#Slovakia Current Account at € 71.6M
Goldman to have two EU hubs post-Brexit - Frankfurt and Paris: report
A Fed mistake could hurtle the economy into recession
Why Are Health Experts So Concerned About Drug Resistance?: #Africa
Marvell Technology to buy Cavium for $6 billion
Cleaning with bleach might increase your chance of getting COPD. How worried should you be?
The Nuremberg Trials begin, this day in 1945.
President of #Peru signs historic medicinal marijuana bill into law
German political chaos shows France needs to take lead in Europe
This Is Just How Badly Scott Walker Has Decimated Public Schools in Wisconsin
No more alcohol for US troops in Japan
Robert Armstrong: Why do so many rich men look like jerks?
A boring week in U.S. stocks masks a roaring appetite for hedges
The government isnt the answer to educational inequality - CapX
Better Soils Could be Our Secret Weapon to Capture Carbon #Africa
Retired Alabama police officer: It was a known fact that Roy Moore liked young girls
The audacity of Joe Biden:
Wall Street needs to start worrying about a key change in Fed policy
Germany: Merkel will lead Germany through difficult weeks - government spokesperson
Laparoscopy Surgery Proves Wonders At KCMC: #Tanzania
As tickets sell out, airline fees soar way over the goalpost for @FIFAWorldCup
AU Statement on the Plight of African Migrants in Libya: #Africa
Former Obama administration official in bid for The Weinstein Co
Franken wont resign over sexual misconduct allegations
Robert Mugabe: life of a dictator
Will Singapore increase sales tax? Hong Kong can hope so, says @andymukherjee70 via
Cleveland Midtown Tech Hive: Technology Community
The U.A.E. sees logic in extending OPEC oil output cuts
Comments on October Housing Starts
Marvell Technology to buy Cavium for $6 billion
Thanks to the FCC, Christmas comes early for the pro-Trump Sinclair Broadcast Group
Italys FA president Carlo Tavecchio quits after World Cup disaster
George Soros condemns the campaign against him in his native Hungary
What would it really take to make Islam moderate in Saudi Arabia? @SigalSamuel reports
Billionaire Russian oligarch docks yacht near Mar-a-Lago ahead of Trump visit
Image of vaulted swimming pool named best architecture photograph of 2017
Bitcoin has an unusual relationship with volatility via @BV
The Industry Discusses Potential Changes to Dodd-Frank
Biometrics Will Replace ATM Code Soon - Central Bank: #Nigeria
Amazon’s Cashierless Store Is Almost Ready for Prime Time
Qualcomm investors want at least $10 more a share from Broadcom
Britains Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 70th wedding anniversary
Kushner lawyer: He’s the hero of Russia emails he didn’t disclose to Congress
No alcohol for US troops in Japan
RT eu_Robotics: Over 830 events registered at #erw2017 and counting! Thank you for the excellent work!
2018 outlook: Last charge of the bulls $SPX $SPY Is this as good as it gets?
RT:DeSmogUK: Bonn #climate talks, in pictures, via Guardian #COP23 Our coverage here:
What now for #Germany after coalition talks fail?
The next user you design for won’t be a human
Moore accuser on his claim that he doesnt know her: I wonder how many mes he doesnt know
Zarrab trial in U.S. is a clear plot against Turkey, government says
Cruising the last frontier: top shore excursions in #Alaska by @go_AnnaT #BestinTravel
Africa Industrialisation - Industry Key to Sustainable Growth #Africa #Nigeria
Astronomers often find things they werent looking for—heres 8 of the best:
The revival of ancient Kazakh arts and crafts
China wants a nuclear space shuttle by 2040
#Malaga manhunt underway for sick killer of endangered Spanish Ibex #Andalucia #Crime_Law
Mugabe refuses to resign during resignation speech
African Union Condemns Libya Slave Market #Africa #Libya
Once-hot apartment construction is cooling in the U.S.
Dont try to be clever, ECB tells City banks post Brexit via @Reuters
Flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks—Las Vegas survivors describe the emotional toll
Flake fires back at Trump: My vote on tax bill “will have nothing to do with the president”
Jeffrey Tambor says he may leave Transparent after sexual harassment allegations @GlobeArts
Containers blown off multi-purpose vessel near Shanghai
Oil eases as traders and investors grow edgy ahead of OPEC
Former Wimbledon champion Jana Novotna dies at the age of 49.
Kenyas Supreme Court upholds re-election win
The Google News Science tab is a train wreck
The greatest risk with AI is not moving fast enough to deploy it: Microsoft | ZDNet
Lets fight illness at its source... #health #cures
#Kenya Supreme Court upholds Kenyatta election victory
Puerto Rico running out of Medicaid funds after Trump admin fails to add any funding
Sexual harassment awareness ad prompts doctors’ ire
Seriously Google? Googles top 3 science stories (earlier today):
#Iran blasts #Saudi Arabia for for pursuing #Israels policies
Rally Driving - Dippenaar Wins Tara Rally: #Namibia
Kenyas Car Sales Drop as Political Uncertainty Continues #Kenya
EXCLUSIVE: Estranged Moscow Exchange Director Emerges as Blockchain Boss
Miss Namibia in Las Vegas for Miss Universe Pageant: #Africa
From gaming to philosophy: Aldo Faisal explores the life of VR visionary Jaron Lanier
Can any good come from criminalizing hate speech? | by Jennifer Maffessanti
New ARV drugs, early diagonic needed to end #AIDS scourge by 2030: UNAIDS
Mainstream Media Decries Potential Clinton Special Counsel
Slow Down – Get yummy #vegan recipes with One Green Planets Newsletter! #AnimalRights #Eco
Nigerian Labour Union Faults Governors Plan to Sack Teachers #Nigeria
Bush showed Trump how to attack climate science.
The psychology of why we go Black Friday shopping (and how to get the most out of it)
#Bitcoin medium term channel resistance line hitting 7 tops since January lies at 8700 this week $BTC $BTCUSD
Could Germany be heading for fresh elections? Here is the latest:
#Poland Retail Sales year-on-year at 8.0%
#Poland PPI year-on-year at 3.0%
#Poland Industrial Production year-on-year at 12.3%
#Russia #Unemployment Rate at 5.1%
#Russia PPI year-on-year at 7.6%
#Russia PPI month-on-month at 1.2%
#Russia Retail Sales year-on-year at 8%
#Russia Real Wage Growth year-on-year at 4.3%
Academic Guru and 3rd Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru Laid to Rest: #Kenya
Egypt says gas discoveries can be EUs new energy source
Nigeria, Chevron Seals Deal to Boost Oil, Gas Production #Nigeria
How to be a better activist for causes you believe in. #allviews #quotes
Strategist #Mugabes refusal to step down as #Zimbabwe President a classic tactic
These Doomsday Preppers Are Starting to Switch From #Gold to #Bitcoin via @EdVanDerWalt
From the AP archives: How doctors can change the genes inside our bodies
From the AP archives: Tillerson Announces Aid For Myanmar Refugees
From the AP archives: Ala. Senate Race on Track As Moore Scandal Grows
2017 was the deadliest year for trans people in at least a decade
The downside of philanthropy.
#EUBudget2018. Final decision cuts aid that helps people fight #poverty.
On Gender Day At Climate Meet, Some Progress, Many Hurdles: #Africa
#GrenfellTower “Independent” Task Force Produces Whitewash Report :
Great Northern Kenya Wildlife Aerial Count Begins: #Kenya
Kenyas Supreme Court upholds re-election of President Kenyatta
German stocks recoup losses from collapse of coalition talks
GOP senator torches his own party: Republicans have zero long-term vision
Popescu Report - #Gold, Petrodollar: Iran vs Saudi Arabia (Nov. 12, 2017)
Orange County Museum of Art
Zuma Salutes Khama: #Botswana
M7 Earthquake, Filament Alert, Resources | S0 News Nov.20.2017
Photos of the week, curated by @kokogiak
Zuma Salutes Khama: #Botswana
Whats Happening in Africa This Week?: #Africa
Decent Toilets for Women and Girls Vital for Gender Equality: #Africa
Zuma Vows Govt Will Continue Supporting Embattled SAA: #SouthAfrica
How to make the gig economy work for us all - CapX
The politics of impeachment
China’s Economic Efficiency Grows for First Time in 10 Years
Countrys Gross Domestic Product Rises: #Nigeria
Jah Prayzah Perches Way Above the Top!: #Zimbabwe
Fayose Slams Govt Over Hiring of Malaysian Experts: #Nigeria
Cell-weighing method could help doctors choose cancer drugs
Mario Monti sees ‘difficult’ elections in Italy via @flacqua @bsurveillance
Currencies: I hate you.
Namibia Opposition Politician Smit Condemns Land Sales to Foreigners: #Namibia
Whatsapp Case - Court-Martial Remands 12 Soldiers At Mile II: #Gambia
Court Insists On Three Conditions for Biafra Leaders Sureties: #Nigeria
History Made As Nigerias Bobsled Team Makes Winter Olympics #Nigeria
Why Are Health Experts So Concerned About Drug Resistance?: #Africa
Rwigara Accuses Court of Lacking Autonomy: #Rwanda
Good to Know (Perhaps) That Food Is Being Nuclearised: #Africa
Stress-Testing Liberias Democratic Resilience: #Liberia
Trump Puts on Hold New Policy on Imports of Big Game Trophies: #Africa
108 Million Nigerians Lack Toilet Facilities - UN: #Nigeria
Beijing Launches Citywide Inspections After Deadly Fire
North Korean women suffer discrimination, rape, malnutrition: U.N.
Qualcomm investors want at least $10 more a share from Broadcom
Baidu’s aiBank Opens Online Teller Window
11 things you didnt know about Charles Manson
Who will win Minister of the Year in the #PEAwards2017 tomorrow? #OOTT
Just another day on Facebook...
Japan shows once again why it can never be counted out.
Who should govern the euro? by @MESandbu via @FT
.@UNICEF: Millions of children fare worse than parents
Mexico Comes Around, Assures #NAFTA Sunset Clause Will Not Create Economic Uncertainty
Noble Group rating cut by Fitch on possible debt restructuring via @business
Tomorrow is the day of reckoning for #KeystoneXL. No matter what, well keep fighting #NoKXL
21% of Americans plan to shop early on #BlackFriday - but 47% are not going to shop at all
Court Decision - Odinga Refuses to Recognise Kenyatta Govt #Kenya
Government travel paid for by taxpayers must be accountable
Bitcoin has an unusual relationship with volatility via @BV
Mugabe Spokesman in Shock Revelation: #Zimbabwe
Pour a cocktail and enjoy the smooth lounge pop of Ranny Sinclair
Airbus faces tricky hurdles over stalled A380 Emirates deal.
Wheels Fall Off Wuhan’s Government-Backed Bikes
Goldman to have two EU hubs post-Brexit: Frankfurt and Paris
HSBC is shutting accounts associated with South Africas powerful Gupta family @wildfranz
Trump voter: If Jesus himself told me Trump colluded with Russia, I’d check with Trump
Kushner Cos. found a new Israeli partner to help finance a purchase of New Jersey apartments
The political cost of Angela Merkel’s refugee policy is becoming clear
Iran says majority of OPEC members support extending oil output cuts
@nntaleb @wretchardthecat @Cernovich Legibility, explained.
When Billions of People Dont Have Access to Toilets ...
What happens when ice meets fire? Thats exactly what this geologist aims to find out:
#Mugabe swapped speeches, say #Zimbabwe war veterans -
15 Killed, 5 Injured in Stampede for Food Handouts in Morocco #Morocco
Norways King Harald hospitalised with infection
The toxic blank spots of Niagara Falls
Keine Panik, Leute
How Mugabe lost his grip on power in Zimbabwe
See our complete docu-series tracing 50 years of music and style
Busting climate myths DW Environment Lunchtime Watch Explaining simply at #COP23
Breakingviews - Alibaba deal guides grocers to checkout
Why are we so bad at producing the right flu vaccines?
Three EU states quit race to host London-based agencies after Brexit
North Korean women suffer discrimination, rape, malnutrition - UN
The universe is unfolding as it should Edwin Hubble born #OTD 1889. (discoverer of galaxies, red shift).
Mind of a Chef is the best show on television.
NEW: On Capitol Hill, few name names on sexual harassment
This is just how badly Scott Walker has decimated public schools in Wisconsin
Year’s first snow falls on Mount Parnitha
LBMA #Silver Price is USD 17.15, EUR 14.56 (Nov. 20, 2017)
A global reference tool to fight Alzheimers
Three Canadian energy stocks to watch amid the latest oil price uncertainty via @fpinvesting
Gazas Rafah border crossing to remain open for two more days
Toshiba gains breathing room with $5.4 billion share issue to overseas investors
Italian real estate may finally get the boost its yearning for
Trump regrets release of U.S. citizens: I should have left them in jail!
#Turkey clamps down on #LGBTI events in Ankara
From the AP archives: How doctors can change the genes inside our bodies
From the AP archives: Greenpeace urges Merkel to announce phase out of coal
Euro rebounds from earlier lows as traders brush off Germany worries via @Reuters
Multi-Talented Sierra Leonean Artist Wins Chinese Hearts: #SierraLeone
The notorious American serial killer Charles Manson dies aged 83
GOP offers donors chance to win all-expenses paid trip to Trump Hotel in DC:
Summer in November? Temperatures predicted to reach 20C in southern Germany
Goldman Sachs to have two EU hubs post-Brexit: Frankfurt and Paris: report via @Reuters
Pep Guardiola and @ManCity havent saved English football yet
@NolteNC @fpete13527 Creepy Joe, Come on man, cant we all get along?
As earthquakes rattle Italy, lessons in how — and how not — to rebuild cities and towns
Medical Aid Fraud On the Increase in Zimbabwe: #Zimbabwe
This is the Greek Minister of Defense, P. Kammenos
$USD experiencing a hyper inflationary collapse against #Bitcoin.
Merkel gets strong backing from her party after talks fail via @Reuters
South Korea fears further missile advances by North this year in threat to U.S.
Kushner may have withheld even more key information from Congress
Comey trolls Trump with quote about leaders taking too much credit, not enough blame
The political cost of Angela Merkel’s refugee policy is becoming clear via @bensills23
Our @Adamstoon1 @EveningStandard has his take on Downing Street relations
A French Uber rival might become an insurance broker
German economy seen coasting even as coalition talks crumble
Stakes are high as Nebraska decides fate of Keystone XL today
Rally Fatigue? Low Bitcoin Volumes Could Cap Upside
Weekend press review: drip, drip, drip…
Mugabe and Dos Santos: Africas old men seem, finally, to be fading away
.@AlibabaGroup goes offline with stake in brick-and-mortar retailer
Bologna priest compares abortion to mafia killings
How ‘branchless banks’ took over country
Puerto Ricans protest in Washington at size of hurricane aid package
Canada weed stocks come off high as challenges loom before legalization
Cancer claims the life of 1998 Wimbledon champion Jana Novotna.
Clamor for justice: Yugoslav court leaves global legacy
The jobs in France where you dont really need to speak French
Revealed: The most desirable cars for thieves in France
Democrats pick an ex-prosecutor for Pennsylvanias special congressional election
Collins: Sexual misconduct allegations against Trump are very disturbing
What Super Mario Bros. is teaching @MIT about cities
Links 11/20/17
Follow our team leader @rebecca_miano for more on KenGen business. #KenGenAGM2017
President #Pavlopoulos meets Polish counterpart Duda:
An ITE graduate, a tech support guy, a career switcher: How 3 people joined cybersecurity
Yeti Hair Has a 100% Genetic Match with a Different Species, Study Finds...
UK will get close to agreement on #Brexit, UBS says via @markets
The Future of Art: See a Stunning Human/Robot Dance Duet
#China says #Myanmar, #Bangladesh back #Rohingya crisis plan
Growing pot to self-medicate is not allowed, rules Swedish court
Manrique and beyond: the natural art of Lanzarote by @LucyCorne #BestinTravel
Petroleum Geo-Services settles Brazilian tax dispute
Americans think Trump is really bad at being president
Siem Offshore looks to restructure debt, mulls cable lay business sale
EMIR review: a quick fix or a structural improvement?
ILW pricing up as much as 30% in wake of hurricanes
The world’s worst economies next year! via @TheEconomist ht @RobertAlanWard
German economy powers into year-end despite government impasse: BuBa via @Reuters
From the AP archives: Dem. Leaders: Tax Plan Will Hurt Country GOP
From the AP archives: Hundreds of 4-wheel motorbike owners block traffic in Athens
From the AP archives: One-million-dollar gold-engraved car dazzles at Dubai Motorshow
From the AP archives: One-million-dollar gold-engraved car dazzles at Dubai Motorshow
EUs preference is ambitious trade deal with UK: EUs Barnier
Whats behind Narendra Modis high popularity in India?
17 gadgets and apps to make your dumb car smarter
Canada, Mexico to question U.S. auto content demands at NAFTA talks
Is the Constitution getting in the way of good policy?
Former Obama administration official in bid for The Weinstein Co.
Bitcoins price climbs above $8,100 to hit new all-time high
Your biggest #vegan questions answered!
Died on November 20, 1887: painter, etcher and lithographer Louis Gallait.
#US on Alert as Russia Suggests Reopening Military Bases in Cuba
We won’t finish discovering trees in the Amazon for 300 years:
Researcher Spars With Drone Maker DJI Over Security Flaws
German economy seen coasting even as coalition talks crumble via @carolynnlook
Damn you, data scientists...
Some fascinating nuggets on the premature reports of the decline of US manufacturing in Kim Moodys new book
This Windows 95 tribute traps you inside Microsoft’s 3D maze screensaver
Chile: Billionaire Piñera to Face Guillier in Runoff
Agriculture strategist: ‘Impossible’ for UK grain producers to compete outside EU #Brexit50
15 US senators want an investigation into whether the FCC has improperly helped Sinclair
Putin opens monument to manspreading (via @Grauaerman)
Home builders now racing Bitcoin to the sun.
German Meltdown: Everyone Loses in Coalition Collapse
.@transparent_tv actor Jeffrey Tambor leaves series after sexual assault claims
Swiss village offers families 70,000 francs to go and live there
Egypts government rejects a fungus ruling that vexed wheat traders via @LinNoueihed
Add crude to the list of crowded and overbought. h/t @SoberLook
Germany: Merkel has failed - Gauland comments on collapsed coalition talks
Is it time to make climate polluters pay for the losses and the damage they cause?
Franken wont resign over sexual misconduct allegations
Zhongtian Technology orders three offshore wind vessels at CMHI
The Opposition Can Go Hang, Says Zimbabwes Ruling Party: #Zimbabwe
Tesla Factory A Shrine?
In Germany, strong economy political drama (for now at least) via @markets
Breakingviews - Alibaba deal guides grocers to checkout
JPM on recent credit weakness: Altice today is like GM in 2005
LBMA #Gold Price (AM) is USD 1,292.35, EUR 1,096.43 (Nov. 20, 2017)
Mass killer, cult leader Charles Manson dies at 83
Siem Offshore looks to restructure debt, mulls cable lay business sale #shipping
Wall Streets stock market forecasters agree — 2018 will be great @bySamRo
RT @LPtravelnews: Explore the hidden beauties of #Wales with three new road trip routes
Hong Kong China War Risk Syndicate launched
Dalian Success Innovation orders 10 handysize bulkers at DSIC
Hong Kong China War Risk Syndicate launched
#Myanmar: #EU and #Germany see positive signals amid Rohingya crisis
China draws 3-stage path for Myanmar, Bangladesh to resolve Rohingya crisis
Floods, a collision, and now lightning add to Singapores rail woes


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