Did you know matcha is great for your skin?
Mueller and Trump: Born to wealth, raised to lead. Then, sharply different choices.
30+2 research reports forecast significant growth for #robot industry:
America’s gun sickness goes way beyond guns.
The Entire Public Sector Is About to Be Put on Trial:
New dinosaur fossils found on land Trump ended federal protections for
Higher auto prices and slower job creation to crimp car sales growth in 2018
Kids have alway fought our hardest battles. Gun rights are no different.
This Democrat doesnt want to ban assault weapons. Republicans are attacking him anyway.
LIVE: Kellyanne Conway, Linda McMahon and Chris Dolan speak at #CPAC2018
WATCH: Protester disrupts Trumps CPAC speech
Florida lawmakers advance bill that requires In God We Trust to be displayed in schools
Annihilation has the best movie monster weve seen in years:
Arrest in #Kuwait murder of Filipina maid
Mass Shootings: Cultural Values Are the Problem, Not Guns By @PrisUy
Fitch Ratings upgrades @Eurobank_Groups, National Banks state-guaranteed bonds #Greece
How to make a monkey an Adidas fan? Sex and celebrity:
Turkish forces shell convoy headed to Syrias Afrin region
#BREAKING: Former Trump adviser expected to plead guilty in Mueller probe
Co-founder of massive charter school network fired after allegations of sexual abuse
The kids are all right.
Madrid local calls police on Puigdemont look-alike comedian
Five-year-old Syrian boy killed in road accident in Lesvos #Greece
#OTD 1893 Rudolf Diesel obtains a patent for his internal combustion engine, later known as the diesel engine.
Manufacturing giant that struck Trump jobs deal gets $2.5 billion Pentagon contract: report
This Supreme Court case could deliver a major blow to public-service unions
Olympiakos defender Milic moves to Napoli as a free agent
Lars Modin takes over at Masterbulk
ATHEX: Mixed session at the end of a losing week
It’s not just men working factory jobs in the Rust Belt—and it never really was.
Americas Starmen Are Selling Space, But Who’s Buying?
The worst kept secret in figure skating finally faces a reckoning
Code-red alert on Trump and Russia
Judge who donated to Trump campaign wont recuse himself from dossier case: report
Today in Italian politics: Italy is braced for a weekend of protests
.@tap_pipeline proposes mediation over stalled section of natural gas project in #Greece
Orban demands EU refund for border protection
Premier Quitting and State of Emergency Signal Urgent Need for Reform: #Ethiopia
The Narcissism of Small Differences in Cuba’s History by @JoseAzel
Google raises price of YouTube TV, adds sports, Turner
From the archives of PopSci: Automobile safety tips
Peru designates 2 million acres of rainforest as a national park
The top importers and exporters of the World’s 18 most traded goods @Visualcap
Kelly, McMaster could soon resign over friction with Trump: report
Theres no evidence that violent video games are connected to shootings:
Majority stake in #Greek water utilities returns to the state
WATCH: Trump mocks McCain for voting down ObamaCare repeal
Next Version of Android to Have a Crucial Privacy Update
Ontario is taking baby steps toward inclusionary zoning
Germany stun Canada to make first final
Crisis Diplomacy: The Long Road to Freedom for German Journalist Yücel
Judge who donated to Trump campaign wont recuse himself from dossier case: report
.@DKThomp talks to @RyanHoliday about the secret history of the plot against Gawker
The effect of #Trumps #Immigration #Crackdown, in 3 Maps @CityLab
National Rifle Association Attacks Gun Control Advocates #CPAC2018
Making Sure that Smart Cities Work for Citizens #governance
A reading guide for designers who want to write (from 2017)
Top Republicans scrubbed from NRA forum website after Florida shooting
Two suicide car bomb blasts followed by gunfire reported in Somalias Mogadishu
US to open Jerusalem embassy in May 2018
Eric Greitens, Missouri’s scandal-plagued governor, isn’t going anywhere for now.
Mueller probe blocking Kushner from getting full security clearance: report
Double bombing rocks Somalias Mogadishu
Trump unveils North Korea sanctions aimed at fuel ships
Deposit schemes reduce drink containers in the ocean by 40%
Half of worlds oceans now fished industrially, maps reveal @guardianeco
Denmark is paradise for families with children, despite the weather
The Brief – Run, MFF, run #Brexit50
U.S. Treasury targets firms, vessels for North Korea sanctions
Junk-free humanitarian news and analysis email alerts from @irinnews
Riddle of the Week #51: Knights and Knaves, Part 9
European Parliament expresses solidarity with Cyprus
Resurgence latest events news, including Rachel Kelly talk on 28 Feb @42_acres #wellbeing
Five reasons to visit Sofia by @yhristova1
Black households have only 10 cents in wealth for every dollar held by white households.
Attempt to Impeach President Lungu a Waste of Time: #Zambia
France’s joined-up thinking gives it the lead in race for LNG as a ship fuel
Trump warns Dems will take away your Second Amendment
South Sudan officials may be guilty of war crimes: UN report
More bombs fall on Syrias eastern Ghouta ahead of U.N. vote
Private browsing gets more private
These were the most searched #WinterOlympics sports in the last 24 hours in the US #PyeongChang2018
The peril and promise of apps to help refugees
#LatinAmerica’s left prepares for six election battles
RT @ReutersBiz: Lloyds Bank discloses gender pay gap of 33 percent
[SPONSORED] “How Japan is Creating New Opportunities for Life Sciences” from @JapanGov
Boston Dynamics #SpotMini #Robot Fends off Human to Open Door:
Trump unveils massive sanctions on North Korea
#LNG exports are helping Qatars economy endure the Saudi-led blockade #OOTT
#Live From The South | Russia says the UN should not impose a truce in Syria.
National Democrats just launched a bizarre attack on a leading resistance candidate
Thousands turn out in London for Chinese New Year
Stranger than friction: Scientists can’t figure out why a curling stone curls
#Live From The South | Haiti temporarily suspends Oxfams operations in the country.
No, There Haven’t Actually Been 18 School Shootings This Year
Ex-federal prosecutor: Robert Mueller is playing chess, not checkers
#Live From The South | New formal charges filed against Trumps former aid Manaford.
What is #Trump hiding about U.S. missile strike on #Syria?
Lowest Ever Black Jobless Rate Is Still Twice That of Whites - from @nytimes
UKs PM May to set out Brexit wish-list as opponents plot ambush
Trump Accuses Opponents of ‘Atrocities’ in CPAC Speech
Trump claims Dems totally abandoned DACA after threatening to veto bipartisan fix
House of Highlights is turning Instagram into must-watch TV for young sports fans
A Degas painting stolen 9 years ago has been found on a bus outside Paris
These were the most searched #TeamUSA athletes in the past 24 hours in the US #Olympics2018
New dinosaur fossils found on land Trump ended federal protections for
Read this outstanding one-stop primer on #AI and national security #natsec
#Live From The South | Guatemalas former President Colom and 10 more charged with graft and fraud.
For the first time, watch how our cells organize DNA:
WATCH: Protester disrupts Trumps CPAC speech
#Live From The South | The majority of Hondurans are affected by poverty, homelessness and unemployment.
How Fox News became a lifestyle brand:
Co-founder of massive charter school network fired after allegations of sexual abuse
As Olympics Draw to End, US to Impose Massive New Sanctions on North Korea
#Live From The South | Drug cartels jungle routes blown up by the Peruvian government.
Myanmar is destroying evidence of its role in the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis
Paris goes to court to protect its pedestrian spaces:
Trump: Armed teacher would have shot the hell out of accused Florida gunman
Statoil renews agreement for DOF anchor handler
Code-red alert on Trump and Russia
#Live From The South | Venezuelan CNE has invited several Caricom observers to the April elections.
Cursed Fruits: The Palm Oil Problem
NRA spokeswoman claims shooting survivors wanted to ‘burn her’
Poland wins temporary EU reprieve in fight over rule of law
Numbers starting to add up for Tesla trucks: DHL executive
You can send ThinkProgress tips over encrypted email using using PGP software
US takes steps to resume plutonium pit production for nukes, drawing criticism
Trump asking Trump Jr., Eric what do on gun control: report
The gender wage gap is the lifetime financial curse that punishes so many of us
NRA-backed GOP senator comes out in support of gun control
All smiles - Guardian Photo Highlights from around the world
Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh camp face another source of attack: Elephants #CoxBazar
Warning of non-operational government in Italy was misunderstood: Juncker
This week’s pick of images from the natural world - Guardian Week in Wildlife
Hire a refugee (and pay in cryptocurrency). What could go wrong?
Kelly, McMaster could soon resign over friction with Trump: report
New technology juices up the food industry
WATCH: Trump mocks McCain for voting down ObamaCare repeal
Car bomb, gunfire in Somali capital, say police
Japanese scientists invent floating firefly light
Cleveland Midtown Tech Hive: #Technology Community #society
#DonaldTrump cracks joke about bald spot
Halfpipe design is an art. Bobsled track design can kill you #Olympics
How President Trump Can Put an End to Sanctuary Cities #CPAC2018
Top Republicans scrubbed from NRA forum website after Florida shooting
Trump administration declares War on Terror needs no new vote
Trump is now scapegoating a sheriff’s deputy for the Parkland massacre.
JUST IN: Judge who donated to Trump campaign wont recuse himself from dossier case: report
US expected to open embassy in #Jerusalem in May, official says
The Brief – Time waits for no Tory #Brexit50
The NRA is being supported by these companies
Some compounds found in red wine could also give our teeth a boost:
DP World’s Djibouti contract scrapped
Sudans forgotten Nubian pyramids — in pictures
Lebanon detains suspect in Joanna Demafelis murder in Kuwait
Trump campaign advisor to plead guilty, cooperate with Mueller probe: report
Why I wont bring my gun into my classroom
15+ pieces of statement-making jewelry that’ll show off your stunning style
Fed should lean on rate cuts, not QE, in next recession: paper
Two hurricane-force storms are swirling in the North Atlantic: @yulsman
Reality sets in for the coal industry: Trump is powerless to save it
How Americans really feel about drones: @Drone360blog
VOICES: Catalonias independence movement is losing support
Retirees protest across Spain over shameful pensions
Isaiahs seal: who was he and why does this archaeological find matter so much?
Jakarta backs down on controversial coal export plans
Ex-adviser breaks with Trump on Paris climate deal, calls it a good Republican agreement
Critical T-Mobile bug allowed hackers to hijack users accounts
Nashvilles greatest hits: best things to do in Music City by @AlexMHoward
Education Department saw a rise in racial harassment complaints in schools last year
Human malaria parasites grown for the first time in dormant form
In wake of #MeToo, anti-rape shorts aim to ease assault fears @linnytayls
Thodoris Economou | Athens | February 23
Shaolin: The Legend | Athens | March 31
Progress on key sell-off fronts of Elliniko and OLTH
Met HD Live | Athens Thessaloniki | February 24
The last delusion
Sooner, faster, now - the companies surfing the e-commerce wave
Trumps call for mental institutions could be good, argues @olgakhazan
Advocacy Group Wants GOL Prioritize Mental Health: #Liberia
Dem on House Intel Committee: Negotiations are ongoing to release our countermemo
Hundreds of KFC outlets in UK closed amid chicken shortage
This Supreme Court Case Could Deliver a Major Blow to Public-Service Unions
Free breast implants for the poor in one south Indian state
Limited Govt Support, Importers Preference Caused Eggs Shortage: #Liberia
#Brazil heads to the polls this year as energy reformers watch on nervously #OOTT
Why won’t the EPAs independent watchdog fully investigate Scott Pruitt?
#BillyGraham Remembered Favorably... #BreakingPoll
Watch: The explosive way we once tested planes | Fails of Future Past
Vanguard Investments to introduce its first mutual funds in Canada
Kasich preparing to launch 2020 presidential bid: report
Tim Desmond: The Self-Compassion Skills Workbook | Talks at Google
A new study shows just how much pollution disproportionately impacts communities of color
Lawmakers Suspend Sessions for Orientation Training: #Liberia
Trump warns CPAC: Dems will take away your Second Amendment
Bielefeld man given six-month jail term for “cheeky Jewish functionary” slur
Global watchdog to put Pakistan back on terrorist financing watchlist: sources
Two shot dead in Zurich, police see no terror link
Venezuelan dictator Maduro takes advantage of the same feminism that condemns Trump
RT @lpkids: Tips and advice from @lonelyplanet : how to pack for travel with kids
CBL Investigates Release of Sensitive Information On Social Media: #Liberia
#PyeongChang2018/Hockey - Germany stuns two-time Olympic champion Canada (4-3) to advance to the final #AFP
WATCH: Crowd chants lock her up at Trumps CPAC speech
Two injured in #Louisiana university shooting
Harvey Weinstein: If I really harassed Gwyneth Paltrow, why did she keep working with me?
WATCH: Protester disrupts Trumps CPAC speech
Product diffusion through on-demand information-seeking behaviour via @criedl
Internet service providers systematically favor white communities over communities of color
In most Romance languages, the word for Friday derives from dies Veneris, which in Latin means day of Venus
LIVE: President Trump speaks at #CPAC2018
NO COMMENT | Brussels lantern show
#DonaldTrump to hit #NorthKorea with largest-ever sanctions
Gender Gap at the Olympics
Trump jokes about his hair at CPAC: I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks
Bus Plows Into 18 Motorbikes and Two Cars in Pattaya, Thailand
Central bank tap-turning risks parching the recovery
JUST IN: Trump announces new sanctions on North Korea
PIL, PSA and IBM run blockchain cargo trial from Chongqing to Singapore
Rick Perry was asked at CPAC if Trump can really save coal. Perry dodged.
Why culture matters more than you think for economic development By @JoseAzel
Researchers Develop Online Game To Inoculate Against Fake News
Tanzania Rises in Latest Graft Survey: #Tanzania
The next biggest danger to the environment? Household cleaners.
Most popular on @FactTank: 5 facts about illegal immigration in the U.S.
Florida high school to reopen for first time since shooting
Energy, Interior secretaries praise Trumps world-changing approach to energy
Oregon is the first state to pass gun-control legislation since Parkland shooting
France to seal off 1,500 radicalized inmates in prisons
Picassos hidden mistress set to fetch millions at sale
Brazil approves 15 firms for March drilling rights auctions
Why do the French love saucisson so much?
WATCH LIVE: Trump speaks at CPAC
Canadas Trudeau spurs criticism, raises eyebrows on India trip
Norwegian emigration higher than during era of migration to USA
Airbus Readies Its Project Vahana Autonomous Air Taxi With A Flight Video
Neil Gorsuch is about to pay back the people who got him a sweet job in Washington
RT @business: What we know about Anbangs takeover by Chinese regulators
Sooner, faster, now - the companies surfing the e-commerce wave
From the archives: How to get gorgeous using cutting edge, twentieth-century technology
#Canada’s @JustinTrudeau has a strange understanding of free trade
Missouri governor stripped from board of Republican Governors Association after arrest
Lloyds Bank discloses gender pay gap of 33 percent
Geoengineering could cool the climate back down. Heres why we shouldnt do it.
Syrian civil war map: Who controls what? @AlJazeera
GOP mega-donor offers to fund new US embassy in Jerusalem: report
Myanmar accused of bulldozing proof of crimes against Rohingya
Merkel reassures Tsipras of support regarding Turkish aggression in Aegean
One of the worlds oldest Erasmus students heads to Italy for semester
Trump administration to impose ‘largest ever’ set of sanctions against North Korea
Austria To Sue Over EU Approval Of Expansion To Hungary Nuclear Plant
A2. Its Biloxi, MS! Read more about Biloxis charms via @LPtravelnews
Kims cheer squad charm offensive
The Google autocomplete map of Europe
Trump: Armed deputy who didnt enter school during shooting didnt have the courage
Ingraham compares liberals to herpes: Theres no cure, youve just got to keep it at bay
US teachers union rejects guns
The scale of the KFC crisis in one map @gadfly
How a fixation on messaging could harm Democrats as they head into the 2018 midterms:
These glass cubes by Larry Bell mimic Californian light and fog
Subsea 7 and Schlumberger poised to form joint venture
This new study found a staggering link between hearing loss and nutrition: via @TEDFellow
McMaster, Kelly may leave over tensions with Trump: sources
Smart roads could protect us from self-driving car crashes
WATCH LIVE: Trump speaks at CPAC
Citigroup discloses credit card rate issues
The Onramp to the Internet is Broken, But Cities Can Fix It #infrastructure
#DonaldTrump calls deputy a coward for not engaging Florida shooter
The steps to making Trump’s bump stock regulation a reality
The Gupta Empire is falling: Say goodbye to that Porsche, Duduzane Zuma - OUTA -
Second Russian Olympic athlete fails drug test
Three police injured in clashes with antifascist protestors in Turin
The FCC officially published its net neutrality repeal—now, the lawsuits begin
JUST IN: Trump campaign advisor to plead guilty, cooperate with Mueller probe: report
Trump campaign aide to plead guilty in Mueller inquiry and cooperate
Many of our researchers are on Twitter. Here is a list of their specialties:
J C Flowers and Cerberus Capital Management tipped to buy out HSH Nordbank
Should we be governed by persuasion or by force? | By @JoseAzel
Who sucks? EU mocks Gove green #Brexit talk on plastic straws
Airbnb branches out into luxury market
Interview: rare portraits immortalize Siberia’s indigenous people in danger of extinction
India evicting 30 people an hour as cities modernise - activists
Enterprise to end discounts for NRA members on three of its brands
The first-ever piece of fossilized dinosaur brain discovered:
This Olympian-turned-lawyer is fighting to prevent another Larry Nassar
Former #DonaldTrump campaign aide expected to plead guilty in Russia probe
All aboard the mostly hypothetical Chicago-to-Cleveland hyperloop
Germany Awards 900 Megawatts In Wind Solar Tenders In Year’s First Auctions
JUST IN: Trump expected to bash gun-free zones at schools during CPAC speech
Álvaro Siza combines geometric forms for white-concrete church in Brittany
Exclusive: Trump calls meeting on biofuels policy after refiner bankruptcy
Groups want details on Trumps approval of Keystone pipeline
Dana Loesch says the NRA bears no responsibility for gun violence
WaPo: Trump’s ICE Arresting Immigrants ‘Who Thought They Were Safe’
French customs officers find stolen €800k Degas painting on bus near Paris
Yiannopoulos dropping lawsuit against former publisher
Missouris Republican Governor Eric Greitens has been indicted for invasion of privacy
It looks like during March almost half of the country may receive less rain than usual.
Kelly, McMaster could soon resign over friction with Trump: report
Photos: The Florida high school students who became anti-gun activists overnight:
Chance of halting #Brexit now close to 50:50, says leading campaigner:
Oprah insists she is definitely not running for president on Kimmel
#BREAKING: Trump campaign advisor to plead guilty, cooperate with Mueller probe: report