Nov 17, 1917 - Austrian Army ferry across the Dneister River, in Ukraine on the Eastern Front #100yearsago
Defying Russia, Serbia holds joint military drills with U.S.
Papadopoulos told reporters he was Trumps representative in foreign meetings: report
Prepping for my class on Monday. Here is Canadas Trade Balance, Current Account, and Capital Account
The vacation indicator. Very, very bearish.
#BREAKING: Trump postpones decision on importing elephant trophies after backlash
This is what makes green tea flavorful, stimulating and healthy: @scienceandfood
The Ratio strikes again
Trump hotel in Panama has ties to Russian mafia, international crime: report
Nov 17, 1917 - New York Times: Union defends New York teachers ousted for anti-war views #100yearsago
very bullish
Nov 17, 1917 - New York Times: Enemy aliens to face closer monitoring #100yearsago
Volkswagen accelerates push into electric cars with $40 billion spending plan
Zimbabwe: Mugabe Makes First Public Appearance Since Military Takeover
A year of many firsts for the MIT Energy Hackathon
Pro-trade Republicans get nervous that NAFTA talks could fail via @Reuters
Kushner failed to disclosed Russian backdoor overture from Putin ally: report
In Trump’s first 100 days, news stories citing his tweets were more likely to be negative
My Friday nite in NYC
MIT researchers collaborate with Lamborghini to develop an electric car of the future
Taking Photos Improves Your Visual Memory, but Weakens Other Senses:
good shabbos @CHAPOTRAPHOUSE
The Keystone pipeline just spilled another 210,000 gallons of oil
Ex-Nigerian First Lady Asks Court to Unfreeze Her Bank Accounts #Nigeria
Trumps carelessness with the Saudis will force Americans to collude with a cartel
Poll: Trump job approval rating hits new low
Nov 17, 1917 - New York Times: Neutral Denmark fears US wartime embargo will ruin them #100yearsago
Ivanka, do the right thing: Endorse Doug Jones over Roy Moore
Nissan inspection scandal: Managers in the dark as trainees checked cars
Arrest rates for poachers have gone from roughly 10-20% to 80-90%, thanks to thermal cameras
Trump is graciously picking up his own legal bills now that the RNC won’t pay them
Election expert predicts Democratic wave in 2018
#Mexico Prepares Economic “Plan B” in Case U.S. Leaves #NAFTA
Puerto Rico utility head resigns after slow Hurricane Maria response
Nov 16, 1917 - Australian Light Horse capture Latrun, on the road from Jaffa (Tel Aviv) to Jerusalem #100yearsago
Ex-CIA chief: Putin is outsmarting Trump
Nov 16, 1917 - State of the British advance against the Turks into Palestine #100yearsago
Quite excited about this
Yves Behar recycles boat sails and wetsuits to produce Deep Blue Bag:
Clinton: Crazy Uranium One allegations are a political stunt by Trump
Liberalism demands that we treat people fairly, even when it’s hard
Glass and bronze combined to create otherworldly tables
COS and Snarkitecture reveal snaking marble run for Seoul gallery
Nov 17, 1917 - German, Austrian and Hungarian convalescent soldiers in a Hungarian hospital #100yearsago
Kenyan Man Snatches Woman Hes Never Met From American Husband #Kenya
Apple pushes launch of HomePod smart speaker to early 2018
Ditch your phone’s default apps for these superior replacements
The boss is dead but the mafia lives, magistrate and mobster say
How big is Japan?
Artificial intelligence will have huge impact for oil and gas, Microsoft executive says
FAA Approves Drone As Cell Phone Tower In The Sky For Puerto Rico
Voting for Pedophiles OK If Theyre Republican
Nov 17, 1917 - New York Times: British advance in Palestine reaches Jaffa (Tel Aviv) #100yearsago
Nov 17, 1917 - New York Times: Clemenceau picks new French Cabinet #100yearsago
JUST IN: Senate panel probing Kushner over undisclosed dinner invite from Russians: report
#Hookland paper ephemera. Title page to one of the more sought after books on angling in the county.
#Argentina navy loses contact with submarine with 44 crew on board
Et voila! Pork ribs on a bed of risotto.
Boston Dynamics bipedal robot can now do a backflip
Corruption. A postcard sent to me by artist Tim Knowles and then developed to reveal its hidden microbiome.
The US still has time to correct course on climate change
I spent 10 minutes looking up what homestuck + dril meant.
RT: UE: Plastics found in the stomachs of creatures living at the oceans furthest depths
Get started tonight! Make-ahead dishes for your Thanksgiving menu
Lebanons Hariri on Twitter: I am on the way to the airport
Navy admits that pilot drew penis in sky
The Sheikh-down: how Saudi Arabia changed, forever via @SCMP_news
I will be appearing live on The Laura Ingraham Show tonight on Fox. Hope you will watch
Trump quietly began allowing hunters to import lion trophies from Africa
WATCH: Tapper goes through every sexual misconduct allegation against Trump one by one
Video: Boston Dynamics’ badass robot now does backflips
CEO Les Moonves: CBS may not be able to stay out of the media deal frenzy much longer
9 of 11 $SPX sectors are reporting revenue growth for Q3, led by #Energy sector.
Cuban businesswomen seek Rubio meeting as U.S. policy bites
ICYMI! The US #tax plan would add another USD 1.7 trillion, or 6% of #GDP, to the federal debt!
Christie: I think Kushner got me fired from the Trump transition
LA radio station: We tipped off news partners before publishing Franken allegations
Half of this amazing new library’s books are actually fake
Key NAFTA talks open in Mexico amid complaint of US inflexibility via @Reuters
White House economic adviser says tax plans pay for themselves. Studies disagree
South Carolina womens basketball team rejects Trump invitation to visit White House
How the Notion of Smart Cities Has Changed
Stranger Things and the new weapons of the mind via @BulletinAtomic
White House: Only men who admit to sexual assault should be investigated for it
No, there has not been a successful human head transplant
Venezuela opposition leader Ledezma flees to Colombia
There is still a lot of destruction in the city. East Aleppo a year after battle
Apple pushes launch of HomePod smart speaker to early 2018
The “Redneck Revolt” is showing up at gun shows and KKK rallies to end white supremacy.
#Dog on the Brink of Death Desperately Chased After a Car to Get Help... #DogRescue #Pets
...and now for their first coating of a simple honey dijon sauce and straight into the oven
My god, Elon Musk truly is a visionary:
The anatomy of a slow motion coup in Zimbabwe
VIDEO: How not to deep fry a turkey, courtesy of Fort Wainwright firefighters in Fairbanks
Americans Own 42 Percent of the Worlds Guns
Vietnams need for energy is reviving a long dispute with China #OOTT
What was the ‘blue flash some people saw at Chernobyl?
Twitter doesnt really seem all that interested in fixing its abuse problem.
US Yield Curve ends the week at its flattest level of the expansion: 62 bps spread b/t 10-yr and 2-yr yields. $TNX
Bitcoin is up 17% this week
#Earthquake magnitude 4,2 - 58,5 km from #Tacna - #Peru
Donald Trump is remaking the federal courts in his own image
Canadian grocery chain Loblaw says has ordered 25 Tesla electric trucks
Alabama governor believes Roy Moores accusers, will vote for him anyway
Planetizens City Neckties will make a wonderful gift for the urbanist in your life.
#ISDA declares #Venezuela’s state-run oil firm has defaulted on debt
EU gives U.K. early December deadline for Brexit bill concession
Roy Moore’s current campaign endorsements page:
Zimbabwe: How to make and break a democracy. From @TheAtlVideo:
Michelle Obama on coping with the Trump presidency: Dont tweet nasty stuff
The final days of a tax haven
#BusinessCards – What You Must Know [INFOGRAPHIC] $ $
Keystone pipeline spill pushes oil higher, fuels TransCanada opponents via @Reuters
Wall Street pulls back at weeks end with tax changes mulled
JUST IN: Florida Dem Party chair resigns after allegations of creepy behavior toward women
Jared Kushner was aware of a “Russian backdoor overture,” senators say
The source of market warning signals just might surprise you via @gadfly
Photo of the day: CSUs Horst Seehofer attending Jamaica coalition talks in Berlin. #Sondierungen #Germany
Friday fun post. PuertoRico resiliency!
Could Giant Rats Help Fight Tuberculosis in Major Cities?: #Africa
The rise and fall of The Face magazine
Too many turkeys means a cheaper Thanksgiving
Carr stands behind Trans Mountain: This is an approved pipeline and we want it built’
The embattled head of Puerto Ricos power authority is stepping down.
“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” - John Muir #NationalTakeaHikeDay
Many American households have multiple devices – especially smartphones.
Does Quantum Physics Confirm The Occult?
Conway defends Trumps silence on Moore: Franken story is new, Moore is 8 days old
Keystone oil pipeline leaks in South Dakota, as Nebraska weighs XL
How to use Google Earth and Street View to explore the planet
North Korea says China envoy stressed stance to develop traditional relations: KCNA
Tax ‘Reform’: Have Americans Finally Wised Up?
Women say they were sexually harassed working on the Clinton, Sanders campaigns: report
Obamacare signups show strong demand — but uncertainty is next @ewolffmann
Homage to James Rosenquist, pop art pioneer
Welcome to the world of medically assisted sex, which should be legalized NOW!
Was the Trump-Xi Summit in Beijing a Hit or a Miss? A ChinaFile Conversation
The GOP is past the point of the no return. It is the party of Roy Moore.
Message to #WashingtonDC: It isn’t your money | By @LATINAMERUPDATE
MPA using drones for ship surveys
Deutsche Bank buys into Rimorchiatori Riuniti - #Italian #F2i
Dem rips Trump: Latest disaster aid request is letting America down again
South Carolina womens basketball team rejects Trump invitation visit White House
Here We Go Again: No Down Payment, No Problem!
Apple pushes launch of HomePod smart speaker to early 2018
Norway May Divest $35 Billion from Fossil Fuel Holdings
.@NASA has compiled a list of the best air-cleaning plants for your home
Poll: Trump job approval rating hits new low
Can any good come from criminalizing hate speech? | By Jennifer Maffessanti
Y Combinator has ended its affiliation with Peter Thiel
I actually believe this --China Leads Asia in ‘Digital Disruption,’ Report Says
Sarah Sanders: I havent asked Trump why he hasnt sued his sexual harassment accusers
Trumps USDA: Industry Insiders, Swamp Dwellers and Know-Nothings
Trump to pay his own legal bills, set up fund to cover staff
A New York Times food writer explains just what in the hell we’re supposed to do with leeks
The stock market is flashing warning signs
Alabama Young Republicans group pulls support of Roy Moore
Japan urges TPP partners to sign pact before elections get in the way via @bpolitics
WATCH: GOP chairman explodes in anger after Dem says tax bill benefits rich
Simple, warm and characterful extension added to London house
Dark interactions are invading our lives. Where’s the off button?
@PopescuCo The Dead of the Petrodollar !
Trump starts paying his own legal bills on Russia probe -attorneys
Japan urges TPP partners to sign pact before elections get in the way
Trump adds five people to his list of potential Supreme Court picks
Why researchers hope to bring the extinct aurochs back to European grasslands:
Sessions finds humor in the Russia investigation
Lots can change in 10 years (Can anyone catch the cellphone king? Now, the king is dead!)...@TheEconomist
How Not to Shoot Yourself in the Foot: Smart Planning and P3s
The ruins of a retail meltdown become unlikely hotbeds of gentrification
Jesse Jackson has Parkinsons disease
Do not circulate this chart. Orrin Hatch will be very angry and use bad words.
Sarah Silverman grapples with the allegations against her friend Louis C.K.
Meet the Worlds Smallest and Mightiest Tactical Pocket Knife
Number of sexual assaults in US military increases in 2016
Negative Time Preference or Central Bank Created Crack-up Boom @ryanmcmaken
Amex launches blockchain-based business payments using Ripple
The Senate Ethics Committee is a terrible place for sexual harassment investigations
Five rad and random things I found this week
Raytheon gets OK for $10.5 billion Patriot sale to Poland: Pentagon
Whats behind Cambodias crackdown on the opposition?
The tale of the spymaster and his avian double:
Women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct: We were forgotten
Take our Earth quiz @lpkids #travel
White House seeks $44 bln in hurricane aid from U.S. Congress
Navy admits that pilot drew penis in sky over Washington
179-unit condo project planned for 1.4 acre former TELUS property in Central Lonsdale.
Missed our broadcast From The South? Catch the full episode on our Facebook --
We’re still in the dark about Facebook’s fight against fake news
Average mortgage rates edge higher: 30-year fixed to 3.95% and 15-year fixed to 3.31%
Watch: What has Earth looked like for the past 20 years?
AP Top Stories Nov. 17 P
Trump building in Panama has ties to Russian mafia, international crime: report
Tesla is crowdfunding its vehicles with big promises
VERBATIM: Franken, Trump are different cases - White House
Senate candidate Moores wife says he will not step down
Rockets stun Suns in latest NBA clash
From The South | China and Panama have forged new diplomatic and economic ties after signing bilateral agreements.
BREAKING: @Andy_Murray has split with coach Ivan Lendl #ssn
GM promises: we wont have a Tesla Model 3 fiasco on our hands
From The South | Presidential candidates in Chile close their campaigns ahead of elections this Sunday, November 19.
From The South | Weve been victims of very bad treatment from the government.
Zimbabwe Pres. Robert Mugabe appears in public first time since apparent military coup.
Canada, Mexico try more flexibility as key NAFTA round opens
From The South | Pepe Mujica closed the day with a message to participants.
2 Sisters: MPs call for CCTV in chicken processing plants Report by @ITVJoel
Arizona Supreme Court upholds states Medicaid expansion
30 years since devastating fire at Kings Cross station
Roy Moore slips out of poll lead for first time in race
Search continues for missing Argentine submarine with 44 crew members
Nightmare-inducing robots are now able to do back-flips
A small town in Pennsylvania has been ripped apart by a new gas plant
Fox bans KISS singer Gene Simmons from properties for life: report
Raila - I Expected Red Carpet From Uhuru, Not Teargas: #Kenya
NEW: Republicans erupt as Dems blast GOP tax bill as helping rich over working class
Nissan admits decades of quality control neglect
US politicians face sexual harassment scandal
Buffett’s first Blues as a CEO : 1970-1977 $
Everything has a purpose. #Earth #wisdom #nativeamericans
From The South | This is a way to pressure Venezuela through the economic system speaking with @Mision_Verdad
First apartment in Zaha Hadids Miami skyscraper revealed
Buffett’s first Blues as a CEO : 1970-1977 $
#Germany bans Syrian who flew to Greece with ankle monitor
American drivers boost fuel use to new high on stronger economy
Happy New Year 1942! Soviet postcard
How Reading Rewires Your Brain for More Intelligence and Empathy
This quirky couple travels around the world to playfully interact with architecture
Ohio Supreme Court justice offers the worst response to Al Franken allegations
J.B. Hunt, Wal-Mart climb aboard Teslas electric truck
J.B. Hunt, Wal-Mart climb aboard Teslas electric truck
Pollution kills nine million people a year
We hit 300 days of Trump this week.
Life with plastic? Not fantastic
#ISDA Declares Venezuela’s State-Run Oil Firm Has Defaulted on Debt
Zimbabwes ruling party moves to depose Mugabe
RT @business: With returns like these, can Harvard stay the world’s richest school?
With Trump Silent, Sanders and Dems Demand Aid for Iranian Earthquake Victims
U.S. agency approves ATT drone in Puerto Rico for cellular service
Hurricane fallout hits U.S. home loans as third-quarter delinquency rates shoot up
Michael Holman: Hope comes to Zimbabwe and Africa at last
Dan Doctoroff: Greater Than Ever | Talks at Google
poetry (sort of)
Getting possible miracle cures to patients will take compromise between pharma and insurers
How Koenigsegg broke the land speed record with its Agera RS
Czechs mark 28 years since Velvet Revolution
Teslas electric semi shows promise, but will it deliver?
Have a cough you cant shake? These 10 natural remedies can help.
This is how Airbus A380 deal in Dubai evaporated
Trump abruptly adds five judges to list of possible Supreme Court justices
New Tesla Roadster — Fastest Production Car Ever — In Broader Context
Keystone oil pipeline leaks in South Dakota, as Nebraska weighs XL
Ivanka and the super salesman on Donald Trump’s first overseas property venture
Amid obesity epidemic, Coke shifts health focus from exercise to calories by @wordsofwalsh
Jared looks totally guilty here.
Gox ICO? CEO Floats Token Sale to Revive Bitcoin Exchange
We should stick that $450M da Vinci painting into a particle accelerator:
#Gold Price in Euro vs Euro/USDollar today (Nov. 17, 2017) - via
Teslas truck supercharges hopes for a boom in battery metals demand
The Long Shadow Part 3: Us And Them (World War 1 Documentary) | Timeline
#Mexico Prepares Economic “Plan B” in Case #US Leaves #NAFTA
Three layers of defense that the U.S. is experimenting with to stop North Korean missiles
Sanders has a very strange rationale for why Trump’s sexual assault claims don’t matter
JUST IN: Doug Jones raised $250k per day in immediate aftermath of Moore allegations: report
#Gold/#Silver Ratio today (Nov. 17, 2017) - via
#Gold vs US Dollar Index today (Nov. 17, 2017) - via
FT View: China will fill the space left by America’s retreat
Rising alarm in Britain over Russian meddling in Brexit vote
If you could dig a hole through the Earth, heres where youd pop out:
Ex Bosnian Serb leader Ratko Mladic awaits verdict of war crimes trial
Gox ICO? CEO Karpeles Floats Token Sale to Revive Bitcoin Exchange
#Gold and #Silver up 0.88% and 1.16% today (Nov. 17, 2017) - via
Poll: Trump job approval rating hits new low
In 9 of 11 $SPX sectors, more than 60% of $SPX companies have beaten sales estimates for Q3.
The Guardian front page, Saturday 18.11.17: Parents at war could risk losing children
This Detroit furniture startup wants to dethrone Ikea
Le bulletin Popescu – L’#or, le pétrodollar: L’Iran vs l’Arabie Saoudite (Nov. 13, 2017)
Two-thirds of U.S. vehicles containing defective Takata air bags arent fixed
How Trump inadvertently boosted free trade - CapX
SA Is My Home - UK Fugitive Wanted On Paedophilia Charges: #SouthAfrica
Teslas unfettered ambition will drain finances: analysts
Moore supporter: Hes the closest thing to a Founding Father that we have seen
Puerto Rico utility head resigns over Maria response
South Carolina womens basketball team declines invitation to Trump White House
Navy pilot draws giant dong in the sky
What post-industrial cities can learn from each other
Lilith the escaped lynx is dead. Did the authorities mess up? We asked two animal experts
.@Volkswagen Group unveils five-year investment plan
Patients Given Same Treatment, Despite Different Mental Conditions: #SouthAfrica
Republicans confirm yet again that their promises are worthless
Interview with Dan Chatman: Integrating Pre-Existing Public Transportation with Bus Rapid
Big Data, Facebook and The Future of Bank Marketing
ScotiaMocatta #Gold #Silver Marketwatch Daily (Nov. 17, 2017)
Fast-Rising Margin Debt Screams an Even Faster Reversal Ahead
He can fuck off if he thinks hes choosing my lottery numbers next week
Ivanka Trump, Italys Aquazzura end Wild Thing shoe lawsuit
Antonio Ledezma, Venezuela’s Most Inconvenient Political Prisoner, Flees to #Colombia
UN Calls on DR Congo to Respect the Right to Protest #DRC
Hague Court Should Try South Sudan Leaders - Sudans President #SouthSudan #Sudan
South Sudans Kirr Reconciles With Former Army Chief #SouthSudan #Uganda
Senate Republicans push Trump to support bipartisan ObamaCare fix
Trump disaster request falls short of Puerto Rico’s plea, sources say
Best new places for travellers to stay in 2018 by @Go2MattPhillips #BestinTravel #travel
Is cosmopolitanism viable?

Why the Setup is Ripe for Another Debt Implosion: debt credit

Why the Setup is Ripe for Another Debt Implosion: #debt #credit