Britons are regretting Brexit

  • 34 minutes ago

$SPX Day Movers: Retail hit on $JWN failed MBO. HCare names hit on POTUS. Financials and Energy names lead $XLF $XLE

  • 38 minutes ago

The Joys of Getting Fired | Jeffrey A. Tucker @JeffreyATucker #NationalBossDay

  • 41 minutes ago

ANZ sells pensions and investments business for $765m

  • 46 minutes ago

Measuring Limits of Arbitrage in Fixed-Income Markets

  • 46 minutes ago

Can we teach robots ethics?

  • 47 minutes ago

The Brexiters’ war on the enemy within via @FT

  • 53 minutes ago

Medical Ctr has one of deepest escalators in world. Only 1 of 3 works. Guess which way? Down. Typical @wmata way. @unsuckdcmetro

  • 54 minutes ago

me either no Brexit under any conditions...

  • 57 minutes ago

Peltz narrowly loses $PG boardroom battle -- or does he?

  • 58 minutes ago

Speeding up lines at poultry plants will harm workers, many are immigrants & refugees, conditions already dangerous…

  • 1 hour ago

Liar, liar, pants on fire. Again and again. SHAME!

  • 1 hour ago

One big thing I’ve changed my mind about recently: the effects of smartphones on young people

  • 1 hour ago

Adobe warns that hackers are exploiting its Flash software

  • 1 hour ago

Racial segregation and Southern lynching

  • 1 hour ago

RIO pumps iron ore hard

  • 1 hour ago

Judge OKs social media searches on potential jurors in Pilot Flying J rebate fraud case

#China seen reaching #tech milestone by year-end - volume output of its own 12-inch silicon wafers: #semiconductors

  • 1 hour ago

Wildfires sweep Portugal, northern Spain, killing at least 35

ITP Media Group launches new social media agency

  • 1 hour ago

Australia wind and solar power overtake gas in September via @renew_economy

  • 1 hour ago

Invest in food security; end hunger

  • 1 hour ago

Women Code Breakers, a World of Endangered Species and Other New Science Books

  • 1 hour ago

US Yield Curve at an expansion low: 76 bps. Dow Jones Industrial Average at an all-time high.

  • 1 hour ago

UK PM Theresa May, EU agree to work harder to get a Brexit deal

Keep Calm and … Massively Increase Investment in Artificial Intelligence - MIT Technology Review #ai #ml #dl

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