Canadian Man Dies At Cape Point: #SouthAfrica
Bannon tried to spy on Facebook: report
The magic of twitter! I have it in my hands within minutes of complaining.
Agricultural land devastated by Hurricane Maria. “There will be no food in Puerto Rico.”
Technology allows minicabs to compete better with taxis
I had totally forgotten that I once co-authored a paper on Veblen with this passage on The Star Spangled Banner
Navistar, VW will collaborate on electric truck, connectivity
The World #Fleet: Zoning In On #Emissions by @clarksons_crsl
Far-right AFD success shocks Germany
Trump keeps tweeting about NFL protests, but largely ignores Puerto Rico
.@BernieSanders has a radical new vision for U.S. foreign policy.
Trump steps up war of words with NFL over anthem protests From @Globe_Sports #TakeAKnee
Arms-Washing: #Ukraine Network Moves Embargoed European #Arms to Africa and the Middle East
Piraeus Bank to Respond to Reported Regulatory Violations Found in Audit #Greece
Chelsea Manning barred from traveling to Canada
Scatec Solar Plans 500 Megawatts Of Solar In Iran
Russian Navy Warship to Reach Corfu, Before Heading to Syria #Greece
National Geographic Traveler: Greece among Best Fall Trips of 2017 #Greece
FDP will Support Greek Bailout Programmes if IMF is Involved, Lindner Says #Greece
China’s Investment Interest in Greece Discussed by Papadimitriou, Zou Xiaoli #Greece
Dijsselbloem in Athens: Greece Needs “Clean” Bailout Exit #Greece
Russian general killed in IS shelling in Syria
Sep 24, 1917 - A group of Austrian commando officers in the Alps, on the Italian Front #100yearsago
Here are Merkel’s complicated coalition options via @patrickjdo @bjennen1
EU seeks more protection for Uber-style jobs
Stark and harrowing: Witnessing a perilous journey from Myanmar to Bangladesh #backstory
Bank Illegally Funnels Huge Cash to Fund Broke Federal Govt: #Nigeria
Psychology and the economy
NFL Sunday ratings fell in Week 3 — but pregame shows were up @readDanwrite
Trump sends FEMA director to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastates the island
EMST offers free entrance to Chinese xieyi art exhibition until October 1 #Greece
Baby dragonflies have mouths only a baby dragonfly mother could love
Kansas cut pass-through/personal taxes a few years ago. Did not pay for itself.
Netanyahu muzzles Israeli officials on Kurdish referendum
Puerto Rico needs aid, but it needs more than that; it needs equal recognition.
Trump-backed Alabama Senate compares opponent Roy Moore to Todd Akin
No. 15 MIT Sweeps Coast Guard and Hunter in Womens Volleyball Tri-match! #RollTech
There’s a major contradiction in the Fed’s reasoning for reducing its giant balance sheet
AutoGravity teams up with Hyundai Capital America » Banking Technology
a very scary chart of US margin debt in trading accounts at $256B, a record high
Fun times for ED traders
ICTSI to operate two ports in Papua New Guinea
My review: Discovery is a bold, new addition to the Star Trek franchise
Trump has a new travel ban — and it’s still rooted in bigotry against Muslims
The GOP revised its Obamacare repeal bill, but its still likely headed for Senate defeat
Trump’s travel ban just dodged a Supreme Court hearing
American protectionism on aircraft is damaging Britains interests, argues @ShankerASingham
.@Airbnb’s plan to help revive dying communities #FCDesignAwards
JUST IN: White House defends Trump NFL comments: This isnt about being against anyone
The winner...
LeBron James Just Dunked On Donald Trump Again
Iraqi Kurds voting in non-binding referendum on independence
Ready to rock at @IACPM
The Most Powerful Women in Banking
Joe Biden launches daily podcast to share thoughts, opinions on news stories
all other cosplay is cancelled
Inspirational insights by great @nickogden of @clear_bank Great platform they have build #fintech @ConnectMediaC
Venezuela doctors protest to urge stronger WHO stance on health crisis
Deloitte hacked, says very few clients affected
Your stinky feet can reveal who youre living with
Kurdistan supervisors begin counting votes in independence referendum
Supreme Court removes travel ban case from argument schedule
#Hurricanes release the energy of 10,000 #nuclear bombs. Where does it all come from?
Diamond Offshore in negotiations for Chinese drillship
Iran and Kazakhstan form shipping JV
Entertainment, Media Revenue to Hit U.S.$6.4 Billion in 2021 - Report: #Nigeria
NEW: Five things to watch for in CNNs health care debate Monday night
Also, theres a #SeaOtterTweetOff happening right now. Sit back, relax and enjoy.
#ECB is said to start stress tests at Greek banks in February via @NikasSotiris
Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in prison
Police arrest activists protesting Trumpcare bill on Capitol Hill
Kyrgyzstan accuses Kazakhstans Nazarbayev of political meddling
#NorthKorea Says #Trump has ‘Declared War’ on His Country
Latest Obamacare repeal effort ‘nearly impossible,’ GOP Senator says
Inequality is getting so bad it’s threatening the very foundation of economic growth
Spains Economy is Growing, but Leaving Most Behind
The resurgence of the right in Germany
Past winners of Germanys national elections
Realizing The Border Dividend: Smart City Pairs Can Transform U.S.-Mexico #usmexicoborder
U.S.-Backed Fighters Sounds familiar
Idyl Wins The Voice Nigeria #Nigeria
WATCH: National anthem singer takes a knee at Seahawks-Titans game
A biotech company has mapped the genetics of all Icelandic people—but should it? @ucbsoj
nice nudge
Violence in the U.S. rises for a 2nd-straight year
New owners of SAL Heavy Lift reregister six ships back to the German flag
GC Rieber Shipping secures CSV extension
How the NFL sold patriotism to the U.S. military for millions
Republicans revamp floundering health bill in search of votes
North American resource abundance: IHS estimates 40 years of natural gas production is profitable below $4/MMBtu.
Most Bond Traders Don’t Like Their Jobs (my latest blog post) @GreenwichAssoc
#China, Japan Among Countries Sending Major Hurricane Relief to Cuba
Dudley sees Fed rate hikes; inflation weakness fading
Trump just announced a revised travel ban, adding more countries
Iraqi Kurds vote in divisive referendum
North Koreas foreign minister says Trump ‘declared war’
Small island of Dominica hit hardest by Hurricane Maria
Danish windmills set all-time record for lowest single day production
King Mswati III Takes 14th Wife After Umhlanga Reed Dance Festival: #Swaziland
Homer Simspon on theory. #igwt17
Kushner used a private email account for some White House communications
New Angolan President To Be Sworn In #Angola
How is the Kurdish independence referendum different from Catalonia’s?
I asked White House official if they believe Israel occupying West Bank, the WH response:
NewsBuster Writer Refers to Famous Musician John Legend as Slate Writer.
Warriors coach to Trump: Racism is more disrespectful to our flag than players kneeling
Retail Apocalypse Fears Hit Food Stocks $
BoA: Don’t Expect Labor Productivity Growth To Improve $
Donald Trump continues to grumble about the NFL on Twitter, but he lost this fight
WATCH LIVE: First White House press briefing since Trumps NFL comments
Why Puerto Ricos Rebuilding Effort May be Doomed
Rod Serling narrating The Twilight Zone, circa 1964.
U.S. homes have shown a steady increase in average sq ft over the decades #housing
Creative options the U.S. could pursue to try to contain North Korea’s nukes:
#HershCohen On The Key Role Dividends Play In His Investment Strategy
Maybe FBN?
Opinion: #TakeAKnee for justice - Protest white power! writes @johnsimsproject
Trump appropriates the memory of Pat Tillman, a liberal whose widow slammed Trump
You can ban Uber, but you cant ban Uberism, says @andrew_lilico
Trudeau says he’s awaiting “more details” after Chelsea Manning barred from Canada
FDP: Are Germanys liberals in reality libertarians? #GermanyDecides
How Messy is Tanzanian Singer Diamond Platnumzs Cheating Drama? #Tanzania
Nobel Prize-Winning Author Joins South African University #SouthAfrica
Eurogroup’s Dijsselbloem: Greece Under Supervision even After Bailout Exit #Greece
GOP senators roll out DREAM Act alternative that would provide path to citizenship
Co-chairs dissent lays bare split in Germanys AfD far-right party
Fed needs to see prices rise before next rate hike, Evans says
Walking the Camino de Santiago: highlights of the Camino Francés by @TomDoesTravel
Mike Pence Slams UN Human Rights Council for Keeping #Cuba, Venezuela as Members
Do immortals live among us?
Neil deGrasse Tyson analyzed all the big physics plot holes in Game of Thrones
Matternet Launching First Permanent Autonomous Drone Delivery Network In Switzerland
Todays @nytimes has Kushners email story on page 18. Hillary, OTOH....
2:00PM Water Cooler 9/25/2017
Dualities #GermanElection #germany #Germanyelection #Merkel
North Korea accuses Trump of declaring war, claims right to ‘countermeasures’
Women’s leadership, agroecology and the fight against climate change
JUST IN: Supreme Court cancels arguments for Trump travel ban
These Radiant Gospel Songs Will Lift Your Spirits
Hopes and frustrations as Brexit talks resume after May speech via @Reuters
Redskins star: Trump is not my president
LeBron James defends NFL protests: It’s powerful what all these athletes are doing
Key facts about unauthorized immigrants enrolled in DACA
Enter for a chance to win #HunterOfStories—the final musings of the master. #EduardoGaleano
Julian Assange’s strange new obsession
Vegan is the new black
YTD, energy credit following SPX much more than energy equities. YS
This Ohio Bill Would Make It Illegal to Abort Babies Because They Have Down Syndrome
Quest, LabCorp Are Big Losers Under Medicare Overhaul: Analyst
Todays quote is from Alice Walker
Tune in to our Facebook Livestream right now for our coverage of the aftermath of the hurricanes in the Caribbean.
#Brexit Update: Assessing its Impact on the European Economy #Business_Finance #Politics
Puerto Rico faces a humanitarian crisis as Trump rants about the NFL
Todays token heatmap
Draghi pledges the euro area will get all the ECB support it needs
World of Islam, Michael Jackson Collide in Egyptian Film #Egypt
Autumnal Lane, Walter Moras (1856 -1925)
Obamacare repeal is still alive. And Lindsey Graham is still a fraud.
7 Ways to Use Old #Candles, Ends and All #DIY #LifeHacks
WATCH: John Oliver hits back at Trump over NFL criticism
Nike backs NFL players right to protest in U.S. anthem debate
10 Years After the Financial Crash with Alistair Darling
Media Resumes Blaming Hurricanes on Climate Change
The Story of the USS Pension Fiasco
... Sittin and starin out of the hotel window. ...
If NFL players take a knee, do it in prayer for a divided nation
Indiana judge blocks anti-choice law in Indiana, marking a win for Planned Parenthood
New poll gives ND opposition a sturdy lead
Death Toll Increases to 324 After #MexicoEarthquake
GM workers are preparing for Canadas first auto assembly plant strike in two decades
The retail big short
The Gartman Letter’s Dennis Gartman reacts to #gold’s dip below $1,300. @CNBC
The RC-135S Cobra Ball is airborne near Japan. It collects intelligence on ballistic targets! (via @CivMilAir )
From the archive: Puerto Rican Astronaut Affected by 2 Hurricanes
From the archive: Puerto Rican Astronaut Affected by 2 Hurricanes
Cute alert! Dinner time for young giant pandas
North Korea says U.S. has declared war by @michellenichols
If the re-elected Angela Merkel isnt the leader of the free world, who is? asks @UriLF:
The worlds biggest modern #slavery strongholds. Perhaps a regional connection can be made?
First pic of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as couple from @PatriciaTreble
Inside Bobi Wines Campaign to Rally the Ugandan Youth: #Uganda
Germany’s period of centrist, consensus politics is drawing to a close
Study Finds If Republicans or Democrats Are More Likely to Believe in Conspiracy Theories
Maine senator lobbies for a lobster emoji
Republicans’ last-ditch effort to repeal Obamacare is really all about tax cuts
JUST IN: LeBron James fires back at Trump: The people run this country ... not him
Milo’s “Free Speech Week” lasted about 20 minutes
Australia is establishing a national space agency after years of pressure
#BREAKING: Supreme Court cancels arguments for Trump travel ban
Top accountancy firm Deloitte has been hacked and client data breached #business
Australia to get its own space agency, government says
Chinese property stocks plunge in Hong Kong as cities impose new curbs
Current status: intrigued.
Battered Puerto Rico hospitals on life support after Hurricane Maria
Tropical Depression Pilar will raise the risk for flooding downpours across western Mexico:
Could Democrats win Texas?
Juventus president Andrea Agnelli banned for a year over ticket scandal From @Globe_Sports
The Earthquake that Revealed Mexicos Strength and Solidarity Giving up is not an option
$VIX will only take permanent domicile north of 13 when three of the four horsemen are present
Joe Biden is now doing a podcast.
Economic growth is solid in places with tech companies. And its not so good elsewhere.
Interactive: Visualizing gender differences in religious commitment around the world
Live now:
You can fight climate change with what you eat
Want to get rid of Paul Ryan? Support Randy Bryce @IronStache
NEW POLL: Roy Moore beating Trump-backed incumbent by 11 points in Alabama Senate race
Starbucks obviously honoring Twitter eggs with their new cups
Supreme Court drops Trump travel ban case from argument schedule, orders briefing on effect of revised policy.
Petredec extends Jiangnan VLGC series
Africa reacts on German election results
Opinion: How Donald Trump’s visit can make China and the US great again
Airline baggage fees are out of control — heres how to save @BJonesCooper
Three ways to make proton therapy affordable:
Weve de-stigmatized pink. - NFL guy
Look out! Old MACI is back! #MACI #deflation
No one is tracking the illegal political ads in your Facebook feed
Violent crime rates up for second year in a row
Star Trek, CBS, and the depressing future of pay TV
Asset Managers Flip To Net Short on Treasuries As UST 10Y-2Y Curve Slope Falls Below 80 BPS
Britain links EU divorce bill to deal on new trading relationship via @Reuters
Travelers swamp Puerto Ricos main airport; dam on verge of collapse
Dem lawmaker: Trump lectures others on patriotism but refuses to criticize Russia
How drones will change the world in the next 5 years
South African Deputy President Leads Bid to Host Rugby World Cup #SouthAfrica #SA2023
lol Megyn Kelly
North Korea threatens ‘countermeasures’ – but what does that mean?
Cities need to transition to circular economies—@Google wants to help:
I argued that demographics favored the Democrats. I was wrong.
Foxs Brit Hume: Rand Pauls arguments on ObamaCare repeal are incoherent
Designers take on the drought (video)
Uber apologizes to London in bid to keep license
Inequality is getting so bad it’s threatening the very foundation of economic growth
#Inequality makes economic growth harder to sustain, IMF says
note to my Congressional representatives re Puerto Rico. @NancyPelosi @SenFeinstein @KamalaHarris
Tate exhibition takes in three decades of sculpture by Rachel Whiteread
Disconnected by disaster—photos from a battered Puerto Rico, from @TheAtlPhoto:
Why loyalty card programs should just die via @fpentrepreneur
10 super-specific doomsday predictions that didnt pan out
Photos of NFL players taking a knee after Trump’s comments
I hate the NFL so much. Its awful. Boo NFL! So what time is the game on tonight?
Surrey parent on school run who drove at teacher and flung him from bonnet jailed
Chelsea Manning says she was denied entry to Canada over criminal record
The long history of civil rights protests making white people uncomfortable
simplicity” versus “ease From Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist
note to my Congressional representatives re Puerto Rico.
Capital Economics: Household debt to weigh on economic growth in Canada: #cdnecon #housing #debt
33% Say U.S. Heading in #RightDirection #BreakingPoll
Hundreds leave homes near dangerously crumbling Puerto Rico dam
AIG to restructure into three new units, marking CEOs first big move
A heartless sea creature could help us figure out why humans cant regenerate limbs
Will the US pull out of the Iran nuclear deal?
North Korea accuses U.S. of declaring war
Meghna’s latest supramax buy clearly illustrates rising bulker prices
Slices of timber align to form roof of outdoor classroom near Moscow
Chinas richest man says he doesnt have time to spend his money @MONEY
ANA journalists participate in Greek medias 24-hour strike on Tuesday
Justice thwarted in Huichol land restitution case -
Draghi pledges euro area will get all the #ECB support it needs via @Skolimowski
DARPA developing cheap underwing drone to extend missile range
IAG CEO confirms bid for Air Berlin, sees it going to Lufthansa
Theres Nothing Moral about Opposing Price-Gouging | Christopher Westley
Chelsea Manning barred from traveling to Canada
Britain still faces an uphill battle on Brexit, warns @plegrain
Have You Seen This Dog? Mexicans Search for Missing #Pets #mexicoearthquake #dogs #news
September 25th, 1066 - Battle of Stamford Bridge marks the end of the Viking invasions of England.
Digging deeper: can hot air provide sustainable source of electricity?
Want to win this signed Green Day guitar help @IronStache defeat Paul Ryan? Contest NOW:
NFL ratings are mixed after Trumps call for fans to boycott games over anthem protests
Ray Dalio on the gravest issue facing the United States:
ICYMI: Day 1 of the annual #PlattsAPPEC conference. Here my summary #oil #OOTT
From the archive: Hurricane Maria causes damages in Puerto Rico
Republicans are throwing billions at Senators to repeal Obamacare
Cruz still opposes ObamaCare repeal bill despite changes: They dont have my vote
Downtown Athens to get two more pedestrian streets
Five arrested in nationwide operation against hold-up gang
A Book Review of New York: 2140 A Novel
‘Anonymous’ hackers warn of more hits
Journalists strike on Tuesday in protest at austerity
The best defence against bugs in Florida, ranked: 1) lanai screens 2) brown anoles
GOP’s changes to health care bill reward states to court votes
Star Trek confronts the age of Trump
North Korea says Trump has declared war. How worried should we be?
Iraqi Kurds defy Baghdad in historic independence vote #KurdistanVotes
Far-right AfD enters German parliament: What it means for German politics #GermanyDecides
Maria’s trail of destruction in Puerto Rico
Getting Rid of Equifax @Gaius_Publius @downwithtyranny @Equifax
Borio casts shade on Bean, Eichengreen the IMFs chartblogging.
Stocks slide after North Korea accuses the US of declaring war
Austrias far right gives two cheers for German sister partys success
This startup is using a truck driving simulator to train IRL self-driving trucks
These are the women leading the resistance in Texas
NFL spokesman fires back at Trump: This is what real locker room talk is
Cities Should Let Taxis Become More Like Uber, Not Stifle Innovation
The Grand Canyon sits on one of Americas largest uranium mines. @eosnos
The problem is not only #unemployment. It’s under- or sub-employment.- #MLK, 1968
#China becomes the worlds biggest #oil importer: nearly 60% of #US exports. #energy
Oil hits highest since July 2015 as producers say market rebalancing From @GlobeInvestor
Uzbekistan: Cotton Slave Labor Out, Human Rights Ombudsman In?

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20 incredible things you didnt know about North Korea

20 incredible things you didn't know about North Korea