RNC pays Trumps ex-bodyguard $15K a month for “security services
Welcome to the New Dystopian Reality of Work in the United States:
Pressure mounts for Manafort, Gates to strike deal as Special Counsel pace quickens.
Lawsuits challenge Electoral College system in four U.S. states
Ex-MSNBC anchor launches Dem bid to unseat rising GOP star
Trumps former bodyguard paid $75,000 by RNC for security consulting.
Fugro wins $40m contract in China
New Jerseys new Dem governor restores Planned Parenthood funding cut by Christie
The best brands are the ones that build “belonging”—heres why:
Kim Jong Un’s Sister Is Back From the Olympics and Pregnant
A mystery of the pyramids may have finally been solved.
Supreme Court forbids seizure of ancient Persian artifacts
Snap says it will make updates to Snapchat after outcry over redesign
Russian officials finally admit Olympic doping was an ‘institutional conspiracy’ #Olympics
Putin nemesis Navalny, barred from election, tries political siege
Why pay for Office and Photoshop when you can get these alternatives for free?
Social Movement Protests have stopped a Pension System reform proposed by President Temer, in Brazil.
Why military intervention in Venezuela is a horrible idea — #AJOpinion, by @nakedkeynes
GOP lawmaker claims many mass shooters end up being Democrats
Could this be the end for Benjamin Netanyahu? @amirtibon reports:
Im Dreaming About a Modern World That Doesnt Erase Its Indigenous Intelligence
How many children have to get shot?: Parents and students plead with #Trump
European Commission issues massive fines for cartel behaviour among car carriers
JUST IN: NRA comes out against any bill creating age limits for gun purchases
David Clarke promotes conspiracy theories about Florida school shooting survivors
Do you understand crypto?
Trumps solution to school shootings: More guns in schools
Ivanka Trump to meet South Koreas Moon on Olympics trip: official
How the NRA and gun makers exploited politics and paranoia to sell millions of weapons
Why This Montana Farmer Grows Food Year-Round in Shipping Containers
This design generation has failed
Chinese Netizens Side With a Murderer, Highlighting Injustice in China’s Legal System
Bell, Rogers, Quebecor advance in piracy lawsuit against the operator of a Montreal website
#BREAKING: NRA comes out against any bill setting age limit for gun purchases
Twitter bars tactics used by bots to spread false stories
Huckabee Sanders: Trump admin hasnt declared war on the press
#Earthquake magnitude 5 - 128,1 km from #Patras - #Greece
A Question of Access: Shifting the Transportation Conversation #commonwealth
Myanmar’s emerging belt road dilemma: China versus India
From whale spotting to rice field trekking – heres where to go in March
Mississippi city rejects request to hold LGBT pride parade
Israeli intelligence helped Australia stop airliner attack: Netanyahu
Trump suggests arming teachers as a solution to school shootings
The planet’s coolest jobs: hot-air balloon pilot w/ @FlyingHighKids @lpkids
What prebiotic foods do you eat?
Muslim Fencer On Team USA Takes Down Trump #Olympics
Congressional Republicans are investigating Scott Pruitts travel records
My week on Twitter
Why do the majority of woolly mammoth fossils turn out to be male?
NRA board member Ted Nugent promotes conspiracy theory that Florida students are actors
Our quote today is from @SadiqKhan, who became the first Muslim mayor of London in 2016
Billboard in Paul Ryans hometown calls him out over lack of action on guns
Colorful paper-cut sculpture captures the diversity of a coral reef
Uzbekistan: ancient architecture, friendly locals and plenty of plov #travel
Tight supply, rising prices undercut on U.S. home sales
Canada and India Missing Out on Greater Economic Ties
Republicans are having second thoughts about abandoning TPP (via @kdrum)
Venezuelan dictator Maduro takes advantage of the same feminism that condemns Trump
5 TED Talks on extremely weird science:
Commentary @STopinion Will #Malaysias urban Malays vote for change? #GE14
The attainable wonders of Wakandan transit
7 ancient recipes translated for modern cooks
U.S. hate groups proliferate in Trumps first year, watchdog says
Venezuela’s ‘Petro’ Launch Was Amateur Hour
Measles is making a serious comeback in Europe. Guess why...
Flake backs Feinsteins bill to raise minimum age for rifle purchases
Yogurt wars escalate as Dannon sues executive who jumped to Chobani
In wealthier countries, people are much more likely to get their news online daily
Jonathan Turley: “Did Mueller withhold evidence in striking the Michael Flynn deal?”
North Korea Cancelled Meeting with Mike Pence: Officials
How debt collectors profit off of unconstitutional threats
When you burn fat, where does it actually go?
Venezuelans report big weight losses in 2017 as hunger hits
Trump Calls for Rule Change to Ban “Bump Stocks” After Parkland Shooting
Three Key Trends For Wine in 2018
WATCH: Illinois governor drinks chocolate milk to show positive effects of diversity
Chinese State TV Lambasted for ‘Racist’ Lunar New Year Sketch Featuring Blackface
A harsh but accurate take on whats going down in the #GOP from @mrfishcartoons
At least 44 die in Peru after bus plunges into ravine
House to consider bill allowing prosecution of websites that enable sex trafficking
GateHouse Ignored Widely Available Facts Data In Recent Anti-Wind Piece
The Chinese Communist Party infiltrates the #US via the Confucius Institute
Woman whose affair with GOP lawmaker led to his resignation is running for Congress
Almost 19 Years After Columbine, How “Never Again” Became “Oh, Well”
We should build walls around schools to protect our children
The Milky Way as the first hint of sunlight began along the Colorado River. Nelson, NV #Space #Universe
Students Across US Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Up High Schools
Bristol Gate brings successful investing formula to ETF market
Everything you need to know about the absurd ‘crisis actor’ conspiracy theory
Poll: Majority thinks Trump has cheated on Melania
Why was Billy Graham so determined to globalize evangelicalism? @MelaniMcA explains:
NEW: Florida shooting survivors make emotional plea to Trump to act on gun control
EU guidelines on future British relations due in March, with or without Londons input
Unlocking the Keys to Refugee Integration
It doesn’t matter how many legs the new lobster emoji has
The share of Americans who leave Islam is offset by those who become Muslim
Counter Investigations: Forensic Architecture #London @ForensicArchi @ICALondon
Electrical engineer re-discovers a NASA satellite missing for over a decade:
GOP lawmaker claims many mass shooters end up being Democrats
Uber’s new ‘Express Pool’ is all about getting more riders to share rides
BLOG: Indoor #Farming - Land of Opportunity
French ice dancer undone by wardrobe malfunction on live TV
Waterworlds: nine great wetlands for watching wildlife
Donald Trump Jr. makes embarrassing comments about India while promoting Trump property
This year’s flu vaccine is only 36 percent effective—and that’s great news
Healthy Pets, Happy Owners: Health and Wellness Product Development in Pet Care
Eight of the 10 largest suppliers of global halal meat are non-Muslim majority countries
Medium suspends far-right figures
Coinbase is hiring a CFO — and still fending off interest from investors
Mueller files new sealed charges in case against Manafort and Gates
Sandy Hook father addresses good guy with a gun myth
Trump Sets Deadly Precedent by Hiding Rationale for Bombing Syria
Comrades! Let us talk of property relations!
Marawi IDPs frustrated over delay in ground zero rehabilitation #MarawiClash
#Live From the South | Palestinian support for Mahmoud Abbas speech at the U.N.
Bitcoin Exchange Error Lets User Buy $20 Trillion in Bitcoin for Free
#Live From the South | Canadian PM Trudeau promises no support for Separatists in India.
#Live From the South | At least 5 000 people affected in New Zeland
Florida Senate president turns away shooting survivors who came to his office
#Live From the South | More than 90 girls feared to be missing, kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria.
Mueller to interview former top Trump campaign aide in Russia probe: report
#Live From the South | Protest in #France against New Asylum Laws.
#Live From the South | Turkish Air Strike attacks continue in Syria.
Venezuelans report big weight losses in 2017 as hunger hits
#Live From the South | Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister hints an early election.
#Live From the South | Transgenics can only access to Ecuador for research reasons.
Will Ghana lead Anglophone West Africa to a single currency?
RNC pays Trumps ex-bodyguard $15K a month for “security services
#Live From the South | Campesinos fear a U.S.-Ecuador Trade Deal.
VERBATIM: Young shooting survivor asks Trump for change
#Live From the South | Vatican Sex Abuse investigator hospitalized.
Trump vows to very strongly consider arming teachers in effort to prevent school shootings
#Live From the South | 3 years since Ayotzinapa students disappeared.
#Live From the South | 3 Italians disappeared in Mexico.
#Live From the South | Campesinos in Ecuador worried about U.S. - Ecuador Trade Deal.
#Live From the South | Decisive upcoming elections in Colombia.
#Live From the South | Independent candidates in Mexico shake up the race.
#Live From the South | Independent candidates shake up the race.
#Live From the South | 33 social leaders killed in Colombia in 2018, where political violence continues.
South Carolinas new anti-abortion rights bill puts womens rights in peril:
#Live From the South | Deep humanitarian crisis in Colombia.
White nationalist sues Twitter over banned accounts
Who does Donald Trump Jr. speak for in India? @kcalamur takes a look:
When it comes to mobility, what does adequate service mean?
Wall Street falls as Fed minutes send bond yields higher
House Dems demand vote on bill to lift restrictions on gun violence research
#Live From the South | Petro cryptocourrency, will stand in April. Its the first one launched by a government.
In Puerto Rico’s mountains, these drones helped restore power:
Deregulation almost always coincides with a financial boom that inevitably busts.
#Live From the South | Protests in #Bolivia, for and against President Evo Morales.
#Live From the South | Bus crash killed at least 44 people in #Peru
#Live From the South | President PPK offered his condolences.
#Live From the South | Rios military intervention will last until Dec. 31.
Families reunite as children abducted and tortured by ISIS in Iraq slowly return
Democrats want $300 million to fight possible Russia election tampering
#Live From the South | Lula da Silva, Heads out on Campaign in #Brazil
#Live From the South | Workers in #Argentina protest against mass layoffs.
#Live From the South | Security in Rio de Janeiro is no longer under Civil Command.
Studies may have found key to peanut allergies
Netflix, Amazon win new favor after Wall Street sell-off
How to open your messed up files
Once upon a time... #organicfood #organicfarming #foodfreedom
A rarely seen history of African-American life during the civil rights era — in pictures
Arctic temperatures soar 45 degrees above normal, flooded by extremely mild air on all sides
How Robert Hare became an expert on psychopaths:
#Live From the South | Mass protest in #Argentina. Workers call for end of Layoffs and austerity policies.
Texas school district threatens to suspend students who protest gun violence
The father of a child murdered in Sandy Hook speaking now:
10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down
Senators ask Trump to support bid to host 2026 FIFA World Cup with Canada and Mexico
Netflix, Amazon win new favor after Wall Street sell-off
Just 25% of digital native news outlets have Snapchat accounts or channels
Inside the invite-only @SlackHQ channel for designers
Democratic early voting in Texas is up 300 percent
VERBATIM: Pitino defends his role in Louisville scandal
#DonaldTrump pledges strong background checks as he meets shooting survivors
GOP lawmaker claims many mass shooters end up being Democrats
Wind Power Results In Very Few Bird Deaths Overall
Evangelist Billy Graham Dies at Age 99
Porsche Quits Making Diesel Vehicles Altogether
A Digital Map Leads to Reparations for Black and Indigenous Farmers By: Jean Willoughby
Justice Department Task Force to Crack Down on Election Interference
Why Southern schools are talking secession
The Andromeda galaxy is much smaller than we thought it was: @AstronomyMag
Florida shooting survivor pleads for NRA to support gun control in emotional letter
Ford North America president out after inappropriate behavior
There’s little doubt the people who live in Windsor, Ontario are hearing things.
Where Transportation and Energy Meet and How it is Changing Cities #infrastructure
Climate Refugees in Florida Could Change the Politics There for Generations #ActOnClimate
Bangweulu and Liuwa: Zambias safari surprises by @suewattuk
How Scott Pruitt is making America toxic again
Hundreds of students walk out of class, march to US Capitol to demand action on gun control
19 of the most beautiful and bizarre starfish in the world!
DUP calls on May to set budget for Northern Ireland
Prosecutor calls Maldives extension of state of emergency unconstitutional: sources, media
JUST IN: President of Ford North America leaving after review found inappropriate behavior
Athletes with asthma tend to do better at the Winter Olympics
These desserts are full of peanut butter flavors!
We must create a culture of connection.
Supreme Court limits protections for financial fraud whistleblowers
Public housing takes a hit in Trumps 2019 budget proposal
Republican congresswoman blames mass shootings on Democrats
NRA-backed GOP lawmaker booed by constituents at town hall event:
Alaska updates vaccine guidelines as mumps outbreak swells with over 200 cases
Controversies pile up for White House, alarming GOP
Minnesota Reaches $850 Million Settlement with 3M over PFCs
When his teachers dog died, this young boy did the kindest thing
Stop blaming violence on mental illness — its a dangerous assumption
Trump signals hes open to mileage tax with praise of Oregon program
#Greek Justice minister says Novartis case is a first-class scandal
Sexual harassment complaints against federal judges to be made public
What Were Global Voices’ Readers up to Last Week?
BLOG: Dockless Systems Creating Better Business Case for #EBike Sharing #Bikes #BikeSharing
Empire State building to go dark to honor Florida shooting victims
Happy Birthday Claudia Jones!
Fiery exchanges in House before vote on Novartis bribery probe
What This Lawyer’s Guilty Plea Tells Us About Mueller’s Investigation – Mother Jones
Supreme Court declines to broaden whistleblower protections
JUST IN: Feds charge former bitcoin exchange with fraud
2 Year Treasury now yielding north of 2.25%. Insert Jaws music. Stocks can see the fin in the water… KCN
Mueller to interview former top Trump campaign aide in Russia probe: report
New Pick-Up Artist video game teaches men how to be creeps:
UN demands halt of monstrous campaign as bombardment of Syrian enclave continues
Arctic temperatures are soaring, and scientists are freaking out
U.S. SEC updates guidance on cyber attack disclosure for companies
Gear to make your kitchen more like a laboratory
#LatinAmerica’s left prepares for six election battles
Amateur Astronomer Captures Very First Light of a Supernova for the First Time in History
Reaction to Ramaphosas address to the SAfrican nation
New Details Emerge In The January Train Crash Involving GOP Lawmakers
Texas school district threatens to suspend students who protest gun violence
Texas school district threatens to suspend students who protest gun violence
WATCH LIVE: Trump holds listening session with Florida high school students on gun violence
European Commission issues massive fines for cartel behaviour among car carriers
British bank RBS hires digital human Cora on probation
Police find guns at home of California teen who threatened school shooting
.@Google already knows your flight is delayed
FDA recalls dietary supplements containing substance classified as opioid
How the media whitewashes Trump country:
Supporters of stricter gun laws are less likely to contact elected officials
USA: Hundreds of students march on Capitol over gun control
Mississippi city rejects request to hold LGBT pride parade
Florida Dem lawmaker: 80 percent of Americans side with Florida school shooting survivors
Brexit reversal: Pro-Europe bus gets stuck on streets of London
#PanAmPodcast: Will @Oprah run for president? | By @LATINAMERUPDATE
New right-wing nutball theory: Michael Flynn about to go free! (via @kdrum)
The Hypocrisy of Pro-Abortion Groups Who Preach Compassion and Inclusion
Does the worlds loneliest tree mark the start of a new epoch?
UPDATE: Pandora Media shares extend after-hours gains, last up 10 percent $P
U.S. SEC updates guidance on cyber attack disclosure for companies
Cascadia Showcases How a Coordinated Corridor Strategy Can Reinforce Urban In #governance
School security guard thwarts students plot for shooting at California school
Merkel upbeat on name solution
Athens among European capitals that will suffer more heat waves and droughts in future
Ghouta: We are waiting for our turn to die
Myanmar’s emerging belt road dilemma: China versus India
Was pirate Black Sam Bellamy found? DNA test could tell
A growing share of Americans say it’s not necessary to believe in God to be moral
Test your #travel knowledge against Februarys news quiz:
Prehistoric lizards could sprint on two legs
Anti-Trump chef to write book about his work during hurricane response in Puerto Rico
Women, more than men, see gender discrimination as a major problem in the tech industry
RNC pays Trumps ex-bodyguard $15K a month for “security services
Airbnb Continues to Shake up the Travel Industry
The desperate images from one of Syria’s bloodiest days in Ghouta
FREE: Saudi Arabia is struggling to meet its job-creation targets #OOTT
Snapchat responds as redesign sparks outrage
Russian Trolls Tweeted Disinformation Long Before U.S. Election
Sanders: Clinton campaign should have spoken up about Russian bots in 2016
Lawsuits challenge Electoral College system in four U.S. states
The 13 Geekiest Beers
Gowdy demands Pruitt provide details about his first class travel
Gut-wrenching memorials to Parkland victims are showing up all over the country
JUST IN: Flake backs Feinsteins bill to raise minimum age for rifle purchases
Billy Graham, preacher to millions, adviser to U.S. presidents, dies at 99
The case for ignoring the president
Can making #FakeNews train people to spot it in real life?
#Greece Alleged mediator in scrapped Saudi arms deal appears before prosecutor
.@UriLF on how the Koreas took control of the nuclear crisis at the Olympics:
Some dog breeds are more likely to eat their own poo
NRA-backed GOP lawmaker booed by constituents at town hall event:
Caisse is socking away its cash for when the market correction hits
Moscow’s Defender: Russia Tests Modernized Ballistic Missile
Notorious Pennsylvania legislator attacks Parkland shooting survivors
Ice Hockey: Germany stun Sweden to gain seat at semis
Euromonitor unveils 8 Food Trends for 2018
Romania and Italy hit as measles makes a ‘tragic’ comeback in Europe
We asked an MMA coach for advice on how to kick this robots ass
Rubbish Dump Collapse Death Toll Up to 21, Rescue Operation Ends: #Mozambique
Teens pour into the streets to call for gun control after Florida shooting
Civilian witness contradicts Myanmar police on Reuters reporters arrest: defense
Alaska is warming so quickly that weather algorithms cant keep up
Snapchat promises update after users balk at redesign
Foreign realtors flocking to Athens
Overtaxation halts pay-TV market growth
Travel receipts rose 10.5 pct y-o-y in 2017
#IvankaTrump to attend #WinterOlympics2018 finale in #SouthKorea
Medium suspends far-right figures
White House forecasts economic growth
PASOK MP @EVenizelos says rule of law is at stake in Novartis case #Greece
Pennsylvania 13-year-old charged with threatening mass shooting at his middle school
9 rising startups in Japan
Poll: Majority thinks Trump has cheated on Melania
Pizza. Parm. Pappardelle. Need we say more? #ItalianFood #MakesMeWhole
UPDATE: Candidate doubles down on blaming ‘self-esteem movement’ for school shootings

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