Ex-EPA head: EPA will take decades to recover from the Trump admin
At the Seattle #WomensMarch2018, indigenous activists are making an impact.
A Trans Actress Has Never Been Nominated for an Oscar. That Could Change With Daniela Vega.
I think I need a new binder
DNC targeting vulnerable GOP senators over shutdown in new ad campaign
Stop Staying Fucking Neutral #WomensMarch2018
Govt Appoints New Board for Corruption-Riddled Power Utility: #SouthAfrica
Trump Shutdown beats Schumer Shutdown in hashtag battle to assign blame.
Renowned #Venezuelan reporter fired for speaking out against massacre of military rebels
Two dead, several hurt in Prague hotel fire
Trump budget chief: Were taking shutdown day by day
At least 17 killed in #NewDelhi factory fire
Exclusive Interview With Guy Who Just Emerged From Wreckage of Trump Park Service
Gunmen attack Kabuls Intercontinental Hotel
Ireland ‘disappointed’ following Theresa May’s Brussels talks #Brexit50
The big illusion: Brüssels Pläne für Griechenland sind eine große Illusion via @welt
Missouri governor denies blackmail allegations after FBI launches investigation
Trump promised law-and-order while on the campaign trail, but at what cost?
The truth about the new ‘top secret’ memo Republicans can’t stop talking about
Carina #Nebula
Be informed. #vaccines #health
As parties battle over shutdown, Trump collects blame on Twitter
How to pack for months of endless daytime
Britain able to have bespoke deal with EU - Macron
37% of U.S. adults got news from Local TV in 2017, down from 46% in 2016.
Why 2018 could be harder for investors by @peterckenny
GOP lawmakers back three-week government funding bill to end shutdown
Democracy Dies in Wahhabism @washingtonpost
7 year old with next level signage. #WomensMarch2018
Drifting pesticides keep making California farm workers sick
Subtle Salvador Dali scam:
From the AP archives: Sec. Tillerson Heads to Canada for NKorea Talks
NEW: Shutdown fight continues as both sides lash out, trade blame
Trumps Davos trip now in flux: White House budget director
My Move From the EPA to Silicon Valley to Green Our Cities #resources
Government Shutdown Starts Today: Popcorn Rating, Zero
Blind teen meets the woman who saved his life 15 years ago: It was beautiful.
Asher deGroot builds Swallowfield Barn with help of local community
Everything you need to know about a government shutdown - from @washingtonpost
Telegraph refreshingly candid that the global corporate elites and Trump are on the same side.
2017 was the second hottest year on record
Some scenes from the Women’s March in Anchorage, AK where the temp is around 13 degrees.
Trump budget director hits Schumer: He has to up his game in funding negotiations
GOP strategist breaks with party: Shutdown is Trump and GOPs fault
Cincinnati, Reno, Asheville, Palm Beach #WomensMarch2018
Merkel welcomes EU-Turkey meeting to improve ties
Robin Hood: Fact or Fiction? (Medieval Legend Investigation Documentary)
Pope Francis visits northern Peru to console thousands of flood-hit people
Creating Bloomberg $
Stars Over Palo Duro Canyon State Park, TX #Space #Universe
Because of the shutdown, Trump might not go to Davos, after all
NEW: Who is impacted by the government shutdown
There is a whole cottage industry of doctors helping parents skip their kids vaccines
The many enablers of Larry Nassar
2017 beat the odds to be the second hottest year on record
Pope avoids Argentina but visits Buenos Aires in Peru
As Venezuelan oil production collapses, #LatinAmerica looks for a new petroleum leader.
The Starter Pack meme: a cultural analysis
Why you need to get involved in the geoengineering debate – now
Why the backlash to the #MeToo movement is so depressingly familiar:
Apple says it will invest $350 billion in the U.S. over the next five years @MylesUdland
Thousands of demonstrators turn out for second Womens March
Nice Saturday evening, street art dintérieur with the kids...
Some companies wont ship furniture to Alaska. These entrepreneurs are working around that.
This colorful soup is tangy and sweet!
Schumer: I agreed to discuss funding border wall but Trump rejected my offer
Donald Trumps trip to #Davos in flux due to shutdown, says White House #WorldEconomicForum
via #charliehebdo
SP is the most overbought ever
White House spokesman: Trump is a real-life Superman
Cycling: Tour down under- stage 5
#US | @POTUS hands out awards to fake news media
As parties battle over shutdown, Trump collects blame on Twitter
Dems: Trump walked away from deal with Schumer to avoid government shutdown
#MikePence meets Egypts Sisi on #MiddleEast tour amid Arab anger over #Jerusalem
The weirdest tech of #CES2018 @robpegoraro
This home robot will clean your house, find your keys, then bring you a beer
Asheville, North Carolina #WomensMarch2018 What a statement!! This is America!
You can send ThinkProgress tips over encrypted email using using PGP software
Trump proposes eliminating nearly entire budget of agency fighting opioid crisis
Remembering George Weahs Early Football Days: #Liberia #Cameroon
Gunmen attack Kabuls Intercontinental Hotel, take hostages
Ex-EPA head: EPA will take decades to recover from the Trump admin
Womens March 2.0 draws on Trump opposition
Short interest across ETFs
Rwanda in Push for EAC Contingency Fund: #EastAfrica
With just $1,000, anyone can track your movements through your smartphone:
Our treatment of HIV has advanced significantly. Why hasnt the stigma changed?
Source: @jeffdeist
US Dollar: Two Elliott Wave Scenarios For 2018 - article by @TradingOnMark $UUP $USD $DXY
Turkey says hits 108 Kurdish militant targets in Syria airstrikes
Researchers discover dinosaur with shimmering rainbow feathers like a hummingbird
Outrage Over Mothers Rape Claims At Kenyas Top Hospital: #Kenya
The bizarre rise and dramatic fall of Louise Mensch and her ‘Blue Detectives’
Zimbabwe tells illegal vendors to quit Harare streets, may use army to clear them
With the D3000, China enters the robotic warship arms race
The US government has shut down. What happens next?
State Departments top sanctions expert quits over Trumps Iran deal moves: report
#WomensMarch2018 #Oakland
Having failed to generate growth, the ANC is turning on a minority
When Trump told Fox that presidents were to blame for government shutdowns
As #Venezuelan oil production collapses, Latin America looks for a new petroleum leader.
At least two dead, dozens hurt in #Prague hotel fire
ICYMI: US Global Equities averting 5% pullback as make a run at all-time streaks. YS
GOP senator: Our country is being run by idiots
#Colombia | Will there be a center-right coalition?
Pence starts Middle East tour in Egypt, pledges shoulder-to-shoulder support
California to be at 50% Renewable Energy by 2030 #infrastructure
Heres how a government shutdown could affect you.
Congress scrambles to find way out of government shutdown
An ingenious approach to designing AI that doctors trust
President Anastasiades: Notion of Two State Solution Does Not Secure Peace in Cyprus #Greece
“Avgi”, the Mesolithic Teenager, Makes her Debut at the Acropolis Museum #Greece
Cretans Ride Horses to Thessaloniki Macedonian Rally #Greece
The Women’s March Never Ended. These Stats Prove It.
A couple dancing on ice-skates on Whitestone Pond, Hampstead, London, 1933.
Senators go against party line in shutdown vote
BofA’s Malik exited after complaint of sexual misconduct, source says via @business
And in the end, everybody wins.
Germany weighs new sanctions against Iran: report
Trump just weighed in on the Womens March with a narcissistic, trolling tweet for the ages
Favorite sign so far today at the #womensmarch2018
Americas most dangerous export: bloodthirsty imbeciles
Trump may still head to gathering of global elites despite shutdown
Aswath Damodaran – January 2018 Data First Update: Numbers don’t lie, or do they? $
My girls getting their #WomensMarch2018 game on.
Israel as a perversion of Judaism and the modern nation-state
Gunmen attack Kabuls Intercontinental Hotel
Shatter that glass ceiling #womensmarch2018 #oakland
UPDATE: Womens March draws thousands as Trump term enters second year
Dem lawmaker urges Americans to protest Trump admin: Let the world see you roar
Fat is sooo good and science cant do a dang thing about it
Nouvelle cuisine pioneer Bocuse dies at 91
Facebook plan to combat fake news draws skepticism
1977: Florida sees snow, while Alaskas ice melts in a warm 40°F.
Why Trumps alleged affairs with erotic stars arent hurting him on the right:
5 Ways #FactoryFarming is Killing the Environment #EatForThePlanet #Eco
What do you really believe? Take the Truth-Demon Test. Editors’ pick:
For investors used to political drama, shutdown is one more sideshow
German bank account tied to Kushner flagged for suspicious transactions: report
Larry Fink to CEOs: Contribute to Society or Lose BlackRocks Investment
Government Shuts Down: It’s Not Just Schumer against Trump
Scenes from the Cambridge / Boston Womens March
From the AP archives: Hyundai unveils new Veloster hatchback and sporty Veloster N
One-in-Five #Tattooed Adults Would Get Them Removed...
German SPD leaders upbeat as biggest branch backs coalition talks via @Reuters
Hundreds of Haitians protest Trump outside Trump Tower
Hey picturehouses if you meet the demands of the #strikers I’ll become a member again.
New York City mom uses stroller to collect 20,000 diapers for families in need.
#TrumpShutdown hashtag becomes number one worldwide as parties battle in blame game
that moment when you realize youre out of your depth and the data dont support your assertions
Everything you need to know about the U.S. shutdown
Trumps dealmaker image tarnished by U.S. government shutdown
@jaxfinance Proud honored to be part of the Top20 #FinTech influencers ! Thank you @jaxfinance
2018 Streets of Bakersfield Robotics Extravaganza
Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Austin, Toronto #WomensMarch2018
Is compassionate #ImmigrationReform possible?
Oakland is ready to go #womensmarch2018
Ex-RNC chair: This shutdown rests at the feet of the GOP
Renowned #Venezuelan reporter fired for speaking out against massacre of military rebels.
@NeilRudd @D_Blanchflower
Saturday morning in search
American bipartisan politics can be saved — heres how: @bobinglis
Schumer tears into Trump: Working with him is like negotiating with jello
Infographic: The Evolution of Urban Planning (Full graphic here: )
Syrian Kurdish YPG says no choice but to resist after Turkish strikes
Trump lawyer threatened to sue In Touch if it published interview with porn star
1/20/2018 -- Gulf of California M6.3 -- New Deep earthquakes + West Pacific movement
The Atrocious Housing Rule Ben Carson Can End
At Women’s March NYC. Can I be anti-sexist, anti-racist, but pro-capitalist?
This probably wont end well.
in saturdays @nytimes: aly raismans statement at the sentencing hearing for larry nassar, in its entirety.
Eskom Chair Quits In the Interest of the Country: #SouthAfrica
Standard Gauge Rail Boss Drives Local Content Campaign: #Uganda
Russian and Saudi energy ministers satisfied with oil market rebalancing - statement
Trump-state Dems introduce bill to withhold lawmaker pay during shutdown
US stocks will likely run higher for another 11 years, Wall Streets Tom Lee says via @CNBC
The key to unlocking Brexit is… in the Lisbon Treaty #Brexit50
Pence: Shutdown is going to take as long as it takes
Outrage Over Mothers Rape Claims At Kenyas Top Hospital: #Kenya
A volcano scientist is running for Congress in California
The government just shut down. Here’s how it happened.
Amazon boosts monthly fee for Prime by $2, maintains yearly rate
WATCH: Bill Nye on science media, politics, and the feature film he wants to make
@WSJ @bill_easterly Humans appear to be winning against famines.
Boston, Indianapolis, Iowa City, Cleveland #WomensMarch2018
THE MEMO: How Trump changed everything
Govt Seeks U.S.$1.6 Billion to Feed Starving Citizens: #Somalia
Massive angular roof spans four parts of Hawaiian home by Johnston Marklee
2-Year Treasury yields end the week at a 9-year high: 2.06%. Fed Funds Futures are now pricing in 3 hikes in 2018.
Jeff Bezos in his office 5000 BCE
Self-Financing to Take Centre Stage At African Union Summit: #Africa
What exactly this shutdown means, agency by agency.
Scarborough: This is Donald Trumps shutdown
South Africas Ramaphosa Begins to Clean House #SouthAfrica
Remembering George Weahs Early Football Days: #Liberia #Cameroon
Weve compiled 12 months of evidence that Donald Trump is a threat to democracy
10-Year Treasury yields end the week a 40-month high. Utilities end the week at a 9-month low. $TNX $XLU
Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver #WomensMarch2018
Trump will not negotiate on immigration until government reopened
Smart Cities and the Weather #technology
McConnell urges Dems to negotiate deal to end government shutdown
Turkey begins military operations against U.S.-allied Kurds in Syria:
These hilarious sweaters are urban camouflage
Witch hunts today—abuse of women, superstition, and murder collide in India. @DoctorYasmin
Fire and Fury is on track to beat The Art of the Deal, Trumps own bestseller.
Trump said he’ll be blamed for shutdown no matter what: report
Mother-to-Mother Training in Malawi Helps Battle Child Malnutrition: #Malawi
Euro Working Group Head Blames Politicians for Greek Crisis, Supports Debt Relief #Greece
The Trump tax cuts aren’t helping CenturyLink workers @rickjnewman
We are coming for those seats. #ExpectUs @MomsDemand #WomensMarchNYC #WomensMarch2018
Huge turnout here in Denver for the #WomensMarch2018
Madame Tussauds trolls Trump, places his figure at ATM ahead of government shutdown
Doctor Goes to Court to Legalise Female Genital Mutilation: #Kenya
Pope urges hope in visit to Peru area devastated by floods
As Venezuelan oil production collapses, Latin America looks for a new petroleum leader
Big love and support to everyone marching this weekend. Hear Us ROAR! #WomensMarch2018 #WomensMarchDC
NEW: Top Dems: No point in backing short-term funding bill without promise of DACA fix
Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Washington: #WomensMarch2018
#Iran-Russia-Turkey hold preliminary talks in #Sochi
A meteorite from Mars has rewritten the planets volcanic history:
We the People. #WomensMarch2018 #WomensMarchNYC
New Study Finds Public Pension Fund Members Woefully Unaware of Under-Funding $
Concern Over Climate Change Linked to Depression, Anxiety - Study: #Africa
Gunmen storm InterContinental Hotel in Kabul. Reports of people being held hostage.
Al Shabaab Denies Forcibly Recruiting Children to Fight: #Somalia
The unrepentant racism of Tucker Carlson Tonight
Using your smartphone is better with a stylus
British singer Ed Sheeran gets engaged to school friend Cherry Seaborn
Nigerias Inflation Rate Drops but Food Prices Go Up #Nigeria
January 20th, 250 -Emperor Decius begins a widespread persecution of Christians in Rome.
These restaurants in the Bay Area offer tasty vegan food!
What the gold standard can teach us about the future of bitcoin. | By Lawrence H. White
Poll: Trump ends first year with lowest approval of any modern president
How to put the power of law in peoples hands: @GlobalNamati @VivekHMaru
How to send #bitcoin to a hardware wallet @readDanwrite
Janus Henderson Boss Rails Against Apprentice Strategy
Claims of a substantial gap between model projections and observed temperatures are not true (2017 update edition).
40% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction...
Ryan rips congressional gridlock that led to shutdown: This is madness
Ta-Nehisi Coates on Cornel West’s one-sided war and why he left Twitter:
China says US warship violated sovereignty in its territorial waters.
Thousands of demonstrators turn out for second Womens March
Government shuts down as Trump feuds with Democrats
#Gold in US Dollar with support/resistance trendlines (Jan. 20, 2018) - via Thomson Reuters Eikon
Delta: Support and service animals are wreaking havoc in the sky $DAL @melodyhahm
Intel debuts IoT system designed to transform the retail experience | Access AI
#US President @realDonaldTrump hands out awards to fake news media
ICYMI: Short vol overtakes bitcoin for ‘most crowded’ this month in survey #bubblesonbubbles? YS
JUST IN: GOP lawmakers back three-week government funding bill to end shutdown
Drone saves two Australian swimmers
Talking about writing, researching and #readingZimbabwe at @cooperunion on January 22.
Impressive in how weak this is.
@hmeisler Common stock only Summation Index has a slightly different pattern
Figure skating: Record-breaking Papadakis, Cizeron take fourth European gold
Russia-linked bots behind social media push for release of shocking Mueller memo:
California attorney general will prosecute employers who help ICE officials
Thousands take to streets in Womens March on anniversary of Trumps 1st year.
Discovery Channel defends sharks after reports that Trump wants them all to die
Danny McCoy on Ireland’s economy and the looming danger of Brexit #Brexit50
The New York Times’ stock jumps following Facebook’s trustworthy news announcement
Iraqi PM meets Kurdistan region leader for first time since independence vote
Four US, Canadian captives freed in Nigeria
BREAKING: Gunmen attack Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul - local media
Geolocation of #TuAF and Turkish artillery #YPG #Kurdish targets in #Afrin northwest #Syria
JUST IN: White House: No negotiations on immigration until government reopens
Persian translation of ABCs of Socialism edited by Jacobin’s @sunraysunray published inside #Iran. @jacobinmag
Calling all cheese lovers! This ones for you. #NationalCheeseLoversDay
As #Venezuelan oil production collapses, Latin America looks for a new petroleum leader
Judge overseeing ATT, Time Warner merger trial hears document dispute
What you should know about birth control and breast cancer
Attack under way at #Kabul luxury hotel
Focus On Profitability, Cyclicals, And Economic Growth $
The Assassination of Gianni Versace is a work of flawed beauty, @skornhaber writes
The government just shut down. Heres whats open, whats closed, and whos furloughed.
Trump blamed Obama for previous shutdown, said only presidents are to blame
Why you should talk about your death while youre still healthy:
From the AP archives: Honda Accord Named North American Car of Year
Republicans and Democrats spin the government shutdown
What Will Happen if the Government Remains Shut Down - from @nytimes
20.000 people protesting in Bucharest now. Estimated. #REZIST #corruption in #Romania @euronews @euronewsinsidrs
GOP strategist breaks with party: Shutdown is Trump and GOPs fault
Highest inflows since 2Q15 drive assets to record $3.2 trillion $
Kerrisdale Delivers 19.8% in 2017, Pulls In Net Exposure Levels $
A U.S. government shutdown is now underway, along with the blame game
Will there be a center-right coalition in #Colombia?
Turkish military operation in Syrias Afrin has begun: Erdogan
Trump Jr.: Russia investigation is greatest witch hunt since the Salem witch trials
Why Tunisians Are Back On the Streets 7 Yrs After Jasmine Revolution: #Tunisia
Most provinces yet to lock up marijuana supply as clock ticks toward legalization
Urban Strategies for Economic Mobility Opportunity
Coca-Cola Promises to Collect and Recycle ALL its Packaging by 2030 @TheSun
Tell me again about the time before the government shutdown, Papa

Tim O'Brien

1 month ago

The time when @newtgingrich praised the Japanese for Pearl Harbor

The time when @newtgingrich praised the Japanese for Pearl Harbor https://t.co/smpR3lxtNt