Disaster strikes area of Oklahoma rocked by natural gas well explosion less than a year ago
Ray Dalio: The Concept Of Believability Weighted Decision Making $
From the AP archives: FILE of Zimbabwe opposition leader killed in US helicopter crash
Top Medicaid official to leave Trump admin
Dreamers furious Democrats gave up on US government shutdown
Will the Davos focus on gender equality survive a visit by Donald Trump? By @ITVJoel
Stiglitz: Walmart raises are just gestures
It Takes A Change In Interest Rates To Have A Bear Market: Ray Dalio On Monetary Policy
Allianz Goes on Fixed-Income Hiring Spree
JUST IN: Manchin almost didnt run for re-election, told Schumer this place sucks: report
Mohamed Ben Sassi is the last bookbinder of Tunis Old City
Belgium debates migrant search law
Christopher Plummer Becomes Oldest Actor to Receive Oscar Nomination:
FINANCIAL TIMES: Men only: the elite charity dinner where hostesses are put on show #tomorrowspaperstoday
Electrify America Chooses Greenlots To Charge EVs Every 70 Miles On Highways Across USA
Tomorrow’s @telebusiness front page: World must ‘wake up to threat from tech giants’
Top Dems accuse GOP chairs of undermining Russia probe with FBI text messages
Religious Right leader gives Trump a pass on affair with an adult film star
Infographic: How Gender Diversity Leads to a Bigger Bottom Line
US sends A-10 squadron to Afghanistan for the first time in years
Congressman argues Obamacare made him sexually harass a female aide
$10,000 invested in the Netflix IPO in May 2002 is worth over $2.1 million today. $NFLX
.@UriLF notes writes that Trumps North Korea red line just got fuzzier:
.@johnauthers daily email really is unmissable.
Another round of dangerous heat is expected for the final days of the Australian Open:
Payment Processor Stripe to End Support for Bitcoin Transactions
Speeding up Technology Use for Setting Equitable Speed Limits #governance
New 360º film reveals Nigeria oil spill devastation, ten years later
Gary Cohn, asking the big questions
Dining review: New modern, casual eatery Bread and Brew on Tudor Road has a lot of potential
Who’s to blame for Hong Kong’s weakening rule of law
What happens when a Chinese coin-mining giant swoops in on your tiny cryptocurrency
Apple says it will invest $350 billion in the U.S. over the next five years @MylesUdland
#Communities, #Commons and #Money:
The dangerous evolution of HIV: @EdselSalvana
Next generation of robots crawl, run, fly into the real world
Airstrikes kill 150 Islamic State militants in Syria, U.S. says
U.S. lets more healthcare workers prescribe opioid addiction treatment
Chuck Schumers deal with the devil
Trump’s regulatory officials are too extreme even for many Republicans.
Switzerland: Trudeau announces new trade deal without US, urges greater gender equality
Philadelphia officials support opening safe-injection sites to combat opioid overdoses
How Detroit beat fugitive dust
Its been a very happy birthday for SPY, the worlds biggest ETF, as it hits $300bn.
JUST IN: New York vows to guarantee Medicaid for DACA recipients
Malala Fund partners with Apple to send 100,000 girls to school
What were the headlines 2 years ago? Oil could crash to $10 a barrel
Al Hilal Bank selects SunTec to sidestep VAT law splat
#UnitedStates API Crude Oil Stock Change at 4.755M
Heres the number of years it took each product to reach 50 million users h/t @Bill_Gross. #WEF18 #Davos
Astrophotography at the Switzer Truck Trail, CA #Space #Universe
Republican senator meets with Justice Neil Gorsuch to discuss unspecified ‘important issues’
Self-driving car experts offer online degree in flying cars
Testing your tap water for contamination is way easier than you think
Canada working hard to convince Trump on NAFTA: Trudeau
Should we be governed by persuasion or by force? | by José Azel
Pence says U.S. must play ‘preeminent’ role as peace broker
Risk-free rate: Greek 2-year rates are now below those of US
Event recap - Putin 4.0: What will the future bring?
Terrific 1956 interview with Dorothy Parker (h/t @TheBrowser)
Museum with Ancient Greek “High Tech” Inventions Opens in Athens #Greece
10 Greek Herbs that will Improve your Health #Greece
Texas Instruments profit dips 67 percent on tax expense #TXN
Crude Oil closes at its highest level since December 2014, up 116% over the past 2 years.
@dbcurren I did one similar myself a few weeks back...
junk bonds are tightest since July 2007, again
It’s easy to lose track of all the different waves of judicial nominees.
Study: Americans are using less health care, but paying more for it
From the AP archives: May and Macron on tapestry, migrants and cooperation
From the AP archives: May and Macron on tapestry, migrants and cooperation
A tractor beam that can levitate humans? Scientists say they are on the right track:
Why the Apollo 11 moonwalkers look so ghostly: @astVintageSpace
#BREAKING: New York vows to guarantee Medicaid for DACA recipients
1 skier dead in avalanche after volcano erupts at Japanese resort and rains rocks on skiers
ComScore is working with financial advisers to explore options including a potential sale
JJ takes $13.6 billion charge related to new U.S. tax law
LIVE: Goldman Sachs Wealth Management releases 2018 yearly outlook -
Its time for UKIP to disappear says partys founder
Why Not Use Autonomous Vehicles For Self-Driving Stores?
Fed nominee Goodfriend: Current Fed policy more or less on right course
Skagen’s (@SkagenDenmark) new smartwatch is just as tastefully minimal as you’d expect
The Fed is behind the curve, tbh.
Bloomberg View: Trump is making America great for payday lenders
JUST IN: Mueller wants to question Trump on Flynn and Comey firings: report
Saffron was the Prozac of the Middle Ages, reports @gastropodcast
Young adults are vacationing more with their aging parents @melodyhahm
JUST IN: White House calls bipartisan DACA bill dead on arrival
LIVE: @serwer @JenSaidIt round-up the top news and highlights from #wef18 in Davos -
When dating started to feel like another job, Kat McClain turned to a matchmaker.
Show off your city and stay cool in our city t-shirts. Available in 6 different cities.
U.K. hiring wobble may more be more than a blip. More in latest #EuroEco Brief on @TheTerminal at BRIEFGO
A blustery jet stream helped a Norwegian flight set a subsonic flight record:
Navy’s new fast, agile warship has been stuck in ice since Christmas Eve
Trump swings into action on trade, adds edge to Nafta talks
No Compensation for Man After Work Accident: #SouthAfrica
Tesla’s board is driving executive pay into electric dreamland @AntonyMCurrie $TSLA
There’s a huge gender component to income inequality that were ignoring
Oil jumps to a three-year high
Man Dies After Helping Boss Get Rid of Explosives - Police: #SouthAfrica
Multigenerational travel vacations are on the rise - @melodyhahm explains
Police sought Secrets Act probe of @Reuters reporters an hour after their arrest:
Netflix Revenue Growth, YoY: +32%. The 6th consecutive quarter of 30+% YoY growth. $NFLX
Wall Street, not American solar, stands to gain from Trump tariffs
JUST IN: Trump briefed on deadly Kentucky high school shooting
U.S. attorney general questioned in special counsel Russia probe
Board Game Nights in the US Far from Boring @STcom
Honda doesnt want to automate people out of the auto assembly line. Read more here:
Why Trumps America First is suicidal, in one easy graphic (via @pdacosta):
America First means...
Day one is a wrap. #Davos #WEF18
Oxford law prof to Reuters: UK must accept Assange has diplomatic status
The Shape of Oscars: #NotSoWhiteorMale
Breweries to Quench Capetonians Thirst - With a Different Drink: #SouthAfrica #DayZero
Trump’s Tax Act speaks volumes for his successful Conning of American lower middle class Americans.
Nasdaq and SP 500 finish at record highs
Savings Rate Lowest In A Decade, Credit Card Balances Soar $
Obama officiates wedding for two former staffers in DC
LIVE: Tesla says CEO Elon Musk to get paid only when company performs well - $TSLA
When computers met finance. @ritholtzs Masters in Business podcast via @BV
if you had any doubts about the US economy via reddit
Todays #Stocks Losers: $JNJ, $PG, $GPRO -
Todays #Stocks Winners: $TRV, $NVDA, $WHR -
Wal-Mart may have to unload stake in Brazilian unit at discount
Chart of the day: The incredible rise of Netflix, from mailboxes to Letterman
Falling off the #QE cliff!
How do your views on gender compare with those of other Americans?
#BREAKING: Mueller wants to question Trump on Flynn and Comey firings: report
Dog saves all her puppies from a house fire then puts them all to safety in one of the responding firetrucks.
On 23 January 1556, the deadliest earthquake in history killed approximately 830,000 people in China.
JUST IN: Comeys chief of staff to leave FBI
Powerful Republican Committee Wants Vote on Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s Conservative DACA Bill
Celebrating Brock Little at the Eddie Aikau Contest | Shorebreak: The Series
Show of hands - @blackrock @MTSMarkets expect a clob for liquid FI in the near future @TABBGroup #TABBFIXED
LIVE: Trump will meet with Israels Netanyahu, Rwandas Kagame, other leaders at Davos
The activist developer who helps journalists protect their sources and their data
Duterte says army, police can shoot him if he extends term
Big #Tech Is Buying More Clean #Energy Than Ever in the #Trump Era
LIVE: US Markets before the closing bell -
Vodafone Greece to Buy Cyta Hellas for €118M #Greece
Greek Health Ministry Amendment Opens Up Pharmacies Market #Greece
Report: Greek Police Still Holding Lone Migrant Kids #Greece
Greece Expects Large Number of Tourists from India in Summer 2018 #Greece
Greek Church Holds Emergency FYROM Meeting #Greece
‘We Won’t Enforce Auctions’ Warn Greek Police #Greece
LIVE: Netflix zooms to $110B in market cap $NFLX -
Russian wheat exports are expanding further across the globe
A Basquiat painting worth $110.5 million is going on view at the Brooklyn Museum:
Amena Khan quits LOreal campaign after Israel backlash
Mueller interviewed Comey in Russia probe: report
From the AP archives: Fauci: NIH In Scramble For Any Govt Shutdown
WATCH LIVE: Nasdaq outperforms as Netflix surges -
Rapper Fat Joe says F-ck Donald Trump in new song
Venezuela to hold elections before May
U.S. attorney general questioned in Russia probe
The year ahead: Chairmans panel on strengthening corporate governance via @flacqua #WEF18
Angered by high prices and shortages, hospitals will form their own generic drug maker $
Thousands march against Trump in Zurich, other Swiss cities
Germany: The other team hasnt got off the bench - CDU/CSU await further talks with SPD
Is Audi Giving Competition To The Tesla Powerwall With Its Virtual Power Plant Battery Grid?
Plesiosaurs probably took over the world using all four flippers
Shop for Truthdig swag like mugs, bumper stickers, clothing and more! Only in the #TDBazaar:
Designing vehicle-sharing networks
And here is an Ireland/Sweden comparison
New Tariffs to Curb US Solar Installations by 11% Through 2022
Lifting the veil on “valence,” brain study reveals roots of desire and dislike
South Africas ANC Passing the Buck on Land, Fee-Free Education? #SouthAfrica
LIVE: White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders briefs the media
#BREAKING: Comeys chief of staff to leave FBI
The insanity of downhill ice cross racing, via @TheAtlPhoto
Those are actually Gandhis words, mostly. I added the #Davos part, but I think hed agree with me.
CIA chief: Trump understands intel briefings like a 25-year agency veteran
Lessons Learned from a Concrete River #infrastructure
Belgian police shoot man armed with knife at station
In Davos, Cate Blanchett jokes about playing Melania Trump
Morneau vows to keep Canada competitive in face of U.S. corporate tax cuts
Democratic-Republican split on Israel is the widest in 40 years, poll finds
Gandhi is on fire this week. #Davos #WEF18
Netflix seeks to woo debt buyers with its $100 billion stock cushion
Patience Jonathan Cries Out Over Demolished Abuja Properties: #Nigeria
Water Crisis Will Have a Significant Impact On Cape Wine Industry: #SouthAfrica #DayZero
Dont count your chickens; NAFTAs end could hit U.S. poultry hard
The Physics of Why Bigger Drones Can Fly Longer
If money still matters, the Canadian economy could be in trouble
Snapchats copycats arent killing the company — its killing itself $SNAP
David Frums AMA is going great
Kentucky school shooting: Two dead after gunfire erupts at Marshall County High School
What to watch for in Trumps economic policies in 2018. @jbview investigates
The most hated tweet President Trump has ever fired off... dont mess w/ @mcuban, apparently
Tech stocks hit an overbought level last seen right before last summers swoon
Would you send your kids to a school where students make the rules?
Trumps solar tariffs won’t boost the government’s bottom line
Want immigration reform? Look to cities
Sexual harassment affects business too, says @Microsoft VP
Huge Union Pacific Trade Ahead of Earnings
Investors Shelled Out $155 Billion for Venture Capital Deals Last Year
Wow, Pope Francis isnt fooling around. #Davos #WEF18
Davos Diary Day Two - Gridlock, Mooi River boots SAs challenges - #WEF18 #LoveChange
Stability in Southern Africa Hinges On How Leaders Gain and Lose Power: #Africa
JUST IN: Top Medicaid official to leave Trump admin
Dont rebalance to small caps yet, says @philblancato @LadenburgLTS @ReutersMoney
Navigating With Charts $
Regling: Going back on reforms will not be tolerated
Luxury homes market attracts foreign companies and investors
SEV stresses need to tackle shortage of special skills
Turkey lodges third extradition request for eight servicemen
The Next Steps for the #WomensMarch? Moving a Progressive Agenda.
South Afica Aims to Restore Investor Confidence at WEF Conference #SouthAfrica
This #NationalPieDay, enjoy some pi pies baked by @MITstudents!
Man arrested outside the White House with gun and ammunition
My view of the Pleadies tonight #Space #Universe
Border Patrol arrests Arizona man for giving immigrants food, water near Mexico border
Just a week until the next Fed Meeting. #ETF
This is pretty cool in a random palm tree
Mississippi bill would require teachers to recite the Ten Commandments every morning
New York City sues drug companies over opioid epidemic
Indian PM Modi defends globalization at Davos summit
Ill Give My Best to All Nigerians, Buhari Tells South East Leaders: #Nigeria
From the AP archives: Timelapse of recovery of plane which skidded off Turkey runway
From the AP archives: US health agency in scramble for possible government shutdown
Whats missing from the White Houses leaked infrastructure plan
This is Teslas bold new pay plan for @elonmusk:
GOP senator releases more texts from FBI agent removed from Mueller probe
ESPN employees, as part of $DIS, are all getting a $1,000 bonus.
Ever wondered how quinoa is grown? We take you through the production process:
Tesla just locked in Elon Musk as CEO with a $70 billion pay package $TSLA
China’s leaders are poised to strike a blow to Its legal system
The insatiable appetite for gold-backed ETFs lures in the Australian government
Homebird Greeks ‘Choose Not to Become Independent’ #Greece
New Rail Link to Join Piraeus, Athens Airport #Greece
The U.S. and Soviet Union once investigated bioluminescence as a way to track submarines
Trump to address RNC at event at his own D.C hotel: report
The SP 500 has not had a 3% pullback since November 2016, by far the longest run in history. $SPX
Natural Gas NG1 Enters New Bull Market cc @ReformedBroker @jimcramer @elerianm
Tillerson blames Russia for Syrian governments suspected chemical weapons attack
Robert Mueller questions US Attorney General Jeff Sessions in Russia-Trump probe
#Paraguay #InterestRate at 5.25%
Asia protests at U.S. solar, washer tariffs, fears more to come
VERBATIM: Trump signs order on washing machines, solar products
Coke’s new font is design at its worst
Interview with Jon Fasman, The Why
JUST IN: Senate advances Trumps Fed chair nominee ahead of likely confirmation
Home Care Agencies Often Deny Medicare Help to the Chronically Ill
The Schumer Strategy #Schumer #DACADreamers
EU Commissioner to Host High Level Roundtable on Cryptocurrencies
Canada will stay competitive after U.S. tax cuts, finance minister says
The confessions of a MAMIL (Middle-Aged Man in Lycra). From the archive @1843mag
Meanwhile in Manhattan.
Wealthy Earned Enough to End Poverty in 2017 $
What is Russias end game in Afrin, Syria?
Trump is changing your paycheck. Heres how. @rickjnewman
Hey, big banks: Where are our higher rates on savings?
Rock star Larry Tabb moderating @TABBGroup #TABBFIXED
#Argentina #InterestRate at 27.25%
Speaking in Bolzano on Friday
What’s next after you serve 23 years for a crime you didn’t commit?
Xbox Is making the Netflix of games, but its missing one thing: more games
JUST IN: NYC sues eight drug companies, accuses them of fueling opioid epidemic
.@juliaioffe on Russias retaliation against a doping whistleblower:
this is the content I crave
Pakistan arrests serial killer suspect over rape, murder of girl, 7
Inside Chicagos most peculiar museums by @karlazimmerman
If this finding is correct, then our chances of minimizing global warming have improved
Stripe is dropping support for Bitcoin payments
The ICO marketplace is a heist, wrapped in a fraud, inside a delusion
7 ways to improve your security now
Tax Reform Repatriation leading to hottest start of MA since 2000. YS
How the army prepared to fight a guerrilla war in U.S. cities in 1968
Donald Trump does not see the irony in his love for the movie Citizen Kane.
Russian VC funds set up shop in Silicon Valley
Female journalists covering Pence in Israel forced to stand behind male colleagues
FBI: Crime rates fell during first half of 2017
US falls on rankings of best countries over Trumps unpopularity
Mike Pence visits Western Wall amid tension with Palestinians
More on the M7.9 quake that struck near Alaska:
Trump pulls his punches in first foray into long-pledged tariffs
Με ρώτησε ο γιος μου τι είναι ρόμπα και του είπα γιε μου να, αυτό είναι ρόμπα:
Looking good, DC.
An acting masterclass by Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke, Maudie comes in at number eight
#Update: Two students dead, many wounded in Kentucky high school shooting
The truth about JPMorgans wage bump
Eyes Fundraising, Listing for Logistics Unit
#Blockchain rebrand sends Stapleton Capitals shares soaring ⛓️
Venezuelan President Maduro set to run for re-election in 2018 vote via @Reuters
Sanchez to Manchester United, Mkhitaryan to Arsenal - Who Got the Better Deal: #Nigeria
Trump to host Macron for first state dinner since taking office: report
The @WhiteHouse this afternoon.
Having a pot shop in your hood could boost your property prices — by 8%
Expert: 5 tips to boost your career
Something Changed In These Key Asset Classes After 2008 $
VIX Steady After Government Reopening
Venezuela says petro cryptocurrency pre-sale will be in hard currency via @Reuters
Heres a little table
Kaepernick named finalist for NFL Community MVP award despite not playing this season
Inside the lab recreating our ancient ancestors weapons:
Maybe we should start hunting for space viruses:
ATHEX: Benchmark rises to its highest point in 35 months
Kurds in Athens protest Turkish offensive in Syria
Verizon is using some of its tax savings to give each employee 50 shares
South African Minister Testifies at Social Grant Crisis Inquiry #SouthAfrica
The Daily Shot: The most optimistic countries

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House to subpoena Justice Department official on Trump dossier

House to subpoena Justice Department official on Trump dossier https://t.co/ZhDv4T5NFj https://t.co/RPz7mWh6oT