Trump just endorsed an anti-contraception billionaire GOP megadonor for Wyoming governor
Designers at top companies don’t use trendy fonts. Here’s what they us
Israel bans Juul e-cigarettes citing grave public health risk
Letters: Why should the British public have to foot the bill for Princess Eugenie’s wedding?
Singaporeans and Malaysians at odds over hawker culture
Facebook is rating its users trustworthiness, but it wont say how
SodaStream’s path to its $3.2 billion Pepsi deal:
The list of hackings ahead of the 2018 midterms is growing
Registration is underway for Fitchs Global Sovereign Conference in Hong Kong #FitchGSC
Republicans dont own patriotism anymore.
U.S. commander in South Korea says he supports plan to reduce DMZ outposts
Feeling anti-social? You might just be sleep-deprived:
US sanctions Russian shipping firms and vessels over North Korea violations
CSIC appoints new general manager
Chinese real estate major joins Zhejiang Shipbuilding restructuring
Cohens lawyer says Trump told Cohen to commit a crime
What rights do you have if bailiffs are chasing you to pay debt?
Sir John A. Macdonald statue in Regina vandalized with paint for second time this year
Michael Cohen reveals Trump directed hush money payments in bombshell admission
Dont be afraid of New Yorks L train shutdown
New Zealand minister gives birth to baby boy after cycling to hospital
Opinion: Less trade between China and the US makes both nations losers
Cohen charges have no allegations of wrongdoing against Trump: Giuliani
Ohio: America’s Innovation Corridor #economy
Factbox: Under investigation or convicted - current and ex-Trump aides facing scrutiny
Ottawa says it won’t move on handgun ban ahead of federal cabinet retreat in B.C. @GlobeBC
.@Casper’s next frontier: Your entire bedroom
Who can relate? #wisdom #quotes
Reminder: Your #smartphone is likely tracking your location
Ministers offer to quit PM #MalcolmTurnbulls govt as #Australia political crisis deepens
Democracy is in crisis, yes. But in every democratic crisis lies a political opportunity.
Even Trumps EPA admits his power plan will kill thousands of Americans
Laura Mvulas distinct soundworlds fuse gospel with choral music
#Indonesia earthquaks unlikely to disrupt IMF-World Bank events
Meet 20 kids who are changing the world right now READ:
Colorado man hears murder charges as victims dad weeps
Home ownership falls more in UK than any other EU country
Beijing’s Bid for Global Power in the Age of Trump
#Facebook stops misinformation campaigns tied to #Iran, #Russia
UNC’s ‘Silent Sam’ torn down by student protesters
US commander in South Korea says he supports plan to reduce #DMZ outposts
Powerful 7.3 magnitude quake hits #Venezuela coast, damage limited
Commentary: The messy meaning of the Manafort and Cohen cases
Two of Donald Trumps closest associates have just been found guilty of financial crimes
#Facebook identifies new influence operations spanning globe, removes 652 fake accounts
Why is the process of buying sperm so terrible?
Hundreds of Iran- and Russia-linked accounts pulled from Facebook
Canada criticizes Saudi Arabia over another jailed female activist @GlobePolitics
RT @LPtravelnews: Get paid to drink gin and #travel the world with a friend
Sen. Susan Collins says Brett Kavanaugh believes the right to abortion is settled law
Trumps climate policies could cause the equivalent of adding 340 million cars to the road.
Do you worry about being “not productive enough”?
From the AP archives: Part of remains of Genoa collapse bridge brought down
Fraher Architects added a simple glass-roofed extension to this terraced house in London
Trump endorses Republican donor Friess in Wyoming governor race
Hackers made half a million dollars pretending they watched you watch porn
Blue Jays continue to run roughshod over Orioles @Globe_Sports
CA Rep. indicted on campaign finance charges
Canadian refugee ruling unfair to Nigerians: lawyers
College football deserves a top 25.
Is Citizenship and Immigration Services Conspiring With ICE?
Where do fruit flies come from? LEARN:
Republicans admit they’ll slash Medicare, Social Security to pay for their tax cuts
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - August 21, 2018 | NBC Nightly News
Cohen plea may implicate Trump in illegal campaign violations: lawmaker
Ottawa pledges to cut poverty in half but doesn’t say how it will get there @GlobeBC
How the US arms trade exacerbated conflict in the Middle East
Key Senate Democrat warns Trump not to attempt to pardon Manafort
The end of ads
15% of UK hospital trusts refuse to perform elective caesareans on mothers
US Open gives Serena Williams a seeding bump, to No. 17 @Globe_Sports
Weather forecast not on firefighters side in B.C., Horgan warns
JPMorgan undercuts discount brokerages on trades
Cause of death sought for 55-foot-long whale washed ashore on Massachusetts beach
How to become a millionaire
Why is Hun Sen suddenly releasing his critics?
North Carolina Protesters Topple Confederate Statue Silent Sam
Poorest students in England nine times more likely to be in inadequate secondary schools
Sen. Elizabeth Warren has an ambitious plan to upend the lobbying industry
Microsoft: Russian Hackers Targeting Conservative Think Tanks
Former Trump campaign chairman Manafort found guilty on eight counts
When a City Closes the Streets to Cars, It Opens Streets to People #governance
Mollie Tibbetts body and murder suspect found
Australian PM rejects cabinet resignations in bid to stave off renewed leadership challenge
Will the Opportunity rover wake up soon?
Ancient starlight just helped confirm the reality of quantum entanglement
Summer in the Pacific Northwest is a smoky, hazy mess right now
#Familytravel snap: hiking in the #Himalayas w/ @travelynnfamily @lpkids
West Virginia lower House impeaches entire state Supreme Court - World Socialist Web Site
Pentagon report targets China’s “expanding global influence” - World Socialist Web Site
Angelina Jolie as a toddler
Theres more than one moon orbiting Earth READ:
The bull that wont die: SP 500 back at a record after months on ice
Pope to visit Ireland for family conference as Church deals with sex abuse crisis
Seattle is choking on a cloak of wildfire smoke
Reimagined fire hydrant doubles up as a water fountain for people and dogs
In Wake of Trump, Radicalism Soars on Campus
Brooke Henderson getting back in the swing of things at Wascana @Globe_Sports
EPA admits Trump would sacrifice thousands of U.S. lives to save a few coal plants
Someone fell into artist Anish Kapoor’s black hole installation
At T. Rowe Price, top Tesla funds offer split views
Youd be hard-pressed to find a festival more beautiful than Ypsigrock
Trudeau to visit northern B.C. as cabinet holds retreat amid wildfire emergency @GlobeBC
Iran — not just Russia — is trying to influence through Facebook. @teddyschleifer:
From the AP archives: More than 90 rescued migrants brought ashore in southern Spain
Pornography can destroy relationships — and save them
Strong 7.3-magnitude earthquake strikes Venezuela’s northeastern coast
Madonna defends herself after Aretha Franklin tribute backlash
Globe editorial: Police should not withhold the names of homicide victims @GlobeDebate
Heres what happens when an old steel town gets real about the environment
Watchdog fines KPMG £3m over misconduct in audits of Ted Baker
Venezuela: 7.3-magnitude earthquake hits northern coast
Should you let your dog lick your face? READ:
“Nonpartisan” ALEC Will Celebrate 45th Gala With GOP Stars and Lobbyists at Trump Hotel
FDA extends EpiPen expiry date to combat shortage
Columnist Steve Meyer: For this Alaska hunter, happiness is a .375 HH in the gun safe
Trump admits he’s violating the First Amendment on Twitter
From the AP archives: Plane from China skids off Manila runway amid downpour
Economic issues top the list of Russia’s biggest problems, according to Russians
U.S. airline Hawaiian to suspend its Beijing flight from October
Five important books from the life of author Kurt Palka @GlobeArts
The U.S. Air Force Bombing Forest Fires Is So Crazy It Just Might Work
My millennial colleagues remind me how to stand up for what I believe in
To India, to make sure the shallow politicking is a bipartsan thing @GlobePolitics
People were definitely high for the 2017 solar eclipse:
Indonesia jails woman for insulting Islam over mosque noise
Prime minister barely survives leadership challenge in Australia - World Socialist Web Site
Filo Tag is a tiny device that helps you keep track of your valuables
Aerobotics Raises $2M Series A for Precision Agriculture Platform
JUST IN: Facebook removes multiple pages linked to inauthentic behavior in Russia, Iran.
Massive ancient cemetery built by early herders unearthed in Kenya
El Salvador says economy prompted diplomatic switch to China from Taiwan
Meeting the Selborne, UCT graduate shaking up the world’s wine industry
U.S. hits pipe imports with anti-dumping duties in latest trade action @GlobeBusiness
US Leaders Aid and Abet War Crimes in Yemen
French Oil Company Total Withdraws from Iran in Wake of U.S. Sanctions
Magnitude 7 quake hits northern Venezuela coast: USGS
What Does Equity Have To Do With Tech? #society
Poker skills: Playing against the odds is a rational way to win
Could Paul Manafort still flip on Donald Trump? An ex-Justice Department official explains.
Commentary: The right way to sanction Putin’s Russia
Water ice exists on the moons surface, researchers confirm: @AstronomyMag
Nats trade 2B Murphy to Cubs; ship 1B Adams to Cards
A Republican congressman was just indicted for using campaign funds to see Riverdance
An unconventional office’s eco-friendly retrofits pay big dividends
Tiny House Living In The North Carolina Mountains
How Native American Children Benefit From Trauma-Informed Schools
The secret weapon that could help decide the messaging wars
Ecuador wants regional summit on Venezuela migration crisis
The High Line: highlights and local tips on #NYC’s elevated park: by @bpnomad
U.S., Mexico postpone NAFTA ministerial talks until Wednesday @GlobeBusiness
Strange new drug overdoses are mystifying hospitals:
Why the 2024 total solar eclipse may outshine 2017 #solareclipse READ:
Well, this was an afternoon...
Awful—toxic red tide blamed for rise of manatee deaths in Florida
You can’t ask me that: Do you really want to live forever?
Edinburgh festival 2018: Lyn Gardner reviews new and emerging shows on the Fringe
EU, Britain name Ireland, future trade ties as key hold-ups in Brexit talks
Headland House by Atelier Andy Carson features cantilevered rooms looking out to sea
Floating steel staircase takes centre stage in granite house by Marcos Miguélez
Penelas Architects embeds glass and rusted-steel retreat in forest glade near Madrid
This mysterious group is doxing hackers working for Chinese intelligence
Sherry Turkle: Technology is harming our relationships, and we can stop it
Madonnas VMAs Aretha Franklin story falls short of internets emotional tribute standards
The best last-minute European breaks for the bank holiday weekend
Solar Installer Freedom Forever Is One Of America’s Fastest Growing Companies
Flushing your contacts does terrible things to our land and oceans
NHS approves enlarged prostate steam treatment which could help millions of men
Trump on Manafort verdict: This is a witch hunt, and it’s a disgrace
Come on Labour, your best chance of power is a Final Say on Brexit
Tennis: For Rod Laver, its go big or go home
Trump accuses not at all nice NYC mayor of stealing his campaign slogan
.@WeTransfer wants to rule the business of creativity
Scientists discover the reason people believe in conspiracy theories
Hundreds of jobs at risk at warehouse operator owed £30m by House of Fraser
30 million-year-old praying mantis is preserved in pristine piece of amber. 🐜
United Airlines sees deal soon on Latin American joint ventures
Scientists just found ice on the moon
Beleaguered Ottawa Senators assistant general manager Randy Lee resigns @Globe_Sports
The evolutionary quirk thats made vitamin B12 part of our diet:
A day in the life of a Tehran currency trader
Trump just endorsed an anti-contraception billionaire GOP megadonor for Wyoming governor
Majority of Brits want to move away from ‘9 to 5’ working day, study finds
Want to make new friends? Here are the best strategies, according to psychology
Firm launches first container ship through Arctic route in worrying sign of global warming
WhatsApp to clamp down on sinister messages in India: IT minister
Louisa May Alcotts Little Women is an angry book and in a specifically feminist way.
In Indian Country, Native-Led Businesses Get a Boost by: @sydneyworth03
VERBATIM: Trump responds to Manafort guilty verdict
From the AP archives: Plane from China skids off Manila runway amid downpour
Antidepressants are risky and ineffective – so why are we prescribing them to children?
WhatsApp to crack down on sinister messages
Michael Cohen guilty plea may implicate Trump
Trump lashes out after Manafort conviction: We continue the witch hunt
Air Canada says Aeroplan points will transfer to its new program in 2020 @GlobeMoney
Archbishop of Halifax says he’s ‘devastated’ by U.S. grand jury report on sexual abuse
The best last-minute European breaks for the bank holiday weekend
If Ireland Can Get Out of Fossil Fuels, Your Town Can Too
Trump to Announce Massive Rollback of Obama-Era Coal Regulations
USA: Manafort found guilty on 8 counts
The country’s prisoners are striking to protest inhumane conditions:
Bus-to-home conversions: Wheels, wanderlust and the great wide open STORY:
EU citizens will not be turfed out of UK in event of no-deal Brexit, says Dominic Raab
Trumps praise of Latino immigration official for speaking ‘perfect English’ draws backlash
Priority Development in the Bay Area #governance
Skylights and slatted floors bring daylight into 2.5-metre-wide house in Japan
Marriage 3.0: relationships in the post-romantic age
U.S. imposes fresh sanctions for Russian cyber-related activity
Lyft racks up 5000 rides with self-driving cars
Some hotel amenities have been disappearing. Will we ever see them again? @tgamtravel
Yellow Pages sells RedFlagDeals to VerticalScope for $12-million
Fiscal turnaround should impress Quebec voters @GlobeBusiness
Home Capital shareholder Kingsferry pushes for buyback @GlobeBusiness
What Nasas latest huge discovery means for alien life
RT @FinRegAlert: Market Structure Weekly with @ltabb of @TABBGroup, August 17, 2018 -
Nepals stolen treasures — in pictures
The staff here at @LonelyPlanet share their tales of paradise for pennies:
Russia delivers fighter jets to Serbia
Your Voice Matters – Sign Our Petitions! #Petition #TakeAction #Resist
UNC’s ‘Silent Sam’ torn down by student protesters
Do not mourn for your dead: how to grieve like the Stoics did @briandavidearp @mpigliucci
From the AP archives: Abuse Survivor: Report Shows My Religion Lies
From the AP archives: US woman who says she was abused says report shows my religion lies
#DonaldTrump says #PaulManafort case has nothing to do with me
Facebook is secretly ranking how trustworthy you are
Only piracy can save Forza Horizon 2
The best foods consumed around the world for Eid al-Adha
The best deals and discounts for National Burger Day 2018
Asia Argento denies sexual relations with actor she paid off
Woman shows off scars and stomach to prove all bodies are gym bodies
Apple to release two brand new computers, report claims
#BreakingNews | 7.0 Magnitude earthquake reported in Venezuela; buildings evacuated in Caracas.
Catholics consider withholding donations amid scandals.
Czechs mark 50 years since bloody Soviet invasion
John Pawson transforms historic convent into Jaffa Hotel in Tel Aviv
CNN All But Endorses Ted Cruz’s Opponent
This is why Doja Cats single Mooo! went viral even though it doesnt make any sense
Senator Collins: Trumps court pick says Roe vs. Wade settled law
Reddit has completely stopped working
Michael Cohen says Trump directed hush money payments
#Crudeoil futures settle higher as #Iran supply fears gain further traction #WTI #Brent |
Eid is a chance to celebrate the wonderful Muslim community that shaped who I am today
How to handle food cravings. #health #naturalhealth
Italy says it doesnt trust some EU states to resolve migrant standoff
Norway council may shut down noisy bitcoin miner
AP Falsely Paints Poll Location Closures as Voter Suppression
Republicans admit they’ll slash Medicare, Social Security to pay for their tax cuts
Rare earth elements are crucial to modern society. But, what are they?
From the AP archives: Abuse Survivor: Report Shows My Religion Lies
U.S., Mexico push for NAFTA autos deal, eye Canadas return
This is what it’s like to eat breakfast at 450ft in the air
Canadian refugee ruling unfair to Nigerians: lawyers
Customers tackle alleged thieves to the ground at California Apple store.
Google sued for secretly tracking peoples phones
Johnny Manziel not at practice with Montreal Alouettes @Globe_Sports
Jon Stewart helps rescue goats in New York City
Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen, in guilty plea, says he made payments at candidates direction:
Beijing’s Bid for Global Power in the Age of Trump
Opinion: Hong Kong’s differences from the mainland don’t justify separatism
Everything you need to know ahead of KSI vs Logan Paul
Trumps EPA just released its version of the Clean Power Plan—and its not very clean
Premier League condemns live streaming channel operating on industrial scale
JPMorgan undercuts discount brokerages on trades
VR experience takes you inside a black hole STORY:
Fewer catalysts remain for pot stocks after Ontario Cannabis Store strikes supply deals
BREAKING: Paul Manafort convicted of tax and bank fraud
Ex-Trump lawyer #MichaelCohen pleads guilty in deal with prosecutors
Subscribers: Log in to get exclusive access to HBR’s Big Idea: Reality Wars.
Google’s former mindfulness guru steps down from nonprofit over inappropriate behavior
Paul Manafort convicted of 8 counts of tax fraud
Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was just found guilty of tax and bank fraud
In Western Europe, familiarity with Muslims is linked to positive views of Muslims and Islam
Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen pleads guilty
Check out this great guest blog by Laurel Kornfeld: Revisiting the definition of a planet
#Alaska to hold atypical lease sale in November in a bid to boost exploration |
Georgia police officer being investigated for alleged sexual assault of 15 year-old
A defamation lawsuit against Christopher Steele is tossed out in Washington, DC court.
Best countryside detours from Bogotá: by @j_deklerk #travel
Woman shows off scars and stomach to prove all bodies are gym bodies
After Turkey, who’s next? A guide to emerging markets turmoil @GlobeBusiness
Uber hires CFO after lengthy search, paving way for IPO
Hutch Design reconfigures Hackney mews to create space-saving family home
Kendall Jenner defends offensive comments about fellow models
#ICYMI: Here are todays Daily #Trump Approval Numbers... @POTUS @realDonaldTrump...
Canadian-bred filly Wonder Gadot chasing history at US$1.25-million Travers @Globe_Sports
Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen to plead guilty
Two-thirds of all tweeted links were shared by suspected bots
Trump aide Manafort found guilty on eight of 18 charges:
Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was just found guilty of tax and bank fraud
Quebec raises $215-million in first cap-and-trade auction since Ontario left
For Kofi Annan SF ’72, SM ’72, shared prosperity meant shared responsibility
“We are afraid they may try to force us out in the future.”
Is Citizenship and Immigration Services Conspiring With ICE?
Facebook moves to rate users on trustworthiness: report
The bull that will not die: SP 500 back at a record after months on ice
In Historic Letter, Pope Condemns Catholic Church Sex Abuse and Cover-Up
How to Create Successful Distributed Generation Programs #governance
Factbox: Trump on Twitter (Aug 21) - Bill DeBlasio, Wyoming
Olafur Eliassons first building is a castle-like office in a Danish fjord
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle enjoy Italian getaway with George and Amal Clooney.
New study shows how Facebook fans the flames of violence, even in developed countries
Parents shouldn’t tell their children they’re beautiful, mother argues
N.S. report calls for restrictions on clearcutting, pleads for ‘ecological forestry’
U.S. to impose preliminary anti-dumping duties on Canadian-made pipes @GlobeBusiness
Urban Outfitters tops quarterly sales estimates @GlobeBusiness

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