Can President George Weah Deliver What Liberians Voted For? #Liberia
Turkeys onslaught in Syria is giving Putin another headache
Senators reach deal to reopen US government: Schumer
U.S. says KPMG employees misappropriated secrets from oversight board
Mattis, Retno discuss Palestine, US aid cut to UNRWA
Why horsepower and torque always seem to cross at 5252 RPM
#BREAKING: Senate votes to end three-day shutdown after McConnell promises immigration vote
Why you should follow the Mediterranean ‘diet’ – and how to do it
Watch a creepy baby robot crawl across dirty carpet for science
New book: Aides say Trump feels compelled to do whatever advisers tell him not to
#Mexico | Inflation for 2017 close to 7%, the highest since 2000
WATCH VOTE: Enough senators support stopgap funding proposal to reopen government.
WATCH VOTE: Enough senators support stopgap funding proposal to reopen government.
Abu Dhabi gets bids for offshore oil in plan to expand capacity
SP Leveraged Loan Index has closed at an all-time high 30 days in a row.
Tracing Nicholas Zakaria Way Back to 2006: #Zimbabwe
Punishment Wont Stop Teenage Pregnancies in Tanzania #Tanzania
We should start an immediate investigation into @SenSchumer and his ties to Russia and Putin. A total hypocrite!
#IMF raises 2018 global growth forecast, partly on US tax cuts.
Schumers Democrats are using a pile of myths to support his shutdown
Recent #IMF #growth forecasts and actual growth from Capital Economics: #GDP
Ernst Young: More than 10 percent of $3.7 billion raised in ICOs has been stolen
Snowstorm in Tokyo disrupts road, rail and air transport
Pence dismisses baseless allegations that Trump had affair with adult film star
UKIP leader Henry Bolton refuses to resign party leadership
Will Chico Ever Get Commercial Air Service Again?
Austria to sue EU over allowing expansion of Hungarys Paks nuclear plant #nuclear #energy
Trumps first year, measured by 14 metrics:
Review: 10 significant developments in #dataviz in the latter half of 2017.
Senate Democrats back bill reopening government: Schumer via @Reuters
Sierra Leone Court Orders Arrest of Presidential Candidate #SierraLeone
Dangerous and intolerable: Trump has censored or stifled science nearly 100 times
42 people now own the same amount of wealth as the bottom 3.7 billion people in the world
How lax homeschooling laws protect child abusers:
Dan Loeb 2017 Letter: Pressure On Nestle, Increased Focus On Shorting $
Our @welt accommodation in the next 5 days! #WEF18
Romes largest 3 cities were twice as big as the largest European city in 1600
Sustainable Cities Require Urban Agriculture #resources
Mike Pence in bold move to make himself less popular than Trump in East Jerusalem
JUST IN: Senate Dems accept deal to end government shutdown
The Davos 2017 predictions that came true via @simonjkennedy #WEF18
From Bronze Chunks to Imperial Currency: A Brief History of Roman Coins
JUST IN: Pelosi rejects McConnells DACA offer
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi address government shutdown
Senate Democrats back bill reopening U.S. government: Schumer
Firms must prepare for hard Brexit, Irish central bank says #Brexit50
Trump to South Korean president: Give me credit for diplomatic progress with North Korea
Why the U.S. dollar has been tumbling @DionRabouin
2017 Retrospective: A Monumental Year for the App Economy - App Annie Content
Yen and bond traders are split on whether the BOJ will taper in 2018
Malawi Ruling Party Warns Judas Iscariots: #Malawi
Schumer says Senate Democrats have agreed to a deal to end the shutdown
Tavyn-Bogdo-Ola mountain range, where borders of Russia, Mongolia and China join. Picture by Igor Heitman
MORE: Schumer says will vote today to reopen government. Watch live:
Distressed High Yield Bond Index at its highest level since July 2014, up 108% in the past 2 years.
Grab em by the patriarchy: Madrid joins global womens march
Venezuelan Secret Police: The key to Maduro’s oppressive hold on power by @Colladoray
Biotech MA takes off as Sanofi and Celgene spend $20 billion
Volcanic eruptions are incredibly hard to predict. Heres why.
U.S. top court takes up property rights case involving endangered frog
Music Guru Mukanya Heads to Zimbabwe After Decade in Exile #Zimbabwe
Ontario minimum wage hike having trickle up effect on paycheques of higher earners
JUST IN: Supreme Court rules against Trump administration on Clean Water rule
Science says: encourage someone you know to code: #mondaymotivation
Schumer criticizes Trump for keeping a low profile during shutdown negotiations.
Pakistani hacking campaign leads in number of website defacements
How Paris conquered the car
How Much Warmer Was Your City in 2017? - interactive from @nytimes
#Belgium lowers threat level, deeming attacks less likely
This travel photographer captures the enchanting beauty of the Faroe Islands
Hun Sen on board with Trumps idea for #FakeNews Awards
Pence says U.S. embassy in Jerusalem will open far earlier than expected
22 January 1969 - A gunman attempted to assassinate the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev.
#Update: U.S. Senate talks advance as government workers shut down
Senate has deal to end U.S. government shutdown, Schumer says
#Venezuelan secret police: The key to Maduro’s oppressive hold on power. | By Ramon Callado
Dump Mugabe Regalia - Zanu PF Official: #Zimbabwe
BREAKING: Senate leaders reach arrangement on funding bill. Watch live:
From the AP archives: USA - Shannen Doherty In Mallrats
US, EU discordant notes on Jerusalem underline Mideast policy rift
Zinke approves land transfer deal to let Alaska build road through federal wildlife refuge
Bielski: The next frontier in consent: Better sex From @ZosiaBielski via @GlobeDebate
#BREAKING: Senate Dems accept deal to end government shutdown
Bernstein not having it
The obsession with GDP is fueling inequality around the world, according to the WEF
BREAKING: Senate deal reached to end U.S. government shutdown, Schumer says
Prize camels keep tradition alive in changing Saudi, but please no Botox!
Documentary goes behind the scenes with Italian football champions Juventus
WATCH LIVE: Senate votes on funding federal government.
WATCH LIVE: Senate votes on funding federal government.
These nighttime photos of Tokyo look straight out of “Blade Runner”
Italian election risk has gone down: Pimcos Mike Amey via @bsurveillance
NEW Article: SP 500 Cycle Outlook: Minor Correction This Week - by @askSlim $SPY $SPX
Local Music Artists Get Royalties: #Namibia
Tillerson: Sometimes we forget about importance of our relationship with UK
The Amazon sweepstakes is a racket.
Forget IPOs. Initial coin offerings were the hot new way to raise capital in 2017
JUST IN: Dem senator predicts shutdown will be over soon
Vegetable growers convert to cannabis to help boost margins
Trumps attendance at Davos economic forum in doubt due to shutdown
Mesdames, Messieurs, sous vos yeux ébahis, la procédure dinscription en thèse en France ...
Senators have enough votes to end government shutdown: NBC
Globalization discontent: #Davos drowns in snow chaos. #WEF18
Spent todays rainy day re-editing an old favourite and wishing for clear skies...
Eroding Petrodollar Vs Rising Petroyuan $
The many enablers of Larry Nassar
Greece expected to pass latest review of bailout program
Is Nigerian President Healthy Enough to Seek Re-Election in 2019? #Nigeria
Bad weather saves @realDonaldTrump from Davos ‘un-welcome’ rally
This durable speaker also comes with a built-in battery pack
NRA pundit known for violent rhetoric gets high praise from Mike Pence
@JavierBlas2 @tictoc #wef @wef2018 #davos #davos2018 World Economic Forum 2018
Akothee Steps Out to Dance in Daring See-Through Jumpsuit: #Kenya
How young girls in Niger are fighting back against child marriage
UKIP leader refuses calls to quit despite mass party resignations #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
Princess Eugenie to marry boyfriend Jack Brooksbank #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
#BREAKING: Supreme Court rules against Trump administration on Clean Water rule
Venezuela’s factories grind to a halt
Never seen the revolving door on greater display in an enforcement case than in this KPMG matter
NAFTAs fate uncertain ahead of final round of talks in Montreal
BP weighs bid for $1.8 billion Italian solar company $BP
Republicans demand second special counsel over lost FBI text messages
How the tradition of child marriage in Niger jeopardises the future of the young girls
WATCH LIVE: Scene from the Senate floor ahead of vote on funding federal government
Elon Musks Empire: The making of a billionaire #Tesla #SpaceX
Key Democrats predict passage to stopgap funding bill to reopen the government
LIVE: Average #SuperBowl ticket prices leading up to game day -
Is your open-plan office making you sick?
Mitch McConnell thinks Democrats are very dumb
10-year Breakeven Inflation rate closing in on its highest level in more than 3 years...
Mnangagwa Responds to Public Outcry On Chiefs Cars: #Zimbabwe
Moderate Republican senators urge firmer pledge on immigration from McConnell
A psychopath may be immune to contagious laughter:
WATCH: Graham: Blaming Dems over shutdown wont work
WATCH LIVE: Philadelphia Eagles hold a news conference after winning NFC Championship.
Modern slavery is far from over-- especially in the #EU where its risk is actually on the rise.
What is Davos, and what are Trudeau and Trump doing there? A guide
This is not the Israel trip Mike Pence had planned. @emmaogreen reports from Jerusalem:
Washington Post Gives Trump Four More Pinocchios
Is Antwerp the most continuously cool city on Earth? #BestinTravel
China Moves to Crack Down on Digital Currency Pyramid Schemes
When stocks go up every day, especially overnight, whats the best way to take advantage? Trade after hours!
Ahead of Apple Earnings
#BREAKING: Dem senator predicts shutdown will be over soon
U.S. embassy in Jerusalem by the end of 2019: Pence
Here’s a list of all the people who are getting screwed by the government shutdown today:
Varo Money raises $45 million for mobile banking without fees
Still find this fascinating... EM/Commodity sentiment now vs 2015
Dan Loeb 2017 Letter: Pressure On Nestle, Increased Focus On Shorting #TopStories $
@DiMartinoBooth My latest on the 2018 Treasury bond bear market:
Feeling stuck in your hometown? Get ready to see the world with tips from @tessa_juliette:
Dangotes Multi-Million Naira UI Business School Ready Soon: #Nigeria
South African Power Utility Board Had to Be Fast Tracked #SouthAfrica
Actor Tom Hardy Helps Save 4 Abandoned #Puppies! #Animals #AnimalRescue
#Canada’s Justin Trudeau has a strange understanding of free trade
White House: Senators who say Trump is unclear are not paying attention
Investors Debate If the Pitchforks Are Coming
Not everything needs a chart
@RomanchukBrian My latest on the 2018 Treasury bond bear market:
Facebook admits it was too slow in dealing with threats in 2016
Nordea issues bitcoin ban for all staff
Trump still hasn’t donated the money his hotels received from foreign governments
Sora Aoi: The Japanese ex-porn actress who broke Chinas sexual taboos
Guyanas 450m barrel Liza field will reach first production by 2020 #OOTT
LIVE: Facebook to prioritize trustworthy news based on surveys $FB -
Nasdaq passes geometry: side-angle-side...
What the U.S. government shutdown has shut down
Hey, did you do the refugee experience yet? No, we were going to limo over after we pig out at the caviar buffet
Watch Slaughterbots, a terrifying new film warning about the real danger of killer robots
LIVE: Bank of America Executive Omeed Malik departs after misconduct claim -
Special Team to Probe Rape Claims At Kenyatta Hospital #Kenya
Breitbart editor-at-large: The #MeToo movement means were about to see the worst art ever
That remarkably close and speedy asteroid isnt going to hit the Earth
#Gold edges up as US dollar slips after US government shutdown via @ReutersIndia
RT: UE: Chinas winter heating crisis: thousands of complaints recorded on social media
Can President George Weah Deliver What Liberians Voted For? #Liberia
Scarborough: How long can Paul Ryan keep playing dumb?
Recent ‘Odd’ Market Moves May Be a Warning Sign for Stocks ht @hmeisler
Londons best new house extensions revealed in Dont Move, Improve! 2018 shortlist:
From the South | World inequality grows as wealthy meet at the World Economic Forum at #Davos.
International Solar Alliance Eyes 100 Projects By April
Russell 2K started to lose its tax policy proxy status as 3M Libor took off, to further @pboockvars point.
New post: A tale of two bonds – diverging fortunes for GKNLN 22s and 32s
AIG to buy reinsurer Validus for $5.56 billion
Emerging-Market Scorecard Supports Mexico and Turkey Over India
LIVE: #Bitcoin action at midday -
The Kim Jong Nam murder trial: Whos who?
Top Shot: Layers of Fog #YourShot
NatWest Markets tries to explain why the government shutdown is a good thing
A new approach to rechargeable batteries
How can banks build a better branch? We profiled one expert’s blueprint:
Why investors arent fretting about a shutdown
German politics will be noisy in the weeks ahead: @wolfpiccoli via @flacqua @bsurveillance
New Robotic Hand Set for Installation on the International Space Station - SpaceQ
Engineers design artificial synapse for “brain-on-a-chip” hardware
A Desperate Silence Falls Across Venezuela’s Industrial Zone
LIVE: US Markets at midday -
The #ECBs likely to say when QE will end sooner rather than later
Capitalism without ethics
The Nordic region’s biggest bank Nordea bans bitcoin trading via @Reuters
International Monetary Fund raises global growth estimates after Trump tax law
ECB Reshuffle Kicks Off as States Hold Fire for Future Posts
From the South | Ecuador President @Lenin has stated that @JulianAssange has created a problem for #Ecuador.
Davos Promenade Is About to Swap Business as Usual for Cocktails
Everything Trump has done since the shutdown began
6 women share their harrowing stories of illegal abortion before Roe v. Wade #Roe45
ISIS VBIED Destroyed HQ Of US-backed Forces In Southeastern Deir Ezzor (Photos)
#Davos explained #Davos2018 .@RudyHavenstein
EURUSD vs ED8/9 correlation breakdown
Heres what the U.S. government shutdown has actually shut down
An economic case for saving the planet: @NaokoIshiiGEF @theGEF #globalcommons
#WEF #Davos 2018 IMF’s Obstfeld: nationalist movements could harm long-term growth.
What employees should do if they suspect sexual misconduct in a doctor’s office
WATCH LIVE: SP 500 and Nasdaq soar to record highs as government shutdown drags on -
US banks suffer 20% jump in credit card losses ht @Steen_Jakobsen
Euro stronger ahead of ECB meeting; US dollar index slips
Will 2018 Be #Golds Breakout Year? - Peter Hug, Kitco Metals via @KitcoNewsNOW
This is now the longest streak without a 5% correction in stock market history
RT:DeSmogUK: A #solar power frenzy in Australia, via perrybwilliams business climate
Parliament poll: Public confidence in the EU is growing #Brexit50
How segregation begets segregation
From the South | President .@evoespueblo has revoked new and controversial penal code after months of protests.
Peak oil may be just 12 years away thanks to the electric car boom via @alexlongley1 #OOTT
The one to watch: 10-year Treasury yields appeared to break out last week. They are down today. Second thoughts?
China Officially Installed 52.83 Gigawatts Worth Of Solar In 2017
From the South | #Venezuela government rejects the recent sanctions from the EU.
Parliament to Grill Ministers Over Delay in Supporting People with Albinism: #Uganda
The government shutdown has revealed the GOP’s true position on the DREAMers.
IMF revises up global growth forecast helped by Trump tax cuts via @Reuters
India’s Tamil Nadu Plans 500 Megawatt Solar Park
Online Courses Are Harming the Students Who Need the Most Help - from @nytimes
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I like Kate McKinnons portrayal of me on SNL
From the South | .@Pontifex left a message of hope to the people of #Peru and a wake up call to their upper-class.
If youre a centrist, be proud of it: @Bershidsky via @BV
UK Offshore Wind Could Hit 30 Gigawatts By 2030s
Dallas-area GOP files lawsuit to kick over 100 Dems off ballot over petition signatures
From the South | .@Pontifex cites corruption as a huge problem facing Latin America.
Read our latest Research Update on #Greece here in full:
Local Climate Action Starts with #Infrastructure
Hedge Fund 2017 Performance Update: 12 For 12! $
#UnitedStates 3-Month Bill Auction at 1.430%
#UnitedStates 6-Month Bill Auction at 1.615%
When ur doing neutral reporting
ICE is deporting its political opponents
Chinese police detain bookseller #GuiMinhai again, New York Times reports
Pacific Radiance restructuring plan offers noteholders 40 cents on the dollar
$BTC Bears can play the parabola game too! Posted for humor - not my forecast, but it could happen!
uhhhhh.....this might be noteworthy:
Eight Ways to Build a Border Wall
Sanofi digs deep to buy U.S. hemophilia group Bioverativ for $11.6 billion
Fresh Attempt At Uprooting Sarakis Senate Presidency?: #Nigeria
Your memories are less accurate than you think
Pope defends in-flight wedding from conservative headwinds
Goldman Sachs warns millionaire clients that bitcoin is no doubt a bubble @SallyPancakes
These micro apartments in concrete pipes are designed to ease Hong Kongs housing crisis
How are you innovating? #quote #qotd #MondayMotivation #IEEE #Engineer #Tech #Technology
Greece, Bulgaria to Swap Tax Evasion Info #Greece
Athens’ Foodies Get Set for Restaurant Week #Greece
Trump known to use an Indian accent to imitate Indias prime minister: report
Turk Cypriot editor accuses Erdogan of inciting violence against his paper
Eurozone looks to final stages of Greek bailout
Indian State Cuts Solar Base Tariff By 18% For 860 Megawatt Tender
Facebook acknowledges that social media can have a negative impact on democracies
Heres why markets have shrugged off intense political turmoil, according to @elerianm
Omegas Cooperman is Less Bullish About 2018
.@st_vincent is the coolest person in the room, even at NPRs Tiny Dest Concert
Megyn Kelly fires back at Jane Fonda —The moral indignation is a little much’:
FBI doesnt have six months of text messages from agent removed from Mueller probe
Scotland Opens New £60 Million Low-Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme
This serial campus rape case is a textbook example of the struggle accusers face in court
Japanese marathon runners are geniuses
.@stevencook explains Turkeys Operation Olive Branch
#Pyeongchang2018 is already a sign peace may one day come to the Korean peninsula
Dont miss the latest news From The South! Now streaming live on our Facebook and website:
Must know AWS.
Charts quality in scientific article
NAFTAs fate uncertain ahead of final round of talks in Montreal via @Reuters
On point, The Onion
Minnesota Has the Best Community Solar Program — Here’s Why
‘Killer’ caterpillars on the move in Spain #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
High speed train 30 minutes late on its inaugural run to Madrid #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
Namibia Students Oppose Admission of Racist Lawyer: #Namibia
Mint to offer blockchain-backed gold to fend off bitcoin @australian
US, Pakistan must move beyond dangerous status quo
Trump appointee was fired from past job after repeatedly not showing up to work
Senators scramble for a deal ahead of noon shutdown vote
Euro schism reopens in central Europe as EU pushes reform
Facebook should not be in the news business at all.
Damning report says no country will achieve gender equality before 2030
Green Bonds Issuance Could Jump To $200 Billion This Year
The best #WomensMarch2018 signs were by kids
US shutdown fears pressure US dollar, mark worst run since 2015 via @Reuters
US shutdown seen a threat to economy, not rating: Moodys via @Reuters
Catalonia who? Spanish debt finally basks in the sun: @marcusashworth via @gadfly

Cant believe the WSJ is already out with a transcript of the Yellen presser.

Can't believe the WSJ is already out with a transcript of the Yellen presser.