Michael Cohen flips on Trump
After 1,000 years, scientists are still unlocking the secrets of the Crab Nebula:
Playing with fire is stupid and can become dangerous, Russia says on new U.S. sanctions
Uber in talks to buy Deliveroo
Breakingviews - $100 bln weed company is still in the pipe
After Maria, an Earthship rises in Puerto Rico
Angular concrete shell encloses interior gardens at The Window House by Formzero
Sexual assault survivors tell Trump #WhyIDidntReport
Ban on cigarette displays cuts children buying tobacco in shops by nearly a third
Trump assails Kavanaugh accuser, ditching GOP strategy
The black communities that have fought for their right to exist in the Carolinas
9 best kitchen scissors
Mumford Sons have released the first single from their new album, Delta
White House optimistic on China trade; no date for more talks
Will May regret giving her death stare to the EU? | @Peston
Become a smarter negotiator by using Prospect Theory
Take a glimpse at the grape capital of Tajikistan:
There’s a Great Tapestry of Scotland – why can’t Canada have one too? @GlobeDebate
Politico Comes Out Against Transparency Because It Hurts Dems
Whistleblower joins protest over Russia doping decision
New emails show NRA’s sway over Florida government officials
Blackstone looks to manage $1 trillion by 2026
FEMA stopped paying for hotels for displaced Puerto Ricans. Now some are homeless.
What we know about the ways stress affects our health:
RT @joelcomm: Overstock Lets Customers Buy Bitcoin via Its Crypto Wallet Portfolio Company
Thoughts and prayers: The NRA is bleeding money
Did you know #Georgia was a hiking hotspot? by @adamkarlin
Scientists just made human egg cells from human blood for the first time
Puerto Rico sues insurance companies amid unresolved claims
Former chairman of Xinjiang region swept up in Chinas anti-corruption drive
Trump outburst over Kavanaughs female accuser sparks #WhyIDidntReport hashtag trend
Danielle Teller: All the Ever Afters | Talks at Google
Texan running 3-D printed guns company ordered to leave Taiwan
Rosenstein weighed declaring Trump unfit: report
Supercell Architecture Is Centerpiece of BAK Cadenza Innovation Agreement
What to look out for at the Labour Party conference
After persevering in a male universe, Jocelyn Bell Burnell has found poetry in the stars
When design is hostile on purpose
From beautiful murals to #plastic pollution cleanup, check out our week in pictures!
Venezuelans block streets with cars to protest gas shortage in Andes
Hurricane kids: What we know about young storm victims
Civil Rights Tours Draw in New Generations by: @LizBrazile
Science is helping identify soldiers lost in the Korean war. | The New Republic
Trump says Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh is under assault
How to make progress with North Korea now:
Sluggish Tottenham under scrutiny after three straight losses @Globe_Sports
Germany: Coalition leaders reconsider spy chiefs transfer
Mentally-ill Maryland shooter shot herself twice in head after deadly warehouse rampage
Discovery of vibrant deep-sea life prompts new worries over seabed mining.
New Tesla Roadster vs. Bugatti Chiron — Nasty
Calls in Iraq to protect archaeological treasures
Mapping where environmental justice is most threatened in the Carolinas
3-D printed gun advocate Cody Wilson arrested in Taiwan
To save endangered plants, one Texas naturalist is taking conservation into his own hands:
U.S. official in Russia probe suggested taping Trump, 25th amendment: NYT
Ryanairs chairman left bloodied but unbowed by shareholder revolt
What would Australian businesses get out of 5G?
Want to see state polling on #Michigan for #Election2018? … @stabenow @JohnJamesMI.
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Offers to Testify About Kavanaugh Attempted Rape Allegations
Seven games that deserve a comeback on the PlayStation Classic
John Pawson uses limestone and cherry wood for minimal Jil Sander shop in Tokyo
Russia and Turkey agree on borders of demilitarised zone in Syrias Idlib
Time Tweets Newest Cover with Clarence Thomas Shadowing Brett Kavanaugh
The close: TSX finishes flat as marijuana stocks slip @GlobeInvestor
Hong Kong restaurant chain Maxims to stop selling shark fin products by 2020
Neumann Monson completes shared building for Des Moines municipal services
Three research teams account for the total sum of ordinary matter particles in the universe
Cruz to take on Senate challenger ORourke in Texas-sized debate
Digital models divide the world of fashion
Tomorrows @independent front page #tomorrowspaperstoday To subscribe to the Daily Edition
Is Energy East still in the pipeline? @GlobeDebate
Favourite room: A nursery inspired by Hawaii
CBS Julie Chen leaves daytimes The Talk in taped message
Russia, Turkey agree on borders of demilitarised zone in Idlib
Meet your new favorite pumpkin bread (it’s vegan!). #FallFlavors #MakesMeWhole
With new Kavanaugh tweet, Trump makes Kellyanne Conway look like a fool
The #CIADemocrats: A balance sheet of the primaries - World Socialist Web Site #midterms2018
4 scenic trips (on four wheels!) in #NorCal:
Adviser says U.S. close to Mexico-only NAFTA deal, Canada unmoved
A Federal Court Just Limited Your First Amendment Right to Freely Associate
Paul Reveres Sons of Liberty Bowl: An American Icon
Have you seen #Trumps daily job approval numbers for today?...
China Seeks To Achieve “Grid Price Parity” For Wind  Solar
Anya Hindmarch installs worlds biggest beanbag in Londons Banqueting House
DavidsTea shares spike nearly 60 per cent before dropping below opening price @GlobeBusiness
To save us, half of Earth needs to be given to animals
Northern Switzerland records latest summer day ever’
3-D printed guns promoter detained in Taiwan
A coal ash spill after Florence could contaminate a major river
Trump delays release of Russia probe documents
Trump delays release of Russia probe documents
Rosenstein reportedly discussed declaring Trump unfit
Iran puts on show of strength military exercise in Gulf
What retailers can learn from Simons’s Beverley McLachlin bra blunder @GlobeBusiness
Saudi accused of attempting to shutdown UN-backed war crimes investigation in Yemen
Bringing a little kindness to children in women’s shelters @GlobeBusiness
NASA’s newest planet hunter has already found two potential exoplanets
#California, #Maryland, #Connecticut gear up to fight US fuel economy rollback |
Curious where you fit in our new religious typology? Take this quiz.
Memos say Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein considered secretly recording Trump
Bill Nye: From Ebola to climate change, science illiterate leaders endanger us all
Clare Cousins Architects has created the first carbon-positive home in Australias Victoria
Ferry captain arrested as 130 people confirmed dead in Lake Victoria disaster
Saudi accused of impeding UN-backed war crimes probe in Yemen
Opinion: As the US-China trade war rages on, investors should not forget fundamentals
Competitive workplaces breed trust, not discord, study shows:
#AngelaMerkel wants to defuse coalition crisis over spymaster this weekend
. @NIPSCO calls shutting down all its #coal capacity its most viable option |
59% of social media users think it would not be hard to give up social media
BLOG: #Ubers Shift to #Bikes, #Scooters, and #Toyota Could Be Key to #Profitability
Florence flooding forces shutdown of NC natgas plant
This is the man who will supervise Mueller if Trump fires Rosenstein
From the AP archives: Gas stations fill up as Florence continues to batter North Carolina
This firefighter returned to his old neighborhood to inspire a passion for reading #GoodNews
‘One Macedonia’ comment by FYROM PM retracted
Transfer of refugees to mainland gets under way
Indian bishop arrested on charges of raping nun: police
#WhyIDidntReport is a gut-wrenching response to Trump’s attack on Ford’s credibility
Americas social infrastructure is falling apart
Texan running 3-D printed guns company ordered to leave Taiwan
PayPal becomes latest company to boot Alex Jones and Infowars from its platform
Only a win will do as Toronto FC limps into New York @Globe_Sports
When a hospital plays housing developer
Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger.
The Smart City Starter Set #infrastructure
Electric car batteries’ ‘second life’ could be a clean energy game-changer
CNN Frames Trump Comments on Kavanaugh Accuser as ‘Attack’
The first Earthlings to fly around the moon were two Soviet tortoises:
Adviser says US close to Mexico-only #NAFTA deal, Canada unmoved
Woman in Salisbury nerve attack scare ‘not involved in hoax’
A dream!
Rosenstein proposed secretly recording Trump and discussed 25th Amendment
Alcohol abuse kills 3 million a year, most of them men: WHO
#Montréals best dining ‘à lextérieur #travel #enterasse
#Brexit protection? Farage-themed condoms a hit among UK eurosceptics
ING To Steer €500 Billion Portfolio Toward Paris Agreement Goals
New report reveals 1 in 5 Californians are living with a conviction
Trump might go berserk over The New York Times’ Rod Rosenstein story.
Supermassive blackhole spotted sucking in gas at a third of light speed
Cinders the pony who was subjected to horrific acid attack finally gets a happy ending
Dissected new iPhones reveal Intel, Micron, Toshiba parts
Five years after Kenya mall attack, al-Shababs threat grows.
Four million Greeks owe money to the state
Ruling party hogs talk show airtime on state TV in 2017
VAT takings fall, evasion grows
Visitors from Germany bolster tourism receipts
Mike Pompeo Values Voter Summit 9/21/18
Indian bishop arrested on charges of raping nun
Neiman Marcus creditor questions whether MyTheresa shuffle triggered default
WATCH: FC Zurich player’s goal celebration goes hilariously wrong
At least 15 killed when a bus collided with a truck in western Afghanistan
Dalton, Bengals look to stay unbeaten against Panthers @Globe_Sports
Rolling into the weekend like ☝️ _ Photo by @thebourbonfarm I
Dissected new iPhones reveal Intel, Micron, Toshiba parts
Greece’s Tsipras to Meet with Erdogan in New York
Moses Constantinis, Central Board of Jewish Communities Fmr. President, Passes Away
The Fastest Speedboat in The World To Be Routed in Greece’s Cyclades (video)
Waterloo Warriors football program on the rise following drug scandal @Globe_Sports
Haris Stamboulidis: From Melbourne City Youths to Top of Greece’s Super League
Nigerias young daughters are sold as money wives
Anti-transgender bigots sink to new low with latest ad
At U.N. podium, Trump to tout protecting U.S. sovereignty
Researchers have calculated the maximum gravitational force our bodies could sustain:
White House optimistic on China trade; no date for more talks
White House optimistic on China trade; no date for more talks
Which airline manages to spell its own name wrong?
Rasmussens Readers Knew #2016Election Was Always Close. Join Us Again For #2018Midterms...
Immigrants face a perfect storm of post-hurricane perils
5 surprising ways fiber is good for you READ:
The shaming of the U.S. Supreme Court @GlobeDebate
Mass tourism threatens Croatias Game of Thrones town.
Dozens of Undocumented Immigrants Arrested While Trying to Retrieve Children in Custody
Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes making home debut as 49ers visit Arrowhead @Globe_Sports
Texan running 3-D printed guns company ordered to leave Taiwan #CodyWilson
Thirty Africa innovators changing the continents present and future
Map of Hogwarts grounds.
Dead and dying birds falling from sky in unexplained occurrence in B.C. community @GlobeBC
FinMin’s remarks about pensioners anger opposition
ATHEX: Stock benchmark rises 2.6 pct
Greece makes huge progress by returning to growth, says former US Treasury Secretary Lew
Pope accepts resignation of two more Chilean bishops following abuse scandal
PACE says FYROM name deal is invaluable contribution to stability
Trump suggests Kavanaugh accuser is lying about sexual assault allegations
The reclusive inventor of the Rubiks Cube wants to do more than amuse you
The crisis of living too long @GlobeDebate
European nations plan to use more hydrogen for energy needs
Baby me: Spa getaways for infants, teens and kids in between @tgamtravel
Brown dwarfs: Are they stars or planets? Or perhaps something else entirely?
This equation promises to unify physics theories with the help of wormholes
FYROM’s Opposition to Support Constitutional Changes If Referendum Approved
New YA novels putting girls, and their self-discovery, first @GlobeArts
The Unknown Story behind a Building on Top of the Temple of Olympian Zeus
Greece Reacts to Zaev’s ‘There Is No Other Macedonia but Ours’
These electric blue clouds are made from ice crystals and meteor debris
Fox News spreads crackpot ‘mistaken identity’ theory about Kavanaugh accusation
At U.N. podium, Trump to tout protecting U.S. sovereignty
Trump was forced to do an about-face on declassifying Russia investigation documents.
Taking it easy in #Arugam: #SriLankas east coast surfer paradise by @JPalfers
Effective Conferences On The Future Energy Grid: Future Grid Labs
N.C. farmers worried about Florence damage
School Disciplinary Policies Must Be Local
U.S. sanctions China for buying Russian fighter jets, missiles
We need everyone to pull together to stop this disaster happening to our country.
Man who shot two officers in his home wont be charged after Maryland cops admit fault
U.S. beats Canada at men’s world volleyball championship @Globe_Sports
Amplify: How my art helped me redefine recovery after a concussion
MVRDV imprints surrounding buildings onto walls of indoor theme park near Seoul
Trump questions Kavanaughs accuser, says opponents want to destroy nominee
Pre-Entry Rather than Re-Entry
Extreme right rallies to defense of Brett Kavanaugh
Unbeaten Denver Broncos face first road test in Baltimore @Globe_Sports
Vatican defends upcoming China deal against drastic critics
More than 100,000 pounds of ground beef recalled due to possible E.coli contamination.
PM Approved: The Raleigh Willard 4 Gravel Bike
Colombias coffee workers despair over low wage
The depths of one of Europe’s largest money laundering scandals have been exposed
Scientists have identified major ivory trafficking cartels using genetic data:
Still work to do before second Trump-Kim summit, says Mike Pompeo
Wild Women | Sunni Patterson
Alaska gardeners, it’s time to start planting for spring
Coal ash may have poisoned the source of drinking water for thousands of North Carolinians.
Russia backs Bosnias integrity amid Serb calls for secession
Air raid shelter turns cozy communal hub for Beijingers on a budget
On International Day of Peace, do you know where Switzerland ranks globally? A. 2nd B. 12th C. 18th
For bold Chinese buyers of soybeans, bargain U.S. prices trump trade war
Brexit protection? Farage-themed condoms a hit among UK eurosceptics
EU authorities probe Henry Dunant tender
Baltic pagans ask pope for help over religious status battle
FedEx Cup to offer $15 million to winner next year
Pope: Sex is a gift from god, not taboo, between couples
The goal of university is – diversity!
Nicola Sturgeon slams ‘dreadful’ Brexit statement by Theresa May
For the first time, a praying mantis has been seen fishing:
The right questions get others to convince themselves you’re right
Embattled UK leader defiant after Brexit plan attacked
Why Trump cant believe Christine Blasey Ford:
Most Britons favour localising decisions on tax and spending
Michael Moore: Are We Going to Be Like the “Good Germans” Who Let Hitler Rise to Power?
Small can be beautiful at America’s regional investment banks
Leave overnight and enjoy in the AM!
Tesla says it has turned over documents to feds
Go for the glow: a guide to Mother Natures light shows by @The_Traveling_B
From the AP archives: Florence flood waters submerge N.C. neighborhood
Trump gives up the game, admits he doesn’t care what Kavanaugh’s accuser has to say
May takes defiant stance with EU over Brexit
European Union California Step Up Carbon Market Cooperation
May challenges EU as Brexit talks hit impasse, sterling tumbles
A woman is raped every six hours in Spain according to Spanish minister -
Show that gratitude, no matter the time of year #WorldGratitudeDay
Three infants among five people stabbed at illegal New York day care centre
British PM May hits back at EU after Brexit rejection
In Colombia, victims of sexual abuse speak out Via @NachoDoce12
The audience for AM/FM radio remains high: In 2017, 90% tuned in to radio in a given week
Embattled Theresa May defiant after Brexit plan attacked
Trump says Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh is under assault
This wasnt a happy week for Brexit negotiators
Michael Moore: Democrats Made Fatal Mistake in Not Taking Trump More Seriously in 2016
Athens Flying Week starts Saturday at Tanagra Air Base
Republican opens debate with disgusting joke about Abraham Lincoln and Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Israel warns it will cut Palestinian tax transfer if killers family is paid
Why did this GOP candidate for governor of Pennsylvania tell a bizarre story about raccoons?
Trader sentenced after endangered leopard and wolf fur coats seized
The Feast of San Gennaro in New York: the biggest Italian street fair outside of Italy?
Thirty Africa innovators changing the continents present and future
The Increasing Irrelevancy of the Conservative Think Tank:
Libya: ICRC warns of desperate situation as fighting continues
ICE is arresting the sponsors of undocumented children
British nuclear sub in Gibraltar fires warning flare at Spanish police boat -
This wasnt a happy week for Brexit negotiators
Canada’s housing market has achieved the ’magical soft landing’: Royal LePage
Trump delays release of Russia probe documents
Jefferies has a half-a-million-dollar question to answer. @AntonyMCurrie
AIG to acquire Glatfelter Insurance Group
From the AP archives: Florence flood waters submerge North Carolina neighbourhood
Retiring soon? Here’s how, and why, to plan for market downturns via @WSJ
At Least 100 Die After Ferry Capsizes in Tanzania #TanzaniaFerry
How I became part sea urchin — and fell in love:
Subscribe to Mother Jones for just $12 a year. Your coffee table will thank you.
Far-Right Populism: How the Alternative for Germany Has Transformed the Country
It was meant for imported fish—but the red tape was for everyone via @WSJ
Impact investing is booming—but not nearly enough to make radical change:
WATCH: Man stops to pray behind car on motorway in #Spain
U.S. may aid Liberia in search for missing millions
When a City Closes the Streets to Cars, It Opens Streets to People #governance
Bernie Sanders to Pompeo: Yemeni Lives Are Worth More Than Contractor Profits
FYROM opposition will respect constitutional changes if deal approved in referendum
Steelers plan to talk to Brown about social media usage
Damaged trust
Our national sport on foreign fields
Judges approve extradition of Chinese man over fraud charges
Henderson murder trial to resume next week
Head of Popular Unity party summoned over gun possession
Judge: Georgia has stalled in face of voting system risks
3-D printed gun advocate Cody Wilson arrested in Taiwan
Cocaine, meth, opioids all fuel rise in drug-overdose deaths via @WSJ
How cannabis equity can help make up for the racism of the War on Drugs @GlobeDebate
Alex Janvier’s colourful life: ‘I am in love when I am painting’ @GlobeArts
[SPONSORED] “Reality TV Doesn’t Have to be Dumb” from @QatarFoundation
Were all better off thanks to the fierce competition of the British grocery sector
Gary Shteyngart’s empathy experiment:
nuScenes open-sources #selfdriving dataset with 1.4M images:
How to live like a Local in #Philadelphia
After a Hurricane: Safety tips from @NWS #svwx
What color is your passport?

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