Eminem gets cheered, Kid Rock gets booed at Detroit Pistons game
Kind of a mixed earnings season but we are headed in a good direction. @jj_under
Searches for the movie Taking Chance since John Kellys statement today
Seattle has some hard-earned advice for HQ2 candidates to consider
LIVE: Apple down on reports of low iPhone 8 sales $AAPL - is this good for the company?
teleSUR now offers our English broadcast. Watch the news #LIVE on #FromTheSouth, on @telesurenglish.
How a childrens video game ended up covered in swastikas and porn
19 October 1812: French troops under Napoleon Bonaparte begin their retreat from Moscow.
Cuba Abstains from #UN Vote Condemning LGBTQ Death Penalty
Uranus is at opposition tonight; see it in the constellation Pisces.
Euro zone must seek convergence of living standards: Commission via @Reuters
Q5. In what ways has travel helped you and your children grow as a family? #lpchat
WATCH LIVE: Stocks claw back some losses, Apple drops over 2% -
Why Takun J and Kanvee Adams Lost: #Liberia
LIVE: #Bitcoin today -
#ThisWeek Polish minister accuses EU of ‘spreading lies’ in logging case
Dancing with a torturer. Its fun!
12 Republicans break with Trump, co-sponsor bipartisan ObamaCare deal
Whistler Blackcombs journey to becoming part of Vail Resorts a buy-and-hold success story
McConnell Says 20-Week Abortion Ban Has Full Backing of the Senate
BofA on the most contrarian investment strategies:
Kelly defends Trumps call to Gold Star widow
Senator McCain suggests subpoena to make White House cyber aide testify
10 secrets to smarter shopping at our stores. Whats your favorite tip?
How the wildfires are hurting Californias wine industry, by @marcvarta
Tillerson warns China on trade, territorial claims
About 2% of women in prison are serving a sentence for rape or sexual assault.
Shout out to our LA site for their work at the SPARCC LA systems change workshop!!
Rex Tillerson vows to stay on until he’s “no longer needed” by Trump
N. Korea threatens unimaginable strike on US
Young son of Alaska Native leader stabbed to death in Utqiaġvik
McCain praises Bush for important speech criticizing bigotry and white supremacy
5 MIN: Watch @MylesUdland @jj_under @rickjnewman LIVE with todays news and #stocks round-up
-Ρε συ Πάνο queue δεν είναι η ουρά στα εγγλέζικα; -Yes it was. #tsipras_proverbs
Wall Street may be expecting too much from Roches new drugs
Everyone forgets the most important thing about the 1987 Black Monday stock-market crash
Heres a guide to the overnight Senate ritual known as vote-a-rama
Very much looking forward to visit @MEGEnergy it’s in-situ development and projects of #oil sands. Stay tuned
#Brexit: How damaging will a ‘no deal’ be for all concerned?
Deforestation drops 16% in the Brazilian Amazon Still too much
For more info see: meme credit: @90sgothtrash
Q4. Where’s the next destination on your family travel bucket list and why? #lpchat
@lpkids @haven Primrose Valley so much for the 7 year old to do and my 2 year old was a happy limpet #lpchat m
Eight of @BernieSanders best lines against Ted Cruz during last nights health care debate:
Coastal erosion worsening, experts warn
No #Rohingya woman safe as rapists run rampant - experts
Senates #DirtyBudget is reckless in human, environmental, and fiscal terms. It must be rejected.
Liberian election: George Weah and Joseph Boakai head to second round
The Senate begins its vote-a-rama
China refineries run at record September pace: stats bureau via @Reuters
[Infographic] Great Lakes Economy: Examining the Cross-Border Supply Chain
Pre-register for the Top 100 City Destinations Ranking: WTM London 2017 Edition #WTMLDN
U.S. lawmakers want regulation of Facebook, Twitter political ads
China’s Financial Stability Oversight Committee Takes Shape
Corker: The GOP budget is a hoax
Trump’s DOJ lawyers just made a shocking argument about the right to abortion
Sifting through the rubble of Islamic States abandoned strongholds
This would have been bad, not good. Sad, not happy. Mad, not sane. ()
What it takes to be a drone racer
Blockchain: A new aid to nuclear export controls? #nonproliferation #nukes
Catalonia: No room for EU mediation
The Daily Shot: The stock market trading range compression has been spectacular
Tiny House Collects Energy and Water
Track What the Trump administration is saying about China
Questions grow over mysterious ambush in Niger
Republican Tiberi to leave Congress in January: statement
George W. Bush takes veiled swipe at Trump, slams bullying and prejudice via @Reuters
Chinese central bank official Zhou warns of sudden collapse in asset prices
Thank you eight pound, six ounce, newborn baby Jesus!
Chairperson of South Africas National Carrier Shown the Door #SouthAfrica
Microsoft #TechTalk: Understanding Encryption
Chicago art museum says it has the original Renoir painting that Trump claimed to own
Free money at the edge of the tech boom, by @alexismadrigal
Philippines Economic Growth Remains Strong in October. #SMI
John Kerry: Trump’s tweets create ‘politics of chaos’ via @swissinfo_en
McMaster: it hurt my feelings when McCain said White House isnt transparent with Congress
Sessions Says in Senate Committee Testimony He Would Jail Journalists “If We Have To”
Putin says Trump should be respected
Morneau says hell set up a blind trust, divest Morneau Shepell shares
Turkey detains Osman Kavala, prominent rights activist, at airport
House @NatResources hearing on Puerto Rico recovery and Oversight Board is postponed until further notice #muniland
As it turns out, psychopaths dont make the best hedge fund managers after all:
Slovakia is finally cleaning up its act - CapX
Namibia Ruling Party Invites Chinas Communist Party to Congress #Namibia
Teslas Model 3 gets an average as new tech dents auto reliability: Consumer Reports
People who hear voices in their head can also pick up on hidden speech
1940: More industries come under a 40-hour work week.
JUST IN: Kelly blasts Dem lawmaker for criticizing Trumps call to soliders family
Q3. What’s your best family travel memory? Would your kids say the same? #lpchat
Great turnout at the Argus Mexican Refined Products Markets conference! #Argus #Mexico
@pdacosta The ENTIRE PRESS CORPS knows the family that Trump dissed during the campaign season...
People are loving this speech from George W. Bush
Senate signals support for reducing state and local tax deduction
This mystery sensor Russia sent to the ISS is baffling US military experts
NAFTA talks are going very badly. Here’s what you should know.
ICYMI: Nearly complete, Cove Point on track to be 2nd large U.S. #LNG exporter by year-end
Does LSD Microdosing Make You Smarter? This Study Hopes to Find Out:
If I Am Fired, It Will Be At the Zumas Pleasure - Deputy President: #SouthAfrica
MPs Want Re-Introduction of Vaccination Subsidies: #Namibia
Anemic iPhone 8 demand drags Apple shares lower
Where will Blackstone spend its infrastructure billions?
Verdis Masked Ball is a timeless classic
Anger and frustration as Togo political crisis deepens
LIVE COVERAGE: Senate begins marathon voting session leading up to budget vote
Is Mays Facebook pledge enough?
Hamas leader rejects US call to lay down arms, recognize Israel
NEW: The 1970s Origins of Too Big to Fail #banks #systemic #risk #TBTF
Putin dials ups anti-US rhetoric, keeps mum on re-election via @Reuters
So much joy! The amazing team at #LSE Systemic Risk Centre - led by @JPZigrand @JonDanielsson !
AmEx raises full-year forecast, says CEO will leave Feb. 1
This is amazing. @kjhealy, @jtlevy, and @NatalieBrender, I salute you.
Ralph Northam represents a distinct departure from Obama’s emphasis on charter schools.
Without ever mentioning his name, George W. Bush slams Donald Trump
Someone recorded their heart rate during a layoff at their company. #dataviz
Top North Korean officials believe Trump is mentally ill: NBC reporter
.@tsipras_eu proposes measures to strengthen EU-Turkey deal on migration #Greece #EUCO
Under Armour, Gap add personal touch with subscription service launches
North Korea warns US to expect unimaginable nuclear strike:
Watch live now and join us in the comments:
George W. Bush slams Trump (without naming him) and slams white supremacists.
Facebook, Twitter plan to send top lawyers to Congressional hearings
Migos Culture Tour to Rock Durban, Joburg #SouthAfrica
.@newsjean Sig Hecker knows N Koreans the US can talk with:
World Food Prize: Feeding the World a Slick Campaign of Lies @OrganicConsumer
German teams in Europe this season:
Trump’s Heritage Foundation Speech Is a Sign of the Coming All-Out War Within the Right:
Q2. Share your top tips for keeping fussy little eaters happy whilst travelling! #lpchat
Namibia Ruling Party Invites Chinas Communist Party to Congress: #Namibia
Dry Powder Nears $1.6 Trillion for Alternative Investment Managers #Fitchwire
Chad added to Trump travel ban because it ran out of passport paper: report
#PulitzerHoward discussion of diversity in media. @terencesamuel @joiechen @lszelenko @HowardU_MJF
#PulitzerHoward @HUNewsService
Cancer linked to breast implants is a bigger problem than we realized
former president george w. bush meet president george w. bush.
U.S. carrier patrols off Korean peninsula in warning to Pyongyang
Why universal basic income is a bonkers policy that won’t end poverty | by Peter St. Onge
Chilling out this November - where to go
Here are some crazy-sounding proposals to engineer the global climate
Can a thrash metal band help save the Maori language? @SylviaVarnham reports
Are designers unprepared to work with AI? Readers respond
Heres how and why Interserves stock has suffered since the #Brexit vote -- on @TheTerminal
Hourly Dow chart, October 1987
With MiFID looming, many EU countries are still working on rules #BloombergMAPS @TheTerminal
Mongolia’s Economy Continues to Climb Out of Recession in October. #SMI
BREAKING: Feds have identified Bud Fox, shown here in his parents basement, as sole cause of 1987 stock market crash
Why the Setup is Ripe for Another Debt Implosion: #debt #credit
Industry executives think a Bitcoin ETF is on its way
John Kenneth Galbraith, January 1987
#PulitzerHoward Great panel discussion on diversity w diverse panel. @HUNewsService
Why Islamist Attack Demands Careful Mozambique Govt Response: #Mozambique
RT: UE: BP is making smaller smarter bets on green technology, Bob Dudley says
Cooperman just told investors the Fed chair will be (Q3 letter)
U.K.’s Clark travels to Canada for Bombardier and Airbus meetings
Explaining the Brexit bill... and whether Britain will pay up
WATCH LIVE: White House holds press briefing ahead of key Senate budget vote
while stocks continue higher, volume is following volatility to anemic levels
Rubin, Greenspan, Summers - Wreaking Havoc On Your Family Since August 11, 1987
Crash of 87 Timeline
Bigelow and ULA plan expandable B330 orbital lunar space station in 2022
Am I... walking my dog wrong?
Also from 1987
Trump now says hes open to ObamaCare deal after saying hes against it
Q1. What’s the best thing about travelling as a family? #lpchat
FNN Market Wrap - 10/19/1987 (Lieutenant Jim Dangle reporting)
WH chief of Staff John Kelly is in the press briefing room again today.
US envoy Haley: Russia interference in elections is warfare via @Reuters
WeWork is crushing it.
Visitors are still flocking to Mexico despite U.S. warnings
Meet MIT senior Talia Weiss, whose interests span physics, theater, and political science:
As the world is becoming richer, infant mortality is plummeting.
Jimi Wanjigi - The Rich Man Quietly Controlling Kenya #Kenya
Court Allows Nakumatt Kenyas Eviction From Junction Mall #Kenya
Ghanas Bold Step Away From the War on Drugs #Ghana
WATCH LIVE: White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders holds a media briefing
Diwali in Kenya
War Vets Vow to Block Grace Mugabes Ascendency to VP: #Zimbabwe
Some middle-class Americans worry Trump health subsidies cut will hurt
South Africas Zuma Unveils Statue of Struggle Icon OR Tambo #SouthAfrica
Happy #Diwali! Celebrate with these #vegan sweet and savory snacks.
Cultural nostalgia for a Greek golden age actually began in that golden time:
Florida mayor: Richard Spencer is a terrorist leader
How To Make Powerful Flashlight with @CocaColaCo Can: @DesignWorld
If you work at a place you have to feel like you belong. #pulitzerhoward @terencesamuel discussing diversity
Died 19 October 1983 - Carel Willink, well known Dutch painter who called his style of Magic realism
#ThisWeek The Brief: Islamic State and our way of life
First Moon colonists could be molemen living giant 50km cave
Harvard Endowments Rebirth
Bush: U.S. needs to recall and recover its identity amid rise of isolationism, nativism
In print: Fresh insight into how the tumour-suppressor protein BRCA1 might prevent cancer
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The real winners in Trump’s tax plan
Mexico SMI Reflects Growing Levels of Economic Activity in October. #SMI
New motorcycles and gear you need to know for 2018
GM to settle state ignition claims for $120 million
the mens rights community has some takes on harvey weinstein and they are mind-blowingly revolting
Archaeology fossil teeth discovery in Germany could re-write human history
How Canada’s Newest Tax Policy Punishes Its Lowest-Wage Workers
Political turmoil in Portugal over deadly forest fires
Jupiters stormy winds churn deep into the planet
Mozambicans Want to Know If Militant Group al-Shabaab Was Behind Police Post Attacks
How Trump sees Puerto Rico, and how Puerto Rico sees Puerto Rico
George W. Bush issues a remarkable rebuke of Trump’s presidency
HSBC #HedgeFunds #Returns
The Jobs Creators Network is really mobilizing its grassroots on ... K Street
McCain: It may take a subpoena to get info from Trumps Pentagon about Niger attack
Go, go, go! Ask your questions to @Cleomsf on @Reddit_AMA!
Senator unveils rare bipartisan healthcare initiative
#Mexico Is Experiencing the Highest Job Growth in Its Modern History
David Sedaris on keeping a diary in the age of over-sharing, by @theatlvideo
Danny Jordaan Raped Me - Singer Jennifer Ferguson Urges Others to Speak Up: #SouthAfrica
Zambias President Lungu in Congo Brazzaville: #Zambia #CongoBrazzaville
Poll: Less than half of New Hampshire GOP voters say theyll back Trump
Companies Leave Bean Counting to the Robots
Trump suggests FBI colluded with Russia on infamous dossier
#ThisWeek ‘Energy dash for biomass’ risks wasting potential of EU’s bioeconomy
Is political cynicism the reason why so few EU countries use online voting? Read more --
Take an up-close-and-personal look at the world of spiders:
Global Economy Maintains Steady Pace in October. #SMI
People in more rapidly growing economies are more trusting of their governments
Take a 360-degree tour to see a World War II shipwreck in stunning detail
The museum that changed a whole city: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao turns 20
todays session
Target CEO says small-format stores twice as productive as traditional $TGT
Tillerson signals impatience with China on North Korea, trade via @bpolitics
Conservative Republican tries to derail reappointment of Feds Yellen
Freedom and Democracy Are Not the Same By @JoseAzel
New York Times columnist: Trump uses lies to manipulate people the same way Hitler did
Tensions rise on Aegean islands as migrants continue to arrive
We have stories. We have voices. Why arent you listening to us? #pulitzerhoward @HowardU @pulitzercenter
Sports Digest: Greek Freak scores 37 points in season opener
Security researchers hacked a Bluetooth-enabled butt plug
Rural America wants jobs, while urban dwellers are ready for raises, Google searches show
Rex Tillerson signals growing impatience with China on issues from North Korea to trade
Putin says US is source of unprecedented anti-Russia campaign via @Reuters
Turned away from Richard Spencer speech, white supremacists target Jewish, black hubs
Launching Kx Tech: From Wall Street to Space with Andrew Wall of @kxsystems #BigDataDublin
Apple drags down Wall Street from record highs
Amazon HQ2 would fundamentally alter potential Canadian city candidates
Tech rout drags down emerging markets along with everyone else
30 years after Black Monday, heres what worries stock market veterans
Updates Maslows hierarchy of needs via @ValaAfshar
Govt Ratifies Two Global Treaties On Climate Change - Official: #Nigeria
Panel introduction: Terry Samuel (Right) Joie Chen (Middle) Laura Zelenko (left) #PulitzerHoward #FOJ17
12 Republicans break with Trump, co-sponsor bipartisan ObamaCare deal
Bill Ackman’s Giant White Whale $
The Distribution Of Returns The Randomness Embedded In Them $
Eminem gets cheered, Kid Rock gets booed at Detroit Pistons game
.@Bloomberg has put forth a major initiative to support diversity @lszelenko #PulitzerHoward
Vote for the @f_l_o_u_r_i_s_h project at the @infobeautyaward now #iibawards
hosko got rekt last night just look at him
Waiting for #BigDataDublin to kick off!
Al Franken tears into Jeff Sessions over shifting narratives on Russia meetings
Its not written in stone that tech serves us. We have to work to make it so Cindy Cohn @EFF @markoff #CHMLive
Putin says U.S. is source of unprecedented anti-Russia campaign
#Brazil Net Payrolls at 34.39K
#ThisWeek EU-US Privacy Shield pact to pass first annual review
1987 crash anniversary reminds us to prepare for next crisis @davidnelsoncfa
Improving #Employee #Management using #BigData - Dataconomy
Samsung Heavy wins first order for new FSRU design
Solstad Farstad secures CSV contract extension
Dem lawmaker: What the hell? Everybody knows that Mr. Trump is a liar
Talking about Diversity in Media today at Howard University #FOJ17 #MediaDiversity #PulitzerHoward
Investors grapple with a 0.1% plunge as potential shocks continue to mount
The tech rout drags down emerging markets along with everyone else
JUST IN: Trump says hes open to bipartisan ObamaCare deal
Vote for @xocasgv and the How To Fix… project at the @infobeautyaward now #iibawards
Dogs attempt to communicate with us through facial expressions: @GemmaTarlach
We at @mmfa proudly celebrate #LGBTQ #SpiritDay
.@joiechen: A diverse newsroom makes for a different approach to coverage. #PulitzerHoward
Tune in now for our live show on facebook or stream directly on our website here:
This chart is proof there are few similarities between todays market and the 1987 crash
The Kurdish retreat from Kirkuk along the Sulaymaniyah road seen from space on 16 Oct
Turkey: Angela Merkel calls for reduced EU funds
Court Finds Namibias Ruling Party Guilty of Abuse of Power: #Namibia
Robben Island Powered By Solar Mini-Grid: #SouthAfrica
Trump changes his mind about bipartisan health care deal for the fourth time in three days
Al Jazeera America was the “grandest experiment “ in major media in this country, says @joiechen. #PulitzerHoward
When it comes to Brexit specifics, Corbyn is as vague as May
When you lack diversity, important stories get told in “exactly the wrong way,” says @terencesamuel. #PulitzerHoward
Drought is Good for Business: #Kenya
Currently taking place in Screening Room West, the Diversity in Media panel is underway. #FOJ17 #PulitzerHoward
On the panel today is Joie Chen Terry Samuel , Laura Zelenko #MediaDiversity #FOJ17 #PulitzerHoward
Nine families of fallen soldiers say they havent heard from Trump
Venezuelas airport from hell. #PulitzerWeekend17 @lilgfr @WakeForest
(US) September Philly Fed business outlook +27.9 vs +22.0 expected ... Prior was +23.8 - @ForexLive
Colorados Garden of the Gods
Lets end our look back at 1970s Ace Books with a stone cold classic...
Teslas Model 3 gets an average as new tech dents auto reliability: Consumer Reports
Donald Trump simultaneously stands for a very specific agenda and nothing at all.
Here are some takeaways from Dr. Christoph Tempich talk. #BigDataDusseldorf
Inside China’s quest to become the global leader in AI, by @Edward_Tse for @TheWorldPost →
Is this the constitutional key to unlock the crisis in Catalonia?
Bush ethics chief: Trump has no understanding of human emotions
.@jonsawyer: Journalism needs to be as diverse as the public we seek to serve. #PulitzerHoward
Facing public outcry, New Mexico restores evolution and global warming to science standards
#auspol Julie Bishop seen fleeing Parliament House after being told Jacinda Ardern is new NZ PM.......
2:00PM Water Cooler 10/19/2017

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Trump asks for help for Myanmars Rohingya amid violent crackdown

Trump asks for help for Myanmar's Rohingya amid violent crackdown https://t.co/EAwafljNLe https://t.co/ktJV5AY6VX